Confession of a Son in Love Pt. 02

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Thank you for all of the positive feedback from my first post. You will remember from part 1 that Stacey, my ex wife, had asked me point blank if I had ever had sex with my mother. After some reluctance on my part, I told her that I had indeed loved and made love with my mother. In part 1 I told Stacey of my first time with my mother. Part 2 will show how the relationship continued and our roles were defined.

Chapter 3

Monday morning I awoke in my mother’s bed. She was still naked lying on her side with her back spooned against me. As a normal horny eighteen-year-old, I had my morning erection wedged solidly in the crack of my mother’s ass. As I gained consciousness, I began caressing her small breasts and hunching my rock hard cock between the petite cheeks of her ass.

I began giving small, juicy kisses to the back of my mother’s neck. She started to wake. Opening her eyes, she turned toward me and smiled. “Good morning, Patrick. I love the way you are waking me up. Do we have enough time to make love before I have to go to work?”

“Good morning, Ann, my beautiful mother. We have more than enough time this morning because you are going to call in sick! We are going to spend the day together. I want to make love with you and then spend some time finding out where we go from here.”

My mother turned to face me and said, “Oh God, I love you. As I told you last night, I am now yours. I will do whatever you want, any time anywhere as long as your dad is not in the house. He will not be back until Friday. Tell me what you want and it is yours.”

Our lips met and one of our long, passionate kisses began. My tongue passed through her lips and teeth and began chasing her tongue around her mouth. As Mom broke the kiss, she rolled on top of me into a sitting position straddling my pubic area. Her right hand reached down and grabbed my erect cock.

Mom raised herself up above the tip of my dick and aimed it at the beautiful furry entrance of her flower. The velvety head of my cock parted the puffy outer lips of her pussy and she very slowly lowered herself to my pubic mound.

“Mom, you are so tight. I will never get tired of feeling my cock entering your beautiful cunt. You grip me and hold me as I have never been before.”

Ann began to slowly rise and fall on my dick. My hands, as if with a mind of their own, went to her beautiful tits. I caressed the small flesh mounds, paying special attention to her fat nipples. I rolled them between my thumbs and forefinger. They became engorged reaching a solid half-inch in length.

Mom let out a soft moan and said, “If you keep that up, I will have more nipple orgasms!’

“I hope so because every time you have a nipple orgasm, the walls of your pussy spasm and milk my dick. I enjoy giving them to you as much as you enjoy having them! Besides, caressing and playing with your beautiful breasts really turns me on.”

Mom lowered her torso down to my chest and we again began our passionate kissing. Our kisses were loving and tender and then hard and demanding. Mom’s pelvic thrusts on my cock increased in speed as our kisses transitioned into hard and demanding.

“Patrick, are you close? I want you to cum with me. I want to feel your cum splashing into my womb as I begin my climax. Cum with me, Patrick, CUM WITH YOUR MOTHER!”

“Oh mom. You make me so hot. I could not hold my orgasm even if I wanted to. You have already learned casino oyna how to push my buttons to make me cum. Aren’t you afraid I will make you pregnant? How will we explain our baby to Dad?”

“We will cross that bridge when and if we come to it. Now CUM IN ME! CUM WITH ME!”

With that we both exploded into a sweating blur of lovemaking. Our orgasms soared to heights we had never known existed. I never wanted to come down. This had to be somewhere in heaven!

Ten minutes later, our breathing was coming back to normal. It was difficult to catch my breath because my mother had her lips locked around mine and her tongue was buried in my throat!

“Patrick, we make fantastic love together. I can’t believe that you are fucking your mother and I am fucking my son! It is so nasty! It is wicked and taboo! IT IS FUN!!!”

We showered together and after drying met in the kitchen for breakfast. We had dressed for comfort totally nude! We had both worked up a hearty appetite, forgoing dinner last night, having our first night of lustful love in stead.

