Dirty Laundry — Part 2

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Dirty Laundry — Part 2
This is my original work; originally published on another site. Enjoy! *hugs*

Dirty Laundry Part 2

Peter had made it a point to call the laundromat a few days after his
encounter. He’d asked to speak to the manager and told her that he
wanted to thank the attendant who had been on duty that night. His
name, he discovered, was Tyler.

Peter came into the laundromat that next week on the same night,
slightly earlier than the last time. A handful of others were there,
but it wasn’t crowded. It was warm inside and Peter thought he must
look horribly overdressed in jeans and a baggy sweatshirt, but he
needed the extra layer to help hide what he was wearing underneath.

Like before, Tyler stood behind the counter with his nose buried in a
book. He looked up at Peter as he came in, glancing casually in his
direction before going right back to his reading.

Peter loaded the washing machine with his lingerie and took his usual
seat. In his front pocket he could feel the stiff tube of lipstick–a
constant reminder of what he was really here for. He felt somewhat
ashamed of the way his own cock twitched inside his panties every time
he thought about it.

Peter flipped through discarded magazines, unable to focus on anything.
His washer finally stopped and he emptied its contents into a cart to
wheel them over to the dryers. The other people had dwindled to a scant
few, most of whom were glued to the television watching old sitcom re-
runs while they waited for their dryers to finish.

Tyler was sweeping up a bit near the dryers and straightening the
stacks of old magazines. He glanced in Peter’s direction as he
approached, but turned away once again, returning to the counter and
picking up his book once more. As he passed, Peter noticed that Tyler
didn’t appear to even be semi-erect. Wasn’t he thinking about what was
to come? Surely he hadn’t forgotten about it, had he?

Peter loaded his dryer, looking over his shoulder every once in a while
to see if Tyler or anyone else was watching. Nobody seemed to notice
him. He fed some quarters into his usual dryer and took a seat near it.
He picked up the top magazine from the stack, “Popular Mechanics,” and
mindlessly thumbed through it.

Next in the pile was “Better Homes and Gardens,” followed quickly by a
“People Magazine” that was so old he didn’t even recognize who was on
the cover. Peter was getting antsy. He uncrossed and re-crossed his
legs, satisfying his need to feel the lipstick tube one more time. The
next magazine in the pile was “Fly Fisherman.”

Peter nearly moved on to the next in the stack, but as he picked it up
he noticed the cover was loose around the contents. As it slid between
the slick cover pages, he saw a flash of stiletto heel and fishnet
stocking near the bottom. Another magazine was inside of it! Peter
carefully placed the magazine in his lap, glancing nervously around
before opening it.

On the cover was a picture of a handsome, hunky guy standing with his
hands on his hips. He was naked and his erect cock was sticking out in
front of him. Kneeling before him dressed in purple lingerie with black
fishnet stockings and high heels was obviously a sissy. The sissy was
looking up at the man with her mouth open, waiting. The title of the
magazine said it all: “Sissy Sex-Toy.”

Peter got an instant hard-on. As he turned the pages of the magazine;
perusing picture after picture of sissy transvestites being used
orally, anally, and sometimes both simultaneously; his cock strained
against his panties and the jeans that contained it. He especially
liked the shots where the men had shot their loads of sperm all over
the sissies’ faces. Seeing their pretty, made-up faces dripping with
white goo almost sent Peter over the edge.

Peter was so involved in the magazine that it took several minutes of
complete silence for it to register with him that his dryer had
obviously stopped. Had he really not heard the buzzer? Had all the
other bahis siteleri patrons left without notice? He looked up and immediately saw
that he was the only person in the place besides Tyler. Tyler stifled a
knowing grin as Peter got up and began pulling his frilly things from
the dryer.

As before, Peter took immense care sorting and folding the lingerie.
His hands trembled a little, he noticed, and as he neared the bottom of
the pile a small swarm of butterflies took up residence in his stomach.
It was almost time.

Tyler occasionally cast a disinterested glance in Peter’s direction,
checking his progress but not really looking remotely eager. Peter
couldn’t understand how Tyler could be so indifferent about all this.

Finally, Peter finished folding his lingerie and placed it all neatly
in his basket as before. As usual, he placed his laundry soap and
fabric softener on top. His heart was hammering furiously in his chest
and the butterflies in his stomach had not only grown in size, but also
seemed to be square dancing now as well.

Peter checked the tube of lipstick in his pocket for reassurance, drew
a deep breath, and walked toward the men’s room. Everything looked as
it had the week before, though it seemed like ages had passed since
he’d stood in here with his pants around his ankles displaying his
panties to another man for the first time.

