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After my divorce I decided I needed a new life and attitude. One I have been waiting all my life for, it seems. I always grew up with the idea, try it once, if you like it do it again, don’t like it, well at least you tried it. So with this in my head, new things have been bombarding me for the last few years. Some things I never thought of doing, or if I did, the person I was with definitely was not the candidate to try it on.

My fuck buddy called one day, said ‘Let’s take a road trip, pack a bag!’ So I met him in the city, parked my car hopped in his and off we went. You never know about someone till you take a road trip. Boy was I about to be educated.

We talked small talk…. a lot of nothing, but the usual.

‘Why don’t you take off your shirt?’ Looking at me with that lustful gaze he gets.

Never even thought twice about it; I yanked off my shirt and bra. Driving, he looks at my tits and sighs, admiring the 40 D view. His truck sits high enough that not everyone can see. I lean back and we continue talking. He then reaches for my tit and starts playing with the nipple. Rubbing on it, cupping the tit and caressing. It has become so erotic, very shortly I start squirming. My jeans soaking up my pussy juice.

‘You know,’ he says quietly, ‘Might as well remove those pants while your at it. I’m sure they are very uncomfortable.’

‘Your kidding, right?’ I look dumb founded at him.

‘Well it does take a woman a little more time to warm up, and you do require a minimum of five orgasms. So, just thinking ahead.’ Smiling as he says this, watching my reaction.

‘This is true.’ Is all I could answer. I couldn’t remove my pants fast enough. By this time I am extremely turned on. As I remove my clothing, I’m thinking a toy would be right handy soon. Naked as a jaybird I turn to the back seat and rummage into my bag. I have learned with him, we don’t do anything without toys. I pull out my favorite Bob. As he smacks my ass.

‘You expecting action honey?’ As he sees what I bring forward.

‘Oh yeah!’ looking at him I draw up to his ear and nibble, kissing down his neck. Bracing my knees on the seat. He responds by teasing my clit. Then güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pushes a finger into me while I kiss further down then back up his neck.

‘Mmmm, you are so going to fuck me hard later.’ Moaning into his ear softly. He turns quickly and swipes his tongue across my mouth. Taking out his finger and then sucking it, as I move towards the passenger seat. I change my mind, move closer to him putting one leg behind his headrest, laying back, the other leg under his. And scoot my ass closer to him.

‘Mmmm, you read my mind.’ He responds by placing two fingers in me and uses his thumb on my clit. Stroking my g spot, rubbing and caressing me till I cum so quick and so hard. I’ve never done this and can’t understand why not.

‘That’s’ one.’ Is all he says, while still stroking. Making my cum last a little longer. My pussy clenching on his fingers. He continues to stroke and rub. Making me drip. All you can smell is my juices flowing freely all over his hand. I cannot stop moving with him, building an even stronger cum. Three cums later, breathing heavily and squirming from sensitivity. I feel the truck bump. I try to lean up to an elbow. I have been so engrossed I didn’t pay attention as to where we are. I see out the window we are at a park and ride. I know what he wants. I lay back, moaning , he still has not stopped stroking.

‘Ahhhhh.’ I scream out as I cum hard. Pulling his fingers out, my pussy feels empty as it contracts. Leaking my cum onto his seat.

He pulls the door open, unzips his pants. I untangle my leg from the headrest as he grabs my hips and pulls me to the edge of the driver seat. His cock is hard and throbbing. He never even hesitates as he slams me into him. The sensation of his cock filling every void in my pussy makes me scream out his name. He pounds into me as I reach up his shirt and pinch his nipples. Holding my hips stronger he slows, backing his cock out slowly to the tip then back in hard and deep. I wrap my legs around him, pulling him deeper, moving with him as he pumps into me all his cum.

He lays forward onto my chest as we are both panting.

‘I really didn’t think you would agree. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri But am so glad you did.’ As he tenderly kisses across my chest and nips at my tits. Laying his head down, with my legs wrapped around him still, I massage his head and back with my nails. He moans deeply.

