Daughter’s Cravings Ch. 01

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Special thanks to my editor-Hatsuda-

This is a story about a knock-out teenage who is the gleam in her father’s eye. It involves a wealthy and powerful uncle and his obsession to have her. In this chapter she encounters her first monster cock.


My uncle Peter is the most repulsive and hideous man on the face of this earth. Not only is he ruthless in business, making hundreds of underhanded deals that affect the lives of thousands of people, he is also the most abrasive person I have ever met. I can’t believe that I am writing this story about a man I spent the last two years despising and loathing. If not for what happened recently I would never be writing about my experience with my uncle.

He stands 5′ 11″ and has a slender muscular build which I imagine weighs about 165 pounds. He is 70 years old and has a full head of white hair. Although I found him to be repulsive, I had to admit that he is very distinguished looking and extremely handsome with an absolutely incredible physique. He has chiseled features that could pass for an older professional male model and although he is 70 years old he has a well- groomed appearance that makes him look more like a handsome man in his early forties.

Well admittedly and quite proudly I am the quintessential Daddy’s little princess. I am 19 years old, stand 5′ 7″ and weigh 110 pounds. My measurements are 34B-21-33. My breasts are very firm, and perky, with puffy wide tips that support the most sensitive pair of pink nipples. My nipples, which are eye-catching, are the width of a dime and extend out almost an inch, especially when I’m aroused. With shoulder length black hair and deep brown eyes my sexy looks have always put me at the center of attention, and most importantly to me, the attention of wealthy, older men, and especially my father.

My father, who is 50 stands 6′ tall, weighs 180 pounds and has a fantastic toned physique from daily gym workouts. Seeing him at our pool without his shirt on has always had my pussy boiling over as I fantasized about being his lover and fucking him like crazy. I’ve had a fantasy for years that him and my mother would divorce and that I would become his lover.

Women are always turning their heads or smiling at him when walking with my mom or me. Even my best friends think he is the hottest thing, and some of them even joked about how they’d love to fuck him if he gave them a chance. Of course that made me upset, even though deep inside I had the same thoughts about him.

My entire life I have always gotten what I wanted, from my father who spoiled me rotten, everything from buying me an expensive BMW to lavish shopping sprees. On my 18th birthday he put me in an Upper East Side Penthouse in Manhattan simply because my mother had gotten me a part-time job in a very successful art gallery.

My father was a very successful businessman who took over my grandfather’s import/export business when he was 18. Because of his success I went to the best private Schools and always had whatever I wanted, including my ten thousand dollar a month penthouse apartment that overlooked the panoramic view of the city. It was an apartment that included a spa, a doorman, a private elevator and maid service.

Two years ago my father’s sister started going out with a much older man. His name was Peter. My aunt Marie was 25 at the time and he was 68. Although he was extremely handsome, he was also very arrogant and you could tell he knew it and was totally full of himself. He was a very wealthy businessman who I learned from my father was ruthless and heartless when it came to taking over companies he wanted and instantly firing all of the staff and employees who worked at that company. He didn’t care if the people who worked at that company lost pension funds or any money they had invested in the company. For my uncle it was all about the ‘bottom line.’

Whenever I was around him, I’d always catch him staring at me, scanning me from head to toe. He even cornered me many times and told me how sexy I was and that he wanted me. Although I loved the attention I got from well-groomed older men, I never gave my uncle the satisfaction of letting him know it, and just scoffed at him every time he hit on me or when I saw him leer at me. My irritation at him just made him more persistent. It was as if he always knew he got to me, which was always frustrating.

I was put off by his arrogance, and the fact that he was coming on to me behind my aunts back. He was very handsome and had a take no prisoners personality when it came to business and always got what he wanted. That was a quality in a man that really turned me on, but because he was hitting on me with my aunt right there and the fact that I was so devoted to my father I brushed off his advances and even reminded him he was disgusting. The only thing that did was to make him laugh in an almost cold-blooded way, which infuriated me.

