Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 33

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That night after dinner, they tied Daisy down to the kitchen table. Shawna set up the camera on a tripod, aimed between the prone girl’s spread legs. Shawna had given Dylan the toys earlier, and he had had time to inspect them and work out how to use them. He pulled out the oversized penis pump first, and placed the wide mouth around the mound of flesh between Daisy’s thighs. She was, as usual, blindfolded, and this time they had gagged her as well. She gave a little panicked moan, but Dylan ignored her. He couldn’t believe how much flesh he could stuff into the tube before even engaging the pump, and he stared for a moment, letting the camera zoom in on the bizarre sight.

“Pump it,” Shawna said eagerly. She was nearly naked herself, wearing only a tiny tube top over her fake tits and a pair of booty shorts that cupped her perfect ass. Dylan knew it was even nicer than Daisy’s, as much as he didn’t want to admit it. Every time she turned, he was tempted to bury his face in those perfect mounds of flesh. Thinking about it now made his cock twitch, even harder than what he was doing to the beautiful, helpless girl in front of him. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he picked up the pump and began to squeeze.

The pussy flesh inside the tube immediately began to expand, growing longer and pressing against the glass. Daisy gave a muffled moan when he squeezed the pump again, and again. What was once three inches quickly became six, a disgusting tube of flesh hanging between her thighs like a cock. Dylan could see moisture forming between the swollen lips, and he had an urge to lick it out, or perhaps to slide his cock into that tube, or both. Instead, he just watched as Daisy’s pussy turned dark purple. When he was satisfied, he set down the pussy pump and found the ones intended for her nipples.

This would be interesting. Shawna didn’t know about Daisy’s nipples yet, and this added suction would undoubtedly coax the milk out of them whether he wanted to or not. What harm could it do, though? Dylan wondered. Daisy wasn’t pregnant or anything. And Shawna was bound to find out sooner or later.

One by one, he eased the fat nipples into the narrow tubes. Each cylinder was roughly five inches long and was fitted to a long rubber hose. These hoses were coupled together after about a foot, attaching both cylinders to the hand pump via a single line. Once Daisy’s nipples had been crammed most of the way into the cylinders, Dylan began to squeeze the pumps. The tubes were drawn immediately down flush against her aereolas, sealing her nipples inside, while the nubs themselves grew instantly in length. Dylan was again shocked by the extreme change he observed in Daisy’s body-her already large nipples increased from an inch and a half to well over three inches. He could hear Shawna making some kind of crude comment, but he ignored it-he was utterly focused on Daisy’s teats. One more squeeze, he thought. Just one more-

White liquid began to spurt from the tips of Daisy’s nippes. It squirted out with such force that the lines were immediately filled. Both Dylan and Shawna gasped, and Daisy groaned, as if she knew what had happened. Shawna left the camera and came quickly to his side, staring wide-eyed at the milk inside the tubes. “What the fuck?” she demanded.

“I don’t know,” Dylan stammered. “I’ve never seen this before.”

Shawna ripped the gag off Daisy’s mouth. “Bitch, are you fucking pregnant?”

Daisy shook her head wildly, but Shawna slapped her across the face. “I can find out in a heartbeat from that fucked-up father of yours. Tell me the truth right fucking now. Did Daddy get you pregnant?”

Daisy shook her head again, sniffling. “No,” she said softly. Then, after a deep breath: “It wasn’t my dad.”

Dylan stared first at Daisy, then up at Shawna. “What the fuck?”

Shawna was smirking at him. “Don’t worry, canlı bahis Dylan. In a few months, your hot little girlfriend will be too fat to fuck. Then I guess you’ll just have to fuck me instead.”

Shawna had long since stormed off, leaving Dylan and Daisy alone in the kitchen, the camera still recording a very different scene than the one they had planned. Daisy’s nipples and pussy were still vacuumed inside their cylinders, aching and on the verge of complete numbness, but she didn’t complain. She was crying too hard to speak anyway. Dylan had removed her blindfold and now sat stroking her cheek and hair and whispering softly to her. “It’s okay, baby. You’re gonna be okay.”

Several times, he made as if to remove the nipple pumps, but this only made Daisy cry harder. In spite of their discovery this afternoon, when her nipples had covered them both with milk, she was terrified of it now, now that he knew what it meant, now that he knew her secret. She knew the milk would splatter all over her tits, and for all she knew, her nipples would continue to leak uncontrollably. This made her panic every time he reached for the pumps, so after awhile he just stopped.

