Conflicted Ch. 02

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“What the hell happened this time?” demanded Leslie, looking at her son. Lewis was in his sports’ kit, so she could see a long fresh graze covering the length of his outer left leg between the knee and ankle.

“What do you mean?” he replied, with a look of bewilderment on his face.

“Your leg… what happened,” she continued to interrogate.

“Playing sport I got tackled… it happens sometimes.”

“Was it him?” she asked, instantly feeling a huge wave of guilt when she realised she wanted him to say yes.

“Who? Stuart? Well actually yes, but I’m pretty sure it was just coincidence. It’s not like he’d wait to find an excuse if he really wanted to…” he trailed off sounding a little ashamed.

Anger drove lust, which made her feel guilty, which made her angrier, which made her more passionate. She could feel the internal self-perpetuating cycle making her hornier and she knew she wanted to go to Stuart. She focused on making herself believe it was to chastise Stuart, to control her guilt and allow her blissful arousal to take over. She rushed to her bedroom with as much composure as she could maintain and shut the door, enthusiastically undressing. Just in her underwear, she pulled a few of her more daring dresses onto the bed and eyed them up before fetching her phone from her handbag. She texted Stuart saying nothing more than ‘you alone?’ to which she received a prompt, ‘yup’.

She was about to don her strapless red dress; it was form-fitting but relatively modest in the amount of skin it covered, when a second text arrived which said only, ‘see you soon’. She tutted at Stuart’s arrogance but she also knew she was about to reward it, especially as she laid eyes on her low-cut silver-grey dress. Previously, she would never have considered wearing it on its own; its scoop neck and high hem always meant she wore it with a tank top and thick leggings, but now she felt taboo and kinky. Intentionally denying herself time to second-guess the decision, she slipped off her pants and unclasped her bra before watching herself in the mirror as she donned the dress. She grabbed a pair of silver stilettos and was in the process of putting them on when she heard some feet on the way up the stairs. She quickly grabbed a coat long enough to hide what she was wearing, just as the door knocked and she heard Lewis ask for her.

Knocking her shoes under the bed, she rushed to answer the door, keen to turf Lewis away quickly so she could get to Stuart’s. She spoke briskly but politely, “Hey honey. What do you want?” She saw his leg, which he presented slightly forward, and she immediately remembered why she needed to go to Stuart’s. Now shameful, she crossed her legs subconsciously, psychologically trying to feel more covered.

“Just need to wash my leg, Mum. Where is the antiseptic cream?”

“In the bathroom, where it always is,” she replied, surprised by her own annoyed tone. She actually felt annoyed that he had spoilt her mood. Her tunnel vision that had focussed her on Stuart and Stuart alone had absorbed her like the days of Mark and her schoolgirl crush.

Lewis didn’t go to the bathroom but instead he slowly began to speak, “Mum, you don’t have to go see…”

“Don’t start with me,” she interjected, genuinely fearful he might convince her not to go and also very aware that her excited desperation to see her new lover was perched precariously on the edge of a well of guilt. She went to her bed and looked over to see her son had left the threshold and entered the bathroom. Leslie grabbed her shoes and left the house at a quick pace.

Leslie had kept her coat on, just in case Stuart’s mum had returned or there were any neighbours looking at the Warren household just then. As soon as Stuart opened the door, Leslie stepped into the house and shut the door violently. Her coat was flung across the hallway just before she pinned Stuart to the wall and started to furiously and passionately kiss him, just stopping to pant, “Alone?”

As soon as Stuart nodded, Leslie took his hand and started running towards the stairs. They briefly stopped on the landing to kiss but Leslie was truly desperate to have sex. She started leading him towards his mother’s bedroom. Stuart stopped her, the sudden action causing her to stumble backwards. She locked lips with him and they kissed for a few seconds before he pulled away, “I really can’t be arsed to change my Mum’s sheets again. Plus it made her really suspicious.”

She thought about how she’d feel if Lewis had sex on her bed and then a pang of guilt gripped her as she remember what her priority for being her was supposed to be. She pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind and swiftly darted round Stuart towards his room, uninterested in prolonging a discussion that might draw up inconvenient emotions. She bounced backwards on to the bed and sat on the side facing her son’s bully. She parted her legs and sorted the scoop neck of her dress so that it revealed as much cleavage as possible.