In addition to paying my rent my father paid for all my monthly expenses bahis firmaları including my weekly shopping sprees at the trendiest boutiques in the city and dining at the best restaurants. He also paid my monthly credit card bill which ran about five to six thousand dollars a month from the trendiest nightclubs and shows. Without a doubt I was my father’s princess in every way.

Tragically all that changed three months ago when my father’s company was ruthlessly taken-over by a company that went under a Chinese name. My father had been in negotiations to merge with that company for nearly a year, and on the day of the signing he was shocked to learn his company had been stolen right from under his nose.

After signing the papers he learned that it was all a plot to take his company and all his assets. The thing that made it worse was after the papers were signed my Uncle Peter entered the board room and delivered the shocking news that it was him who devised the takeover and he was now the new owner of the company. The Chinese company was in fact real but was one of the many companies my ruthless uncle owned. My father was devastated when my uncle delivered the news, gloating deviously while my father nearly collapsed from the knowledge of what had just taken place.

Jennifer Reflects Back to despising her Uncle

When the merger was to take place my father had a pool party to celebrate. Wanting to catch my father’s eye and knowing my Uncle was going to be there I wore a sinful tear-drop bikini and a pair of classic black pumps. Throughout the party I saw my father glance over at me constantly and when I looked at him he turned away as if embarrassed. Just knowing he was checking me out turned me on like crazy. I also noticed my Uncle Peter glaring at me from my pumps up my long legs to my firm tits. When I looked back at him he grinned slyly without turning his head away.

Knowing he wanted me I deliberately wanted to tease him, and I could tell he knew it. It just showed me my Uncle was smug, and he didn’t have any concern for who was at the party, including my parents and his wife; my aunt. As he was taking in my body I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly fit he was. With his shirt off I could see his impeccably tight chest.

Without any hair on his chest his tanned body made him look decades younger than being 70. When he saw me look at him he nodded his head conceitedly as if to say,” I see you looking at me Jennifer, and I know you like what you see.” As he was looking at me he was holding a cigar in one hand with a glass of wine while he had his arm around my Aunt who was also in a sexy bikini.

When he grinned at me I looked at him with loathing and when I saw his grin turn into a callous smile I turned on my high heel and walked away in disgust. Disgusted, but also excited by the way he brazenly looked at me with my Aunt on his arm, I immediately went over to my father, took his arm and put it around me. I did it intentionally and when I looked at my Uncle all he did was grin and nod his head then pucker his lips at me. It infuriated me more. He had a way of pushing my buttons, and he seemed to know it too.

At one point I went into the house to go to the kitchen. As I walked past my uncle my high heels made a clicking sound that seemed to call to him. As I walked past he said, “Very sexy Jennifer,” in a low voice, loud enough for me to hear.

Shaking my head, as if annoyed by his comment I said, ‘get-a-life Uncle Peter.’ When I got to the door I looked back just to see if I still held his gaze. He looked at me nodding his head smugly with a sly grin on his face. I instantly turned my head around in a huff, not letting him know I was happy I had his rapt attention. Going to the kitchen I looked back again and saw him following me. My heart began to race because I knew he wanted to get me alone. In the past he had done this a number of times, cornering me at some point to tell me how sexy I was and that he wanted me.

Although I always intentionally dressed sexy when I knew my Uncle would be somewhere I was, one day I intentionally came to my parents dressed rather plainly in a long black & white striped skirt that came a foot above my ankles. I had on a sleeveless, gray top and a pair of sandals. I didn’t wear any make-up and just let my long, brown hair fall over my shoulders.

Even dressed plainly, with clothing that did nothing to highlight my body, except for my top which displayed my flat stomach and the outline of my lacy bra, he still cornered me when I went to use the bathroom and told me I was sexy and he wanted me. As I walked to the kitchen I was conflicted, going from my detesting him for being so arrogant, and superior, to really loving his attention to my body. What made it really hard for me was that he was so handsome, even though he knew it.

As I walked I could feel him behind me starring at my ass as the pumps added a sexy sway to my ass with each click on the cement patio. Following kaçak iddaa me right to the kitchen he told me how sexy I looked.

