Clash of the Ass

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It was a normal Sunday afternoon. Lesley was on her bed watching TV. Her husband’s phone is exploding with incoming text notifications. Her husband is in the shower, but forgot to lock his phone. She decided to take a look at the messages but little did she know that she was in for a surprise. She scoffed as she looked at the pictures this bitch just sent him. She had her suspicions… She knew he could be cheating, but she had no proof. She looks at this white bitch’s ass, feeling nothing but hate and anger. She was having an explosion of thoughts inside her head. Did he choose this white bitch over my white ass? How can he reject this? She thought as she looks in the mirror pointing at her massive jiggly ass.

She took the phone and moved over to the mirror, bend down and spread her ass cheeks wide letting this hoe get a good view, then she took a picture and send it right to her. “Stay away from my man, bitch, he has all the booty he can handle right here!” The text was sent with the picture, and she waited to see if the dumb slut could even reply. She was getting nervous, angry and frustrated at the same time she wanted to show this bitch that no one can surpass Queen Leslie in an ass battle.

Julie was on her couch watching videos on YouTube. Her phone rang and a notification popped up from HIM. She smiled and opened the text. There were a few pictures of a black fat bitch with ass cheeks spread. She knew it was meant as a warning for her from his black wife. The next line read “Stay away from my man, bitch, he has all the booty he can handle right here!” Julie was furious at his wife for what she has done. “Does she thinks that she stands a chance against me? No way that she’s gonna get away with this” Julie thought and hurried to her room, pulled her pants down, spread her legs wide and clicked pictures of her booty with a smile on her face and sent them back with a message that says “he doesn’t even cares about your black ass, bitch. He’s got me now. I am all he needs. Why do you think he keeps coming back to me ha?” She smiled as she thought she put the phone down.

Another text from Julie. Leslie’s blood started boiling when she get this text. she looks at the pictures and bit her lower lip in anger. Growling to herself, she lay back on the bed, propping her ass up in the air and spreading her legs so that Julie can see both her thick pussy and her ass. She take multiple pictures, and type another message “What, you think he really wants you? He’s a stupid man, they like the catch. He has the best ass he’s ever gonna get right here, you’re just looking to get your sad little white girl heart broken by a thirsty black man, and your flat ass beaten by a real woman if you keep this shit up.” There, she thought as she hits send. “If this bitch is trying to challenge me, I’ll show her exactly who she’s fucking with.” she murmured.

Julie received another reply from Leslie. This time things we’re a bit more hot. “Did she challenge me?” Julie thought. “That’s a fat pussy she’s got there.” Julie admired Leslie’s pussy for a while but came back to track and then she put the phone on her bed and made a small video clip of her jiggling her fat jiggly white ass. “Fuck you bitch. Your man doesn’t even care about your rotten ass anymore. He wants this fine white thick ass. You think you’re better than me? Are you looking for trouble bitch? Don’t even think about it.” she put her phone down and smiled, thinking she scared the shit out of Leslie but little did she know, things were soon about to get steamy.

Leslie watch the video three times, and look towards the bathroom. Her man is still washing and may be awhile. “Good, I need to put this stupid whore in her place.” she thought. Now this was more like a competition for her. “You really sending me this, slut? You really sending me videos of you shaking your ass? I am the man’s wife, his soul mate, you’re a side piece and an ugly one at that!” Leslie’s video consisted of her against a wall, fat ass bouncing as she talked “Just look at this ass…” The video stops, She brings out a dildo out of her drawer and put it on a wall before ramming her ass into it, recording herself split her fat ass open. “Oh, bitch, look how much COCK I can take in! Just look at this booty, your ass is nothing to this, bitch, you’re nothing! If you was something, you’d prove it to me, woman to woman!” There, challenge formally issued. She sends it after editing the two videos to one.

This video was enough to get Julie all pumped up. She needed to show this bitch who’s boss and who’s got the better ass. “She dares challenge me. I will take her pride away as I took her man away from her.” Julie turned on the camera and brought the biggest dildo she could find, bigger than the one Leslie used and showed it at one go into her asshole. “Did you see that bitch. This one was a special gift to me from your husband. Haha. You dare challenge the booty that your man left your casino siteleri worthless ass for. You must have a death wish huh. Let’s see who’s got the better ass. Where do you want to meet bitch just say it once? I’ll be there.” Julie ended the video all raged up and prepared for an ass battle.