Stuart knelt in canlı bahis front of Leslie and slid his hand up to her soaked pussy. The moment she felt his fingers against her clit, she exhaled and spoke, “No underwear to slow us down.”

“Dirty slut.”

“Exactly, so hurry up and fuck me. I need to get back soon and I’m already so ready to go.” She thought about the scolding Malcolm would have gotten if he just tried to go straight in without any foreplay but she immediately redirected her thoughts away from her husband and to her teenage lover.

“Get a condom,” she begged.

“I…” started Stuart.

“Don’t have one?” she said, considering her options. She was on the pill, so it wasn’t a case of getting pregnant.

“You know how I said other girls have given me blowjobs but never finished?”

“Yes?” she replied immediately, getting very impatiently.

“It was only twice and it kinda put them off…”


“Well it means that I’ve never gone further than…”

“OH!” she exclaimed, suddenly cottoning on. This was going to be his first time. She hesitated. She wasn’t sure if this was the right thing for her to do. She was a mother of two in her forties but she was about to take the virginity of an eighteen year old. A barely-adult who was picking on her son. She was going to take him into manhood. He would never forget this moment.

That thought echoed in her head for a few seconds. He would never forget this moment. She grabbed him and pulled him onto her, wrapping all of her limbs round his body. They only stopped kissing for second at a time, just enough to be able to pull each other’s clothes off. For Leslie that only required taking her dress off as she opted to leave her heels on. She rolled the two of them over so that Stuart was on his back and she was resting on his chest. She sat up so that she was on her knees and resting on her left forearm. Her right hand was gently stroking him as she gathered up all the anticipation she was feeling. Her right leg went over his hips and she straddled his thighs. Her hands glided across his torso enjoying the physique that put her husband to shame, even accounting for Stuart having age on his side. She took his cock into her mouth, right up to its base, but then released it straight away.

Leslie crawled forward until her slick soft vulva slid along his solid hard-on. Her right hand went around behind her buttock and her fingers wrapped around his shaft and guided it past her labia. She sat upright and rested her hands against each of his pectorals to steady herself as she began to swing her hips forward. Her motions were full but slow; she wanted to enhance her own pleasure as much as possible but knowing it was his first time meant she was cautious about setting him off early. In her mouth, she felt that he might be bigger than her husband but feeling it inside her cunt she was really aware that he was thicker. She wasn’t sure he was longer but his girth meant his penis filled her so completely that any motion she made was that bit more pleasurable than with Malcolm.

She leant forward and kissed him. He responded passionately and orientated his hips upwards so he could thrust into her. His pace was not the most regular and his motions lacked the confidence of someone who had had more experience but she still found it a satisfying experience.

“You feel so good. So big. So big inside me,” she cooed.

“I love it. I’m gonna love telling Lewis you called me big.”

Leslie sat up straight, pinning his hips in place. She rested her hands on his shoulders and stroked his clavicle attentively with her thumbs. She sighed before speaking, “I was just going to wait until we were done,” she paused realising how awkward this topic was to discuss during sex, “I… do need to talk to you about Lewis. I will… or rather I do want to… take your situation with Lewis to the school.”

He paused and raised his left eyebrow before replying, “Right… so you’re fucking me… but you also want to tell my teacher that I’m bullying your son.”

“I… they’re separate things.”

“I want to fucking go on top,” he responded after a few seconds.

Leslie was taken aback by Stuart’s statement but she replied, “Um…sure.”

She let him pull out from underneath her and he directed her to flip round with his hands on her waist. She grabbed the back of his neck with both of her hands and kissed him whilst they both shuffled around trying to align their hips. Leslie gasped the moment Stuart’s head easily dived into her soaking tunnel, sliding all the way down and pressing on her cervix. The feeling was always one she enjoyed, but Stuart’s dick being that bit bigger than Malcolm caused her a little bit of pain. The idea that her teenage lover’s cock was bigger than her husbands and enough to hurt her a little made her tingle all over and she groaned out in satisfaction.

Stuart began to thrust his pelvis and immediately Leslie stopped kissing to pant and coo. His physique meant bahis siteleri he had greater control over his body than she expected for someone during their first time, in truth she would not have been able to tell he had never done this before. While it was true her husband was more experienced after years of having sex, Stuart’s energy and bigger member compensated for that and then some.

