Coming of Age

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It was beautiful weather at the start of the summer holidays. My parents and I were enjoying our pool and I’ll never forget the day, as it was the first time became aware of them in a sexual way. I’d turned 18 a few weeks ago but was still very immature and naïve. I was a classic geek, interested only in technology and nothing else. The 1980s saw the birth of the first affordable computers for personal use and my father had generously purchased one for me. From that moment on, every free moment I had was spent discovering the amazing world of bits and bytes.

Our house was located on a hill near Sydney and boasted beautiful views of the city and bay. The large property gave us complete privacy. I was playing with our two-year-old dog Benji while my mother and father relaxed on sun loungers next to the pool. I loved my parents very much and, being an only child without many friends, we spent a lot of time together. My parents had married young, mum was 18 and dad 20. Being that I was born about 8 months later, I always suspected I was probably the reason, but they never said so.

Back to the day it all started! I jumped into the pool and tried unsuccessfully to encourage Benji to join me. He pranced around, barking excitedly but steadfastly refused to enter the water. My mother noticed my efforts, stood up and approached Benji, joining me in trying to get him into the pool. She was wearing a bikini I’d seen many times, but for some reason, it suddenly attracted my attention in way I’d never experienced before.

My eyes followed her slim figure and gently bouncing breasts as she walked to the other side of the pool. For the first time, I took note of how small and thin the white triangles of fabric that hid her womanly charms actually were. I could make out two distinct bumps, that must always have been there, but that I had never really observed. To my shock and horror, I felt my penis begin to harden and grow larger. This had happened a few times before, but only in the morning upon waking up. I’d always thought it was because my bladder needed emptying and had waited for it to fade before relieving myself, but this time, I didn’t have the urge to urinate at all!

My eyes widened as mum bent over and playfully pushed Benji from behind. She was unwittingly giving me a perfect look at her cleavage and most of her breasts, which the tiny top barely covered. Benji artfully dodged her, darting behind her back. She laughed, spun around and bent over trying to grab him. I gasped audibly as I was shown something no mother would normally show her son. The small triangle, forming the back of her suit, had slipped into the crevice between her buttocks, revealing both cheeks almost as if she were naked. By bending over, her beautiful, firm, arse cheeks parted, and I briefly glimpsed the pink rosebud of her arsehole.

My cock was as hard as it had ever been and uncomfortably constricted by my swimsuit. I felt heat rising to my face and forced myself to look away. Dad had discarded his book and was watching mum with a strange expression. He took no notice of me and I could see his speedo style swimsuit bulging oddly. I briefly wondered if he was experiencing the same changes in his penis as I was!

A squeal behind me, drew my attention back to mum. She was now struggling with Benji, trying to pull him into the water. It looked like she would succeed, but at the last moment, Benji proved more resilient and cunning than expected. He pulled free from her grasp and, instead of fleeing, jumped right at her, resulting in mum tumbling backwards into the pool with an enormous splash.

Dad laughed loudly at the spectacle and, despite my acute embarrassment, even I couldn’t supress a chuckle. When mum surfaced facing me, coughing and spluttering, my amusement quickly turned to mortification mixed with delight. The rather rough impact had dislodged her bikini top. My jaw dropped and, try as I might, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her fully exposed breasts.

I’d never seen a sight more beautiful than the two perfect orbs, topped by huge pink nipples. Some might argue her breasts were too small and the nipples too big, but to me they just looked perfect! I had no idea nipples could be that large or appealing and my mouth watered at the thought of suckling on them.

Mum was still blissfully unaware of her predicament and she laughed as she wiped her wet hair from her face. “Benji, you naughty dog!”, she exclaimed as she turned around and splashed water at him. I stood rooted to the spot and when she turned back my eyes again dropped to her breasts.

This time, she noticed where my gaze was focused and looked down. She gasped in surprise and nervously chortled as she quickly tried to cover herself. I couldn’t help but continue to stare, as she tucked each breast behind the tiny white triangles. It was then that I took note of something else I’d never realised; the white fabric of her bikini was almost transparent when wet! Instead of making her breasts and nipples less fascinating, the fact they were partially casino oyna hidden, but still visible, somehow made them look even more alluring.

