Cindy & I – Part 1

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Cindy & I – Part 1

The plane seemed to level out, apparently reaching cruising altitude. Sounds of the engines, hydraulics and other more general ambient noises became less prominent. The smell of the air in the plane still bothered though as George looked to see if his bride was alright. Beginning the return trip from their honeymoon, she looked pale and nervous. This being only the second flight for either of them, Cindy clearly didn’t care for air travel. Thinking there wasn’t much he could do other than hold her hand, he turned to look out the window and became lost in thought.

They’d had a week on a Caribbean island and were now they heading back and to their new town home. Money from both families had provided for the down payment and some discount furniture.

However, George sensed something wasn’t quite what it should be. He’d had all those hopes and wonderful dreams of a perfect, fulfilled married life and career. He had the job, a very satisfying and important one. He was a new paramedic with a large pre-hospital service. It was the marriage part that concerned him.

They had been friends since c***dhood. She had moved in down the street she was only eight and it took a while before they got to talking. After that it wasn’t long before they could often be seen together. They became best friends and held hands. Growing ever more comfortable and used to each other, they went steady through high school. The summer before he started college they got engaged. Cindy didn’t have the grades or perhaps the ambition for continuing her education. She didn’t seem to mind, content enough that she would be his wife. After all, for years it had been a foregone conclusion.

They’d lost their virginity together and pleasure with each other was what they knew. It was good, great even, but naïve as George was, he knew there was much more to a life together than just sex. They loved each other but a nagging feeling that something was missing lurked in his mind. He also had an inkling that perhaps Cindy felt it too. Neither was aware there was a difference between love for each other and being “in” love.

* * * * * *

Ch. 1 Lightening Up

“That old guy next door is really something,” my wife Cindy remarked after coming in from the back yard and sliding the patio door closed.


“While I was out gardening, he just kept staring at me.”

“Oh come on.”

“Well he did. I mean he kept this idle chat up, but he was trying to look at everything he could. I know he looked at my bum.”

Chuckling I replied, “Do you blame him? It’s cute. Heck, you’re the sexiest thing he’s likely seen in years.”

“George! Don’t make fun, I’m serious. He even tried to look down my top,” Cindy exclaimed, flustered.

“Okay you’re serious, so am I. We’re new neighbors. You’re gorgeous. He was checking you out. Nothing strange about that I would think. The guys at school used to.”

“He seemed to be doing a lot more than that somehow. He made me uncomfortable. That’s why I finally came in. He seemed so blatant about it.”

I sighed, “Come on, lighten up. Be flattered a little. We’re going to be neighbors for a good while. We should try to get along.”

Cindy sat across from me. “So what are you saying? I should just let him ogle me? Let him mentally undress me?”

My bride had contorted things once again with her reserved ways. “Let him? What would you have me do about it? Um, excuse me Mr. Wilkins, would you mind not looking at my wife, she’s shy. She doesn’t know how to handle it when a guy notices how good looking she is and has such a great body and all. It makes her uncomfortable.”

“Oh George, don’t be like that. I’m sorry. I just think there is something more to Mr. Wilkins than other guys I know.”

“Possibly, he’s older and maybe not as backward about what he likes when he sees it.”

Cindy added, “Older yeah, way older than my father even.”

“Did he actually say or do anything I should accuse him of?”

“Well, no.”

“Hell Cindy, if I just had you move in next door I’d be doing the same thing he’s doing. You’re cute and sexy as all get out. You’re so beautiful, I’d likely be walking around with a semi all the time.”

“George you’re terrible,” she giggled. “You do now anyway.”

“See, I’m twenty-two and he’s maybe sixty but a guy’s a guy. He’s not dead. He seems to be on his own and here’s this tantalizing teenager as his new neighbor.”

“Oh dear,” she giggled again. “But hey, I’m almost twenty.”

“He seems harmless enough. It’ll be alright. It wouldn’t hurt to be friendly, but it means you’ve got to lighten up.”

From the time we started dating it had been a chore for Cindy to relax. A rather prudish view of sexuality and lack of self confidence were frustrating. She didn’t even think she was that good looking let alone a guy’s wet dream like she actually was. Now newly married and in our own home, I have been trying to evoke changes.

For one thing I found I enjoyed being clothes free. Blond Cindy, averaged height, slim and lovely looks, was not as enthusiastic. I loved seeing her nude, well, or clothed for that matter, but nude I could hardly keep my hands to myself. Her just right firm breasts, trim waist, tight and saucy bum were more than enough to get me going. I loved how she looked moving about our new home this way, but she’d only ventured it twice. It was struggle enough to convince her that sleeping nude was better and felt good.

