Cobalt Blue Ch. 15

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15: What lies beneath.

Pelaam© June 2008.

Outwardly Jaze looked calm and collected. Inwardly he was playing out in his mind, again and again, how he could strangle the man to his right and hide the body. He was certain he could do it. He glanced at the third man in the room, who sat impassively behind his desk. The inexpressive-faced, iron-grey man, Alan Baskervale, was his Chief and the only other person able to dictate what Cobalt Blue did over and above Jaze himself. And who was currently listening to a request for Stewie to be loaned out to another Team for an undercover assignment.

“We have a female officer working on one of Cannelli’s men, Chief,” the nasally tones to his right brought Jaze’s attention back to the man he detested unreservedly. “There is an equally good chance to get the information from this other source.”

Marchant held the same rank as Jaze and had recently transferred to the Division. Over the past few months he had shown, in Jaze’s opinion, his true colours. He was sexist, racist and homophobic. He was already skirting disciplinary action and Jaze was convinced that he was keen to make this case a success to help defuse the situation he was in. And Jaze had no intention of allowing his fiancé to be endangered by someone who would lay any number of bodies down to save his own worthless skin.

“Ginelli is a fa…is gay,” Marchant said, hoping his near slip had gone unnoticed. “He has a liking for pretty, blond twinks. Donovan is perfect. A luxurious environment, all expenses paid. All he has to do is catch Ginelli’s eye and he’ll enjoy every minute of it.”

“Are you suggesting that Stewie will enjoy having to get physically close to this man?” Jaze growled menacingly. “Is that all you want him for? Because he’s small, blond and you think he’ll enjoy intimacy with this scumbag?”

Marchant stared at Jaze through watery-blue eyes. He had heard the rumours about Kingston, but found it hard to reconcile them with the raw, powerful male that glowered at him. The Division was everything and nothing like he had expected. The cases brought the opportunity for personal glory, but the personnel were like a mine-field. They did not back down from him and a couple had even gone straight to the Chief, something he was unused to. He was used to like-minded men or those he could bully. Now he needed to crack a high profile case. He needed Stewart Donovan because he knew Ginelli would take one look at him and start to salivate.

“Chief, you know Stewie’s record,” Jaze said, turning away from Marchant. “He has commendations and no one can doubt his commitment to the job or his bravery. However, if all is needed is some pretty, little blond, then I would suggest that Marchant look elsewhere. There are any number of uniforms who would jump at the chance to be included in an undercover operation.”

“Of course that’s not the case,” Marchant said, licking at dry lips. “I am perfectly aware that Donovan has an excellent record and his undercover work is exemplary. That’s my main reason for wanting him. I need a man experienced in working undercover.” The lie fell easily from his lips. He had no doubts regarding the blond’s sexuality and therefore considered him expendable. At that moment he would say anything he thought might sway Baskervale, just so long as he got the blond.

Baskervale sat listening without giving any of his inner feelings away. He was not responsible for Marchant coming to his Division. Nor was he pleased to have the man. Marchant had used up the last of his favours to get the transfer. Now the man was on his own and would sink or swim through his own talents – or lack of them. Baskervale was pleased, however, that his people knew they did not have to tolerate bigotry of any kind…from anyone. He was also quite sure that Jaze was just waiting to make his move, that the outwardly calm facade was just that; a facade. All he had to do was let the big man bide his time and strike when ready.

“So,” Jaze said slowly. “You need experienced undercover personnel for the success of this case.” He looked thoughtful, as if musing on the merits of the request.

“Of course,” Marchant replied. He gave a mental smile. Got him, he thought triumphantly.

“I’m happy to give Vermillion Red any assistance I can to ascertain the details of the drug shipment that Canelli has coming in,” Jaze added, nodding. “As such, whilst they focus on their Team member, Leo and I will take responsibility for Stewie. After all, you did say you needed experience and where your Team would recognise a subtle call for help from one of their own, the same goes for Leo and me.”

Marchant blinked. That was not what he wanted at all. He tried to think of a way to deter Kingston while still keeping Donovan.

“Are you and Leo up to date enough to take the time?” Baskervale asked, already certain of the answer, before Marchant could formulate an argument of his own.

“We just cracked our last case. Shaz is taking a couple of days off casino oyna but I’m certain Leo will put his time off back to support Stewie,” Jaze confirmed.

“There’s really no need…” Marchant began.

