Debbie’s Addiction Ch. 08

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Debbie drove to Jack’s house with an edge of anger. Since Jack had called her several days before and told her he needed some house cleaning done, her emotions had gone back and forth between anger at the thought of Jack just expecting her to serve him as some maid, and excitement of Jack’s further use of her. She knew whatever argument she used would be useless and a waste of time. She was going to submit to whatever he asked of her.

Debbie walked up the front steps of Jack’s house and walked in the front door. She walked through the foyer and rounded the corner into the living room to see Jack sitting in his chair drinking a cup of coffee. He smiled at her as he gave her instructions. “There’s an outfit for you on the bed in the master bedroom. Go put it on! Nothing else! Just what you see on the bed and on the floor!”

Debbie glared at Jack for a second before turning to head upstairs. “So now I’m your damn maid!” She mumbled, not thinking she would be heard.

Jack chuckled. “No you’re not! You’re my slut! I could hire a damn maid anytime I want! But that will cost you! You’re up to 30 now! So you go ahead and keep complaining!”

Debbie’s pussy twitched as she ascended the staircase hearing her Master’s words. No matter how many times he had done this to her, it never got old or boring. She had no idea what he had planned for her. But she knew that whatever it was she’d be submitting gladly. She saw what she was to wear for the day as she stepped into the master bedroom. He had bought her a black teddy with a giant dark blue ribbon across the chest that held the cups together, with a halter that tied together around her neck. A three inch wide piece of silk cloth came down the middle from between the cups that ran between her legs, where it divided into two silk strings that ran up her back and attached to the backside of the bra. Master had left the tag laying next to the teddy to tease her. It read, “Unwrap Me Teddy”. Debbie began to tremble with excitement as she undressed and then put the teddy on. She couldn’t wait to be unwrapped by Master and used for his pleasure. Standing at the base of the bed on the floor was a pair of black leather platforms with 4″ spiked heels.

Debbie checked her make-up in the master bath before heading back downstairs. The image she saw in the mirror both excited and embarrassed her. Her tits spilled out the sides of the cups, with the silk piece down the center barely covering her pussy. Then she realized that 24 hours from now she’d be singing in the choir at church. ‘How can I be doing this?’ She thought to herself as her hands ran down her sides and then up the front to cup her huge breasts. She never felt more alive then when she was with her Master.

As she made her way downstairs Master heard her coming. The heels could be heard throughout the house. “When you get to the bottom of the stairs, get on your hands and knees and crawl in here to me,” Master yelled out.

Debbie’s breathing became more of a panting as her excitement level rose. What was it about being humiliated by Master that got her so excited she felt like crawling out of her skin? She got on all fours as instructed and began crawling into the living room. Her head hung in submission as she crawled into the living room.

“Look at me!” Master commanded her. Debbie’s head shot up in obedience. “Tell me what you are!”

Debbie groaned. “Oh Master! I’m your slut! I’m your whore! I’m your cunt! I’m here to please you in anyway you want!” She saw the smile on Master’s face as she crawled across the carpet. That smile that only made her want to please him all the more. She was reminded again that she belonged to him and she was gladly going to do whatever he expected of her. She crawled up between his legs and then sat back with her hands resting on her thighs, palms up. She was ready to serve him however he wanted.

Master reached out and caressed her face. “You really are a sensuous creature!” His fingers traced the curve of her neck and then over her shoulder blades down to the valley between her breasts. Debbie’s body was covered in goosebumps as he played with her. “I have quite the day planned for you. But before I get to that, I suppose we should get your punishment over with.” Jack reached down beside his chair and brought up her leather collar and a new leather paddle. Debbie’s eyes widened with dread and excitement. “I bought this yesterday when I bought the teddy.” Jack fastened the collar around her neck, then attached the leash to the D-ring. He then stood and led her around to the back of the couch.

“So you really didn’t want me to do any house cleaning for you?” Debbie asked timidly as Master bent her over the back of the couch.

Jack laughed. “No, you dirty little slut! When I need house cleaning done, I’ll call a maid service. But you will be making the bed in the guest room upstairs after I’m done with you here.” Jack raised his hand and brought the paddle down on her upturned illegal bahis ass. Debbie yelped with the first stinging smack on her ass. She tried to raise up without thinking. Jack laid his hand on the middle of her back and pushed her back down, and held her. He settled into a steady spanking of her ass as he told her about his plans for her.

