Diapered Gals

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Greetings everyone,

Alright, so I knew I was pushing it with my last story of this type being put into Lesbian, so this is going in Fetish. It is female/female so click away if you’re not interested in that. This is sort of the opposite to “Smooth and Shiny”, as the one affected is the narrator, instead of the one interested. And of course, it deals with my other major interest…

Also, this story was written partly as a tribute to someone lovely on the internet who was sadly gone before I even found her… She was amazing and had many of the same desires as I do when it comes to this area… I sincerely hope she is happy and doing well right now!




So far, my day had been pretty normal. I was just driving to work on the highway, minding my own business. Maybe something interesting would happen later in the day, but for now it was simply routine.

I took a quick look around at how the road around me was at the moment. There was a car in the lane to left of me and one behind me. I was going to look back when I noticed the car on the left was attempting to get into my lane. Ugh. Just ignore him, I thought. But he apparently made a very quick decision, to merge right then and there, and of course he went right into my car.

My next thought was how the metal railing on the side of the highway wasn’t very good.

I woke up in a hospital bed. I am wearing a gown, and a nurse and a cute redhead are in my room.

“Hello,” the nurse said. “You were in a car accident- not too bad, only a couple minor injuries, except for-” Another nurse came in and bahis firmaları told her she was needed elsewhere.

The redhead offered her hand, “I’m Jennifer, call me Jenny!”

“Bethany, call me Beth. What happened?”

“You went down the side into the patch of field. I picked you up and called the ambulance.”

“Did you hit me?”

“No, I was behind you. The other car was gone in a second.”

“Oh, okay, thanks.”

I suddenly noticed I had a rather odd sensation around my waist. My panties were bulkier than I remembered. I wiggled around, and I could hear a crinkle sound. I was noticeably confused, which Jenny noticed. She had a smile on her face. I asked her if she would please pull off the bedcovers. She did, and I saw that I was wearing a white adult diaper.

“Oh, yes… The accident did that, apparently. From what I heard, it’s not permanent!” Jenny still seemed oddly pleased.

“Well… that’s good… but I have to, uh, use it?” I asked, dazed.

“For now, and by the way darling, it’s been awhile since you were changed last!”

“Oh, um, well, if you must.” She put one of her hands on my diapered middle. Oh, I was wet alright. The nurse still wasn’t in, so I asked Jenny to change me, though I pretty much knew what the answer would be.

“Oh, I’d love to!” That was all she needed before she went to work. I looked on as she untaped the wet diaper and cleaned me up. She was really good at it, too. A new, fresh diaper was put onto me and secured… that felt so nice, I was in bliss.

I slept at the hospital overnight. As a nurse was changing me the next morning, kaçak iddaa Jenny walked into the room.

“Well, good morning, lovely!” she said.

“Oh, hey, you’re back.” I said back.

“Yeah, I don’t know if you heard, but there’s not really any more work to be done here. If you’d like to recover back at my place, I would be happy to do that!”

“Oh, wow, would you?”

“Sure, I’ve got time to drop you off on my way to work.” I eagerly accepted and she drove me over. She said I could do whatever I wanted in her house. We kissed for a second and she left me alone.

I made myself some coffee and took a look around. She kept a pretty nice house, I thought as I went into her room. There was a poster of Keira Knightley and some other black haired woman. I went over to her closet and opened it.


There was a lot of diapers in there, several packages, in fact. It was certainly an impressive stash! I grabbed a new one and put it on- that coffee had filled me up…

“Hi, Beth!” Jenny said when she came back.

“Hey, cutie.” After she had sat down with me and gotten settled, I mentioned going up into her room.

“Oh, uh…” But I went on,

“Thanks for getting all those for me, that was really sweet of you.”

“Um… well, see, those aren’t really for you… they’re for me…” she stuttered out.

“Oh, really?” I asked.

“Yes… I just kinda like them…”

“You wear them?”

She nodded. “Yeah…”

“Do you like other women in them?”


“Do you use them?”

“Oh yes, I do. I love wetting them, and then kaçak bahis having to be changed… Oh, yeah…”

We talked for a little while longer, and she let me put her in a diaper. She then prepared us dinner. Big drinks… apparently planning our evening out. She had peaked my interest as to where it was going.

After dinner, we went back up to her room. In practically no time at all, we were wearing diapers… and nothing else. I already had to pee… She put her hand on my diaper and I felt it starting. Her other hand quickly went on her own as she felt me filling the diaper up. Her eyes were closed but the look on her face told me she was enjoying it. Admittedly, I was too.

“Tell you what… Want me to help you?” I asked. She nodded and I began applying my hand all around her adorable diapered area. I wondered if she’d ever had this done to her before… Surely she had done it to herself… I just kept rubbing the thick diaper, and wiggling my fingers over it… She started making noises of success, but I wasn’t going to stop anytime soon… She came twice, at least… I heard her pissing her diaper immediately afterwards.

I’m sure that she was happy, now that both of our diapers were wet, and very wet at that! I was happy, too, when I felt a few fingers go into my still-warm diaper and massage my pussy. No inch was left untouched, and yes, some juices went in the diaper as well! My whole hand went into her diaper as I repaid the favor.

Her vagina was all slippery now, but that was part of the fun. Soon I had her moaning once again- and that was what I liked to hear!

We tired each other out so much we dropped off to sleep shortly after that… We stayed together and realized we truly do love each other. Now, we live together too… And of course, Jenny still talks me into diapers sometimes as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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