December at the coast part 7

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December at the coast part 7
December at the coast part 7

We arrived home home after great Saturday night, Steven and I greeted our dads who waited up for us. While Steven went to shower I chatted to my dad and uncle about Sunday plans, which were again to have a family braai. Soon Steven was done and I went off to the bathroom to freshen up for bed. After showering and getting into bed, Steven was already pretty much asleep, when I looked at my phone for the last time. I saw that I had a new message, from Samantha, asking, ” did you come right to fuck the other blonde girl?” Replied back to her u just said, no we didn’t have sex but she sucked my cock. “Hmmmmm I wouldn’t mind sucking your cock right now, the thoughts of you with another woman made me jealous as well as horny for you”, she replied. I replied saying I’d love to watch as your sexy lips move up and down my cock, and Samantha and I exchanged a few more messages before turning in properly for the night.

I got woken up the next morning to the sounds of Steven coughing, he didn’t sound too good. Off to the bathroom I went and had a good mornings piss after a wonderful Saturday night blowjob. Everyone was pretty much still asleep as I made my way to the lounge to rest and watch TV. A while later I was joined by my aunt and then Samantha and my mom also came through to the front of the house. We chatted about the plans for the next few days, Sunday family braai, Monday final Christmas shopping, Tuesday family day before Wednesday Christmas. As we chatted the rest of the family slowly joined and it was clear Steven wasnt feeling all too well. As the morning continued and during breakfast my sister and cousin Claire too started coughing. The three of them said they were find but once the afternoon arrived and fire started their coughing became more frequent. Samantha and I for a change somehow behaved during the course of the day, but once nightfall arrived and after cleaning the kitchen after a great dinner, i decided to message the sexy young blonde girl as we sat with my family chatting.

“What Christmas gift, are you gonna give me”, I asked. It wasn’t long till she replied, ” hmmmm what would you like handsome, a blowjob?” She replied. ” that would be wonderful,” I replied in short, and it wasnt long till Samantha asked, ” What Christmas gift will you give me?” “I think I will give you some sexy lingerie, as a secret that you can wear and when you wear it send me sexy pics of you in it.” I replied. ” sounds good guess tomorrow we would have to sneak away from everyone to do so secretly she replied. Samantha and I continued messaging each other planning how to go about Monday as my hormonal thoughts grew stronger for her. Steven, Claire and my sister soon went to bed, and it was clear that the 3 of them were coming down with the flu. Samantha and I stayed up a bit longer chatting to my family before heading to bed ourselves where we exchanged a few naughty good night messages before sleeping.

Waking up Monday morning, after an interrupted nights sleep as I heard Steven coughing all night. After my morning piss I went to the lounge where Samantha already was. Alone for a brief moment, our lips touched and opened allowing our tongues once again to meet as we exchange a passionate morning kiss before aparting as we heard a door open. We sat down and soon my aunt arrived in front and asked who was coughing the whole night. Samantha and I answered simultaneously saying Steven and she Say Claire and my sister. Seemed we all had an interrupted sleep from their coughing. All the parents where soon up and then the Steven arrived in front looking like death. Not long after him my sister and Claire came out the room who too didn’t look well. Plans quickly changed as it were decided to take the 3 too local doctor to get meds to clear up and feel better before Christmas Day. My mom and Aunt where to take on the responsibility, my dad and uncle decided that they were gonna go visit and tour some antique shops, and Samantha and I were gonna be dropped off at the mall to do a bit of Christmas shopping for everyone and then joined by my mom and aunt once they finished at the doctor’s with my sister and cousins.

A shopping Christmas list was given to Samantha and myself, too look and buy presents for everyone. We went through it with my mom, while having breakfast and as I listened I thought too myself how much fun I’m gonna have with this young sexy blonde today, who sent me a message the moment we made our way to our rooms to get dressed. ” That morning kiss you gave me, got my pussy soaking wet for you, and knowing that we gonna be shopping together today and being alone has made me horny for you.” She said. I quickly replied, ” I’m looking forward to having fun with you, while shopping.” Short and sweet was my reply as in my head all I could think about is touching this sexy girl and my cock grew hard with all the other hot sexual thoughts of her touching me.

