Doctor has a NEW E.D. Cure Gay

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Doctor has a NEW E.D. Cure Gay
The small ad at the bottom of the sports page caught my eye. “E.D. Non evasive cure. No pills. Guaranteed results. Natural Cure. Call today for your free medical consultation. Dr. Wayne Webber, MD.”

I had heard of Viagra and the other so called miracle pills, but they all warned of possible serious side effects. At 50 years old, I was losing my stamina and was concerned for my wife’s sake. I was willing to try just about anything, so I called and set up an appointment.

I arrived at the clinic which was located in a converted home. As I walked in I was a bit apprehensive when I checked in with the young receptionist behind the counter.

“Hi,” I said. “I have a 4:30 appointment with Dr. Webber.”

“Just sign here, and fill out this medical questionnaire, and then we’ll get your vital signs.”

I quickly perused the form and filled out the health questions. I am in decent shape and really had no problems to speak of rather than being a bit over weight. I had a suspicion that was affecting the blood flow to my privates and causing me to lose my erection when making love to my wife. I was curious as to what this natural cure was all about.

After the nurse took my blood pressure and weighed me, I returned to the waiting room. It wasn’t long until she called my name and led me down a hallway to an examination room. She told me to take a seat on a chair in the corner and the doctor would be with me shortly. She closed the door and left.

As I looked around the room my gaze fell upon the examination table in the center of the room. It was a bit different than any I had seen before. The table was covered in gray leather and stood a bit above waist high. At one end was a leather bench, about the height of a chair seat.

After a few moments there was a knock at the door and the doctor entered.

“Hello Mr. Jones,” he said. “How are you today?”

“I’m doing OK I think, but I saw your ad in the paper about E.D and the natural cure, so I decided to see what it’s all about.”

The doctor sat down on the leather bench at the head of the exam table and leaned forward slightly as he began to speak. He was older than me by about 10 years I would guess. He had salt and pepper gray hair and was dressed in a white lab coat.

“I reviewed your record and noticed you have been married for 30 years,” he said.

“Yes that’s right,” I returned.

“How’s canlı bahis siteleri your sex life,” he asked nonchalantly?

Well, that’s why I’m here,” I replied. “My wife seems to want to have sex more often than I do, and I have trouble getting and maintaining a strong erection. It’s kind of embarrassing when I can’t finish as strong as I used to.”

“Your problem is more common than you think,” he said. “I am convinced that your condition can be cured without taking blood flow enhancement pills that can adversely affect your liver.”

“What is your recommendation,” I asked.

“The procedure I recommend is to concentrate on your prostate as the key to a strong erection.”

He went on to explain how that stimulation of the prostrate was directly tied to mind numbing orgasms, and even men with limited blood flow could experience hard erection and fulfill their sexual desires without taking any medications. He told me that if I was willing, he could perform a test on me that afternoon, that would prove the effectiveness of his technique. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

“Good,” he said. “Here is a gown,” he said as he stood up and opened a drawer and took out a gown and laid it on the exam table. “You will need to disrobe completely, and put on the gown with the opening to the rear. I’ll be back in a few minutes and explain the examination to you in detail.”

After he left the room I sat down and removed my shoes and socks. As I unbuttoned my shirts and took off my slacks, I could hear the doctor outside the door telling the nurse that she could go home for the day. I put all of my clothes on the chair and finally slipped my boxers off and placed them on top of my clothes. I shivered slightly as fondled my penis and balls before donning the gown, leaving the opening to the rear. I decided to sit on leather bench where the doctor had sat as I waited for him to return.

After a few moments there was a knock at the door and the doctor entered. He was carrying a leather case which he placed on the cabinet next to the exam table. I watched as he clicked open the case to reveal the contents.

“Well Mr. Jones, here are the tools by which we will be examining your prostate and it’s response to stimulation.”