Another day we went to the mall. I wanted some new sneakers and Cindy, well, Cindy is a woman, she just liked to shop. In one of the stores she was looking at tops and pulled a cute bib halter from the rack.

“Very nice,” I enthused. “Get it, are there any more?”

“It is nice but I could never wear that in public. It’s the same kind of material they make a guy’s undershirt from,” she replied, putting it back.

“Cindy yes you can, buy it for crying out loud. Don’t you look at other people when you’re out? Lots of people wear things like this, you could wear it anywhere.”

“Yeah right. Well okay, I’ll get it, but only for wearing around the house. There’s not much of a back to it and I can’t wear a bra,” she pointed out.

“Fine, whatever,” I said, disgruntled, “but get these other two as well,” picking out a pale yellow and a white one.

At home I got her to put on the light pink one while I made us a drink. Finishing a slow pirouette in the middle of the living room, I declared, “You look great, very nice.”

“Maybe, but it’s clingy on my boobs,” Cindy observed then suddenly froze. “Mr. Wilkins is out there looking at me.”

“Oh really?” I turned to look out the window. Mr. Wilkins was sitting in his yard facing our way. “He probably can’t see anything, besides, you’re not wearing anything he can’t see on any street. Get over whatever it is,” I replied irritated. Grabbing my drink I went out back.

Throwing myself into a chair I heard Mr. Wilkins call over, “Hi neighbor.”

Standing and going to the little half fence that separate our town houses I replied, “Hi yourself.”

“You folks settling in okay?”

“Yeah, trying anyway.”

“Was talking with your lovely wife the other day.”

“Yes, she mentioned that.”

“Did I say or do something to upset her? She left rather abruptly.”

“Nah, don’t sweat it. Cindy is a little reserved.”

“Oh I see, well I do hope we will become friends. Makes being neighbors a lot easier.”

“I’m sure we will Mr. Wilkins,” I responded, offering my hand.

“Please call me Fred,” he offered as he extended his hand. I shouldn’t have been surprised that his hand easily outsized mine. He had to stand over six foot at least and he was large framed. Not over weight it seemed, just big.

“Okay Fred, I’m George, George Richardson.”

“You’re wife said you are a paramedic, that’s honorable work, though not easy at times I suppose. I refer to myself now as, at leisure.”

“Nice. Yeah it has its moments, overall it’s satisfying. Say, will you give me a minute? I just want to get a new drink.”

“Sure thing, George George.”

I shot a look back and found him grinning. He chuckled before waving me off. Laughing I went inside and saw Cindy slouched in a chair. I went about making a rum punch and putting glasses on a tray. Returning to the living room, I suggested, “Come on, Cindy, let’s go sit outside.”

Glancing to see Mr. Wilkins still in his yard she asked, “What?” Her eyes looked alarmed.

Taking her hand I told her, “Come on, we are going to be neighborly.”

Groaning and mumbling something that sounded like, “Asshole,” she reluctantly complied.

Once we were seated I called out, “Hey Fred, come on and join us.”

Cindy gave me a hard look but I ignored it. We chatted and drank. Fred told us about the area and some of the other neighbors. Glances told me that Cindy was slowly, if begrudgingly, relaxing. The fact that I kept pouring drinks may have helped.

I tried to get Cindy talking. “So tell Fred about your plans for a garden.”

Giving me a darting look she began to talk, at first not really looking at Fred, but in time her genuinely nice personality took over. Fred appeared quite interested. Sure, he looked her over real good and seemed to be talking to her tits some, yet I couldn’t help but smile. I guessed Cindy was unaware how nicely her nipples poked against her new top, or how it clung to the side and under swell of each breast. They chatted back and forth over the merits of certain plants and varieties, and she became more animated as she accepted our new neighbor.

A few days after that, Cindy drove to the variety store. She wore a nice above the knee skirt and a baby blue blouse. Returning, she announced she was going to change and asked would I make her a drink. I stopped her for a kiss. Hugging her I offered, “I’ll make you a drink but please don’t change, that looks nice.”

“Oh, okay then,” she responded, sounding surprised.

Patting her bum as I went to play bartender, I added, “You gotta lose the bra though.”

Cindy retorted, “Pervert,” but giggled and complied.

Returning with drinks I peeked outside. “No Mr. Wilkins hon, let’s sit outside.”

