Dana , Holly Ch. 02

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“Holly Van Slyke.”

I say the name over in my mind, committing it to memory, as I watch her tight, young ass wiggle right in front of me. “Little Dutch girl,” I think wickedly. “Swiss Miss. Just look at it.” Her back to me as she wipes oil from her hands, I lick my chops, pretending I’m licking her all over. My name is Dana Campbell, and I’m at a resort spa near my home in Laguna Beach, California. This is my second trip in as many weeks, and this trip is specifically so I can check out Holly. Last week, I came here to unwind after a week-long tennis clinic, and I met Holly by chance when she filled in for the regular masseuse. Holly is good at massage, drop-dead gorgeous, and also friendly and flirty. Flirty enough to make me suspicious, and since I haven’t had a regular playmate in a while, I booked another visit right away so I could test the waters. And the waters are very inviting, indeed.

The massage session is just finishing up. Getting dressed, I watch Holly intently as she cleans up. Her back is to me. As she wipes her hands clean, it makes her butt jiggle. She knows I’m watching. She spends an extra long time wiping her hands, with an extra big jiggle to hold my attention. I notice it, and I appreciate it. Something else I notice is the way Holly is dressed — the shorts and the uniform polo are both a size too small, the better to show off her stellar figure. “There’s also the way her hands lingered around my lady parts,” I remember fondly. “The way she looked me in the eye. This girl really wants me, and it’s time I take it home.”

“That was a great job again, Holly. I feel really refreshed. You really know how to work out my tender areas.”

“Oh, thanks. You make it really easy. You’re an athlete, so you’ve got great muscle tone. It’s easy to tell what needs attention, and I just what to do what I can to help keep you on your game.”

“Thanks,” I reply. “You’re sweet. Retired athlete is the truth. I retired a couple years ago. Now I just do celebrity tournaments and the occasional clinic.”

“Oh, okay. Retired, then. So if you’re not on tour, does that mean I’ll be seeing you more often?”

“Now that you mention it, I was just about to invite you out to my place for a visit. Are you free this weekend?”

“Sure am. This is my weekend off, and I don’t have any other plans yet.”

“Great! Here’s my address,” I tell her, writing it down a scrap of paper. “Why don’t you come by on Saturday around noon?”

“Thanks,” Holly replies, looking at the address. “I’ll see you then.”

I give Holly a quick hug, just to get my hands on her for a sec, and then turn to leave. My face is flush with excitement as I walk through the lobby, my pussy getting moist. Driving home, I can’t stop touching myself, thinking about this little minx and her obvious intentions. The miles race by as I speed home. Once there, I burst through the door, drop my bags, and fling myself into a chair. One hand squeezing my tits, I shove the other down into my panties and rub my clit furiously into an orgasm.

After catching my breath, I walk into the kitchen and check the calendar. “Thursday,” I think out loud. “Shit. It’s gonna be a long two days.”

Saturday comes around, and I wake early with anticipation. Truth be told, I hardly sleep, imagining Holly doing this and that, both in and out of her clothes. My pussy is on constant drip. I fumble through breakfast and the paper, doing anything I can to keep myself occupied. Looking up, the clock reads 10:30. “Okay, a quick workout.”

After an easy hour in the gym, followed by a shower, the phone rings just before noon. It is the guard at the community gate announcing that Holly is here. “Right on time,” I think with a smile. “I hope she’s as eager as I am.” A couple minutes later, Holly is driving up the entrance. I walk out to greet her. Holly parks in front of the door, and I greet her with a hug and a smile. “So glad you could make it,” I say with a wink.

“Is it okay if I park here?”

“Sure. We shouldn’t need to go anywhere. C’mon, let’s get your bags and go inside.” As I remove my hand from Holly’s shoulders, I let it slide down her back and across her ass. I look for a reaction, but Holly doesn’t flinch. With her bags in hand, we walk side by side towards the house. Looking up at me, Holly’s hand finds its way to my ass and returns the favor. “Yup,” we both think, “this is gonna be a gooood weekend.”

During the complimentary tour, I ask Holly about her background. Her parents are Dutch and Swiss, and Holly is a first-gen American. She worked hard all through school to be a dancer, but after that didn’t work out, she got a license as a massage therapist. At the end of the tour, I ask, “Did you bring a bikini? It’s a nice day for a swim.”

“Actually, I forgot mine. Can I borrow one of yours?”

“Sure,” I tell her, beckoning her to follow. “Come with me.” Inside my bedroom, I open a cabinet drawer. “Here, help yourself. I’m going to make some drinks and you can meet me outside.”