My eyes remained glued to them as mum said, “Sorry about that Greg!”

The sound of her voice broke my trance and I forced myself to look at her face. She didn’t seem too upset at her mishap and was smiling at me. I’m sure my face was bright red, and I almost moved backwards when she took a step towards me and rubbed her hand playfully over my head. Her touch caused another surge of growth in my groin and my penis now felt incredibly uncomfortable within my far too tight trunks.

Dad was speaking, but I didn’t pay any attention when mum turned towards him. My focus immediately returned to her breasts. Maybe it was the different angle or just my imagination, but I was sure her nipples had grown even bigger! The wet fabric of her top had moulded itself round the huge teats and seemed to be floating above her breasts rather than laying on them. While I was trying to recall if this had been the case earlier it struck me that her breasts were the same beautiful tan colour as the rest of her body. How could this be? Whenever I stripped off my trunks, the parts they covered were as white as sheet of paper and stood in stark contrast to the rest of my tanned body.

My reverie was broken as mum began to move away. I was disappointed she was going and wanted nothing more than to say something that would keep her within sight but couldn’t form a coherent sentence. Instead I just watched her as she gracefully moved towards the edge of the pool. My continued observation was rewarded by the spectacular sight of her near naked bottom as it emerged, wet and glistening in the sunlight. Had she always looked and walked like this? I couldn’t recall ever noticing and wondered how this was possible.

As my eyes and head tracked mum’s movements towards the sun loungers, I noticed dad watching me as I watched her. I felt another flash of heat as my face warmed in embarrassment and I was sure it had the same shade of red as a tomato. To my great relief, he didn’t seem angry and was actually smiling. He turned to mum as she approached, and I could see him say something. Mum turned towards me in response and my breath caught as I saw her body from the front. She was too far away for me to see if the bottom half of her suit was as transparent as the top, but it didn’t matter as she looked simply stunning.

She smiled brightly and gave me a wave to which I responded with a limp raising of my arm. Dad said something else and she turned to back to him again. They seemed to be having a discussion and mum gave me a quick glance before she walked past her own lounger and stood next to his. Dad was still speaking as he reached out and took her hand in his, pulling her towards him. I heard mum giggle and then, to my surprise, she joined him on his lounger.

I felt almost dizzy watching them together and wondered what was going on. Sure, I’d seen them hold hands and even have a kiss, but this was somehow different. Mum was sitting next to dad, looking down at him. Her hand was resting on his leg and his on her waist. He glanced over at me, almost as if to check I was still watching, and then his hand slowly slid higher. I felt a tingling throughout my body and without realising it, my right hand moved down to my crotch. As it came into contact with the rigid lump of my penis, I felt a burst of such pleasure that I inhaled loudly and jerked my hand away.

Thankfully, it hadn’t been loud enough for my parents to hear but I was still terrified of what had just happened. Dad’s hand was getting closer to mum’s breast and I suddenly wished it were me touching her! I was sure her skin would be warm and silky smooth and the thought of my hand cupping those breasts and my fingers touching those nipples, made me feel light headed. Things got even worse when mum leaned over, and they began to kiss. This was like no kiss I’d seen before! Their mouths were touching, and it looked like they were trying to eat each other!

I felt a burst of heat around the tip of my penis and for a moment I thought I’d peed but that couldn’t be. It now felt like something hot was seeping from the tip very slowly. I was starting to panic and wondered if there was something seriously wrong with me? Had I contracted some fatal disease?

My parents were blissfully ignorant of my impending death and as I continued watching, mum moved and climbed up onto dad. For a moment, I glimpsed his crotch and saw his trunks were bulging, just like mine. Could it be that he was afflicted with the same virus? All thoughts of death and disease left my mind as I realised how natural and beautiful the two of them looked. It seemed their bodies were made to join in this way and when dad’s hands slid down mum’s back and cupped her amazing bottom it unexpectedly hit me that this must be what sex looked like!

