Computer Repair Part 2

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Computer Repair Part 2
Another sunny day and I was wondering how long the good weather was going to last and as I had nothing planned today I decided to catch some rays and cut the grass. It was just after 2 when I received a text from Alice.
“Hi Frank, sorry to be a pain but Pippa needs an office program and I wondered if you would be good enough to drop by after school and help her, she will be home by 4pm if you are free, I will be out but Pip will look after you, hope you can, Alice x”

Hmm, so Pippa will look after me eh!, that sounds interesting so I left it a few minutes and sent back a reply, “Hi Alice, of course I will help, be there just after 4, xx” I thought I would sign off with 2 x’s just for shits and giggles. I ran up and took a quick shower to freshen up and decided on a smaller pair of sports shorts which if I am honest I wouldn’t normally wear in public but based on yesterday it seemed appropriate.

I got there just after 4 and rang the bell, Pippa answered the door looking delightful in her white button up shirt which was untucked, I noticed the top 3 buttons undone and her short black pleated skirt and looking down saw that she was bare footed.
“Hi Frank, so glad you could come” she said with a smile and looking at her I was sure that I probably would ‘come’ and just seeing her was sending a lot of blood south.
She invited me in and we went straight up the stairs with her leading the way and I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination but her skirt looked shorter today as I got a pitch perfect view up the back of her smooth legs right up to her little arse cheeks, her white panties seemed to be bunched up her crack slightly which added to the sexiness and I was not surprised that by the time we got to the top I had a slight boner happening.

She already had her PC running and an office disc that needed loading on, she sat on her swivel chair at her desk and I stood next to her and could see that she was not waring anything under her shirt as I could clearly see her little bee stings and as she turned her head towards me it was obvious that she saw my erection under my flimsy shorts and I saw her smile as she turned her head back to the screen.

I asked her if everything else was running ok and she said that it was so I suggested that she gets on her hands and knees and get under the desk so she could familiarise herself with all the connections so if anything stopped working she would know what to check, “Great idea” she said as she got on her knees and crawled under the desk while I sat on her chair behind her to admire the view.
It was a great view as her skirt rode up exposing her creamy white arse cheeks with her panties up the crack and it was so tempting but I decided to refrain and what was good was that as her shirt was untucked gravity took over and I could see right up her belly and cheat, very nice!

“How is it looking?” I asked sitting on the chair with my legs spread as men do and I saw her turn her head towards me “Very nice, I mean it looks good” she said back in a bit of a stutter as I am sure she could see up my flimsy shorts.
I güvenilir bahis lent back in my chair which forced my erection to stand up further which in turn widened the gap in the in my shorts knowing full well that my balls were showing but also gave me a better view of her arse and she parted her legs slightly to get better balance and in doing so I was at the perfect angle to see the tight fabric of her panties right between her legs, yummy!

“Everything looks good from this end too” I said with a giggle, “Shall I help you out?” and with that I pushed my chair back slightly allowing her to crawl back out which she did with ease and putting her hands on my knees to get her self up her eyes glued to the protruding bulge that was in front of her and her eyes widened as she stared at it.

“Shall we load in the program now?” I suggested, “Do you have another chair?” I asked.

“No, I don’t, I’m sorry” she said looking glum, “But I could sit on your lap though” she suggested which under the circumstances as not a bad idea so with my knees together she straddled on to me and straight away I could feel my erection sit right between her arse cheek and although I smiled she couldn’t see that, “are you comfy?” I asked as she wiggled slightly, “yes I am now Frank” she replied and it was obvious that she could feel the hard rod she was sitting on.

I lent across to the tower to insert the disc and in doing so widened my legs which in turn opened hers, “oops” I said as she nearly lost balance but a swift arm around her waist soon rectified that and the disc started to load.
I kept my arm around her waist holding her as we watched the loading procedure and it did say it could take some time, “This could take a while” I said in her ear, “Are you ok sitting here like this?” I asked and she looked back at me with a smile, “As long as I am not too heavy and you keep your arm round me” she said with a giggle.

My cock was throbbing and I could feel her wiggle a bit and I held on to her waist and as we sat I manoeuvred my hand up under her shirt and was holding her belly as she sat across me.
“You make a great seat Frank” she said as she wiggled a bit more and with my cock nearly at bursting point my hand rubbing her tummy moving upwards I could feel her nipples getting a little stiff but I held on to her as the chair wasn’t that stable.

I heard her moan softly as I tweaked her nipples and could feel them getting harder under my thumb and forefinger and I moved my other hand and rested it on her knee and as I got no resistance I moved it further up and again there was no resistance from her and as my hand reached the top of her thigh my fingers started to feel the fabric of her panties, ‘OMG!’ I thought as I felt the warmth of her pussy through her now damp panties and as I probed she responded with a faint ‘Mmm!’ and her head fell back on my shoulders

I lifted her up slightly and somehow managed to get my cock out through the leg of my shorts and straight away it positioned itself between her legs and without saying a word I pulled her panties aside feeling how wet perabet she was and my cock started to slip inside her tight hole, this was met with an initial yelp followed by a moan as it inched its way inside her, he looked back at me with wide eyes, “Mmm, that’s more comfortable” she said as my cock sunk deep into her belly and I could feel her muscles tighten around it.