Debbie’s yelps slowly morphed into grunts with each blow on her reddening ass. “I have been trying to think of a good graduation gift for Jeremy for months.” Debbie’s head shot up at the mentioning of Jeremy’s name. “As the two of us were talking last week he mentioned what a hot piece of ass he thought you were.” Jeremy hadn’t spoken of her that way. But Jack saw no harm in embellishing their conversation. “So I got to thinking, the boy ought to be given a graduation gift he’ll never forget. I mean, it’s not everyday a boy graduates from High School.”

Debbie couldn’t respond if she wanted to. The assault on her ass kept her mind focused on the burning pain emanating from it. “How many is that?” Jack asked. “I lost count.”

“Nineteen!” Debbie grunted as the paddle came down again on her ass. “Twenty!”

SMACK! “Twenty-one!”

SMACK “Twenty-two!”

SMACK “Twenty-three!”

SMACK “Twenty-four!”

SMACK “Twenty-five!”

Jack raised his hand again, but stopped. “That’s enough!” He lifted his slut gently by the hair. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. He wrapped his arms around her. “Are you going to give me attitude when I tell you to do something from now on?”

“No sir!” Debbie whimpered into his chest.

Jack lifted her chin so she was looking up at him. “Are you going to give me attitude when I give you to Jeremy for the day?”

Debbie felt her pussy spasm as she thought about how humiliating it will be to service her daughter’s boyfriend. “No sir!” Debbie’s voice sounded defeated.

“Good girl!” He smiled at her. “I expect you to serve him with the same enthusiasm you serve me as my dirty little slut! Understood?”


Jack led her back to his chair. He stood in front of his chair. “On your knees!” Debbie dropped to her knees and reached for his belt, knowing what was expected of her. She unfastened his belt and pants and slid them down his legs. Jack stepped out of them, then sat down. Debbie crawled forward and took his cock in hand and mouth. Jack groaned with pleasure as her warm, soft mouth slid down the length of his shaft. Debbie gently massaged his sack as her mouth slid up and down the length of his rod.

Jack reached for her head and grabbed a fistful of hair. Debbie didn’t need any prodding to give her Master what she knew he enjoyed. She just enjoyed the feeling of being controlled and dominated when Master held her like that. “Work on those balls slut! You know I like it when you love them the way you do.” Debbie pulled off his cock and slid down his throbbing shaft to his ball sack. She smiled up at him as her tongue licked his sack and then she sucked it into her mouth. She used her tongue to bath his sack the way she knew he enjoyed it. “Damn! You’re good at sucking on those nuts.” Jack let his head fall back on the chair as he enjoyed his slut’s expert oral skills.

Jack let her work on his balls for about 15 minutes. “Just so you’ll know about the rest of the day. While you’re fulfilling all of Jeremy’s fantasies today, I’ve got another slut coming over about noon to become part of our happy little family.”

Debbie looked up at him like she’d just been kicked in the gut. “Am I not good enough for you Master?” There was almost a pleading in her voice.

He knew this would be her reaction. He also knew that after she was past the initial feelings of insecurity, she would eagerly embrace this new relationship he was bringing into the mix. Debbie had a nympho side that he was going to exploit and draw out as much as he could. Whatever it took. But regardless, he was going to make this work because he wanted both Debbie and Renee, and wasn’t about to let either of them go.

“Yes you’re good enough for me! A man couldn’t ask for a better slut. This isn’t a competition. This is about me bringing another slut into the relationship for each of us to enjoy. I suspect that the two of you will not only become good friends, but intimate lovers. You already know her.”

“Who is it?”

Jack smiled again. “It’s Jeremy’s mom, Renee. I had her over here the other day. She was a little more stubborn than you. But she eventually broke. Especially after I brought Jeremy in on the festivities. He helped me break her. Of course after we were finished he wanted to fuck her so bad. But I wouldn’t let him. So he may take out some of his pent-up frustrations on you.” Jack laughed as he watched Debbie’s facial expressions illegal bahis siteleri change. He pulled her head back down on his cock. “Finish me off! You need to get the guest bedroom ready for your young master who will be here shortly.”