I’m casino oyna lounging by the pool, sipping a Rum Runner, when Holly walks up. “How does it look? Does it fit okay?” I nearly drop my drink. “Y-yeah,” I stammer. “Looks great on you.” Holly is wearing an aqua blue two-piece that looks electric against her tan. The bottom has a deep V in the front, rides high on the hip, and only covers about half of the ass. And the top… well, it was already small on me, and with Holly being a full cup size larger, she’s damn near busting out of it.

“Yours looks great on you, too.” Holly walks to the table and pours herself a drink. She bends at the waist, so that her tits hang out. She also wants me to get a long look at her legs. “Hopefully, I’ll be licking them soon,” I think wickedly.

As Holly pulls up a lounger, I boldly say, “Y’know, we can go topless. It’s private here. I do it a lot.”

“Ooh, great!” Holly replies. “I don’t like tan lines if I can avoid them.” Turning her back to me and lifting her hair, she asks, “Would you help me with it?”

The look and feel of Holly’s back is electric as I untie the backstrap. My breath catches in my throat as my fingers slide across her back and graze the underside of Holly’s ample breasts. I nearly melt on the spot. Reaching up, I undo the neck strap, and the bikini top collapses on the ground. “Thanks,” Holly says. She turns around to me. “Let me help you with yours.”

“Wow, your boobs are amazing, Holly. They’re a great size for your frame, big, but not too big. And so firm and perky. They really jump right out at you.” I have to take a drink to keep from drooling on myself. Holly’s tits are a firm C cup, with nipples like fat pink erasers, and aureolas a little bigger than a quarter.

“Thank you,” Holly says sincerely. “Yours are really nice, too. I noticed them when we were at the spa. You’re really in great shape!”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.” I set my drink down and turn my back to Holly, as much to hide my blush as to let Holly undo the bikini top.

Once we are both topless, we settle down to our drinks and the sunshine. Our hands quickly start drifting towards each other, and our fingers dance. Holly confesses to me, “You know, the first time we met at the spa, that was a setup.”

“Really? How so?”

“I was just coming out of the office when you came into the lobby. I thought you were really super hot, so I looked at your schedule, and then I begged the other masseuse to let me fill in.”

“So she wasn’t sick that day?”

“No, we just traded. I really wanted to get to know you. I was hoping you’d be my type, and you were, so I started flirting really hard.”

“And what exactly is your type?”

“Well, we get along great so far, and I don’t think you’d mind if I do this.” Holly reaches over to my thigh, and runs her fingers all the way up. Just as she gets close to the top, Holly pulls her fingers away, just in case I object.

“No, honey, I don’t mind at all. Tell me, though, why did you stop at the top? I wanted you to go for it.” At that, I reach out and put my hand right onto Holly’s cunt, rubbing it through the fabric, and start kissing Holly, our tongues dancing back and forth.

Holly reaches out and grabs hold of my breast, kneading, squeezing, groping, pinching and tugging on the nipples. I move my hands up and down Holly’s thighs and ass, then came back to her wet cunt. The bikini bottom has a wet spot on it. Holly, meanwhile, slides her hand across my belly and settles on my wet spot, too. She desperately wants to slide a finger inside, but my bikini bottom is on too snugly. She stands up and pushes the loungers together so that there is more room. “We need to get these off,” she says, sliding off her bikini bottom.

“Heck yeah,” I reply. “I’ve had sex out here plenty of times. Haven’t been caught by TMZ yet.”

“Good,” Holly replies, “cuz I sure wanna lick your pussy!”

I lay down with a pillow under my head and spread my legs, knees bent, feet propped up, legs wide. “Come here, baby. I’ve been waiting.” Holly gets down between my legs, and puts a hand on each thigh. She starts sucking and tugging on my labia. Her mouth makes a sucking noise as the labia slip out of her mouth. Holly does it again, then shoves her face right into my oozing pussy, her tongue working up from bottom to top in hard, fast strokes. She finds my clit, sucks hard, and then gives it a bite. “Fuck yeah, Holly,” I moan. My hands are in her hair, holding her head tight against my throbbing pussy. “Don’t stop!” My hips grind against Holly’s face. Holly wraps her hands around my thighs in order to keep contact; the hips/head combo is riding in tandem, and there is no way Holly is going to let up until I explode on her face.

I cum hard and fast. I grunt and yell, my hips buck. I’ve been dreaming constantly of this moment for the last two days, and Holly does not disappoint; she keeps her face glued to my spasming cunt, scooping out every drop of juice that canlı casino I produce. “C’mere, sweetie,” I tell her, once my head stops spinning. I lift Holly’s head and pull her upwards. “Gimme a kiss.”