Soon we were all ready and off we went together, getting dropped off at the mall, while the rest went to the doctors. Once in the mall I saw an open elevator with noone going in, I quickly canlı kaçak bahis pulled Samantha into the elevator, pressing to take us to the top floor, and as the doors were completely closed, I pulled her into me. I kissed her aggressively with passion, my hand sliding under her jeans grabbing her sexy tight ass, my cock throbbed as it was rock hard under my pants as my lust for this naughty sexy girl grew huge. As the elevator slowed down our lips aparted, reaching the top floor we exited the elevator and slowly walked together. I whispered to Samantha that I wish I could have her naked and alone so we can both orgasm and relieve a little of our sexual frustration. She squeezed my hand as she agreed. I then jokingly suggested that we should go into the change rooms together in one of the shops and she immediately replied saying ok. We planned to get a few outfits of clothing each ( to pretend to try on) and the go to same fitting rooms one after another ( pretending not to know each other) and then sneak into the same cubicle for a few minutes of naughty sexual lust. We put our plan into action, as we walked into Edgars.

Samantha collect 3 pairs of pants and 2 tops, where I took 5 pair of jeans, straight and simple. We made eye contact as we walked to the fitting room, in Samantha went with her outfits, as I followed the lady checking the amount of clothing items, shut me down and turn me away as it was ladies only change room. She pointed me in the direction of the gents and I had no choice but to walk away disappointed. A few minutes past and I then received a picture message from Samantha, she was sitting in the change room on the bunk, topless, her small tits with hard nipples and her legs spread just with her red thong on, a real sexy view of her sexiness. I replied saying wish I was in their with you and a minute later I recieved another picture this time another mirror selfie but of her sexy tight ass as she kneeled on the bunk. Thoughts of spanking her sexy ass ran through my head and I now just wanted to fuck her anyway anyhow and anywhere. I eventually put the jeans back and headed to the exit of the store to wait for Samantha. It was a few minutes then the sexy young blonde walked towards me, with a naughty dirty smile on her face. Into my arms she walked, exchanging a soft kiss and I then told her how horny I was for her. She then said lets try at Mr price clothing store as their changing rooms are in the middle of guys and girls clothing sections. Off we went to and once in the store,again we went separate ways collecting clothing and the heading to the changing rooms.

Samantha walked in first and again I followed, thankfully on this occasion I was let through as there were only one set of changing rooms. Staring at Samantha’s ass as I walked following behind her to back of the change rooms, carefully sneaking into the same room and closing the door immediately. My hands onto her ass, lifting her up, her legs wrapping around my waist as we kissed deeply and passionately while pinning her against the wall. I eventually put her down as our lips aparted, I pulled down her jeans and thong simultaneously, moving her to sit on the bunk in the changing room, her legs spread and lift around my neck as I dropped to my knees and made my way to her soaking wet pussy. I licked up and down and around her swollen clit for a while pleasuring her before stopping and standing up. As she sat in front of me all horny, I drop my pants, allowing my throbbing hard cock to be in her face. She immediately grabbed my cock and I watched as she took my cock into her mouth and started to deepthroat me immediately. She sucked my cock hard as I looked down at the beautiful sight. My cock heated up as I placed my hands on her head, my balls tightened, I held her head deep over my cock as my cum exploded out my throat hot cock. Samantha gagged as my cum shot down her throat. I released her head and she continued sucking my cock making sure I was properly milked before stopping and looking up at me. I watched as she swallowed the last of my cum, while I pulled her up. We exchanged a passionate kiss again. The fresh taste of my cum in her mouth as our tongues massaged each others for a short passionate kiss. Once our lips aparted I said that was great and I really want to do more with you still. She smiled as we got dressed and said you definitely owe me a few good orgasm stills. I smiled back at her as i said I will most definitely try my best to do so.