Debbie’s head dropped as her mouth opened to receive his throbbing meat stick. Jack grabbed a fistful of hair with both hands and began a furious fucking of her face. Within a few minutes he was grunting as he pumped her mouth and throat full of his seed. He held her in place for several minutes as his orgasm subsided. He enjoyed the sensations she gave him as she continued to suck and lick his deflating cock. He sat up and leaned forward, kissing her deeply and tenderly. “You are an incredible lover! I’m not replacing you. I’m adding to each of our experiences. You will adjust and accept this! Do you understand?”

“Yes sir!”

“Good girl! Now get upstairs and get the guest bedroom ready for your young master who will be here shortly.”

Jeremy drove up Jack’s driveway excited about what the surprise could be from his uncle. As he put it in park in front of Jack’s porch he noticed the car parked beside the house. He thought it was Debbie’s car and began wondering if she was here. Stepping into the house, “Uncle Jack! I’m here!”

“In the living room!”

Jeremy walked down the hallway and turned into the living not expecting to see what waited for him. Kneeling beside Jack’s chair, on her pillow, was Debbie wearing the sexiest nightie he’d ever seen. He stood there stunned, not knowing what to do or say.

“Good morning nephew. How are you this morning?”

Debbie kept her head bowed. The thought of looking up and into the eyes of Jeremy was the most humiliating thing Master had planned for her thus far. Far more humiliating than what he’d done to her with his friends from work. This was Stacy’s boyfriend, and she was being given to him for his domination and enjoyment. Her heart was racing and her pussy was gushing. What had Master done to her? She’d always known she was a slut, and she had a craving for just about anything that required her submission and obedience. But she was beginning to wonder just how depraved her cravings and desires were. She felt herself falling down this rabbit hole like Alice. She knew that when she hit bottom, she was going to see herself for what she really was. Her body trembled from both fear and excitement for what she would be confronted with.

“I’m. . . I’m doing good.”

“Good! Have a seat!” Jeremy walked over to the sofa and sat down on the edge. “After you were here last week, I got to thinking about what would be a memorable graduation gift that I could give my much deserving nephew. Well, I think I came up with the perfect gift.” Jack stood up and pulled on Debbie’s leash. Jack led his slut across the floor as she crawled, till she was kneeling in front of Jeremy. Debbie kept her head bowed, unable to look her young master in the eye. “I’m giving you the use of my slut for the day.” He handed the leash to Jeremy who took it with shaking hand.

Jack turned and went back to his chair. “While you’re here today her name is Slut. You may call her whatever you like. She will respond to all names. She loves to be humiliated and dominated. So you take control of her and use her however you like. There is only one part of her body that is off limits. That’s her pussy. You can play with it, eat it, spank it, and do whatever you want with it. But you may not fuck it. Her pussy is mine, and I don’t share that with any man. As far as the house goes, it’s all at your disposal. You already know about my playroom in the basement. You may use that however you want. There’s also a guest bedroom upstairs that Slut has obediently put together in anticipation of your arrival.”

Jeremy felt himself calming down and regaining control of his emotions as his Uncle spoke. He looked down at Debbie when his Uncle stopped talking. He tugged gently on her leash. “Look at me Slut!” Debbie’s eyes shot up at his command. The man looking down at her was no longer the young man dating her daughter. He was her Master for the day. “I’ve wanted you for a long time.” He smiled. “Now I have you!” He reached forward and pulled on the bow holding the top of the teddy together. The cups popped apart from the strain on her tits pushing on them. “Take it off whore! I’ve fantasized about those tits for too long.” Debbie reached behind her and untied the halter from around her neck. She then slid the thin piece of material down her body till it puddled between her legs.

Jeremy just stared with lust and admiration at the tits he had fantasized about since the first time he’d met Debbie. He reached forward with both hands and cupped them, caressing them all over then focusing on her nipples. Debbie gasped from the sensations of having her breasts caressed so softly. Jeremy then took her nipples in each hand and pinched them between his thumbs and index canlı bahis siteleri fingers. He began to pinch slowly. Debbie’s mouth opened as she silently inhaled and then groaned as the pain being inflicted on her sensitive nipples increased. He then twisted them causing her to cry out.

Jack watched with a mixture of curiosity and concern. He was going to give his nephew a degree of latitude with how he treated his slut. But he was ready to step in at anytime and stop whatever Jeremy did to her if he thought it was too much.