“Fucking incredible. Fucking incredible cock,” whimpered Leslie, “Don’t fucking stop ever.”

“Best fucking you’ve ever had?” fished Stuart, in reply.

Leslie wasn’t sure if she could judge if this was truly the best based on a minute in the missionary position but he was good enough that she was definitely willing to indulge him, “As long as you don’t stop, baby.”

She inwardly winced at calling him a pet name, not sure if it was ‘right yet’, but he started kissing her and her mind once again focused on the sturdy hard-on that was deep inside her. The tingling its motion made began to build up and she knew what was coming. Her husband had been her lover for over twenty years now and he only gave her an orgasm through intercourse a quarter, maybe a third, of the time. Admittedly, missionary was one of the easiest ways she came but with little foreplay and no prior experience under his belt this horny, rough bully was about to make her climax and if her guess was right, it was going to be a big one. She grabbed her shins just below the knees and pulled them down and wide so that her hips rolled up, allowing Stuart to go even deeper.

Though she was barely able to vocalise, she spoke, “I’m so close, baby, so close. You’re gonna make me cum so hard.” She felt proud for both of them, he was gonna give her an orgasm, and probably a really good one, on his first ever time.

“What if I stop?”

“Wha…? Why?” she gasped, “No!”

He slowed his pace but not enough to stop her oncoming wave yet, “What’s it worth to you?”

“What? Anything, everything, please keep fucking me. You’re so good,” she pleaded, the desperation in her voice entirely genuine.

“Why should I bother getting you off if you’re going to my teachers to tell them about ‘my situation’?”

“Uhn… no, I… don’t blackmail me. Please don’t make me choose,” she begged, dreading what she might choose.

“I’ll get you off, if you promise to come dressed nice and slutty looking, which you do so well, to this meeting. You turn up looking like an elegant slut and I find us a private spot to fuck straight after.”

“Come dressed like a slut? But…”

“Is it worth it? I’ll stop if it’s…”

“I promise. I’ll look like a slut for you. I want to fuck you. Just finish me off.”

“One more thing.”

“BABY, I am so close, just finish me.”

“So you love fucking me?”

“YES!” she said wrapping her legs around his back and trying her hardest to grind him from below.

“So you’re glad I bully Lewis?”

“What? No? I just like to fuck you,” she said all the while grinding against him and groaning.

“But If I had never bullied the cunt then you wouldn’t be here.”


“Say it and I’ll pound your desperate pussy as hard as I can.”


“I’ll stop in five…”

“I’m glad that you bull… glad that… you bull…”


“I’M GLAD YOU TREAT LEWIS LIKE YOU DO,” she yelled the sentence as fast as she could then scrunched up her eyes in shame.

“Close enough.”

Stuart wrapped his arms around her back and started kissing her. She was reluctant for a few seconds but then Stuart started to ram into her with all the speed and force he could muster and she gasped loudly, giving his mouth and tongue space to enter hers. They kissed through her orgasm. Each muscle of hers tightened around his body and each nerve flooded with sexual energy overloading any other sensation and thought that was there previously. She pulled away from the kiss to scream out and her body arched backwards out of her control.

“I’m going to spunk inside you. You’re gonna have my sperm leaking out of you when you tell that dickhead that you’re about to go and tell on me.”

He grunted loudly then initiated a kiss that she reciprocated without reluctance. His hips slowed down then he stopped and raised himself up onto his hands. Without pulling out, he looked down at Leslie with a smarmy expression of conquest on his face. Leslie didn’t hesitate before slapping him across the cheek. He winced then laughed. He tried to go in for another kiss but she put her hand on his face and pushed him away.

“You’re a complete bastard!”

He laughed again and moved his mouth to her left nipple so he could suck it.

“Uhn… I hate you,” she cooed, “ohhh.”

Leslie didn’t want to let him feel like he had got away with what he had done so she made a concerted effort to push him away. Perhaps sensing he had pushed it, he didn’t resist much and pulled out of her straight away. Totally exhausted, she sighed as she got to her feet. She tottered bahis şirketleri around until she saw her dress crumpled at the foot of the bed. As she bent down to pick it up, Stuart’s hand gently stroked her buttock. She grabbed his hand quickly and threw it aside.

“Don’t. You’re a bastard.”