I undid the remaining buttons of her shirt and slipped it off so she was now topless and I gently kissed her back as I played with her little stiff nipples before pushing her slightly forward against the desk so I could find the button of her skirt which along with her zipper undid very easily and I was able to pull her skirt off over her head and all without coming out of her.

With both hands now clasping her little bee stings I was able to get a motion going with her bouncing on my lap and with me thrusting we had quite a rhythm building, “OMG!, FUCK ME!” she screamed as I felt her body shake to orgasm and her juices flowing down my leg, “YES, YES, YES” she cried as I was nearing the point of no return and as we quickened the pace I felt my cock start to pulsate and my cum shot deep into her belly, “OH FUCK YES!” she screamed as she felt the hot sensation deep inside of her and I kept pumping as the second and then the third spurt hit home.

“OMG!” she said, “I can’t believe we just did it” as she turned her head towards me and a big beaming smile came across her face. “Wow!” I said looking back at her trying to get my breath back as I felt my cock softening inside of her and as she pulled away and put her panties back into place I could see a little cum running down the inside of her leg but more to the point my shorts were soaked with her juices and some more leaked cum.

She looked back at my lap with my cock slowly drooping and a big wet patch on my shorts and gave out a giggle, “OMG!, look at your shorts” she said smiling. “Oh don’t worry” I said back, “It will dry off” but she looked a bit anxious, “But my mum will be home soon, what if she sees it” which was something I hadn’t thought off but I had an idea, “Quick, go make a warm coffee for me while I finish off the installation”

Pippa quickly put her shirt and skirt back on and ran down stairs while I put the finishing touches to the office program and it wasn’t long before she returned with the coffee, I took a quick sip to make sure it wasn’t too hot and then spilt the rest over my shorts much to the amusement of Pippa.
“There” I said to the giggling girl in front of me, if your mum notices I will just say I spilt coffee on my shorts” and the timing couldn’t have been better as no sooner had I done it we heard the front door shut and a voice shout up the stairs, “Hi Guys, I’m home” and then footsteps as Alice came up the stairs.

Pippa looked a little nervous as her mum entered the room but she was fully dressed but I was standing there in a tee shirt and flimsy shorts with coffee spilt on both articles, “OMG!, what happened?” Alice said looking at me all wet smelling of coffee, “Ah, just a slight accident” I said perabet giriş trying to remain composed and both Pippa and her mum struggling to hold back the laughter.
I was distracted by how nice Alice looked in a flowered summer dress, cut just above the knee and buttons up the front and for some reason she looked so damn sexy when she laughed, Alice looked across at her very relieved daughter who was laughing along at the situation happy that the plan seemed to work,
“Go grab my shower robe from the bathroom Pip, so I can get Franks clothes washed before they stain” she said now feeling concerned that my shirt and flimsy old shorts were ruined and as Pippa left the room Alice walked over to me still giggling,
“Come on sweetie, let’s get these wet things off you” and helped me off with my shirt, “Mmm” she murmured as she took sight of my chest and then looking down she saw a slight bulging in the front of my shorts, I saw her smile as she put her fingers into the waistband pulling them to floor, I stepped out of them just as Pippa walked back in the room, saw me standing there naked, “OMG!, Oops!” she said as she turned right round and walked out again, ‘good girl’ I thought to myself as I certainly didn’t want Alice to see Pippa seeing me naked.
Alice picked up my clothes telling me she can put them on a fast wash which would take about an hour and handing me the robe suggested that I finish off Pippa’s PC, I smiled at her and put the robe on which was bloody pink by the way and only just fitted, not only was it quite short but it only just covered me.

Pippa returned to the room and giggled as she saw me in her mum’s robe, “Mmm, very sexy Frank” she said with a beaming smile and to be honest I did see the funny side but I was in good company and both Alice and Pippa knew I was naked under it.
I beckoned her close to me, “Pippa, you must not say anything to your mum about what happened, it must stay our secret, is that ok?” Pippa looked at me in a very pleasant way, “Of course” she said reassuringly so I knew we were on the same page and if I am totally honest I think that Pippa and her mum are not the sharpest tools in the shed, something I thought could be interesting moving forward.

She gave me a big hug pleased that she had a secret to keep, “Oh and I better take your panties home with me, we don’t want your mother seeing the cum stains do we?” I said and we both chuckled about that.
She took them off and handed them to me, I couldn’t resist and took a quick sniff, OMG the scent they gave off was magical and they were still damp with a mixture of our juices, Pippa looked on in amazement like it was the first time she saw anyone sniffing panties. I put them in the pocket of the robe and planned to put them on under my shorts, the only flaw of this plan was the size difference between Pippa and me, lets hope they stretch a bit.

Pippa sat at her desk and I sat on the edge of the bed, I was pleased that we had got away with our little session and as I looked across at her I could see she was definitely a mini Alice, so many similar features.
I knew that she now had no panties on and as we chatted I did get a quick peek as she swivelled around on her chair, mind you I was no better as this lovely pink robe only just fastened at the front and I am sure she got a peek too.

To Be Continued….

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