We then headed out the changing rooms with the clothes we didn’t even consider trying on. Being a bit satisfied after the good few minutes of sexual pleasure, Samantha and I finally started on our shopping list for Christmas presents. Time then flew by and before I knew it we were joined by my mom and aunt and an hour later we were on our way back home. Getting home Steven, my sister and Claire were in bed sleeping after taking the meds from the doctor. I chatted to my dad and uncle while Samantha help my mom and aunt wrap presents, and before I knew it, it was already dinner time. Steven, my sister and Claire barely ate in their flu ridden state casino firmalari and it wasnt long till they headed back to bed. I then said and told the rest of my family that I’m rather gonna sleep on the couch in the lounge, to stay away from Steven’s flu. They agreed saying that a good idea and then to my surprise my Aunt said to Samantha that maybe she must rather to sleep in the lounge to prevent catching what my sister and Claire has. As supper finished my aunt helped Samantha bring a mattress to the lounge while I just collected my bedding and pillow. My mind ran wild with thoughts of what I’m gonna do to this young virgin once everyone is asleep. Our sleeping places were soon set up, dishes done, I was in my boxes and top and Samantha in her pjs, while we sat and spoke to my family. My mom and aunt soon turned in for the night, a while later I said good night to my uncle and dad, with Samantha following. Off to the lounge we went, Samantha onto her mattress and myself the couch. Pretending to be innocent as we patiently waited for my dad and uncle to lock up and go to bed, which soon happened, Samantha pretended to be asleep as they walked past and whispered good night to me. There doors closed, and Samantha and I patiently waited a few minutes to make sure everyone was definitely in their rooms for the night.

Switching the TV on mute, I then moved onto the mattress, joining Samantha under the sheet as we laid on our sides facing each other, kissing passionate, holding each others bodies tightly. I moved her into her back and my right hand slipped under her pj pants. My middle finger ran up and down her tight wat pussy. I stimulated her swollen clit and pussy lips, while still kissing her passionately. Our lips aparted as her body tensed up and head tilted back, she reached climax and gave off soft moans as she orgasmed while I finger her. After her off came her clothes as he removed then to have her sexy body naked in my sight. She removed my top as we kneeled in front of each other. My hands ran over her soft skin, touching her tits belly and legs before moving her to be kneeling on her hands and knees. I moved behind her, the light of the TV lightening up her ass giving me the sexy view of her swollen wet pussy lips and tight ass. I spanked her ass softly and then moved behind her. My throbbing cock still covered by my boxer shorts. I pulled her back her wet pussy and ass right against the shaft of my cock as I held onto her hips, wanting to just fuck her. I then moved away and laid on my back, Samantha moved towards me, pulling down my boxers and releasing my throbbing cock. Between my legs her head went, the warmth of her mouth over my cock as she started blowing me. Sucking my cock up and down as I laid enjoying. Her lips soon left my cock and she then placed kisses up my belly, over my chest and onto my lips. She then sat up and repositioned herself. I felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy lips on the shaft of my cock as I looked up at her and said we can’t, we need a condom. I know she replied as she moved her hips back and forth, her warm wet cunt moved back and forth on my cock, making it throb hard. My condoms being in the room with Steven and with how Samanthawas teasing and edging my cock on to break her virginity, I decided to take control again and be safe. I turned her onto her back and moved over her. My mouth immediately moved over her hard nipples and sucked each them hard before moving down placing kisses over her belly and down lower until reaching her sweet horny wet pussy. I ate her pussy, licking her up and down, stimulating her swollen clit with my tongue as well as sucking on it, giving this young sexy blonde pleasure. Her body trembled as she reached climax and orgasmed while I sucked and licked her pussy. After she finished I kneeled up and Samantha soon kneeled in front of me, she took my cock into her right hand and said I want you inside me please. We need I condom I said and she said I know but please baby. Ok tomorrow night I replied and she said do you promise, yes I said and then she forced me onto my back and aggressively sucked my cock. As she deepthroat me my balls couldn’t last from all the sexual teasing, that I exploded shooting my hot cum into her mouth once again. She sucked me dry and then once again swallowed all my cum.

A quick passionate kiss thank, while holding her sexy naked body against mine before getting dressed and jumping into our separate beds. Waking up to the sounds of my mom and aunt talking in the kitchen I also noticed that Samantha was up already. I went for my usual morning piss before checking in on how Steven was doing. Not much better unfortunately for him, and as the morning went on my sister and Claire were too still pretty much pretty sick. During breakfast, plans for the day was discussed, my sister, Steven and Claire were to stay in door and to rest as much as possible, the parents to said they gonna be home cooking and chilling for the day. That left Samantha and I to go down to the beach together and spend the day in the warm coastal sun. After breakfast and tidying the kitchen, Samantha and I went and casino şirketleri changed into our costumes and took a slow walk down to the beach.