Peter hesitated only briefly before he took the tube of lipstick from
his pocket. He glanced at the end of the silver tube and could just
make out the Revlon name in the dim light–Wet Wet Red. The color dot
on it didn’t do it justice. He’d bought it especially for tonight, but
had tried it on once to make sure it was the exact right color.

He quickly stripped off his sweatshirt revealing the pale pink bra
underneath. Its cups were covered in swirls of delicate embroidered
lace and a bow of 1/4 inch ribbon was nestled between them in front.
The straps were wide and comfortable, but he felt very self-conscious
with the cups empty. How he wished he’d brought something to fill them

He tossed the sweatshirt in the corner and turned to the mirror.
Considering how badly his hands were shaking, he thought he did an
excellent job applying the lipstick. Its smooth gel-base made his lips
look smooth and inviting. They even glistened a little in the dim
light, which surprised him.

He kicked off his shoes as he stuffed the lipstick tube back into his
jeans pocket. Next he opened his jeans and slid them down. The cool
rush of air that met his backside was refreshing. He cringed as he
stepped out of his shoes and his stockinged feet touched the dirty
floor. He kicked off his jeans and they joined the pile in the corner.

Steffie stood and with her hands on her hips and surveyed herself in
the mirror. Matching her bra, were her panties and garter belt. The
thong panties had a band of the same swirly embroidered lace from hip
to hip that ran just below the waistband. The thong back was key holed
with a v-notch in the middle and a matching bow to the bra forming the
top of the keyhole. The garter belt was the same lace-on-mesh front as
the panties, but with the bow detail centered there. Its four ribboned
garters held up Steffie’s white seamed stockings with Cuban heels.

She thought for a moment. She wasn’t sure how tonight was going to
proceed, but viewing the magazine had made up her mind about one thing:
how she would look when Ty came for her.

Taking a deep breath she blew herself a quick kiss in the dingy mirror,
and then knelt on the hard tile floor facing the door (again despairing
for the ground-in dirt her stockings would accumulate). She struck a
pose as close to the sissy on the magazine cover as she could remember
and waited for Ty. She didn’t have to wait long before the door creaked

Tyler stood there in his usual t-shirt and baggy athletic shorts. He
looked her up and down before he spoke.

“Well, Stephanie, it looks like you took the hint I bahis şirketleri left you with the
magazine. You look good enough to suck my cock tonight. Are you ready
for your next step to womanhood?”

“Yes I am, Tyler,” Steffie said. For some reason she wanted him to know
she knew his name.

“Well then, let’s get started.” He stood where he was, about four feet
away from her, with his back to the door and didn’t move.

Steffie shuffled across the floor on her knees–wincing inwardly about
the state her stockings were going to be in–until her face was right
near his crotch. Now that she was closer she could clearly see the
outline of his semi-erect cock through the thin cotton of his shorts. A
small spot of darker grey revealed where his pre-cum had soaked

“Just like before, Stephanie,” he said. “Slide my shorts down and
release my cock.”

She didn’t hesitate this time to reach up, grasp the waistband of his
shorts with both hands, and tug them down until they were around his
ankles. His cock bobbed free, rising slightly. Though only semi-hard,
Steffie thought it looked a lot bigger than she remembered.

With a slight twitch, Ty’s cock jumped and a huge drop of pre-cum
surged from the tip and began to ooze down the underside of his shaft.
Instinctively (she wondered?) Steffie leaned closer and caught the drop
on her tongue, licking up the underside of his shaft until the head
passed her mouth. Her breath was hot on the head of his cock

“Damn, Stephanie, you sure know how to get right to it.”

“Mmmmm hmmmm,” was all Steffie said. Her eyes were smoldering following
that first electric-shock touch of cock to her tongue. She knew now,
more than ever, that she wanted much more.

“Your sexy red lips look so hot, Stephanie. Wrap them around my cock
and take it all the way in your mouth.”

“It’ll be my pleasure, Ty,” she said.

She leaned forward and lowered her wide-open mouth onto his hardening
member until she could close her lips around its base. She worked her
tongue on the underside of it as it filled her mouth. She could feel it
continue to grow, and she soon released it and came up for air.

“Ohhhhh, yeah,” Tyler said. “Look at that sexy red ring your lipstick
left behind. Now really suck it, Stephanie. Suck my cock and make me
cum with your mouth.”

Steffie had practiced this a hundred times on her dildo at home and was
more than ready to go for it. She wrapped one hand under his balls and
around the base of his cock and licked the shaft all over. His moans
were soft at first, but they grew louder as she finally sucked his
whole cock into her mouth, slurping on it noisily.

“Mmmmmmm… yes, that’s right,” Tyler managed. As Steffie started
bobbing her mouth up and down on his cock he moved his hands to the top
of her head, guiding her. “That feels so good, Stephanie. You’re a real
natural at this. Do you like it? Do you like sucking my cock?”