‘Watching you, feeling your cum’s, made me so fucking hot. I couldn’t help it.’ He murmurs in my tits. ‘And we have another three hours to go. I can tell your going to kill me.’

‘It was your idea.’ I chuckle. ‘Besides who is going to kill who here.’ He stands up and steps back, releasing both our cum’s from me.

‘Clean-up, then back on the road.’ All business like. As he re-button’s his jeans, I grab his shirt and pull him forward, kissing him passionately. Rubbing my tits to his chest and moaning. Pulling back he grabs a towel from the back, pushes me down and cleans me up. Kissing my pussy lips as he works his way up, giving my tits proper attention and pulling me up to him, kissing me deeply.

‘Okay, back on the road. But do not get dressed.’ He demands. I turn to crawl back to the passenger side as he slaps my ass. I am fine with this. Mmmm. We pull back out onto the freeway. My pussy has to settle back down anyway.

We talked small talk, a lot of nothing, but the usual, again. Yet again, he plays with my tit as he drives. It is unreal how erotic this has all become. Our talking starts getting more graphic, about what will really happen in the hotel room.

‘You know, once your naked on the bed, I want you on your back, so I can slowly lick up from your balls to the tip of your cock and swallow you down even slower. Then rise up to fuck and tease you till you explode.’ I said, sultry and deeper in tone.

‘Really? Then I want you on your stomach, naked, only I am going to start at your toes. By the time I reach your ass, you will be begging to have me fuck you. And fuck you I will. Laying down on your back, sliding my cock deep in and out. With you begging and screaming in the pillows, to let you cum.’

I’m not dripping cum anymore, it’s just plain pussy juice.

After about another hour, he starts pinching and rubbing my nipples güvenilir bahis şirketleri harder. I moan and start moving my hips as I begin playing with my pussy.

‘You know I’m still dripping from earlier.’ I softly respond.

‘Yeah I know, but I really want to see you use Bob. I love to hear you cum.’ He replies, pinching my nipples harder.

I put one leg up on the dash and lean towards him, giving him better access to work both tits. Begin working Bob, slowly in, out. Moaning and moving with my rhythm I turn Bob on with the clit tickler. Moving him in, out, deeper. He grabs my tit, and squeezing, listening to me moan louder. I’m pulling Bob deeper and harder into me.

‘Oh baby, …… your cock. Look what it’s doing to my pussy. Ahhhhhh yessssss. Don’t stop , don’t stop. Fuck me baby, fuck me deep and hard. Harder.’ Talking dirtier to him as my cum builds. I have lost all inhibitions with him. And here I thought we had done just about everything. Whole new avenues have opened up.

‘Darling, my cock is so throbbing for your cunt. I can smell it. Yeah baby, fuck yourself, it’s my cock fucking you. Slide him deeper baby, yeah.’ Pinching my tits and squeezing them as I start to scream. He continues to coach me.

Screaming louder as I cum again. By the time we make the hotel I will be exhausted. But ohhh what a way to be tired. I look up at him, talk about a shit-eating grin on his face. I roll over, kiss his neck, then lift his shirt and suck on a nipple.

Hearing the horror stories of accidents of women giving men head while driving, ah no. However, I undo his pants and release out his throbbing hard cock into my hands. I grab the lube from the dash and proceed. He gasps as I start stoking him slowly, playing as we talk and cruising down the freeway.

He lifts his ass so I can remove all his cock from his pants. Starting with the tip I play and massage, up and down slowly, squeezing. With the other hands I grasp his balls caressing and pulling on them. Stroking from the top to his balls. Pre-cum leaks out, I lean down and lick it off, still stroking. Faster, squeezing harder, feeling him swell in my hand. I look down and watch his cock, under my spell. He moans more as I can feel his cum build. I stop as I grab something to drink.

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ He asks me slightly irritated.

‘Waiting.’ I reply

‘What? Oh no you don’t!’ As he pulls off the next exit

Guess what he did to me then …….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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