Crotching Tiger , Ridden Dragon

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The class had been out for a while now. She was the only student left in the studio. Running through her forms, the petite redheaded woman covered the floor with her quick spurts of offensive assaults, her rolling body tucks and upward jabs as she got in some extra practice for the up-coming tournament.

The Dojo was quaint; an usual display of trophies and plaques covered one wall, whilst the weapons and equipment where displayed opposite. The adjacent wall was one big mirror that covered its entirety.

She flung her ponytail with a twist of her head,

“Dragon whips its tail.” She said, laughing as she watched her reflection.

The redhead had been in Martial Arts for years. She was one of her Instructor’s favourite students. She owed her excellence to the dedication she had to the Art. Her small limber frame allowed her to be quick and full of vitality. The height of her jumps, of her spinning reverses and round kicks, resulted in her nickname: Around the dojo, she was referred to as “Little Dragon.”

Gasping for breath, she took a short pause and walked over to the selection of Bo staff’s on the wall. Pulling out her favourite 5′ wooden pole from the display, she wheeled it around slowly, the move forming the beginning warm up for her Kata. Stepping back on to the mat, she twirled it hand over hand, continuing to finding her center of gravity and balance. She let the Bo staff flip behind her, then brought it to her front. She spun it in the air, flipped it behind her and then once more regained control. The final blow of the staff extended way out in front of her and close to the floor. She was almost to the ground, crouching low. “Crouching Dragon,” she thought with a smile, but the smile soon vanished.

His foot stood on the Bo staff, the lightest of pressures at its tip and yet she couldn’t move it. She looked up at her Instructor with inquisitive eyes. Though of medium build, he had great presence. He stood perfectly poised, his hands behind his back, his leg extended out just slightly, keeping the Bo securely in place by pressing it to the ground. His uniform was crisp and displayed many patches of his achievements and added to his authority.

“This not acceptable, Little Dragon.”

His eyes were stern and looking down at her. Deliberately, he raised his foot and allowed her to retrieve her weapon. His strength and self-confidence were apparent. He stood back in a proper cat stance: His name around the Martial Art forum was, “The Tiger.”

“What was wrong with that?” She spouted, in her quirky way, pulling the Bo staff to her side and relaxing as she straightened her uniform. Once tidy, she herself straightened her body and stood at attention.

“To wheel a weapon behind you, is for chamber or defensive blocking only, not display.” He noted casually.

“The kitten plays perhaps, but just remember that.”

“Oh that! But it looked good didn’t it?” She asked, with a grin.

“Display, not protect you, Little Dragon.” He told her seriously.

“What is it I always say? When two Tigers attack each other, one will lay dead and the other dying. Is the same with Dragons.” A slight grin crawled across his face.

“Well those patches on your uniform aren’t going to protect you either, but you display them.” She responded with a sharp tone and devilish grin.

She was definitely a rebel in a women’s body and her witty ways were a natural part of her character; a part that her instructor adored. She was so pleased with her come back, that she twirled her Bo staff behind her again.

“I call it the Dragon’s wings.”

As the long shaft of wood spun and got behind her back, “The Tiger” canlı bahis darted to her and wrapping his arms around her, held her there. With her arms pinned behind her and the Bo staff still in her hand, her breasts pressed against him as their eyes met. The stare held for a long minute, during which neither of them spoke. The spark of passion was evident with their gaze.

“Perhaps, The Dragons fire, is desire?” She thought.

“The grasp of the Mantis, will seize the hard wood.” Tiger stated, whilst still holding her tightly.

“The Dragon’s tail will splinter the woody.” She retorted, as she brought her knee up and lightly felt his balls on her kneecap. His eyes widened in surprise. He tilted his head as a smile spread across his face. Wordlessly he let go of her, yet still where they were. Neither wanted to walk away, though Tiger stepped back lowering into a back stance. In response, she brought the Bo from behind her and stood slightly at attention, as formality dictated.

“Very well, Little Dragon. Use your new style in a scenario.” The Tiger challenged her. As his stance became more lowered, she looked at him and smiled. Slowly beginning to twirl the Bo staff, her mind raced through possible moves of offensive jests. She swung the long rod out wards quickly and sharply, as the Tiger jumped from its swing. She pulled it back, while he was right with it, but he grabbed and twisted, his deft moves bringing her off her feet to land flat on her back. Swiftly he pinned her with his knee and looked down at her with a smile.

