Daddy at the Truckstop – Amber’s Descent 1

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Daddy at the Truckstop – Amber’s Descent 1
Continuing “Daddy at the Truckstop”, Amber tells her tale of submission to Stacey as they are both locked in their cells at the club.

Amber’s Descent- 1

I was 19 and had only been in college for a year, and the job that paid my cheap rent and bills, kept me in town for the summer. Money was usually tight, but my parents helped out where they could, living a few states away, as well as some grant & scholarship money I was lucky to get.

I had 2 roommates to split the costs, but I had some privacy to dress up as my sissy self, Amber, with good practice in makeup and heels. I was small at 5’2″, so it wasn’t hard to find cute or slutty clothes and shoes that worked for me. I had a couple of outfits, and some toys that I was careful to hide in the shared house, including a couple of buttplugs and dildos I’d been stretching myself out with, working up to 8 inches in and out of my sissy hole, and learning to deepthroat.

I was horny all the time, but was very shy with classmates and peers, my slight frame and introverted nature getting the best of me. I liked girls most, but the thought of submitting to a man had started to turn me on not long ago, soon after I started my dressing in secret. I turned to the internet, and soon found there were plenty of older men who were willing to give a lot of attention to someone like me.

The first few times I sucked cock weren’t all that exciting, the men were patient & kind as I quickly got into the act of giving blowjobs to real cocks. Warm, fleshy, hard, and soft, with a reward at the end to swallow. They let me take my time, but didn’t want much else when it was over, a quick blow & go for married men. I never dressed for them, always nervous at being seen like that by anyone. Until I met Sir, which he would only let me call him. Mid 40’s, fit, and a bit rugged looking, with what looked like a 7 inch cock.

I let it slip that I liked to dress, and he insisted that if I come meet him at his apartment, that I must dress for him. He made me feel wanted and desired as a sissy, and my growing adventurous nature soon led me to his door, where I dressed in my cute outfit of a pink dress, white stockings, and mary janes, with pink bows in my already long dark hair, down past my shoulders. A bit of makeup accentuated my features as he put me at ease, calling me pretty, cute, sexy, and getting me in the mood to please him. I gave him an enthusiastic blowjob, but he liked to give me orders on how he liked his cock sucked. I liked the feeling of being told what to do.

By the time I left, he had invited me back for another day, making me feel more welcome than the one-off encounters had before. I told him that I liked being ordered around, so he made his invitation an order. I knew that I would return. It was a week before it happened, and we messaged each other on kik to plan, and talk.

Sir had compliments for me. “You did such a good job the other day, Amber, you weren’t k**ding about getting practice. You looked so cute while sucking me, I had a hard time not grabbing kaçak iddaa your hair and fucking your sweet mouth”

I giggled “That might have been fun, Sir, I really liked being told what to do.. if you wanted to be a little rough with me, I don’t mind..”

“Very interesting.. I didn’t want to scare you away, you seemed very skittish at dressing up for me and going as far as you did, but you ended up enjoying yourself”

“Oh yes Sir. At first I was really worried, but you didn’t hurt me, and I felt like I could really relax as Amber and start letting go. Having your hands on my head, in my hair, and all the little orders you were giving me really got me going.”

“I could tell, Amber, you seemed like a natural submissive from the start. Tell me, do you have other submissive thoughts and fantasies? You can tell me if you like, it’s ok.”

“Well… I’ve been reading lots of stories, and watching more porn, Sir, and… it really kind of excites me to think of being.. maybe… tied up…” I was nervous in my admission, but turned on, feeling like he was someone who might understand.

“Very good, Amber, that’s perfectly natural for a submissive sissy. In fact, that’s something I enjoy doing with sissies who are excited by it. Next time you come over, I’ll show you the different bondage toys in my collection, and if you’re comfortable, you can pick out some to wear for me.”

“Oh wow.. thank you Sir! Umm.. another thing that I like in those stories, Sir…”

“Yes Amber..?”

“I kind of liked it when the men were a bit.. meaner, I guess? Like, when they called the girls ‘Slut’ or ‘Whore’… that was kind of exciting, too..”

“Is that what you want, Amber, for me to be meaner, more dominant?”

“Yes Sir.. I think so?”

“Good slut. Then this weekend, you are coming over, and trying out my bondage toys. Understood?”

I gulped as I felt my clitty twitch at those words. “Y..yes Sir, I understand.”


“This is what you asked for. This is what you wanted, slut!” Sir growled at me.

I couldn’t say anything with his cock using my mouth at that moment, but I moaned loudly in agreement. This time I was dressed in a short black pleated skirt, fishnet stockings, fishnet arm gloves, tight black halter top, and red 5 inch heels with ankle strap. My makeup was much sluttier than before. I looked like a whore, and now I was starting to be treated like one.

In the few days before, we messaged more, and each time he teased me, and was more dominant than before, calling me names, and getting me to agree to moving beyond cocksucking. I got a safeword, ‘red’, just in case it was all too much for me, but I was getting more excited as the days passed.

As soon as I was dressed at his apartment, he wasted little time in making me feel sexy, groping and smacking my ass, and bringing out his box of toys. Cuffs, collars, clamps, some things I didn’t recognize but was afraid to ask about. His downtown apartment was very spacious, clean, and had a beautiful view, but all I could focus on was the restraints that were about to be used on me.