Griping slightly she followed me out. As we sat Cindy looked frequently to see if anyone was about.

“Take a pill woman, geez.” It took a bit and another drink but she did relax. Then I had an idea. “Sweety, I think it would be nice to invite Fred over. Why don’t you go knock on his patio door?”

“Like this? You are out of your mind!” Cindy cried out in complete shock and disbelief. “This top is way thinner than that halter!”

“You look fine. You look terrific. There is nothing wrong with the way you are dressed. I’m here, Fred is a neighbor, you’re safe. Please? You need to get over some of whatever you think is wrong with being attractive.”

“You’re not going to let up are you?” she asked, glaring. Suddenly standing she thrust her chest out. “Fine, I’ll go. I’ll let him stare at my boobs if that’s what you want.”

“Fuck, that’s not what I want but I don’t care if he does. You shouldn’t either. He saw you before in the halter. That was no big deal in the end. I want you to be more confident, self assured about yourself. You’ve got a nice outfit on.”

“Yeah right, again with no bra,” she countered as she marched off next door. Watching her go, I noticed Fred’s living room window was open and wondered if he’d heard anything.

Cindy returned with Fred. Her nipples seemed to be quite hard. While wondering why, I realized I should go in and get Fred a glass. Returning I saw Cindy was flustered.

“I was just commenting on how lovely your wife is looking there George,” Fred remarked.

“Yes, she is sweet indeed. She sure gets my blood going,” I added, glancing at her still prominent nipples.

I noticed Cindy give me a shocked look. I had really put my foot in it now. If Fred noticed it didn’t seem to faze him. “Yes indeed,” he replied then added, “a pretty young lass.”

The moment seemed to pass and we relaxed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At dinner later Cindy asked, “So George, are you happy? I told you he’d stare.”

“No more than anyone else would I’d think. He was okay.”

“I was embarrassed and so nervous my nipples were sticking out the whole time.”

“I wondered about that. But hey, you got over it. You looked great. Nuts, Cindy you were dressed just fine. Even if you had some more buttons undone on that shirt you would have still been fine.”

“I can’t believe you. It seemed like he was talking to my chest half the time, like he could see right through my top. It felt so wicked, like I was inviting him to look. Do you really want me to go ’round flaunting myself?”

“If it would help your self image, maybe. You were just too self conscious. Look, we’re alone now, just undo the next two and see.”

“You’re incorrigible,” she declared, then undid one. “Satisfied?” she asked.

“No.” She undid the next one and looked at me exasperated.

“Cindy, there is nothing wrong with that. All I can see is some cleavage. You look good.”

“Hmph, yeah but I bet if I moved at all you would see everything.”

“Argh,” I exclaimed. “Go look in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with the way you look.”

Returning Cindy grudgingly admitted, “It looks okay, I suppose.”

I just shook my head then thought for a bit. “Want to go for a walk after?”

She perked up. “Okay, when? I’ll have to get ready.”

“We can go whenever you like, but please don’t change.”

“You, you just won’t quit will you?”

“You wore less on our honeymoon and there were tons of people around.”

“Yeah, but that was a resort, and I was all heady about our marriage and all.”

“Hmm, that was less than a month ago, and now?”

“Okay forget it.”

We walked along holding hands, talking about our honeymoon again. Amazingly she left the top of her shirt unbuttoned. Deciding on ice cream from a shop nearby we sat outside at a table. There were a number of people there, some families, some couples and a few teens. Some guys noticed Cindy but she remained calm and only blushed a little. Watching her licking her ice cream, I must have stared.

“Don’t even think about it,” she declared, reading me like a book. “I’ve told you there’s no way I’m ever going to do that. Don’t be rude.”

“Ah come on, just pretend.”

“What with this? Here?”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun.”

“For you,” Cindy decided and saucily grinned. The licks became longer, slower, more delicate, certainly to me more sensuous. Inspecting the cone and tipping it first this way then that, she opened her mouth slightly and slid those lovely lips down over the tip. I squirmed. Pausing there a moment, my wife then took more in, engulfing more than half into her sweet mouth. She giggled. I was rock hard.

Stopping and sitting back she asked, “Happy now?”

“Wow, that was so sexy.”

“My girlfriends and I used to talk and goof around about it sometimes.”

“But you said it was too far out for you.”

“It is, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun with the idea.”

“I really want to try pleasing you that way,” I offered suggestively.

“I know, but I think that’s gross too. Licking me down there, eww.”

Leaving to return home I tried, “Your thinking developed while you were single and living with your parents. You married me. My thoughts should count for something too.”