“Did you wear this hot bikini and those naughty high heels knowing I’d be here Jennifer?” he asked as he glared at my body slowly and deliberately.

“Don’t flatter yourself Uncle Peter,” I said, pretending to be annoyed, but knowing I did wear it knowing he was going to be at the party.

Grinning smugly he said, “Its ok Jennifer. Whatever the reason, you look really hot.”

Hearing him call me by name sent a tingle across my body.

“In addition to being so conceited you’re crude,” I said as I watched his eyes roam all over me, which now had me on fire.

“Or maybe you’re looking really sexy so that Daddy will give you a nice windfall after the merger,” he said with a little snide chuckle.

I tried not to show it, but my uncle was absolutely right.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said with irritation in my voice.

“Right baby,” he said gloating, knowing he was absolutely right about me dressing in the bikini and heels to get my father’s attention.

He then went on to say that my father was spineless and didn’t have what it took to really make it in the cut-throat business world and that he was way out of his league with the merger he was getting into. At that point I didn’t know what was going to ultimately happen and got furious and called him a real jerk, turned my back on him to walk away. As I did he grabbed my arm and spun me around.

“I want to fly you to my private Miami Beach villa for the weekend to show you what a real man could do with a body like yours Jennifer.”

He then pulled me against him and kissed me hungrily and forcefully. His move caught me so off-guard that for a second I felt my body submit to him as I felt my own tongue stab against his, setting off a deep groan from me. Although the thought of his proposition did excite me, I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of letting him know it.

As he held me I nearly died when I felt what seemed like a giant log brush up against my knee. I felt it push out from his pants along his left leg and rub against the front of my thong bikini bottom right to my knee. A big part of me wanted to reach out to touch it to confirm if what was rubbing against me was his cock, but I didn’t. I’ve been with my share of older men, but never felt anything like this. I knew I must have been imagining it was his cock, because it felt enormous. Being close to him and feeling his tight body against the heat of my exposed skin caused my nipples to harden right in front of his eyes.

“Nice nipples Jennifer. Your thinking about me?” he asked with arrogance in his voice.

Hearing my uncle talk so crudely and feeling such an enormous bulge in his swim trunks had me going crazy. Suddenly I heard someone say, “It’s in the kitchen.” I immediately broke away from our kiss for a second, but then I came to my senses, and thought about the arrogant bastard he was.

“Go fuck yourself Uncle Peter,” I said harshly then broke free of his hold and stormed out of the kitchen.

As I walked away, a surge of feelings washed over me. His boldness and aggressiveness were almost hypnotic, and the thought of him being that endowed only added to my inner desires. I could feel my uncle’s power and control, and that was something I found absolutely attractive in a man. It was what my father did lack and I began to think about the comment my Uncle made about my father being spineless and I hated to admit it, but my Uncle was right. My father was the exact opposite of my Uncle or men like him. He was generous and giving to his employees and the community. He just wasn’t a man that could be successful at the expense of others.

The other thing that really disappointed me was that I had found out my father wasn’t endowed like I had fantasized about. I was never a size queen, but what had happened in the month before my father and I became intimate changed my life.

Her first encounter with a massive cock followed by her first girl on girl experience

I work a few hours a week at a very successful art gallery that my mother arranged for, because she knew the owners husband. This gallery deals with the wealthiest clients in the world. The clients are mostly older men who are very wealthy. They range from men in their late sixties, seventies, and eighties and even one even being 92!

When I began working at the gallery I learned about some of the wealthier clients. About a month ago the owner of the gallery, Vivian called me into her office and told me she wanted me to escort a very good client through the gallery. I learned that he was from Germany and was a very wealthy man who had spent millions of dollars every few months on different types of art. When I learned that he was 92 I looked at her questionably.

“Is he in a wheel chair with an oxygen tank,” I said jokily.

“Oh no, trust me, kaçak bahis you’ll be more than surprised when you meet him,” she said with a cat-like grin that told me she knew a lot about the German art dealer that she was concealing from me.