For some reason, even though Leslie was mad, even though she wanted to shove her thumbs in Julie’s eyes, she felt herself grow wet at the sound of the challenge. She take a deep breath, and pull out a dildo just as big as the one Julie had… it too was a gift from her man. She pulled the one out of my ass, pop that one in, and slide the other deep in my pussy and begin to bounce on them both with the camera rolling. “Take a fucking look at what you’re messing with, bitch! This asshole, this pussy? They are too good, they’ll eat yours alive, hoe! Meet me at the Rainbow hotel. The hotel he first took me to fuck, in the exact room where he first fucked my fat ass.” She end the video with her squirting all over the phone. She throws his phone against the wall, break it, and put on her clothes. She packed a bag with one massive double sided dildo, no lube, and another 9 inch Horse dildo and leave for the hotel.

Julie opened the video message and she immediately stood up all raged up. She was ready to show who’s the boss. she had 3 dildos of different shapes and sizes. She was all set to destroy Leslie’s ass. And to establish her superiority she was willing to go to any extent. She just wants to show who’s the boss here. Who’s ass is the best? She put on my tight jeans and a top. And head for the hotel.

She reached the hotel and tried calling his phone but didn’t connect. She started walking up towards the room carrying her bag full of dildos. She has brought 3 dildos. One of them was a huge horse cock dildo. One was a double sided. Another one was a tentacle dildo with a vibrator.

Lesley stood in the hotel room waiting for the slut to show. She was ready to put her in her place… an assfight, it would have been funny if she wasn’t so ready to fucking murder her. She wanted to show her ass was better, her tits, her mouth, everything. She is the better woman, and was ready to destroy Julie if she had to.

Julie reach the room and knocked on the door as hard as she could. She knew that Lesley was inside waiting for her. Julie didn’t want to let her guard down so she started yelling “open up bitch and dont you dare do anything stupid. You don’t want to ruin your precious face. Do you? Try something funny and you will see my evil side.”

Lesley door opened, and gripped Julie by the chin. “Slut!” Lesley yelled, before spitting right in Julie’s face, slapping her twice, and pushing her into the room. “You think you can just take my man, you dumb bitch?” Lesley growl, her fat ass jiggling in her tight, constricting booty shorts as she moves up against Julie and ram her tits right into Julie’s.

Julie was taken by surprise. Her face had a huge load of spit dripping from her forehead down to her chin all the way across the face. Her cheeks hurt from the slaps that she received. All these happened so fast she had no chance to react. She lay there rubbing her boobs against Lesley’s boobs and trying to hold her position. Julie quickly dropped her bag to the side and pulled Lesley’s hair and dragged her. She pushed Lesley to the other side of the bed and spit right on Lesley’s lips. And said “REVENGE BITCH” and started to reach out to her bag to get hold of something.

The huge slimy load on Lesley’s face made her even more angry She opened her mouth to speak something and a few drops of spit went inside her mouth. She freed her hand and slapped Juile on her cheeks knocking her on the ground. Lesley quickly got up, wiped the spit off of her face and went towards her bag. She grabbed the dildo she brought and as she was about to turn around Julie grabbed Lesley by her hair and pulled her head back. Then she dropped Lesley on her back on the floor and held her hands with her knees. “Don’t move bitch. Respect me” juile said as she grabbed Lesley’s tits and tore of the top she was wearing. “These tits look like your man hasn’t touched them for a long time. Oh! Yes i remember he was busy playing with mine.” Julie laughed as she started pulling her nipples.

Lesley felt really embarrassed and furious at the same time. She was never the one to be on the ground. Listening to julie talk made Lesley want to kill Julie. She freed the hand and grabbed the dildo that was lying right next to her. She stuffed the dildo into Julie’s mouth and pushed her back. “Is it better than my husband’s dick? Or you can’t take something as big as this dildo?” Lesley mocked her as she saw Julie gag on the dildo.

Julie fell down with her head resting on the bed while her body was on the ground. The dildo was shoved deep into her throat. She had practiced deepthroating with huge dildos but the sudden insertion made canlı casino her gag and tears rolled from her eyes. She wanted to talk back but that dildo was blocking her ability to speak.