Of course I’d heard of sex, but up until that moment, I’d never really thought about it. Upon further consideration I canlı casino realised I must be mistaken, sex was for procreation, and I was pretty sure my parents didn’t want another child! Apart from that, it was something done in the dark in private not outside in daylight. I didn’t understand what was happening but suddenly felt like I was intruding. I walked out of the pool in a stupor, my extremely rigid penis painfully trapped in my trunks. Walking rapidly past my parents, I mumbled something about going to do some programming.

I saw dad briefly raise his hand in acknowledgement before returning it to mum’s bottom with a slight slap, which actually caused her to moan. This action, more than anything else, convinced me something momentous was taking place. I picked up my pace and slipped through the gate that separated the pool from the rest of the garden. Seeing what I’d just seen made it impossible for me to resist, I just had to know what was going on! I knew it was wrong, but instead of following the path down to the house I turned left and carefully crept through the bushes to a place I’d often used while playing hide and seek.

I soon reached a naturally formed rock wall and scrambled up onto a ledge overlooking the pool area. There were plenty of trees and bushes that gave me good cover, but still afforded an unobstructed view. My parents were about 10 yards away and still doing what they’d been doing when I left. The walking and climbing had been agonizing for my penis and, now that I was comfortably settled, I pulled down my trunks and let it free.

I barely managed to supress a cry of shock at the sight! It had never looked like this and thoughts of a deadly disease quickly resurfaced. It was bright red and throbbing, the plum shaped tip was almost purple and oozing a clear liquid which ran down my shaft. Oh god! I was already envisioning the extreme embarrassment of revealing it to my parents and then to doctors and nurses at the hospital. I shuddered at the thought of amputation as this would surely be the only cure!

Thankfully, the sound of my parents speaking caused me to focus on them again. Mum was still lying on top of dad, but she’d raised herself onto her elbows. From my vantage point, I could clearly see her lovely breasts and nipples, albeit covered by her bikini, as they hovered over dad’s chest. It was enough to distract me from my worries and concentrate on them.

“Do you think Greg’s alright?”, said mum.

“Sure, he couldn’t take his eyes off you!”

Mum giggled “I know, but maybe we went too far?”

“Nah, it’s high time he was clued into the facts of life. He’s eighteen now and we always planned to educate him then.”

Mum sighed slightly, “I know but he’s still my little boy and he looked like a dear in headlights when he saw my breasts in the pool.”

“Well they are a spectacular pair! Did you see his boner when he walked past?”

Mum giggled again, “No! How’d it look?”

“It looks like he takes after his old man in that department.”

Mum moaned and her hips wiggled slightly before she began kissing dad again. I was struggling to process what I’d just heard. Were they talking about me going to university? What “facts of life” and how did I take after dad? Instead of being more enlightened by my spying I was more confused than ever.

I watched in rising excitement and disbelief as dad’s hands slid up mum’s back until they reached the clasp of her top. He fiddled for a moment and then it was undone. Their kiss intensified and I wondered how it was even possible for them to breathe when mum suddenly sat up. Her top was only hanging by the strap around her neck, but the tiny triangles still stuck to her breasts. She took a quick look towards the gate I’d gone through, then reached up and slipped the top over her head.

Her naked breasts were again revealed to me and looked even better than I remembered. I glanced at my penis as it throbbed and more of the clear fluid leaked from its tip. Looking back at my parents I saw mum give her breasts a quick squeeze and then wiggle her shoulders slightly.

She said, “Oh, that feels much better! I hate wearing clothes when I swim and sunbathe.”

“I know! That’s another thing that can change now. Finally, no more swimsuits, even when Greg’s around!”

Mum’s laugh turned to a moan as dad took hold of her breasts. I saw his hands gently knead the small mounds of flesh, then his fingers moved to those amazing nipples. He grasped the huge teats and pull on them, making mum’s breasts stretch as they followed. I thought it looked rather painful but her expression and the groan she made was clearly one of pleasure.

When dad released her nipples, her breasts sprang back and jiggled alluringly. Amazingly her nipples looked even larger now. I wanted nothing more than to take them into my mouth and suck, which was probably something I’d done as an infant. Dad had the same idea, lifted his head and latched onto a nipple.

A small cry of delight from mum told me she was enjoying kaçak casino this! I could even hear the sounds of his suckling, but they were almost masked by mum’s moans. When he lay his head down without releasing the nipple, her breast was stretched alarmingly before bouncing back as he let go. I’d only ever thought of breasts as a means for storing milk and nourishing babies. What a fool I’d been!