Holly climbs on top of me and gives me a long kiss, both of us swapping the taste of my cum back and forth. “Hope I did a good job,” Holly says. “I told you I’ve been wanting to get in your pants.”

“And I’ve been waiting to get in yours,” I reply lovingly. “Lay down. It’s my turn.” Holly climbs off of me and lies back on the paired-up lounge chairs. I spin around and start examining Holly’s cunt. Immediately, I notice how small Holly’s pussy is. Tiny. Like almost half-size. And that means tight.

“That is a tiny pussy, Holly,” I say, in my naughtiest voice.

“Yes, it is,” Holly replies, in an equally naughty voice. “It’s really tight.”

“I bet it is,” I respond, giving her pussy a kiss. “And your bush… I like the way you trim it.” Where my pubes are trimmed in a landing strip, Holly’s is a small patch about the size of a quarter. The hairs are a golden honey-blonde, just like her eyebrows. I slowly trace my fingers over the folds, and along the crease of the thigh. A stream of juice is oozing out of the slit, forming a drop on the bottom. I scoop it up and suck my finger clean. “Yummm,” I declare, dipping my finger in deeply and scooping out some more. “Have a taste,” I say to Holly, reaching my finger out for Holly to taste. She sucks it lovingly, swirling her tongue around. “Mmmmm!”

“Mmmmm is right!!” I shove my tongue into Holly’s pussy, first licking the slit, then probing my tongue into the hole. My tongue is like a scoop shovel, coaxing the juices to flow. I lick and slurp all the juices from the crease in her thighs. Looking Holly in the eye, I slip one, then two fingers inside. I slide them in and out a few times, then curl them upwards just behind the clit, searching for that special spot. “Oh shit!” Holly exclaims, her eyes going wide. “That’s my g-spot!”

“Uh huh. Cum for Mama.” I work my fingers on Holly’s g-spot as her orgasm ramps up. I lock my mouth onto Holly’s clit and suck hard until her pussy explodes.

“Huuunngggh!!” Holly grunts. Hands clenching the sides of the chairs, her hips jerk as she squirts for the first time. I suck down as much as I can, relishing the sight of this dollface squirming on the end of my tongue. The muscles in Holly’s tight little pussy clamp and squeeze on my fingers like a vice. I climb up to kiss Holly, and she licks her juices off of my cheeks, amazed at what she had just done. Together, we collapse and rest, holding each other, not talking for long minutes.

Eventually, we start sharing small talk again, little jokes here and there, getting to know each other. There is a definite air of comfort between us, and we can sense the bond growing. After a half hour or so, I urge Holly to get up. “C’mon, let’s go get some lunch. I’m famished.” Together, we get up and head into the kitchen.

Holly is checking out the living room while I make a lunch of cold cuts and some leftover Greek salad. Together with some wine, we sit at the dining table and share lunch. We talk like new best friends, and play footsies under the table. The vibes are just right. We are connecting on a sexual plane, as well as a spiritual one. Looking around, Holly spies a bowl of fresh fruit on the table. She has a wicked gleam in her eye. “So, Dana, we need something to cap this off. Would you like some fruit salad?”

“Sure, why not?” I respond, getting up and grabbing the bowl of fruit. “I’ll go put something together real quick.”

Holly grabs me by the arm. “No, I got it. Come with me.” She gets up, grabs the bowl of fruit, and heads towards the living room. I follow with curiosity.

In the living room is a large ottoman, definitely large enough to fool around on. Holly sets the bowl of fruit on the floor, lies down on the ottoman and pulls her legs back. Reaching down and grabbing a grape, she rubs it inside her pussy, covering it in her cream, and then offers it to me. “Mmm! I like this salad,” I tell her, sitting down to her “pussy plate.” I take the grape from Holly and plop it in my mouth. I swirl it around, and then bite into the grape, the fruit juices and Holly juices mingling together. Delicious. I reach into the bowl and pull out a strawberry, then a mandarin orange, and a blueberry. This fruit salad of Holly’s is the best!

After a few minutes of pussy-fruit goodness, I tell Holly, “That was delicious. I love your salad.”

“I’m glad you liked it! You missed a spot, though.”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“This one.” Holly reaches down with her finger and taps her asshole. “Everyone likes dessert, right?”

“I sure do,” I reply with a grin. I bend down, spread Holly’s ass cheeks, and start licking her ass like it was coated with candy. Holly rubs her clit and watches me toy with her starfish. I blow on it, kiss it, suck it, slurp it, stretch it, slide a finger in and out. I have a kaçak casino new toy, and it’s not even my birthday. Holly’s slender frame guarantees her asshole is tight, too, and that makes me feel naughty. Giving Holly a wicked look, I hold three fingers up. I spit and suck on them to get them really wet. Holly nods; she knows what’s coming. She gives a long grunt as I work my fingers into her asshole, giving it a really good stretch. I twist them around, spread them out, and shove them in all the way to the knuckle. Holly slaps her pussy in turn. “Fuck my ass!” she yells.