“I’ll have Leo get what we need,” Jaze said, cutting him off. “I’ll retain command of Stewie, you can keep me updated as necessary and I will ensure you are kept informed of any progress,” he added, barely glancing in Marchant’s direction.

“Sounds good to me, Jaze,” Baskervale nodded. ‘I’m sure I can trust you to handle the situation. Keep me in the loop.”

It was a dismissal and both men recognised it as such and stood to leave. Outside the office door, Marchant glowered at Jaze.

“This is still my case and I am in charge, Kingston. Don’t forget it,” he rumbled angrily.

“And Stewie is my man and don’t you forget it,” Jaze growled back. He frowned at the retreating form as Marchant stormed away. He neither liked, nor trusted the man. With Leo and himself as Stewie’s back-up, however, he was happy to let the blond undertake the mission.


Stewie looked up from where he was draped over the daybed in the den as Jaze came home. He had wondered about the unexpected recall to the office by their Chief and could see the big male had a grim, unfathomable look on his face. He stood, letting his mate devour the sight of his naked form, his sex instantly stirring to life at the hungry look in Jaze’s heated hazel orbs.

“Do you want to tell me?” Stewie asked.

In response Jaze enveloped the smaller man in a tight embrace, lifting the slighter body as he mated their mouths. He sat on the bed, letting his lover settle to sit astride his thighs. His tongue possessed Stewie’s mouth, exploring every nuance. He broke the kiss only when breathing demanded it and rested their foreheads together. He smiled as Stewie’s hands massaged tenderly at the back of his neck and along his shoulders.

“You’re so tense, babe,” Stewie panted softly.

“You’re going to be working undercover with Vermillion Red,” Jaze replied, purposely keeping his voice neutral to gauge his lover’s genuine response. He felt the smaller man pull back and found himself gazing into anxious, azure orbs.

“Not Marchant,” Stewie whispered. He knew the other man’s reputation and was shocked that Jaze would even consider the request. He let himself be pulled into another tight hug.

“It’s ok, angel,” Jaze soothed. “Leo and I will be your back-up, not that scumbag.” Jaze felt the instant relaxation of the lithe body in his arms, pleased his instincts about his mate had been correct. “You happy to work with them under those conditions?” he asked, certain of his lover’s response.

“Sure. I trust you and Leo,” Stewie said. “I wouldn’t have trusted Marchant. When you try and look into his eyes, they seem to shift as if he’s hiding something that lies beneath,” Stewie added, giving a shudder.

“I have no intention of risking you, angel,” Jaze soothed, stroking the skin of his mate’s back. “I love you, Stewie,” he added, letting his voice drop in timbre.

“I love you, too, now let me help you relax,” Stewie murmured. He nibbled his way around Jaze’s jaw and burrowed a hand inside the older man’s shirt to tease at a hardening nipple. Now that he knew why his lover had been so tightly wound he wanted to let Jaze know he was happy with the arrangement. He unfastened the shirt enough to be able to gently stroke his mate’s furred chest before moving to suck at one plump, cinnamon nub and then the other.

He pushed the shirt off the broad shoulders letting his lips and tongue caress the bared skin eliciting a low rumble of approval from his lover. His hands moved to the bulge at Jaze’s groin tracing the hard flesh trapped within the cotton and denim confines.

Jaze let Stewie urge him to his feet, his eyes darkening with love, lust and desire as the petit blond knelt at his feet to mouth at his erection through his clothing. Gentle hands unfastened the bigger man’s buttons, pulling at the denim until Jaze could step out of it. He moaned as Stewie’s sinful mouth sucked at his rampant erection through the soft cotton that still encased it.

He groaned with relief as his boxers were eased down, freeing prodigious flesh that was hard, damp and leaking tears of need. He let his hips thrust gently as Stewie alternated between licking the flared, crimson head and taking the rigid flesh into his mouth to suck slowly.

“Bed,” Jaze husked, taking a step back. If he let Stewie continue, he knew he would soon reach the end of his endurance and the big man wanted to come buried in his lover’s tight heat. He licked his lips as Stewie rose gracefully, his own rosy erection bobbing elegantly as he moved to lie on the bed. Jaze’s smile was feral as Stewie spread his legs wide in silent invitation.

“Love you so much,” he husked.

“Show me,” Stewie demanded, writhing enticingly to encourage his mate to take him. He shivered, moaned, and thrashed as Jaze proceeded canlı casino to love every inch of him. His lover knew all his sensitive spots, especially where touches electrified him. His hips began to instinctively thrust as his nipples were slowly teased with talented lips. By the time Jaze’s kisses had reached his groin, Stewie was clutching the older man’s broad shoulders, panting and keening.