Minutes later, linked leather cuffs held my casino firmalari wrists behind my back, and a black leather collar with 4 rings surrounding it was looped around my neck, with a chain leash attached. Sir held the other end of that leash as he used it to pull my face onto his cock. The feeling of helplessness was intoxicating. Scary, thrilling, I was feeling conflicted as Sir began to dominate me, all traces of his kinder demeanor having vanished now. The safeword lingered in the back of my mind, wondering he would listen to it..

“Keep sucking, just like that, slut. Mm yess, good bitch. Use your tongue like I told you, no teeth. If I feel too much teeth, I’ll tighten your fucking collar.”

I whimpered as I tried to give him my best blowjob, feeling the collar snugly around my neck already. I didn’t want to find out if it could get tighter, so I picked up my pace for a minute, and did as I was told.

“Mm good bitch, you’re getting it. Training you is going to be fun, you’re a natural born fucktoy. Would you like that, slut? Do you want to be a little bondage fucktoy?”

The words were turning me on more as I serviced him, and a high pitched whimper escaped from me, unable to hide. I had started sending him links to stories and porn that got me going, stories about sissies like me that get turned into those helpless fucktoys, and I was starting to realize that some of those stories were beginning to come true.

After having some more fun with me, he pulled me off of his cock and bent me over his coffee table. I had already cleaned myself out before I arrived, having a feeling what was coming next. I stayed still, nervous, and horny as I felt him smear lube all over my sissy hole.

“You’ve already been training with your own dildo, so I know you can take this” Sir held up a large buttplug in front of me.

“Y..yes sir.. I think so..”

“Start getting it wet, then, slut.” He brought the plug to my lips, and forced it in my mouth. In moments, he was swatting my ass, calling me a good little slut toy, warming me up as I licked and slobbered on the plug filling my mouth. A couple of minutes later, the plug was removed, and he slowly penetrated my pussy, until the plug was firmly lodged in. I was stretched as far as I’d ever been, and was in some discomfort, but it started vibrating, and discomfort started turning to something more pleasant as I got used to it.

“Soon you’ll be ready for cock, slut. Your first real cock, first fucking. Turned into a real sissy fucktoy. I bet you like the sound of that, don’t you bitch.” He delivered a couple of swats to my ass, jarring the plug, sending ripples of sensation through me.

“Unnhhh yy…yes Sir…”

“Back to work, then, slut.” He pulled me to my knees and turned me around, facing him as he sat on the sectional couch. Tugging my leash, I leaned into him, engulfing his cock once more, enjoying the sensation of being filled from both ends, and enjoying the feeling of helplessness from my secure bindings.

“The stories you sent me were enlightening, slut, and I’m sure you have more surprises casino şirketleri in you. I especially liked the one about sharing the sissy with a friend. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you wanted that to happen to you, but that would mean you’re really a whore.”

He let me off of his cock for a moment, resting it across my face as he kept my head close. “Yes sir… I would be… if that happened…”

I was loving the way he teased me with that fantasy. He was right, showing that to him was almost like me admitting I wanted that..

“Well, it just so happens I told a friend about you, what a good little slut you could be, and he was very interested in meeting you.”

“A.. a friend, Sir? Really?” I whimpered.

“Oh yes, and to be honest, he’s even more dominant and mean than I am. The kind of man who will definitely enjoy training a cute little slut like you into being a real bondage fucktoy. Perhaps you’d like to meet him, hmm?”

My breath quickened and my mind reeled. Was this going too far? Or was this what I wanted? I was starting to be overwhelmed, and for the first time, I considered using the safeword. “I.. I don’t know, Sir… oh god..”

He smiled at my squirming, and for a moment, his kind expression returned, stroking my face with his fingers, calming me down.

“I’ll give you the choice. You can use your safeword right now, and I’ll let you go. We can call it a fun day, and maybe have more fun another time, no strings. Take a moment to think about it, because if you stay, you’ll stay until I say you’re finished for the day. You’ll only be able to use the safeword to take a break, but you will stay tied up until you’re ready to finish. I think a part of you wants to lose your sissy virginity while being more helpless though.”

I let out a low moan, breathing fast as I weighed my options. I enjoyed this helpless feeling, being used, so much more than I thought I would. If it felt this intoxicating now, I wanted to taste more, and taste it deeper. One little word would end it, but I didn’t want it to end. While I was scared of how intense it could be, I also knew that I wouldn’t be hurt. Not in any real way. He could see me thinking about it for the moments it took, continuing to comfort my vulnerable form.

“So, if the next word out of your mouth isn’t your safeword, if it’s anything else at all, then you’ll stay, and do as you’re told. You’ll meet my friend, and you’ll start knowing what it is to be a helpless fucktoy for us. Understand, Amber?”

Part of my brain was telling me to use the safeword, to get out of there, and go home with the thrill having been experienced. The naughtier side of me thought about the stories, knowing this was my chance to be a real sissy slut for men. Words from the stories came to me, words that a helpless sissy would use if she didn’t have a choice, rising until they escaped from my mouth.

“Sissy whores don’t get a choice, Sir..” What did I just do? My clitty twitched, the plug vibrated, and I panted like a bitch in heat as I realized I’d given my freedom away.

Sir’s kindness vanished once more as a grin spread across his face.

“That’s right, slut. You don’t have a choice.” He growled as he forced my mouth back onto his cock to stifle my moans.

I looked up at him with pleading eyes as he picked up his phone from a side table, and began to dial.

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