“Yeah, I know.”

A few doors from our townhouse we saw a boy maybe mid to late teens sitting on a lawn and playing with a puppy. His dad was sitting on a step watching them. “Hello, you’re the new neighbors in twenty-eight, aren’t you?” he inquired.

We stopped and I answered, “Yup, that would be us. I’m George, this is my wife Cindy.”

Saying hi, Cindy bent to tussle the puppy’s ear and spoke to the boy. I walked over to speak with the dad. He said he was Henry and his boy Paul. His wife Vicky was inside. We conversed a bit before moving off. I’d been surprised to learn his son had just turned eighteen the week before, I had thought he was younger.

Later that evening while watching some TV Cindy mentioned, “That puppy was so cute.”

“Yes, he seemed to like you, the boy too.”

“Yeah, he seemed nice, cute. I think he was shy but he smiled all the time.”

“I would have been too if I had the view he did.”

“What?” Cindy exclaimed, suddenly putting her hand over the top of her shirt.

Chuckling, I explained, “Yup, with you bent over like that, his dad and I had a nice look at your charms.”

Alarmed, she shot back, “Oh my God. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“It would have made it more awkward.”

Her embarrassment deepened. “So you just let a stranger look down my shirt? What did he see?”

“Pretty much all of one breast. Your nipple looked nice.” My response was intentionally casual as I hoped to calm her down.

“Oh fuck, his father too?”

“The boy so close, he had the best view.”


“Don’t sweat it. It was only a moment in time. You looked beautiful.”

“George, how could you?”

“Henry and his son have a nice memory now.”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In bed two nights later I recalled our walk, and started to connect the fact that today we’d seen and briefly chatted with the boy Paul when he came by. He was out walking his young dog down the common area that ran behind our yards. I sat up and pulled the sheet down to Cindy’s waist.

Raising her head from the pillow she asked, “You feeling frisky? That’s not your typical move.”

“I was just thinking about that guy and his dad. I want to look at you.”

“Oh God,” she exclaimed, moving to grab the sheet.

I stopped her and began tickling. “You wonder why Paul happened to walk by today?”

“He was walking his dog,” she said into her pillow.

“Uh-huh, and thought maybe if he came by our way maybe he’d get to see you again.”

“Oh come on,” Cindy replied, turning over again to look at me.

“He did seem reluctant to go I thought. No different than me or my old friends would have been, after seeing a real live bare boob.” I wound up sitting over her, straddling her hips. I caressed her delightful breasts and her pink nipples quickly hardened.

Demurely Cindy asked, “So you liked letting a stranger see my boobs?”

“Oddly yes. Maybe I shouldn’t have but I did. I love you so much.” I bent to kiss her. “I don’t know, you’re gorgeous, and I’m proud of you.” Kiss. “I wish you could be more proud of you too.” I necked with my wife.

As I kissed and lightly suckled her breasts, Cindy responded, “I know, on our honeymoon I thought about giving in and going topless at the beach like a lot of the others, but I just couldn’t. It seemed so brazen.”

Shifting to lie at her side, I danced my fingers on her tummy. “I didn’t think anyone was being wicked, but that was then. Thrilling me or someone else with a glimpse or two, seems exciting. Hell, give someone and yourself a thrill.” I slid my hand lower to tickle her pubic hair.

“Well, when you had me go get Mr. Wilkins that day, I know what I said to you but I was really nervous. It was strange, but I found I was getting excited at the same time. It felt like I had goose bumps all over. I know my nipples got real hard. It felt so naughty, knowing he was going to look at me. For a few moments I felt like I was topless.” She moved my fingers to just inside her moistening tunnel.

“Uh-huh, and how about Henry and his son Paul actually seeing your boob bare?” I prodded further.

“Well, it wasn’t intentional, but it’s a tiny bit neat to think back on, I guess, in a naughty way,” Cindy admitted with a grin.

I worked my fingers deeper, probing. “Uh-huh, and that smile on Paul’s face today said he thinks so too,” I added, mildly goading.

“George, don’t be bad,” my wife admonished, but grabbed my wrist and began moving my hand in a fucking motion.

“It’s kinda hot knowing, isn’t it?”

“Uh-uh,” Cindy responded, though obliged my hand to be more aggressive.

“Look at your breasts.”

She wailed, “Georrrge!” but then did look at her chest.