“Now I know where Stacy gets her nice tits from!” Jeremy fell silent waiting to see if Slut responded. When she didn’t he slapped her right tit. “Now that’s not a very good slut! What is a slut supposed to say to her master when he gives her a compliment?”

Jack smiled to himself as he watched Jeremy take control of Debbie. ‘This boy is a natural’ he thought to himself.

“I’m sorry sir! Thank you sir! I’m glad you like this slut’s tits sir.” Debbie felt her humiliation washing over her like a wave drowning her in shame as she acknowledged her subservience.

“Do you know what I enjoy doing to your daughter’s slutty tits?” Jeremy was beginning to enjoy taunting her with her own daughter.

“No sir! What do you enjoy doing?” She couldn’t bring herself to call her daughter a slut.

“I enjoy having her straddle my lap and then she feeds them to me. I also enjoy fucking them till I shoot my load all over them and her face. There’s something really sexy about a slut wearing my cream all over her face and tits.” Jeremy looked over at his uncle for the first time since being given Slut. “Wouldn’t you agree Unc?”

Jack had a good belly laugh. “I couldn’t agree more nephew. There’s nothing like the sight of a slut covered in cum.”

“So let’s see if you know how to use those cow tits of yours as well as your slut daughter knows how to use them. She knows how to give a good tit fucking.” Jeremy grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back hard. He kissed her hard. Debbie knew she was in for a rough day as her young master unleashed his pent-up lust for her. Jeremy leaned back. “You know what to do!”

Debbie unbuckled his pants as Jeremy lifted his hips just enough for her to slide them down his legs. She started to reach for his cock. “Take my boots and all of it off. We may as well get comfortable since you’ll be doing this all day.” Debbie removed the rest of his clothing as he pulled his shirt over his head the threw it aside. Jeremy spread his legs giving her ease of access. As Debbie moved in closer he began to taunt her. “You’re a real slut! Aren’t you?”

Debbie spit on his cock several times to get it lubed up. She then spread her saliva all over his cock with her hands. She groaned as she replied as she succumbed to his domination and humiliation of her. “Yes sir! I’m a real slut!” She felt her pussy gushing, and her juices running down the insides of her thighs. She wrapped her tits around his cock and began to slide them up and down his shaft.

Jeremy groaned with satisfaction as he watched this woman who he had fantasized about for so long now fulfilling one of his dreams as his slut. But this was no dream. “Come on bitch! You can do better than that! Tell me what you are! Tell me what you need, you filthy whore!” He grabbed her hair and held her head looking at him.

Jack smiled. ‘This kid really does catch on fast!’ He thought. ‘I’m glad I’ve got Renee coming over soon. Don’t know as I could take watching this for too long.’ He chuckled to himself.

Debbie knew what he was doing to her and she had no power or the will to stop it. He was breaking down whatever resistance she still had to his domination of her. The more she verbalized it, the more she became what she was and what she knew he wanted her to be. She saw the pure lust in his eyes. This boy who was dating her daughter was now her tormentor and master.

“Oooohhhh Sir! I’m just a dirty filthy slut! A cheap whore ready to serve you however you need. I need to be used like the filthy cumslut I am. I need to know I please you sir. Please use me sir! Please fuck me like the cheap whore I am.” Without realizing it Debbie had increased the tempo of her tit-fucking his cock as she acknowledged her wantonness.

Jeremy looked over at his uncle. “She’s amazing!”

Jack just smiled again. “I know!” He got up and walked towards the kitchen for another cup of coffee. “Enjoy your gift nephew!” After he got another cup of coffee he walked into his study and called Renee. “I know I said noon. But I changed my mind. Get your ass over here as soon as you can.”

Before Jack got to the kitchen Jeremy was on the verge of shooting his first load of the day. “Fuck those tits whore! OOOHHH FUCK!” He moaned as he watched Debbie work his shaft like the obedient slut she was. His first shot hit her under the chin and then dripped off her chin onto her bouncing tits. The rest of his shots covered her neck and the tops of her tits. His cum began running down the sides of his cock adding to the lubrication and his enjoyment of her tit fuck. Debbie continued working his cock with her tits for several minutes as his first orgasm subsided.

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