“The swiftness of the Dragon, no match for the cunning Tiger.”

He gloated momentarily, his smile slowly melting away as he felt the increasing pressure of her hand on his balls. As the touch gentled, his smile grew again, as did his cock.

He released her and stood as he extended his hand out. She gripped it so that he could pull her to her feet.

“Seems the witty Dragon’s target, always in one place?” He said, half-asking and half-stating.

His crotch was a large mound and showed very much.

“You taught me to adapt and use what means I can, to survive.” She replied, with her head tilted, looking upwards with her seductive eyes. She was thinking about the size of his balls, and was a little curious now. “If the balls were big, how about the tail?” She wondered, as her eyes kept falling to his bulge.


Came the yell as she lunged forward in an attempt to catch him off guard, but he was too quick and gripped the long pole pulling it to him sharply with great force. Little Dragon came right behind it; having such a secure hold, flew forward, but never lost control. Her sharp mind aided her. She allowed the forward motion, putting her hands down allowing her to somersault and kick out at him. Although she was sure he was looking for a chance to use another one of his famous holds, he was only able to block her. But the folly of kicks kept him at bay only momentarily, as he grabbed one of her legs and shot it straight up in the air. She went right behind it. He darted to catch her and keep her from falling on her head.

Holding her upside-down now, he had her full body weight. He held her off the ground completely a moment, until he realized that he had a hold of her by the breast. For a moment his thoughts were on the soft firm mound, till it registered and he let go causing her to go crashing unexpectedly to the floor.


She rubbed her head as she looked up at him and slowly crawled to her feet. Leaning in close she told him,

“I would rather you hold my personals, than drop me on my head. The Tigers paw is better than a broken jaw.”

He reached bahis siteleri out and took her arm.

“I am so sorry, Little Dragon. I mean no disrespect, and I truly meant not to harm you.”

He tried to lead her to the chairs, that lined the entrance of the oriental dojo, but she jerked her arm from him and eagerly went back to the mats.

“I’m fine Master T.” She told him determinedly.

Now, shall we continue?” She gave him a halfhearted bow.

Slapping his outer legs, Tiger bowed deeply in response. He stepped back onto the mats. His eyes focused on the mirror that lined the studio as he gazed at his reflection. In an effort to get his attetion, Little Dragon did her jumping; flying; spinning, wheel kick. He turned his head to watch her move, but as soon as she had landed he fell back into his stance. Hitting the floor, she rolled at him: she swept his legs and brought him crashing to the floor, to land full force on his back.

Quickly, she leaped on top of him and sat there on his tummy, laughing.

“Dragon whips its tail and mounts her prey.” She announced.

Tiger smiled, but as he went to get up he found that his arms were pinned under her legs. Instead of allowing him up, as was the custom, she sat there looking at him with sultry eyes. Her hips wiggled downwards moving to straddle him fully now. As she ground into him, his crotch began to swell. It was very obvious that this was intended.

“Dragon wiggles her ass.” She stated.

“Are you going to let me up?” Tiger asked.

“No, Dragon is going to eat her prey.” She answered, with a serious tone.

As she looked at him, her eyes said it all.

Leaning down she kissed her Instructor. Her tongue ran across his lips, as she ground into his crotch noting how his cock was swelling more and more from her playfulness.

He didn’t pull any of the defensive moves that could have freed him from the dragon’s grasp. Instead he kissed her back. Instinctively he arched his back and pushed his stiffened cock up to her grinding body. Their passions heated quickly. She reached out and began to remove his Gi. His hands gripped her ass steadying as he pushed upwards.

“I feel the tail of the Tiger.” She purred rising up to sit upon him. She whipped her ponytail around to her side, placed a hand on his chest and took his hand from her ass, placing it on her breast as she leaned into him for another kiss.

“I don’t…”

He started to speak, but Little Dragon put her finger on his lips to quiet him.

“Shhhh. The Dragon is charming the Tiger.” She said.