“I think you’ll look really sexy,” he said, smiling at her. She looked up at him for a moment, then burst into fresh tears. “I’m serious,” Dylan said, stroking her hair. “These titties will get even bigger, and your nipples will squirt all the time. Your huge belly will only make the rest of you look tinier and sexier.” Daisy sniffled, staring up at him to see the ridicule in his face, but he looked serious. He stroked her flat belly affectionately. “I’ll still fuck you, as long as I can. And when it’s uncomfortable for you, I’ll just put my dick in that tight ass.” He smiled down at her, and Daisy felt a smile flicker across her face, too. Could he really like her like that?

“Here,” Dylan said softly. “Your nipples are probably numb. Let’s take these things off, okay?” This time she let him. When he released the pressure in the pumps, nothing happened. Her nipples were too swollen to allow any milk to escape. It actually took a great amount of force to pull the cylinders off, and when he did, the white liquid flooded out, drenching her tits. To Daisy’s relief, her nipples did not immediately squirt, but they were obscenely swollen. Even Dylan looked taken aback. The fat nubs remained inflated over twice their ordinary size, thrusting out three and a half inches from her aereola. Contained within the narrow tubes, they had not been allowed to expand outward much; once freed, they widened, their diameter larger than that of a nickel. The stiff nubs thrust up from the smooth globes of flesh, thick and long and purple.

Dylan stared for a solid minute, looking both afraid and aroused. At last, he leaned down and put his mouth around one of them. It looked huge between his lips, and swollen as it was, Daisy felt very little. Normally this type of treatment made her even more sensitive, but the pumps had been left on too long with no reprieve. What sensation she did feel was a dull ache, which gave her no pleasure.

When Dylan pulled back his head, he spit a mouthful of milk back onto her nipple. “They still squirt!” he announced cheerfully, rubbing the liquid into her flesh. He grabbed the other nipple and tugged, sending a fountain of milk squirting up out of the stiff nub and down onto her tits. It felt strange, but at least she didn’t feel so much like crying now.

Removing the pump from her pussy was a different story. Again, the pressure hadn’t been reduced and increased again and again every few minutes as it usually had when her father did it. This was perhaps the longest she had gone at one time, and the pressure was enormous. Dylan had to use two hands to remove the cylinder from her twat, and when it finally popped off, he actually swore. “Fuck me,” he said bahis siteleri softly.

“God, how bad is it?” Daisy asked, cringing. In response, Dylan got up and grabbed the video camera, zooming in on the flesh between her thighs. Daisy didn’t protest. She couldn’t hide herself from him now.

“It’s like…” Dylan thought for a moment. “It’s like a fleshlight. My cock would fit inside your lips.”

The thought spurred him into action. Pulling off his jeans and boxers, he got between her legs and aimed the camera down between them. “I can’t wait to show you this, baby,” he moaned. She felt something squeeze her cunt, while at the same time, something pushed between her lips. She was so swollen it didn’t even feel like a human touch. Tied up as she was, and with her tits blocking much of her view, all she could see was Dylan’s torso. She watched as he thrust again and again, though the angle seemed all wrong. He was standing back too far to be inside her. After a minute or so, his breathing became ragged, and he announced with a groan that he was cumming. She saw, rather than felt, his orgasm, mainly by the way he thrust his hips and gritted his teeth. When he was finished, he quickly climbed off the table and pulled his pants back on, glancing over his shoulder through the dining room to the staircase be sure Shawna hadn’t come downstairs. Satisfied, he turned back to the little project in front of him, bringing the camera down between Daisy’s legs. “Fuck, that’s disgusting,” he murmured.

Daisy’s heart sank. She watched helplessly as Dylan fumbled between her legs, doing something she couldn’t feel or see. Then he brought the camera back up and filmed her face and, below it, her tits still wet with milk. “Let’s get you up and clean you off,” Dylan said at last, turning off the camera.

He undid her restraints and helped her to her feet. Daisy stumbled awkwardly to the downstairs bathroom clutching his arm, leaving a trail of cum on the floor. She had to waddle to avoid the six inch tube of pussy meat dangling between her thighs. She couldn’t see it properly over the bulk of her tits, but when they stood in front of the bathroom mirror, Daisy burst into tears. It looked like a long, thick cock, until closer inspection revealed the individual lips which pressed so closely together that they actually did form a tube. When she tried to pee, most of it funneled down the tube, but some of it sprayed out between the deep cleft in her twat, so that she had to stand in the bathtub to keep from pissing all over the room.