It was her sly grin that made me wonder what she knew about him. She told me that he was from Germany, and not to let his age fool me. She told me that he enjoyed the company of young females and that if I really wanted an impressive commission that I should dress to impress because he was known to tip very generously.

That day I selected an outfit that was professional but I knew would show off my body and totally impress the 92 year old art collector. As I dressed I could not forget the sly grin my boss gave me when she told me not to be put-off by his age. Something about the way she grinned at me had me very curious and as I put on each item of clothing I began to imagine him watching me dress. I began to get a little turned on and when I picked out my bra I picked one that was a transparent white lace. It was a demi bra where the upper half of my breasts were exposed. It was a very naughty look that I was sure would get his attention.

Feeling really sexy I wore a skin-tight black dress that bordered on being mini. It showcased my long, tapered legs all the way to the top of my slender thighs. The dress came off one of my shoulders and was very sheer. Wanting to really empress the 92 year old art dealer I wore a black thong and black garter belt with tan stockings and black pumps.

When I looked in the mirror I noticed that the lines of my thong and garter straps could seen through the material because of the snugness of my dress. I wore my hair down and put on a hot shade of red lipstick to accent my full pouty lips. I looked professional and seductive at the same time.

When I was introduced to him I was stunned to say the least. I could not believe that I was looking at a man who was 92 years old. He had a youthful appearance and commanding presence. He had a slender, toned build and looked very distinguished with a full head of white hair. He could have easily passed for a man in his early 60’s. He was very charming and extremely seductive, and spoke with a hint of German accent that added to his commanding presence.

The way he wore his expensive Italian suit I could tell he had a fit body and was in incredible shape, especially for his age. I learned that he was a marathon runner who still competed. The second I met him, I saw his eyes travel over my body which excited me in a way that surprised me.

As we moved through the gallery I could feel his eyes all over me which absolutely thrilled me, and as he had me write down the different pieces of art he was going to purchase I got wetter and wetter as I saw the dollar amount go into the millions. His total purchases for the day were 25 million dollars. When he told the owner to add 10 thousand dollars to my commission I was speechless, but graciously thanked him

“You can thank me by accompanying me to dinner Jennifer,” he said as he took my hand and kissed it.

Of course I accepted and when we got into his private limousine and he told me the restaurant we were going to I was really impressed. It was a restaurant I knew had a reputation for being very exclusive, expensive and that I knew only the wealthiest clientele could afford to go there.

In the limousine he opened a bottle of very expensive champagne and made a toast to me being extremely helpful, and I in turn thanked him for the generous bonus he added to my commission. As we clicked our glasses his eyes went up and down my crossed stocking covered legs to my narrow waist and to my bra which I could feel my nipples piercing through the sheer fabric of it and my dress.

“I’d also like to propose another toast to you being very sexy Jennifer,” he said as his eyes continued to scan my body before he looked right into my eyes with a hunger for me that made me so hot.

“Thank you,” I said as he pushed my hair to the side and kissed my exposed neck.

“I hope you know that it was very hard to focus on the art today Jennifer, as I am sure you felt my eyes all over your incredible body today, and that I was thinking about you constantly,” he said as he hungrily looked into my eyes.

“Oh god,” I said in a throaty voice as I felt my body ache for him.

“How did that make you feel Jennifer, knowing my eyes were all over you and your amazing body, and that I wanted you?” he said as he leaned in and kissed my exposed neck.

“Oh god, I felt so sexy knowing you were looking at me and thinking about me,” I said in a heated voice.

“You know it was sexual Jennifer,” he said as he was kissing my neck and making me groan. “I kept imagining you being in my bed,” he whispered in my ear as his hands ran up my stocking covered legs.

” Oh god,” I said hotly then paused and added, ” I was thinking the same thing.”

“Very sexy Jennifer,” he said in a deep, resonant voice as he kissed my neck up and down, making popping sounds that filled the air and had my pussy dripping. “Yes, thinking about you and I in so many ways,” he added which caused me to groan.

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