Lesley was thrusting the dildo very hard and deep into her throat. “Not so vocal now bitch. This is your place right there below me. Stay away from my man.” she said and pulled the dildo out letting the bitch breath.

Julie took a deep breath and a mouthful of spit filled her mouth. Some rolled out from the sides. As soon as she had the chance to breath she spat on Lesley’s face. A huge load. Everything she had in her mouth from that intense throat fuck was not on Lesley’s face. She looked for her bag and grabbed the pink tentacle dildo with the vibrator. She looked for a chance and grabbed Lesley by her waist and pushed her on the ground.

Lesley was knocked down and still trying to open her eyes and cleaning all that spit on her face. She felt something vibrating around her waist. She started to run her hands and trying to resist anything that Julie might try to do to her. Lesley forcefully turned to the side and got up. She bent down and tried to wipe her face off using the lower end of the top.

Julie saw her getting up and bending down to wipe her face. She grabbed a magazine lying on the table, rolled it up and slapped Lsley’s ass really hard. Hard enough for the shorts to tear up. Julie giggled and said “oops”

Lesley’s butt cheeks jiggled as she was being spanked by Julie. After 2 repeated spanks, Lesley turned around and lunged at Julie. “Get down bitch” she reacted in anger and started to rip every piece of cloth she could find on Julie’s body. She reached down towards her fat pussy lips and slapped as hard as she can. And pushed her finger straight inside Julie’s pussy. “That fat pussy is so fucking wet. Are you getting turned on by looking at my ass ha bitch?”

As soon as Lesley slapped Julie’s pussy lips, Julie let out a slight moan. The fingers slid perfectly inside her pussy. She was already a little wet by all that phat ass in the room. She just laid there for a few moments enjoying Lesley’s fingers inside her pussy.

Lesley pulled her fingers out and shoved them inside Julies mouth “taste your own juices like a phat as slut you are. That’s all you get from today, stay away from my man. Know your place” And she reached for her dildo.

Julie gagged on Lesley’s fingers. She saw her reaching for the dildo. Julie tried to move but she couldn’t.

Lesley got her Dildo and shoved it in Julie’s pussy and started to thrust it deep inside.

Julie opened her lips to let out slight moans. She tried her best to not reveal her pleasure but those thrust made her give up. Aftera few minutes Julie looked at Lesley and said “that all you got? Le me show you how its done” Julie pushed Lesley back on the bed and pulled the dildo out from her pussy with one hand and tore off Lesley’s clothes with the other. She split opened Lesley’s legs and shoved the dildo inside her. The dildo was lubricated enough from Julie’s pussy juices. All wet and sloppy and started to fuck her. She could see the excitement in Lesley’s eyes but lesley didn’t utter a word. “How does that feel? Having my pussy juices inside you? Does that make you a slut too? You are a nasty slut inside aren’t you”. She was still fucking Lesley and then she slowly moved and got her other dildo and shoved it in Lesley’s ass. “Does that feel good?” she said and laughed.

The force that Julie was using on the dildo was perfect. Lesley always enjoyed a rough fuck but getting it from someone she hated so much made it even better. “She couldn’t speak a work. All that dirty talk coming from Julie’s mouth was fueling her inner slut even more. After Julie inserted another dildo in lesley’s ass, Lesley was in pure bliss. Having both of her holes stuffed at the same time made her squirt. She let a huge stream out straight onto Julie’s face. She yelled with excitement. “Arghhhhhhhh—” looked at Julie and said “how did you like that?”

Julie wasn’t expecting lesley to squirt on her face. She took a step back and wiped her face with her hands. “You will pay for that bitch” she yelled in anger.

Lesley took this chance to get up and pushed Julie onto the nearest wall and pinned her. Lesley’s tits rubbing against Julie’s back while she moved her fingers to find Julie’s butthole. She pulled out the dildo that was in her ass and shoved it into Julie’s ass. The other dildo was still in Lesle’s ass. Lesley started to thrust the dildo really hard and grabbed one nipple and started playing with it. There was almost no resistance from Julie. Lesley whispered in Julies ear “you like this don’t you?”

Julie couldn’t resist anymore, she started moaning. Those moans were not pain but moans of pleasure. She bit her lower lip when Lesley grabber her nipple. She didnt say anything to Lesley’s commes but it was very clear that she was kaçak casino enjoying the buttt fuck.