Jaze looked up, savouring the sight before him. Stewie’s eyes were closed, his head rolling from side to side. His face was flushed and his lips reddened and kiss-swollen as were the small nipples that were diamond hard from his ministrations. A fine sheen of perspiration covered the smooth-skinned body, and Jaze could feel the tremors already beginning deep inside Stewie. My mate, he thought with a mix of satisfaction and desire. All mine, and only ever mine. With a low growl, he lowered his head and engulfed Stewie’s straining penis in his mouth.

As warm wetness surrounded him, Stewie released a scream of pure, uninhibited pleasure. He grabbed handfuls of the sheets under him and moaned, trying desperately for some control, wanting to hold out longer to prolong their enjoyment. It proved almost impossible as Jaze began an amatory assault designed to defeat all the small blond’s best efforts.

Jaze’s tongue played with the tiny slit at the top of his mate’s hardness, teasing, delving, before sliding down to the base. His lips increased pressure, sucking deeply. Stewie’s hips were rising and falling with gathering speed. Jaze caught the slender pelvis holding the blond still, wanting…needing the control. He smiled mentally as he heard Stewie whimper faintly as the sweet torture continued.

The older man moved smoothly up and down satin-encased steel, sucking and licking, listening delightedly to Stewie’s mewls of pleasure. One of Jaze’s hands shifted a little, moving down, so his fingers could tease at Stewie’s sac, feeling how high and hard the precious orbs it held now were.

Stewie groaned at the new stimulation. Unable to move his hips, he drew his knees up, shaking with the effort to control himself, offering himself to the man he loved.

“J…Jaze,” he gasped.

The other man heard the faint sound, and smiled to himself. He knew Stewie was close. Jaze then deep throated his lover and relinquished his hold on Stewie’s hips.

Stewie instinctively began to thrust…once… twice, and then his orgasm detonated. He wailed Jaze’s name shaking and convulsing with the intensity of his climax. His orgasm was drawn out masterfully as Jaze sucked him deeply and firmly, insistently taking all he had to offer. His lover’s hands continued to play with his sac and inner thighs, coaxing more tremors, as well as every drop of his release, from him. Finally Stewie slumped back, his climax abated.

Jaze relished the taste of his lover as he finally released Stewie’s limp sex from his mouth. A few licks at the depleted sac and he looked up, his heart thundering at the sight. If he had thought Stewie beautiful before, it was nothing compared to how his mate looked when sated. He moved up and stretched out beside him, cuddling Stewie close to him, letting him gather his breath.

“I love you,” he said, pressing a kiss to Stewie’s parted lips. He pushed his tongue inside the blond’s mouth to ravish Stewie’s own slick muscle as his lover lay languorously in a satiated afterglow. As much as the hard flesh between his own thighs ached, Jaze had no intention of rushing their coupling. He wanted Stewie coming again when he found his own release inside his lover’s sweet heat. He moved down Stewie’s body, pressing open-mouthed kisses at random.

“Love you,” Stewie whispered, reaching to pet desultorily at Jaze’s head and shoulders.

Jaze slithered sensuously up Stewie’s body, flowing over him effortlessly to locate their lube. He quickly coated his fingers in the viscous fluid, eager to be inside his mate. He moved to the side as one hand slipped between Stewie’s legs, trailing wet fingers over hot flesh, down to the hairless sac before finding the hidden entrance to Stewie’s core. He stroked around the tight flesh teasingly until it flexed its invitation and he slid his finger inside.

As he stroked Stewie from within, Jaze worshipped his lover with his mouth once more. Kisses and teasing bites were placed along his torso, making Stewie writhe in response. The soft moaning increased in volume as Jaze moved lower, nuzzling at the carefully shaven groin. Then Jaze took Stewie’s semi-hard sex into his mouth and Stewie mewled his approval, his body bucking upwards.

Jaze moved quickly, setting a fast rhythm that had Stewie moaning his name helplessly and his hands alternating between bunching the sheets and grasping Jaze’s head. Jaze felt himself harden impossibly further, knowing that he was the one to make the younger man come undone in such a sensuous, unrestrained manner. He found his lover’s hidden jewel and stroked the sweet spot. He rumbled approvingly kaçak casino as Stewie wailed helplessly, thrashing and arching his hips upwards, trying to take Jaze deeper into his body.