I was surprised as he held up the case to my view. Lying side by side were two rubber dildos, both shaped like a perfectly circumcised penis. tipobet giriş One was rather thin and probably four to five inches in length. The other was much larger and thicker. I would guess probably eight inches long and nearly two inches across. Both dildos had a large ball on the end which one could grasp, obviously to aid in holding on to the shaft while it was inserted into one’s body.

“Here’s what we are going to do,” said the doctor. You will kneel on the bench facing the exam table, with your back side facing me. I want you to lean forward and rest your upper body on the table and lay your head on your left arm. I will pour some warming lubrication onto your right hand and ask you to reach inside your gown and begin fondling yourself as I lubricate your anus. Once you are comfortable, I will slowly insert the smaller dildo inside you and begin stimulating your prostate. Once you have an erection, I want you to tell me. I will remove the small dildo and insert the larger one. I then want you to concentrate of masturbating yourself to a satisfying orgasm. Be sure to tell me when you are approaching ejaculation. I will then perform a special technique that should result in a mind numbing orgasm. Any questions?”

I shook my head no.

“OK, then. Go ahead and get into position,” he said.

As I kneeled on the bench I could feel my penis and free hanging balls swinging beneath the thin linen gown. I felt a slight twinge as I began to develop an erection in anticipation of the doctor’s exam. As I lay forward on the table, resting my head on my left arm I watched as the doctor placed the leather case back on the counter and picked up the small slim dildo.

As he moved back around behind me I could hear him squeezing out the warming lubrication from the tube. My buttocks were bare to his gaze and he soon began to work the lubricated dildo up and down the crack of my ass, pressing ever so slightly against my nether hole.

I was amazed at how sensitive I was back there as I continued to masturbate myself. Soon I could feel the slender dildo as the doctor pressed it into my ass. I had never felt such pleasure. My erection instantly became harder than I could ever remember. Just then the doctor whispered that he was going to switch to the larger dildo. I was ready and almost to the point of begging him to hurry.

As I continued to pleasure tipobet güvenilir mi myself I heard the distinct sound of a zipper being unzipped.

“OK, now relax as I push in the larger dildo,” he said.

As I continued to stroke my erection I noticed the larger dildo was still resting on the counter in the leather case. Nevertheless, I could feel the doctor probing my anus with a large blunt object. I decide to just enjoy the ride as I realized the doctor was about to penetrate me with his own erection. I could feel the warmth of his thighs as he stepped close to me and began to rub his hard penis up and down between the well lubricated cheeks of my ass. Soon I could feel the head of his swollen glans pressing against my anus.

“Just relax,” he said.

I felt his penis press forward and slip inside my dark nether hole. Within a few seconds I felt his hands on my hips as he slid his large member further inside of me.

“You should feel your prostate being stimulated about now,” he said. He was right. The thick spongy head of his penis was butting directly against my prostate as he began to move in and out of me slightly. My own erection was hard and swollen as I renewed my stroking.

Within just a few seconds I felt that familiar feeling as my orgasm began to build deep inside of me.

“I’m going to cum,” I hoarsely whispered, as the doctor continued to saw his thick penis in and out of my ass.

“Go ahead and cum,” he said. I’m going to lubricate your prostate with my own ejaculation.”

Upon hearing those words I could hold back no longer and grunted that I was cumming. That must have sent the doctor over the top because I felt his thighs press against my buttocks as he stiffened and buried his thick shaft deeply into my back passage. I could feel him grab my ass as he grunted that he too was cumming inside my ass.

Simultaneously my own hard penis erupted in my hand with a load of hot sticky sperm. He was right, it was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. The doctor bathed my prostate with his own hot sperm. I could feel his legs quiver as he orgasmed uncontrollably, filling my back cavity with his thick white cum.

After a few moments the doctor smoothly slid his penis out of my ass and quickly wiped down with a towel. I raised up and looked back as he was stuffing his swollen member back into his trousers and zipping up.

“Well, what did you think,” he asked with a broad smile? “Was I right?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

You need to come back every week for treatments in my office and no masturbation on your next visit we will discuss increasing your treatments to home visits on the weekends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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