“Paul saw them. Play with them.” Cindy began feeling her breasts. “You’re so hot. … And Paul saw your sweet nipples.” Using my thumb to stimulate her clitoris, I ventured on, “How hard would Paul be, if you actually let him see your beautiful tits?”

Cindy pressed her groin into my hand stimulation.

“Does it turn you on?” She groaned. “Would he still be shy? Would he get hard.? Would he blush?”

“I would,” she replied quietly.

A moment later Cindy ground up her crotch in small rotations. I eased off and she moaned. “Would it turn you on, to let him see?”

Groaning she protested, “You ass. Fuck me.”

Positioning myself, I paused above my wife. “Admit it, you’re sexy.”

“I’m sexy,” she responded in a very soft voice while trying to pull me closer.

I teasingly rubbed my cock back and forth along her slit. “It would be hot, letting Paul see.”

“I doubt that.”

Shifting, I slid my cock halfway into her and stopped. “Talking about it is hot, say it.”

Tugging at my hips Cindy answered loudly, “Pervert, quit teasing,” then almost whispered, “Maybe.”

Pulling back some, then in one long movement, I pressed in until our groins touched. Her vagina felt so wonderfully snug and warm, and very, very wet. Cindy moaned in pleasure of my entry and thrust herself hard against me. I halted deep inside my love. “Are you thinking about it?”

“Stop it.”

Realizing I’d gone too far, gotten a little crazy, I made love to my wife, hoping the passion wasn’t lost.

Raising my hips I withdrew my cock, soaked by her arousal, until only the crown remained inside. Slowly I returned to her hungry depths. Cindy moaned out, gripping my hips hard. Our pubic hair grinding together, I began a slow determined corkscrew with my shaft. She threw her legs into the air and her moans grew louder. I changed suddenly, pulling back then plunging hard. Back, then forcefully filling her once more. She groaned in my ear. Kissing my wife hard, I tilted my pelvis to work it on her clit. Cindy screamed out in orgasm as I kept up the onslaught.

Despite my own need, I felt I owed this to her for getting carried away teasing. I withdrew, plunged and ground against her, again and again. Cindy met each thrust moaning loudly. Hard, forcefully we sought the ultimate. Another climax, this time she whimpered. Still I worked to please my lover, my wife.

My own end was near and I strained to hold it at bay. Reaching between us I found her clit and massaged it while trying to prevent my juices from exploding. Cindy’s whimpering became continuous, throwing her hands down, frantically gripping the sheets she came yet again. I threw caution to the wind and removed my hand, I was in impossible heat. Pounding in and out I sought the overdue. Cindy was quivering, I thrust into her hard as I could, and as I felt a tremor of her own, I came with a roar. Pulse after pulse shot from my swollen aching cock into her womb.

Collapsing onto my forearms, sweat dripping from us both, we panted into each others ear. Still inside the woman I loved, I felt her tremors continue then finally fade. We kissed a long time, our tongues expressing all we felt. It was almost torture to withdraw from her heat, the place I adored.

Resting beside my wife we snuggled, gently giving each other light kisses. Caressing her nearest breast Cindy murmured, “He is cute, in a kinda shy, nerdy way.”

Unable to resist any longer I asked, “You think Paul’s favorite color is baby blue now?”

Turning away to assume her normal sleep position, Cindy replied, “From the way you tell it he probably doesn’t remember what color my shirt was.”

“Yeah maybe, but you were wearing matching panties.”

Bolting upright to face me Cindy cried out, “What, you’re joking? Tell me you’re joking.”

“At first you bent down and that was glorious, but then you kinda squatted.”

Falling back on her pillow my wife sighed, “Oh for fuck sake!”

Chapter 2 Sowing Seeds

I worked the rest of that set of shifts then I began four days off. The weather was forecast to be sunny and warm. To my surprise the day before Cindy had gone with Fred to a garden centre to select some plantings. It was tempting to ask what she’d worn but I was just pleased the two were getting along.

I lazed on the bed while Cindy showered. Stepping out, an coy look appeared on her face and in a cutesy voice, she stated, “Okay dear husband, I’m going to be out gardening this morning. What should I wear?”

“Um let me see,” I teased back. “How about something sexy?”

Grinning or smirking, I was not sure which, Cindy asked, “You sure? Mr. Wilkins is likely to be out. He bought some things yesterday too.”

“Sure, why not. Give him a thrill, yourself a thrill. Go for it.”

“Yeah right. I just asked to see if you were still on that kick like before.”

I wasn’t about to let the small progress in her self assurance be set back. I tried to think quickly. Cindy was teasing, she was thinking about things even if she was still saying no. Remembering the ice cream, I suggested, “Let’s play pretend.”