The bigger male removed the single digit, humming around the hardening flesh in his mouth. He coated his fingers with more lube and this time, as he penetrated Stewie’s body, he used two fingers, scissoring to stretch the tight sheath. A third finger was accepted readily and Jaze felt Stewie riding the slick digits. Slowly he pulled his fingers free, allowing Stewie’s shaft to fall from his mouth.

“Jaze,” Stewie whimpered desperation evident in the single word.

“Don’t worry, angel. I’m going to take care of you. I’m going to be so deep into you that you’ll feel me in your heart.” Jaze pushed Stewie’s thighs further apart before settling himself between them. He quickly lubed himself up, guiding his hard flesh to the glistening, pulsating portal. Jaze pushed forward, feeling tight muscles squeezing his flesh.

Stewie panted as his body accepted the welcome and much desired intrusion. He moaned as he bore down and gave a small mewl as the head of Jaze’s thick, hard flesh pushed past his guardian ring, sliding forward until it was buried halfway. He moaned again as with a second flex of powerful haunches, Jaze buried himself completely in Stewie’s body. The younger man’s legs came up to wrap around his mate’s waist.

“I love to feel you inside me,” he said smiling at his bigger mate, his happiness and joy evident.

“Good, because I love being here,” Jaze said. He pulled himself back before thrusting forward again, the head of his rod brushing against Stewie’s prostate with ease.

“Oh, Jaze,” he moaned his mate’s name low and wantonly. His lover’s thrusts were long and slow and left Stewie quivering in their wake. He lifted his hips with each thrust to meet Jaze and deepen the penetration of his body. “More, Jaze, please, more,” he begged.

Jaze could deny Stewie nothing and his thrusts became short, stabbing motions that sought to send both men wild. He relished the feel of the hot, tight sheath that enveloped him and the only sounds became the wet slide of flesh in flesh and sighs and moans of increasing passion. He could feel his orgasm rapidly approaching.

He reached for his mate’s dripping shaft, spreading the copious, pearly pre-come to aid his touch. He stroked the slender length, twisting his wrist to heighten the sensations and, with a wail of completion, Stewie’s orgasm jetted free. The clenching of Stewie’s inner muscles tipped Jaze beyond his restraints of self-control and, with a final few feral thrusts, he came inside his lover.

Stewie moaned appreciatively as wet heat filled his still rippling channel. He began to recede from his climactic high and pulled Jaze into a deep kiss.

“I love you,” he reaffirmed. “And I know I’ll be in good hands with you and Leo.”

Jaze rolled their bodies, not leaving the sanctuary of his fiancé’s body, and smiled up at the precious man in his arms.

“I’ll take good care of you, baby,” he promised, sealing his vow with a kiss.


From his vantage point on his balcony, Jaze had a clear view of the pool area. The pool was surrounded by recliners, less than half of which were occupied. Most of those taken were in pairs, occupied by couples who chatted, read or drank companionably and all of whom were male. The hotel was gay, exclusive and all-inclusive. Attractive waiters attended the guests to refill drinks or bring beautifully prepared nibbles and snacks. At the far end of the pool was a bar where three stools were occupied. Jaze glowered at the occupants, his attention riveted on one in particular.

The man he stared at had dark, olive skin and raven-black hair, gelled back. Periodically he turned to survey the poolside, giving Jaze a view of his powerful, furred chest. He wore only a pair of white shorts that emphasised his tan. He laughed loudly, ensuring he was the focus of attention and attracting some admiring glances, but had clearly seen no one that caught his fancy from those unattached around the pool.

He wore a Rolex on his left wrist, a large, gold bracelet on his right and a large, gold medallion hanging on a thick gold chain, nestled in his chest fur. He looked refined, rich and respectable rather than the henchman of a drug baron he actually was. Jaze frowned at him. Then his target’s demeanour changed and Jaze turned to see what had caught his interest.

The newcomer had large D&G sun shades, spiky blond hair, baggy Bermuda shorts and carried a towel and small bag with lotion and book. He stopped to look around, apparently unaware of the eyes that followed his movements. He was younger than any of the other unattached males and chose a spot close to the pool that had him facing away from the bar.

He laid his towel on the recliner and, still keeping his back to the bar, pushed the shorts down to his ankles before stepping out of them. His skin was a light golden colour and all that marred the view of his toned body were a pair of white, Lycra swimming briefs that hugged every contour of tight butt cheeks and the curl of lax endowments.

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