Diary of a FuckToy Ch. 01

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Authors Note: This is my first story of this kind so… It might suck but we’ll see how it goes.

All characters are over 18 and fictional.

This story might have some misogynistic concepts but it’s only for the plot.


I was always innocent in everyone’s eyes.

Lord knows what would happen if they found out about my night job. No, Im not a stripper or anything… But I am a lot worse.

I’ve been called lots of names throughout the years but I think Fuck Toy was the one that fit me the most. My only purpose was pleasing men, and I loved it.

But I wasn’t always like this… At one point in time, I was actually innocent. Up until that one night.

It was after my 19th birthday, one of my friends threw a party for me at their place and it was pretty great. I met a guy named Kyle. He had stunning blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, I was immediately attracted. We danced a couple times, had a couple drinks until all my friends were passed out on the floor and no one would drive me home but him. He was pretty sober, But I had more drinks than he had and He was kind enough to offer me a ride home… and that’s basically how my life just went downhill.

“Before I take you home, I need to show you something… if that’s alright with you” He said not taking his eyes away from the road.

I was too tired to refuse “Sure- sure..” I mumbled giggling a bit.

He took a turn and suddenly it was dark. It took me a while to realize we were in the woods, possibly a picnic or a camping area. But I didn’t pay much attention.

We got out of the car and sat down on one of the tables nearby. It was obvious that no one was there since all you could hear was our breathing and a couple of crickets chirping.

I looked at him wondering what we were here for. Kyle didn’t say anything, so we stared at each other for a couple seconds until he just kissed me. It was weird, but I felt good about it. It was probably because he had a couple drinks but I didn’t mind, I was kissing a fairly attractive guy.

It was all good until I felt his hand squeezing on my neck. It wasn’t too hard and I thought canlı bahis it was just a kink of his. He knew what he liked at that was kind of a turn on.

His lips started trailed off to my neck and to my shoulder and every second seemed like he was squeezing harder.

“H…ey” I croaked. He squeezed my throat hard enough where it was starting to get uncomfortable and I was barely able to breathe. I tried taking his hand off of me, but he only squeezed harder. “Y-you’re Hurting me” I managed to whisper but he kept sucking and biting on my shoulder.

This is when I started fighting back, scratching and slapping his arm. I knew I got his attention when he looked at me with this terrifying look.

“Please s-stop” I said before he slapped me with his other hand.

“No” he said with a sadistic smile.

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. Everything happened so quickly. He started ripping my clothes off and having his way with my body. I tried screaming for help, but he just stuffed my ripped panties into my mouth.

He forced me on my fours and grabbed me by my arms and leaned in to whisper “You better keep that whore mouth shut or I’ll kill you… Got that?”

I nodded my tears ruining my makeup. He pushed my face into the dirt as he unzipped his pants taking his semi-erect cock out. “Spread your ass cheeks for me like a good little whore.” He said as he let go of my arms. I did as I was told and he went inside me. I wasn’t a virgin, but when he slid inside, it hurt like hell. He didn’t even go slow, he just forced his way inside.

“You’re eyes are just as wet as your pussy darling…” He mumbled grabbing a handful of my hair. “Does that mean you like this? You like getting violated by a guy you barely met??”

I didn’t want to answer. I didn’t even know the answer to that, so I kept my mouth shut and closed my eyes.

He pulled my hair, lifting my head off of the ground, forcing me to look at him “Answer me whore. Do you like being raped by me?”

I let out a little whimper, my panties still being in my mouth. Everything started to hurt as he started thrusting harder “So you do admit that you’re a little bahis siteleri slut then huh…” He said chuckling “Well, I’ll give you just what little whores like you deserve.”

I shrieked as I felt his cock pushing into my ass. He let out a groan before he started choking me again. “That’s a tight little ass you have their sweetie.” He said squeezing and thrusting harder, making me scream louder through my own panties “But if you don’t shut the fuck up anytime soon, you might just pass out… and I’m gonna have to leave you here.”

I gulped and closed my eyes. I stopped screaming but started whimpering through my panties. I could feel his rock hard cock twitch a bit, and I knew that he was enjoying himself. He let out another groan before pulling me up with my hair “Get on your knees now” he said as I struggled to get up.

“Someone like me can’t possibly cum inside a whore like you…” He said looking at me. There was still dirt on my face, and surprisingly I was still crying. He Jerked himself in front of my face, slapping his dick a couple times. He started taking longer breaths as he went faster and faster. I closed my eyes as he let out a groan “Look at me slut.” He said as he slapped me. I opened my eyes and looked at him. Who would’ve thought that there was a monster hiding behind his beautiful face. He let out another groan before ejaculating on my face. He let out a sigh of relief, and I thought he was done with me too.

“I think there’s something missing from this little painting” he said. He held his cock in front of me, aimed for my mouth and pissed on me. Just as I thought it wouldn’t get any worse. I felt his piss streaming down my chest and on my thighs. Once he was done he slapped his cock on my mouth and pulled out my panties “Clean me.” He said as his cock started getting soft. I moved my head away from him, but he simply grabbed my hair and made me gag on his dick. He held it there for a couple seconds before pulling it out and zipping himself back up.

He crouched down and grabbed my face “Little whores say thank you after a man uses them sweetie…” He said smirking “What do you say?”

I looked at him and furrowed bahis şirketleri my eyebrows. He slapped me once again and spat on my face. “Say thank you slut.”

“T-Thank Y-you..” I mumbled.

“Good whore.” He said as he pulled out his phone and took a picture of me. “Tell anyone about what happened and I’ll kill you… Got that?” He said before pushing me back to the ground and standing up. He threw some money on the ground and tossed a different phone near me. “Theres a river nearby, but that’s where the campers are so you might wanna be careful.”

I gulped as he walked back to the car and drove off

I was terrified but… For some reason I didn’t want to call the cops. Its not because of his threat, I just didn’t want to.

I went to go find the river to get washed up, being mindful of the people that might be near. I used my torn up clothes as sort of a towel and bought new clothes at a thrift store, with the money Kyle left me.

I used the phone to call a taxi since I knew that my friends were either getting some or passed out.

When I got home I sat in bed thinking of whether I should tell someone or not.

I started to remember what Kyle did to me and for whatever reason, I got wet. My ass was still sore but I thought I could make it better by playing with myself. I grabbed a toy and started fucking myself, just as hard as he fucked me. I ended up falling asleep right after I came.

The next morning me and my friends decided to go out for lunch, and since there was nothing to do at home, we went to the mall just to hang out. I still kept pondering whether I should get help or whether I should keep what happened last night to myself.

When I got home the phone Kyle gave me started ringing. I was pretty nervous and I didn’t know whether to answer it or not. But of course, me being me I answered it.

“hello?” I heard Kyle’s voice on the other line and I gulped. “Hey, Alyssa about last night…”

“Let’s not talk about last night.” I said with a shaky voice. “I don’t even know why I picked up the phone.”

“Well alright..” He said lowering his voice a bit “What did you do today?”

“I uh… Me and my friends went out to eat.”

“You didn’t tell anyone did you?” He said his tone getting a bit more serious


He chuckled a bit before saying “Good whore.” And Hanging up.

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