Driving home

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Driving home
Driving home.

This happened about 8 months after we got married. We had been to a party it was an hour’s drive from Ramsgate . Before we went Jan asked if I would drive, yes but I said only if you wear stockings & your button up dress she agreed.

I enjoyed the evening dancing and watching her dance & watching a couple of guys looking at her , she was wearing a knee length dress buttoned down the front with a few buttons undone . She had a lot to drink & by the time we started home she was very tipsy.

As we set off I told her to undo some more buttons to show more leg & stockings, she slowly unbuttoned up to the top of her legs. Very nice I said as I reached out to touch her legs. I have a surprise for you she said & lifted her dress up, I gasped as my hand slide onto her hairy fanny she had taken off her knickers, when did you take them off. About an hour before we left she said.
As I drove I played with her fanny, she reclined her seat & opened her legs for me. My cock was rock hard, I had needed to find somewhere to stop. There was a lay-by up ahead. I pulled in, there was two lorries already parked most likely sleeping I parked behind them.

As we kissed & fondled each other I undid her dress & worked my way down, stopping to suck & play with her small breasts then down to her pussy. I licked & fingered her listening to her groaning. Then she said I think someone’s outside watching, I slowly lifted my head looking at her she was holding her dress together covering her nakedness. I looked & saw a dark figure in the shadows of the moonlight, I’m not bothered let them watch, no I can’t she said. Don’t worry it’s a turn on to be watched I said.

As I played with her I slowly wound the window down, she saw what I was doing & tried to stop me but it was over halfway down & I left it there. He’s coming closer she said, he was now right next to the car, he was wearing shorts & a T-shirt bostancı escort with his stomach hanging out.
The moonlight was shining on Jan lighting her body she was still holding her dress together, the man put his hand through the open window & tried to touch her but she pushed his hand away. No she said. I think he wants you to open your dress to show your boobs , she looked at me, go on I said let him see your great body. She hesitated then slowly opened her dress, wow I thought as I looked at her, then at him, he was leaning forward to get a good look.

I sat up & carried on fingering her wet pussy she was again enjoying it, moaning and groaning, I watched as he again put his hand through the window & gently touched her breast, she grabbed his hand to push it away, it’s okay I said let him touch you, I want to see him playing with your breasts. As he rubbed her breasts she let go, letting her hands slide out of the way. His large hand engulfed her small breasts, twisting her nipples going from one to the other. I slowly wound the window down giving him more room, he looked at me as he slid his hand down her body on reaching her pubs he ran his fingers through them feeling her young mound, as his fingers moved closer to my hand I saw how much bigger his fingers were compared to mine , I moved my hand to let his finger find her wet pussy, Jan gasped as his big finger went inside her. He wasn’t as gentle as I was, he pushed his finger deep inside her, she seemed to enjoy it lifting her legs wide to give him more access, I watched as he put another finger inside her, two fingers spreading her tight fanny. He tried to lean through the window but it was to difficult, can I open the door he said in broken english, I hesitated then heard Jan saying yes.

He opened the door and kissed Jan passionately her arms went around his neck and she rubbed his neck and shoulders as they kissed. I started touching ataşehir escort bayan her wet pussy as he was kissing his way down her young body, he buried his face in her hairy fanny her hands still rubbing his neck and head, I watched in amazement how Jan was really enjoying him eating her pussy, she held his head onto her body & moved her hips on his mouth, I could tell she was about to come as she shook & rubbed herself on his face. After she had come he stood up & said I fuck you now, he took her hand & tried to pull her out of the car. No! I said that’s enough you’ve had your fun now we’re going. Suddenly my door opened another man reached in & took the keys out of the ignition, your not going anywhere he said. This guy was about 40, slim & tall he then went around the car & told Jan to get out of the car. He told the fat man that it was his turn, Jan was standing with her back to the door when he approached her, lovely he said as he looked over her body. Holding her head he kissed her she just stood still with her arms hanging at her side. He slipped her dress & bra off her shoulders & through them inside the car. I could see the whole of her naked body,with just her stockings & suspenders were left on her.

His hand started caressing her body touching her breasts then down between her legs, he fingered her wet pussy making her moan. He told her to take his shorts down. She took hold of his shorts & slowly pushed them down, he put his hands on her shoulders & pushed her down into a crouch position. As his shorts came down his cock sprang out right infront of her face. She stared at his cock as he told her to suck it. She looked over at me & I said only do what you want to do. With that she turned to face his cock. With his nob end almost touching her lips she licked the end making it spring up & down. As it dropped she took it in her mouth gripping him with her teeth. Her lips covered göztepe escort bayan his cock he let out a big groan as her tongue teased his nob. She took him deeper inside her mouth pushing her tongue out under his cock she moved up & down allowing him to fuck her mouth. He gripped her head & pumped his cock hard in & out faster and faster till he shot his come in her mouth. As she sucked him clean the fat driver said my turn let me at her.

He stepped into the doorway cock in hand pushing it towards her mouth. She turned her head away, as his cock rammed her face, come on he said suck it like you sucked his. She grabbed hold of his nob & looked up at him, I’ll toss you off. I want you to suck me off now he said. She cupped his balls with her left hand while she tossed his cock which was almost touching her lips. As he was getting close to coming she took him in her mouth, he came very quickly as she sucked & swollowed his cum. She looked at me and gave me a big smile, but I then heard the slim driver say out of the way I’m ready for more, he pulled Lucy up & bent her over onto the seat with her legs apart he got behind her feeling her pussy he edged his nob into her wet pussy. I watched her face as he pushed deep inside of her, as he fucked her she sucked my cock I didn’t last long & came in her mouth. He turned her onto her back & I watched as he stuck his nob into her, she wrapped her legs around him and moved her hips in rhythm with him until they both came. As he pulled out he said thanks & he & the fat driver went back to their lorries laughing as they went.

We looked at each other and laughed as well. We got dressed & I started driving home, I said it’s not every day that you get fucked by a stranger & swallow three loads of cum, she laughed & said fucked by two strangers & swallow four loads of cum.! I looked at her as she said remember those guys who were talking to me as I danced, one of them followed me into the ladies into the cubicle. He took my knickers off & had me but when he started to cum I turned around and sucked it all out of him. He must have taken my knickers because I couldn’t find them..

What a great drive home that was…

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