As we walk we chatted sexually, speaking about last nights sexual fun, as well as discussing if she is really ready to loose her virginity. Not sure she was as she admitted in the moment when her pussy wet and hormones running high she really wants to lose it but waking up this morning she was still thankful she was a virgin still. A lot of confusion in her mind, which made me want her more for some odd reason, and all the sexual talk gave me a hard throbbing cock as we approached the beach. As our feet touched the sand, off came Samantha’s beach dress, exposing her sexy body to everyone, and we made our way into the water to cool off. Again we splashed around in the water having fun with the waves, enjoying each others company before heading on to the beach to lay and tan, passing time. Once last quick swim to cool off after baking in the afternoon and then we started our slow walk back to the house, where we flirted and teased one another.

Once home time went by pretty quickly, we chatted with family, then ate, soon showered and when I hot out the shower and was getting dressed, I looked at my phone and saw there was a message from Samantha say please bring a condom with you in case things really get heated. I thought about it for a split second and definitely decided to go get one. On my way back to the family, I hid the condom under the couch and the went outside to talk a bit. Time ticked on by as the night grew later while Samantha and I chatted with my family, while they were have a good number for drinks between them. Just on 11 PM they decided to head to bed and Samantha and I immediately joined saying that we were gonna go get a good sleep and wake up fresh for Christmas day.

My parents doors closed as did my aunts and uncles and seconds later while I was sitting on the couch, Samantha came and sat on top of me, out lips touch and aparted to allow our tongues to massage each other as we kissed passionately. I grabbed onto her sexy tight ass as she French fucked me, riding back and forth as we kissed. I lifted up and took off her sleeping top, exposing her tits and sexy body, my mouth moved over her cute hard right nipple and I bit down on it as I sucked. Soon I moved to her left nipple and did the same while she pulled on my hair. She removed my shirt the moment I released her nipple from my mouth, and as she sat ontop of me she pressed her sexy body against mine. I soon moved her around to sit on the couch and then removed her pj pants, releasing her wet horny pussy to me once again. She pushed her hips upwards, allowing easy access to her wet pussy, and I immediately slipped my middle finger into the warmth and tightness of her pussy. She moan softy as I fingered her, rubbing inside her against her g spot as well as with my other hand rubbing her swollen clit, feeling her body and pussy tighten as she reach climax and moan more as she orgasmed. Feeling her body relieved the tension after her orgasm I love between her legs and lapped up her ogasm juices. Sucking and licking her virgin pussy once again, giving her all the sexual pleasures I could. Her hands on my head while i ate her out, my tongue in her pussy sucking on her lips as well as licking and sucking her swollen clit.

She eventually got me away from eating her pussy and took over the control by lying me down on the mattress on my back, she removed my boxes releasing my throbbing hard cock and then made her way between my legs. Into her mouth my cock went as she started sucking up and down. Horny as fuck, all I want is to fuck this virgin girl so I reached for the condom while she deepthroated me. I held her head as i pulled my cock out her mouth and then handed her the condom. She opened it and put the condom on my cock and then moved down and laid on top of me. Will it hurt she ask? And I answered saying I’m not sure. I then rolled us over so that I was on top, I placed the tip of my cock between her wet tight pussy lips and looked down at her and asked, “are you sure you ready?” “I’m dont know” she replied and I then suggested that we dont fuck. My lips then met her and we kissed passionately once again while I laid on top of her with my throbbing cock by her virgin pussy. Our lips aparted and I kneeled up, I moved Samantha onto her hands and knees in front of me. I took my cock and placed it by her pussy and rubbed the tip of my head along her pussy lips and over her swollen clit before laying back down on my back.

Samantha climbed on top of me, placing her wet pussy lips over the shaft of my throbbing cock. She moved her back and forth, stimulating her pussy and my cock as I laid enjoying every second. I placed my hands on her hips and seconds later i felt my balls tighten up. Back and forth she moved as I groan as my cum exploded into the condom while this sexy girl road and pleasured me. After I finished cumming I sat up and Samantha and I exchanged a passionate kiss. After our lips aparted we got and and dressed, I went to the bathroom to throw the condom away and then on my return she thanked me for not breaking her virginity but said she loved every minute of what we did. I gave her a final kiss before jumping into bed and saying good night and ending a wonderful pleasurable night of sexual fun.

End of part 7

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