Watching Julie enjoy, Lesley couldn’t hold any longer. She reached the dildo that was still stuck in her butt hole and started to play with it. After a few moments. She wanted to have more direct fun, so she challenged Julie. “Do you think you can best me ina dildo riding competition?”

Julie didn’t think too much. She is no way going to refuse a challange from Lesley. She agreed to it under one condition, they will choose the dildo for the other.

Lesley agreed. “I don’t have any poblems. My ass can devour any dildo that you choose. Can your take my dildos?” She replied back and pointed towards the 9 inch long black horse cock dildo. That was really huge.

Julie looked at the dildo, walked towards it and picked it up. She said “don’t worry about me. Don’t blame me if you end up in a hospital after this.” and pointed towards the horse dildo that she brought. But it was a little thin as compared to the one that Lesley brought.

Both of them positioned facing each other and started to bounce on the dildo. Initially it was about who can take how deep. It turns out both of them fair equally. Their fat asses started to bounce as they move up and down, jumping on the massive dildos. Both of them were equally capable of riding. The room was filled with the smell of pussy and ass juices and sweating bodies. But neither of them were ready to give up so they decided to step up the game.

Julie looked at Lesley and said ” maybe we should see who has the strongest ass. Let’s use the double sided dildo together and whoever gives up of isn’t capable of riding anymore loses.”

Lesley agreed at once. After All she wants to show she’s the best between the two. She picks up the dildo and bends forward and puts the dildo in her ass.

Julie moves to the other side and put the other end of the dildo inside. “Till one gives up” she said and started to push back on the dildo.

Both of them started to push as hard as they can. Two huge asses clashing on each other making clap noises. Pussy juices flowing out of their pussies onto their thighs. Neither of them was ready to give up. They often lose balance but the one who falls loses so both of them are trying to hold onto anything thats available to them. Their ass cheeks turn red from all that collision. They turn their heads to look back but all they can see are two huge fatass wiggling up and down, to the sides clapping.

Julie moaned and let out a stream from her pussy wetting the floor like a bitch. Her thigh all wet but she didn’t stop, she still continued fucking the dildo as best as she could.

Seeing that Lesley replied “maybe you should give up you know. You white fragile ass can handle only so much.” and laughed

Julie felt insulted at that comment and gave a really hard push that almost knocked Lesley off but she didn’t fall. ”Maybe we should get the other dildo in as well. Unless you are scared”

Lesley laughed and said ” let’s make this more interesting. Lets see if you can have a dildo in your pussy while getting your ass hammered.”

Julie smiled and agreed . She gave Lesley the tentacle vibrator dildo to put in her pussy. And took the horse dildo for herself from Lesley.

They both stuffer their asses with two double ended dildos and a horse cock dildo in Julie’s pussy and the vibrating dildo in Lesley’s pussy. They didn’t have to put much effort as they were already very wet and loose.

Soon they started pushing and pumping. But the vibrating didlo was too much for Les;ey in this scenario. She was so horny that she couldn’t take it anymore. She let out a huge stream all over the floor . Her knees felt weak and Julie saw the moment and gave a really hard push which knocked Lesley off her feet. She tumbled and fell down. She was still squirting. The dildos came out of her ass making a *pop* sound.

Julie looked at Lesley as she knew she won. “I told you not to mess with me bitch. This is what you get for messing with the Queen of Ass”. She looked at Lesley and pulled out the dildos from her ass and moved closer to Lesley. “Look at that ass of yours. So huge and gaped. I hope you learnt your lesson.”

Lesley layed there trying to grasp the situation. There’s no way she thought this would end like this. ” i tumbled. This is not over.”

Julie shoved the dildos that she pulled out of her ass into Lesley’s mouth. “Shut up bitch i won. Now i can have my way with your man. I don’t want to do dishes for him. You can keep him but i will need him for the pleasure. You will not even dare touch him without my permission. I hope that’s clear with you?”

Lesley just lay there nodding to everything Julie said.

At the end Julie won. She sat went over Lesley’s face, spread her ass cheeks and positioned her butt hole onto Lesley’s mouth and sat on her. “Clean this shit up bitch. Make me feel like a Queen.”

Lesley had no other option than to do what Julie said. She won fair.

While Lesley cleaned up Julie’s ass. Julie squirted all over Lesley leaving her superiority mark all over Lesley…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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