“I love sucking your cock,” Steffie said, coming up for air. “I want to
taste your cum. I want to feel you shoot it in my mouth. Use my mouth
for your pleasure, Ty. Make me your sissy sex-toy.”

Tyler pushed down on her head and she slid his cock back into her open
mouth. This time as she sucked and bobbed her head up and down he
thrust upward as much as his standing position would allow. The first
time he did it, the combination of pushing her head down while
thrusting up made the head of his cock to collide with the back of her
throat causing her to gag. She coughed as she gagged, coming up
immediately for air.

“That’s right, sissy,” he said, “I’m going to fuck your face. Are you
ready for more?”

“Mmmmm hmmmm,” she hummed throatily.

He pushed her head down and thrust up again, but this time Steffie was
better prepared for it. She kept her mouth open instead of closing her
lips around his cock. As he hit the back of her throat she moaned as
she suppressed her gag reflex. This time he was able to thrust into her
mouth four or five times before she had illegal bahis to stop for a breath.

“Damn, Stephanie, you have one hot little mouth,” Tyler said.

“Do it, Ty,” Steffie urged. She licked his shaft up and down as she
stroked him. “Fuck my mouth and blast my tonsils with your sticky
juice.” She swirled her tongue around and sucked on the head of his
cock as she gently rubbed and squeezed his balls with her left hand.
“Choke me with your big load of cum.”

Tyler didn’t need any further encouragement. He shoved her mouth down
on his cock and thrust into her repeatedly. She only paused long enough
to draw short, ragged breaths where she could as his pace quickened.
Soon his breathing was as irregular and ragged as hers.

“I’m coming Steffie!” he crowed. “I’m coming… I’m… ”

He hit the back of her raw throat and she felt the sudden heat of his
climax splashing in her mouth. He pulled back slightly and she clamped
her lips tight against his cock, not wanting to lose one drop of her
first mouthful of cum. She gulped down what she could but when she
opened her mouth for a quick breath some of his load dribbled from the
corner of her mouth onto her bra.

They were both moaning and he was still lightly thrusting in and out of
her mouth. She continued to work her tongue on his cock, applying deep
suction from time to time, trying to coax every last drop from it.

All too soon (Steffie thought with disappointment) Tyler’s cock grew so
soft that she felt she must look like a suckling calf with it still in
her mouth. She didn’t want it to end, she realized. She really, truly
did like sucking cock and swallowing cum.

“Damn, girl, don’t suck it all the way off of me!” Tyler said.
Reluctantly Steffie stopped sucking and let him go. “That was awesome,
Stephanie. It sure looks like you enjoyed yourself.”

“I did,” Steffie said. “Only now I want more… so much more.”

“Next time,” Tyler said. Steffie looked up, somewhat disappointed.
“Next time I want to see you fully made up and wearing an appropriate

“A wig and makeup?” Steffie asked.

“Yes,” Tyler replied. “A wig and full makeup. Next week I’m going to
take your sissy ass-cherry and complete your transformation to a true
sissy sex-toy.”

Tyler stood in front of her expectantly, not moving. Steffie finally
worked out what he was waiting for and decided to add her own personal
touch. She sat back on her heels and pulled his shorts up. Before his
cock disappeared from view she leaned forward, gave it one last deep
sucking, and then kissed it directly on the mushroom head.

“Thank you,” she said, letting Ty work out whether she was addressing
him or his cock.

He turned wordlessly and walked away, leaving her on her knees on the
bathroom floor. Steffie stood on quivering legs and looked in the
mirror. All of her oral attention to his cock had severely smeared her
lipstick. She didn’t even bother wiping it off.

The front of her pink panties was soaked from all of the pre-cum that
had leaked from her own cock. She hadn’t even paid any attention to how
hard she had been while she was servicing Tyler. Though she couldn’t
see them through the material, she could feel how hard her nipples were
inside the bra cups.

Steffie slipped back into Peter’s clothes and shuffled out of the
bathroom. She collected her things from the empty laundromat and left
for home, her smeared lipstick still plainly visible.


Back home, Steffie noticed that Ty had placed the magazine among her
things in the basket. She immediately stripped out of her dull boy-
clothes and jumped into bed with her toys and the magazine.

Soon, she was slurping happily on a dildo fixed to her headboard. The
thong of her pink panties were pulled to one side while she slid
another dildo in and out of her needy ass. Her free hand was busy
stroking herself to her second climax inside her panties. She must
look, she thought, like one of those sissies in the magazine Ty had
given her.

Her face was the same lipstick-smeared mess it had been when she’d left
the laundromat, and she felt like the happiest girl in the world. Next
week he’s going to fuck me for real, she thought, coming harder than
she ever remembered.

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