She opened up her Dobak, exposing the full; firm, breasts that were held by her sports bra and his hands. She pulled her top off and removed the bra. The Tiger’s eyes were wide as he reached to cup them in his palms.

“Hum, Tiger paws the Dragon.” She commented with a grin.

“Well actually, The Little Dragon has mesmerized the Tiger.”

He replied, his hands lightly squeezing her soft mounds. Her light moans began to get louder, as she started moving her hips around and pressing into his crotch more. She could feel his hardness. Little Dragon kissed his neck and lightly kissed his chest. She worked her way down his hardened abs, swirling her tongue around his belly button.

His hands fell to her head as he glided strokes through her soft ponytail. When she got to his pants, she untied the bow that held them and began pulling them down, kissing every inch of the way. His cock was hardening to the point of pushing up and out of his bottoms now. She licked his cock’s head and he surged, bringing it straight up. She looked at him for a moment and smiled then began engulfing bahis şirketleri him fully whilst he grasped her head and pushed it upon him even more.

“You’ve got a Tiger by the tail.” He mumbled, as her hands wrapped around his thick shaft.

She was lapping his hardened muscle when he decided to roll her over. Sitting up, he pulled her to him and swung her lightly to the side. He kissed her breast and sucked at her nipples. She fell onto her back and allowed him to ravish her tits.

“Hum, hungry Tiger, huh?”

She said with a slight giggle before she fell into a pleasured moan.

His hands worked to untie her Gi bottoms, there on the mat. When he could finally pulled them off her, he rolled her over and gripping her ass, brought her rear into the air. She was on her knees as he leaned in and licked her puss from behind. She signalled her approval by pushing back into his mouth. His tongue worked her slit wet while he put a finger to her warm puss.

“The Tiger likes the Little Dragons tail, huh?”

She asked, as she looked back at him. He was engrossed in her ass and buried his head in deeper. His tongue thrust deeper inside her as well as his finger. She pushed backward fully, opening herself up to him even more. He was now fingering her deeply and sucking her clit, pausing only momentarily to blow on those engorged lips.

Looking up at the mirror, she could see him with his head buried in-between her ass cheeks. She laid her head to the mat, moaning little pleasured sounds, while he toyed with her cunt.

“Ready for the tail of the Tiger?” He asked.

“Oh yes, please.” She moaned out.

He pulled himself to her and positioned his cock at her pussy. Placing one hand on her back whilst the other had a hold of his cock, he pushed into her slightly; feeling her lean forward some, then push back into him, he then gripped her hips at the waist and pushed in even more. She let out a light cry as he began to pump at her slowly.

“Fuck me Tiger style.”

She spat with a note of aggression. He gripped her tighter and starting thrusting harder in her.

“Oh yes! That’s it!” She yelled out.

“The Dragon roars?” He asked with a twist of inquisitiveness.

“Fuck yes, shut the fuck up and fuck me now.”

She responded feverishly and began bucking back into him. He felt her becoming extremely wet.

He knew she was peaking, so he began humping wildly at her.

“Oh yes, YES!” She shouted, as he heard the sloshing of wetness.

He continued to pump at her, even when she fell forward to lay to the on the mat and relaxed and satisfied. Excited and quivering towards his own orgasm, she was content now, allowing him to reach his destiny. His cum blasting in her as he pushed deeply and held there, feeling the pulsing of his cock until he finished his waves of ecstasy.

Spent, he fell to her side and pulled her to him. She laid on him and pulled her clothes to cover her.

“And the lesson today was?”

She asked, looking into his eyes and giggling.

Her smile was wide, but his eyes were wider.

“Oh fuck, what did we just do?” He asked.

“Well, I’m not sure about the orient, but in America, we call it sex.” She answered with a grin.

“You want to come over for some, “Who fuck’d who?,” tonight. We can order take out from Wong’s Chinese restaurant?” She invited.

“Oh, that sounds nice. I believe we have touched on a new style grasshopper.”

He accepted laughing as they got up and slipped back into their uniforms.

“And what style is that Master?” She asked as she leaned into his chest and laid her head there.

“Tiger rides the Dragon.” He snickered.

She looked up at him and smiled.

“More like, Crotching Tiger and Ridden Dragon,”

She said.

They both laughed, as they gathered up their things and left the studio.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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