Mum’s whole breast was slightly swollen but nothing in comparison to her nipple. It was dark red and now the thickness of my thumb and at least half its length. Mum bent over and eagerly fed the other nipple into dad’s willing mouth. Her eyes were closed, and I could see the pleasure coursing through her face as he repeated the suckling actions until mum pulled back, stretching this breast to breaking point before dad released the nipple again.

Mum screamed loudly and her body convulsed, I feared she’d been hurt but then her eyes opened, and she blissfully smiled at dad. “Oh James, that was so good!”

Dad grinned, “Wow, you really needed that!”

“I know, I was so hot from teasing Greg.”

“Well I hope you don’t think we’re done, I’m also near breaking point you know!”

Mum laughed, “don’t worry, I’m not finished with you yet!”

I was still trying to process their words when mum pushed herself up and then stood. She looked at the gate again and said, “Do you think he’ll come back?”

“I doubt it. You know what he’s like once he starts working on that machine of his.”

Mum turned back to dad and he added, “anyway, he’s going to have to get used to seeing us like this from now on, so it doesn’t really matter.”

“I know, but seeing us naked and seeing us making love are two different things. I don’t want to scare him off, we should take things slowly.”

“I suppose you’re right, but I really need you! Chances are he won’t be back for hours and, if he does turn up, we can always just stop.”

In response, mum took hold of her bikini bottoms and slipped them off while saying, “you’re lucky I’m so horny!”

It was all too much for me and I had to lie down a moment. My mother had just stripped naked in our garden and for the first time in my life I’d seen a real naked woman. It was very different to seeing black and white sketches of the female body and I couldn’t believe the impact it had on me. I’d expected a big triangle of hair between her legs, but mum only had a tiny patch. The second thing that had struck me was the fact that she had these crinkly looking flaps hanging between her legs and not just a small slit.

I was still feeling dazed, but I couldn’t bear to miss another moment, so I sat up and resumed spying. Mum was standing next to dad again and his hand was moving up her leg. When he reached the top, he gasped “You’re so wet!”

I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing but mum widened her stance and I could see his hand moving. She arched her back, moaned, her hands moved to her breasts and she began to pull on her engorged nipples. Whatever dad was doing, she was clearly enjoying it!

Her body began to convulse again, and she reached down and took pulled dad’s hand away. I could see his fingers glistening and streaks of fluid between mum’s legs. Had she just peed? Instead of being disgusted, dad pulled moved his wet fingers to his face, gave them a sniff and then, incredibly, began to suck the juices from his digits.

“Yum, you taste amazing!”

Mum grinned at him and moved to the foot of the lounger. She bent over and crawled up over dad’s legs. The view I had of her small breasts and giant nipples hanging down was amazing, but I found myself wishing I could see what she looked like from behind in this position!

When her face was over dad’s bulging crotch she reached down and began to pull his trunks off. Dad lifted his hips and I was treated to the sight of his large penis springing forth, almost hitting her as it was released from beneath the elastic. I’d never seen either of my parents in less than swimsuits or underwear and what I saw now was a huge relief.

My father’s penis was just like mine. It was the same size, colour and just as swollen looking. I could even see that, just like mine, his was leaking. Since neither of them seemed alarmed by its condition, it must be something they’d seen before! I watched in fascination as the large organ bobbed about as mum pulled his trunks off his legs before discarding them on the floor. Her focus returned to his penis and she looked at it with an expression of hunger and something else that I’d never seen before. She crawled up between his legs and grasped his penis with one hand.

My own hand moved between my legs and I grasped the hot shaft in the same way. It seemed natural to touch it, and when mum’s hand began to move up and down, covering and uncovering its tip, I mirrored her actions. I couldn’t believe how good it felt! How had I not discovered this before? I can’t find the words to describe what I was feeling, apart from saying it was the best thing I’d ever experienced! I could feel my penis getting even harder and bigger, as I continued mimicking my mother’s actions. When mum suddenly bent lower and took dad’s penis into her mouth I froze, thinking I must be hallucinating!

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