Mom called her boss and told him that there were some ‘family issues’ that had come up and needed to be resolved. He was concerned and understanding, telling my mother to take as much time as she needed.

We retired to the living room and sat on the sofa together. We looked into each other’s eyes. She melted into my arms and we kissed. I was to the point where I could not look at my gorgeous mother without wanting her in my arms with our tongues in each other’s mouths.

“Mom, I love you so much and I know you love me. I want us to have a long, loving and lustful relationship. But before we continue, we need to discuss our situation. If Dad were not in the picture, I would want to live with you as man and wife. Dad is an asshole most of the time, but I love him and I do not want to hurt him.”

“Your dad is an asshole because I let him be one. I love him and I want him to be happy. His domination of this household is what makes him happy. He totally dominates me – not just sexually, but in everyday life. He is my Master and I am his willing slave. When he is around, he enjoys telling me what to do, when and how to do it. It is my nature to want to let him dominate me and have his way.”

“I don’t want to hurt him either,” She continued. “I love you and the way you, my son and I make love. I want that to continue more than I can tell you. But… we have to work around your dad.”

“When your dad is not around, I want you to have the same status that he enjoys with all the privileges that go with it. I will serve two Masters, just separately.”

“What are our boundaries?” I asked. “How far can I push? How far will you go? I have watched you with Dad. I found and enjoyed the pictures that he has taken of you. (I hope you remember the two photo albums that contained nude pictures of my mother in various poses, mostly made up to look like a whore.) There are so many things I want to do with you. Where will you draw the line?”

“There are no limits or boundaries. If you want to try something and it won’t kill either of us or have us wind up in jail, let’s do it! If you like it, GREAT! If not, we know not to go down that path again. I guess what I am saying, Patrick, is the door is wide open to you. Push, pull or lead me through it and we will explore the other side together!”

“I can’t believe what you are offering me, Mom. More canlı casino than anything, I do not want to jeopardize our love. That alone is more than enough to sustain me for the rest of my life with you. But I also have all of these nasty, erotic scenarios floating around in my head that I want to do to you and with you. They are all of the fantasies that I have had the past few years as I jacked off thinking about you and looking at your pictures.”

“Do you like your dad’s pictures of me? How long have you known about them? Would you like to begin an album of your own?”

I sat there looking at my mother and grinning from ear to ear. “Yes, I love the pictures. I share some of the same fetishes as my dad, probably because I found the pictures about five years ago as I entered puberty. I have used them for fantasy material as I jacked off several times every day since finding them. They have molded my sexuality to a large extent. And YES, when can I begin my own album?”

Mom jumped up from the sofa, bouncing up and down in front of me, her firm little tits and fat nipples going crazy. “We are going to have so much fun! Just listening to you talk about it makes pussy juice run down my thighs!”

I got up from the couch, wrapping my arms around her naked body. “Let me take care of that running pussy juice.” With that, I helped her to the soft carpet.

I knelt down between her legs and began kissing my way from my mother’s knees up to her upper thighs. As I kissed, I lapped up the dripping juices that her cunt was producing. I avoided her beautiful auburn haired pussy until I had cleaned both thighs.

By this time my mother was arching her back and pushing her cunt up toward my mouth. So sexy! So erotic! I put mom’s thighs over my shoulders spreading her legs as far as they would comfortably go. There before me was the object of my lust.

Mom’s weeping pussy was beginning to open. The red puffy outer lips were moving to the side beginning to expose the inner wonders of her pussy. My tongue dipped into the opening and slowly slid up and down her slit. When my tongue was at the top of her slit, I avoided her penis shaped clit. The hard nub would give her the orgasm she desperately wanted, but not just yet!

I continued to tease her – up, down, inside, up, down, inside, up, down, inside! Mom was hunching her pussy into my face. She tried to move her hands to my hair to guide my tongue to her clit but I grabbed her wrists and held them at her sides.

“Quit teasing me, dammit! Let me cum! Suck my clit!”