Dylan peered around the shower curtain to watch her, mystified, as she stood with her legs spread wide, piss squirting wildly from the huge purple bulk of pussy flesh. The effort made her nipples leak as well, so that twin streams of milk flowed down the curve of each teat. When she pushed especially hard, little spurts would squirt from the tips. She tried to cover her shameful nipples, but Dylan ordered her to keep her hands at her sides. When she was finished, he ordered her to lie down in the bottom of the tub. She obeyed, as she always did, and he pulled out his cock. This time she knew what was coming, and was able to close her eyes before the stream hit her face. The hot flood of urine felt good on her cold flesh, even if it smelled like…well, like piss.

At last she was allowed to stand, and he let her shower. He watched the whole time, paying close attention to the way she soaped up her tits, and the crack of her ass. When it came time to wash her pussy, she hesitated. Dylan reached out and did it for her, stroking the length of swollen flesh like one would a hard cock. He forced his fingers between her lips, but they barely penetrated halfway in. He instructed her to bend over as he teased her lips apart, allowing the water to rinse in between them. Daisy closed her eyes in shame.

When she was finished, bahis şirketleri Dylan wrapped her in a towel and brought her to the guest room. “I’ll talk to Shawna, try to calm her down,” he said soothingly as he tucked Daisy in. She lay naked beneath the sheets, her legs spread wide to accomodate the new bulk between them. He left the blankets tucked up beneath her tits, leaving them exposed. He explained that they might leak during the night, and he didn’t want to soak the bedding. Daisy was too tired to argue.

Shawna was just as angry as she had been when she stormed off, leaving the two of them together. “You fucked her, didn’t you?”

Dylan groaned. “You didn’t see how nasty her pussy looked after I took the pump off. It was disgusting. Nobody would fuck that.”

Shawna looked pleased for a moment. Then she glared at him again. “But you like the way her nipples squirt.”

“Shawna, she’s pregnant!” Dylan exclaimed. “That’s a natural thing for her body to do! It’s got nothing to do with me!”

“But you like it, don’t you?” Shawna was insistent.

Dylan rolled his eyes before downing his beer to cover his hesitation. “I don’t know. It’s interesting, I guess.”

“Yeah?” Shawna turned toward him and yanked down her tube top, spilling her huge tits. “Would you like it if my titties squirted?”

Dylan frowned at her. “Fuck no,” he said. “That would mean you were pregnant. You don’t want to get pregnant, do you?”

Shawna thrust out her belly as far as she could, clutching it like a pregnant women in a photo. “I don’t know. Maybe. Would you like it?”

Dylan growled at her. In a moment, he had crossed the room and picked her up. Tossing her face-down on the bed, he climbed after her and thrust his face into the crevice between her ass cheeks, as he had wanted to do all night. She still wore those sexy boyshorts, and he inhaled deeply, smelling her musky scent. After a moment, he reached up and slid the waistband down over the curve of her magnificent ass, revealing those perfectly round globes. He left them around her thighs, just below her ass. He grabbed her cheeks and squeezed, spreading them, revealing the tight, puckered hole nestled in between them. He pressed his face as deep into her crack as he could and lapped his tongue against her anus, teasing it and tasting it. His sister moaned, squirming. He reached up and slapped her ass, hard, and told her, albeit in a muffled voice, to lie still. “I’m gonna eat this ass until you start behaving,” he growled, and forced his tongue into her tight ring. She moaned again, urging him on.

Before long, Dylan had worked two fingers into her asshole and was ramming his tongue in between them. Shawna was bucking and moaning and begging for more, the hot little slut that she was. Abruptly Dylan sat up and pulled his fingers out. His cock was hard as steel, and with all the saliva in and around Shawna’s asshole, it slid in easily. Her rounded ass provided the perfect cushion that nearly made him cum the first time his pelvis pressed against the soft flesh. His sister screamed in pleasure and pain, but he ignored her and fucked her ass hard. She took dicks and toys in her shithole every goddamn day, he knew-she was used to this, and it wouldn’t hurt her like it might someone less experienced. He fucked her, hard, until he came deep inside her with a grunt. He felt her bowels quiver, and knew she was having tiny orgasms herself.

After a moment, Shawna tried to pull away from him, but he held her down. He did not pull out of her, not when she told him to, nor even when he grew soft. Still trapped inside her sphincter, Dylan began to concentrate. He had downed two beers after he put Daisy to bed, and now, with another grunt, he began to empty his bladder into his sister’s bowels.

Shawna didn’t react at first-she didn’t seem to feel anything. Then suddenly she howled. “Are you pissing in my ass?!” She tried to squirm away, but again he held her down.

“I’m teaching you a fucking lesson,” he growled. “Do not fuck with me, understand? You are MY bitch, not the other way around.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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