I toy with Holly’s bunghole for another couple minutes, then extract my fingers. “You keep going,” I tell her, as I get up and head towards my bedroom. “I’ll be right back.” Walking down the hall, I can’t help but get excited about Holly — she is young and smokin’ hot, a really cool chick, and she is just as dirty in bed as I am (well, so far… we’ll see).

I return after just a couple minutes and find Holly just sort of gently rubbing herself all over. “I needed to cool down while you were gone. Didn’t want to get ahead of you.”

“Smart girl,” I think. “She knows enough to stretch it out.” Waving my hands, I show off the toys I brought back — two bullet vibrators and a purple dildo. “Hold your legs back,” I instruct Holly. I rub some lube onto Holly’s asshole, and some more onto the bullet vibe. With a quick push, the bullet disappears into Holly’s eager backside. A quick turn of the knob, and it’s buzzing away, stimulating her tight ass. Shoving another bullet into my own ass, I hand Holly the other remote and tell her, “This one’s for you.” I promptly straddle Holly’s face. Holly turns the knob on her remote, and the buzzing starts in my ass, as well. My eyes close for a second as the sensation takes over. Opening my eyes, I look down at Holly and wave the dildo. “I thought your pussy could use some cock.”

“You read my mind,” Holly says, grabbing onto my hips and pulling me down on top of her waiting face. Rocking my hips back and forth as Holly works her tongue, I suck on the dildo to get it wet, then lean forward and ease it inside Holly’s desperate cunt. Holly moans approvingly as the dildo stretches open her tight fuckhole. A few strokes more, and Holly’s own juices have the dildo really lubed up; it’s sliding in easily now, and deeper with every stroke.

I grab the remote and turn the knob to high. The buzzing gets louder, and Holly’s butt cheeks clench. Holly, in turn, switches her remote to high, and she gets the same reaction from me.

Holly’s tongue, meanwhile, is working overtime on my pussy. I grind my clit onto Holly’s tongue; I’m right on the edge. Holly can sense that I’m about to cum. She drives her tongue deeply up into my hole to scoop up all the flowing juices. I quiver and let it flow.

Within seconds, Holly cums, too. I climb off Holly’s face and lay down next to her. We both need a breather. “Whew,” I say, as we laugh and hold each other. I look lovingly at Holly and kiss her forehead. She blushes. Leaning up on one elbow, I suggest, “Why don’t we go out for a while? Do a little sightseeing? We can get Chinese takeout on the way home.”

“That sounds great,” Holly agrees. “Let’s go.”

We get dressed and go into town for a few hours, just enjoying the day, and enjoying each other. On the way home, we gt Chinese takeout as promised, and then spend the rest of the evening watching tv in my bed.

As the night wears on, I ask, “So tell me, Holly. What do you really like to do in bed? I can tell you’re at least as naughty as I am, which is awesome… but what do you really like to do?”

“Well, overall,” Holly responds, “I like it when one person is in charge, and the other has to follow orders.” I hide my smile. “Not a slave, mind you. I’m my own person. And none of that pain or humiliation stuff. Okay, maybe a little pain if I act up, but mostly I just like for someone to be in charge. Usually the other girl, but sometimes I like to hand out orders, too.”

“Cool,” I respond. “You and I are right on the same page. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together. Tell me, since you like being dominated, would it bother you if I invite a couple friends over tomorrow? They’d love to play with you.”

“You’re gonna gang up on me already?” Holly says with a laugh. “Yeah, I’m game. I’m a naughty bitch.” She gives me a wink.

“Great! Lemme go call the girls.” With that, I pick up the phone, walk down the hall, and make the arrangements. I come back about ten minutes later and, climbing into bed, announce, “All right, it’s on. Teri and Caroline will be over around noon. You’ll love them. We’re gonna have fun.” I kiss Holly and we settle down for the rest of the night.

On Sunday morning, Holly and I sleep in til around 9. We have a nice breakfast, and Holly tops it off with some “Dana fruit salad”. When it becomes time to get ready, I go with Holly to help her pick something out to wear. We lay out the clothes from her bags and look them over. I tell her, “These are really hot, Holly. I’m getting kinda wet, just thinking that you brought these for me. I’ve got an idea for you to wear, though. We’re having fun today, right? Wanna go over the top?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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