I raised my mouth from my mother’s furry red haired pussy and said, “Do you really want to cum? Beg me! Beg me to let you cum!”

“Please, Patrick. I am dying here! I need to cum onto your face! Suck my clit! BITE IT! BITE IT HARD! MAKE ME CUMMMMMMM!”

Hearing my mother begging to cum was almost enough to make me ejaculate onto the carpet. I ignored that urge and took mom’s clit into my mouth, sucking that penis shaped bundle of nerves into my mouth and swirling my tongue all around.

“OH, SO GOOD… AIEEEEEE!” she screamed. As the scream was leaving her mouth, I bit her thick clit. First gently and then hard. Mom’s back arched. She began to tremble. She grabbed my head and pulled it away from her cunt. She collapsed backward and passed out! Mom had cum so hard, the intensity of her orgasm had caused her to black out!

As I pulled myself from between my mother’s legs kaçak casino she began to stir. She looked at me groggily and smiled. She looked so sexy as she said, “That was so intense! Thank you for allowing me to cum!”

You look so beautiful, Mom. I want to cum all over your face.” I moved toward her head. She took my dick in her hand and began to rub up and down.

“Do you want to cum on your mother? Do you want to cum on your whore’s face? I want to be your whore, Patrick, your slut! Please cum on your slut’s face!”

That was all it took. My first spurt hit across her nose and continued to her left eye. The second landed squarely on her right eye. Blinded by my sperm, she continued to jack me off. Three spurts, four, five, her face was covered from her chin to her beautiful blond hair.

Mom looked so nasty.

“I’ll be right back! Don’t move!” I ordered as I got up and ran to my room. As I returned, ‘CLICK’. “The first picture for my album!”

Mom scooped the sperm from her eyes with her fingertips. As she collected the cum, she moved her fingers to her lips and sucked the gooey liquid into her mouth. She continued to ‘clean’ her face until there was no cum remaining.

My mother looked up at me and said, “Do you want a taste?” I bent down and kissed Ann, my mother as we shared my captured essence.

We made love two more times that afternoon with a nap in between. Each session was simple, pure and sweet lovemaking. No kink, just love!

As evening approached, I watched the local news on television. As the news ended, Mom was nowhere to be seen. I searched and finally found her in the bathroom. She was sitting in front of her make up mirror putting the finishing touches on her face.

Her eyebrows had been penciled long and thick. Below the brows, dark blue eye shadow was blended with black and was smoothed out toward her temples. Her black lashes were thick and plumped. There was a mole penciled high onto her right cheek. Her lipstick was bright red with a black outline.

Mom had laced herself into a black leather corset. The cups of the corset barely touched her pert little tits showcasing her fat pink nipples, just advertising the fact that she had small, beautiful breasts. The garters at the bottom of the corset attached to the lacy tops of her seamed black nylons. At the end of her shapely toned legs, she wore five-inch stilettos on her petite feet.

I raced back to the living room to retrieve my camera. ‘Click!’ The second photo for my album!

My mother followed me back to the living room. She said, “May I get you a beer before I start your dinner?”


She went to the refrigerator, returning with my cold beer. “Enjoy your beer while I begin your lasagna dinner. Yell at me when you suck that one down and I will bring you another cold one.”

Four beers later, she brought me the fifth one. “I need to pee,” I said.

My mother looked at me and said, “May I go with you and hold it while you pee?”

Wow! What could I say?

“Let’s go!”

We went into the bathroom. Mom held my cock and pointed it toward the bowl. A steady stream flooded into the toilet. Mom looked at me and smiled. “This is my job from now on! Let me know when you need to go.”

The stream dwindled and the drips quit falling into the bowl. Mom flushed and went to her knees. “No need to shake it, I will clean it for you!”

Can you imagine looking down at your mother… your mother made up to look like a whore… your mother dressed like a slut… your mother licking the last drop of pee off tour cock?

End of part 2. Part 3 is percolating in my head!

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