“Fair enough, babes. Don’t forget your promise to me.”

“You’re lucky you’re that good in bed,” she retorted, well aware he wasn’t bothered by how much he’d pissed her off and even more aware that she’d repeat this evening if given the choice. She dressed in the corridor, including her coat that she had left in a heap by the front door. Stuart came down too but he let her out in silence, the only affection they showed was a peck on the cheek before she stepped outside.

Upon arriving home, Leslie knew she only had a few minutes to change into something decent before her husband returned. She pulled on a pair of leggings and a tank top before redressing into the dress she wore to Stuart’s. She nipped to the bathroom moments before the front door opened. She gargled some mouthwash then gave herself a once over to ensure she didn’t look freshly fucked.

“Hey Honey!” she said, genuinely able to push today’s events out of her mind and enter ‘good housewife’ mode. She kissed her husband on the cheek and then smiled at the dinner table; it had been set, as she’d instructed Lewis by text on her way home, and yesterday’s leftover lasagne had been served with some freshly-ovened chips.

The family all took their seats and began dishing out food when Malcolm spoke, “So… Lewis told me that you had to go round to that troublesome pest’s house.”

“Malcolm, he’s not a troublesome pest!”

“Then what is he?”

Leslie’s stomach fell to the floor as she realised she had instinctively defended Stuart. She then felt a ripple of anger as she realised Stuart was a particular bastard for blackmailing her today. Then she felt a pang of guilt because she knew she should ever get into a situation with her son’s bully where he can blackmail her with orgasmic release.

“He is a right…” she paused as she pushed her unpleasant emotions to the side, “There’s plenty of bad words we can call him but I don’t think we should be encouraging name-calling. Anyway, I’m going to arrange for you and him to go see someone at the school. This final year is important for you to get the grades you need for a good university.”

“Mum. I’m fine. It hasn’t been an issue with my grades ever. You’re just trying to justify your meddling.”

‘Or my sex life,’ thought Leslie with another uncomfortable pang.

‘I’m going to spunk inside you. You’re gonna have my sperm leaking out of you when you tell that dickhead that you’re about to go and tell on me,’ she remembered Stuart saying. She did have his cum inside of her right now. She began to think the dual feeling of lust and guilt was becoming all too familiar with her.

“Maybe if you stopped getting bullied, Mum would stop having to go and tell people off,” piped up her daughter.

“Julie, eat your food,” snapped Malcom. Leslie was too in her own head to have replied quickly. ‘I’m glad you treat Lewis the way you do,’ she thought. It wasn’t just that she felt bad for saying it… she felt bad because it wasn’t 100% false.

Leslie was curled up in bed thinking about the text she received earlier from Stuart, ‘Thanks for today.’ It wasn’t heart-warming stuff but she was grateful he hadn’t been too crude or blatant. Nevertheless she deleted the message straight away, as she had done the others. She drifted off, entering a near-sleep state thinking about how she took Stuart’s virginity and how he gave her a spectacular orgasm. A sexual experience she wouldn’t forget; it was as incredible as it was her greatest act of betrayal. She could almost feel the orgasm through her memory, the violent, wonderful release and how she felt so…

“Why do you keep going to that little shit’s house?”

Leslie’s train of thought died and her coalescing dream dispersed instantly, “What? Malcolm, I’m asleep.”

“I just don’t know if it helps that you are fighting his…” started Malcolm before Leslie cut him off with a kiss. They tongued only for a second because Malcolm’s mouth was still cold and minty from brushing his teeth but it was enough time for Leslie to pull down his boxers.

“Oooo…I like it when you initiate things…” whispered Malcolm.

“I’m already so wet,” she said out loud.

‘Thinking about my amazing teenage lover,’ she concluded in her head, this time too horny to feel guilt.

He mounted and entered her and immediately Leslie could feel the difference. It was by no means bad but Malcolm was certainly being outshone by a selfish virgin. She shut her eyes and focused all her thoughts on earlier in the evening, willing herself to draw out another orgasm from her memories of Stuart. She thought she could feel one building when Malcolm pulled out. He rolled her onto her right side and lifted her left leg so that he could enter her again from behind. Unlikely to cum from this position she stopped concentrating so hard and waited the ten minutes until Malcolm grunted, kissed her on the back of the head and began snoring.

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