“Pretend we are still on the island at the resort. You have been appointed Goddess of the Gardens.” Cindy giggled. “You are at one with nature.” Giggle. “Clothes seem unnecessary.”

Laughing, she attacked me on the bed. “You are nuts. Completely nuts.”

We tussled and tickled for a bit. When we ran out of breath, I continued, “Okay, but admit it sounds nice.” I caressed her flat tummy and noted it was extra taut. Was she nervous, turned on? “Erotic,” I continued. “Dreamy.” I kissed her. “Exciting.”

“Not,” she responded with a mock pout. “Well, maybe a little bit, but only in a fantasy world.”

“Well we can have a bit of fantasy in real life. It doesn’t have to be all dull and routine.”

“Ah-huh, go on.”

“Pretend Fred has already seen you naked and beautiful.”


“You were self conscious at first but warmed to his praise of your delectable body.”

“Oh God.”

“Now you are simply going to be outside, possibly together, possibly not.” I toyed with one of her nipples.


“The idea of covering so nothing dare show, somehow seems less important now.”

“Oh geez.”

Rising from the bed, I added, “Pretend all of that really happened. Don’t deny your admirers goddess, dress for today.”

Cindy groaned.

“You don’t have to go out like that but pretend, for me, for us. When you’re done come down and show me.”

She threw a pillow at my head.

I had the breakfast dishes washed and tidied well before Cindy finally came downstairs. I was speechless. The proverbial farmer’s daughter had nothing on her. Barefoot and clad in worn blue jean cutoffs, with virtually no leg material left was stunning. Her shapely legs looked even better somehow. The outside leg seams of the shorts were split way up and onto her hips. The waistline rested well below her cute navel.

Wow. She’d cut most of the belt area. Her midriff was bare to just below her ever so delicious breasts. Covering but drawing attention to her chest was an old thin t-shirt that I barely recognized as mine. It was cut off at the bottom and hung there without even touching her abdomen. There were only over sized armholes, the sleeves had been removed. The low scoop at the top was wide and deep. She’d cut away a lot of what had been there to make the deep, rounded scoop. It wouldn’t take much at all for both her breasts to be on display. Finally her hair was up in a high ponytail, revealing her very kissable, slender neck.

Grinning but blushing, Cindy announced, “Okay I’m ready. Do you think Mr. Wilkins will like it?” she naughtily inquired, posing saucily.

Trying to regain a semblance of composure, I answered, “Um, maybe, ask him.”

“Jerk,” she laughed.

“You are ravishing.”

“Yeah well, it’s only for fun. I did enjoy doing it though.”

“Good, I’m glad you did. You do look great like that. Be honest, do you feel sexy right now? You look great.”

“Yeah, okay I do.” She turned a bit to show her legs and butt cheeks.

“Your admirers would love to see you now.”

“Yeah sure … You know Paul’s been by a couple more times since. He’s a nice guy. We’ve sat and talked some.”

“So he’s not shy after all.”

“He is. He told me he was awkward with people.”

“But apparently not with you,” I added.

Smiling broadly, Cindy informed me, “Paul said he liked me. It took him a while to get it out, but then sorta blurted out he liked talking with me.”

“Ooh-la-la, my hot wife has another one gaga?”

She stuck out her tongue at me. “Very funny. Well anyway, this was just for pretend. The Goddess of the Garden will go up and change to really go out now.”

“Wait, hang on. I want to get a picture.”

“Aw, not again. Didn’t you take enough on our honeymoon?”

“Never. Don’t move.”

Returning with the camera, I took several shots from different angles and poses. The flash went off each time. In moving about I noticed Fred in his yard, trying to see what was going on. I took a couple more then sat away from the window.

“Our neighbor is out there. Wave to him.”

“Oh no,” she gasped and froze.

“Best acknowledge him, he’s already seen you.”

Timidly, Cindy waved and attempted a smile. Turning to me, she asked, “Now what am I going to do? If I change before I go out he’ll wonder, won’t he?”

This seemed new. She cared what he might think? “Well, I would say it’s already decided then. Go on out. You’ll be fine.”

Cindy groaned and stomped a foot, “I could just not go out.”

“True, but your plants are waiting, and I think you were looking forward to it.”

She whimpered, “Yeah but I’ll be so nervous. Will you go out first, distract him maybe?”

I grabbed my coffee and went outside. Fred said good morning and invited me over. We sat and chatted briefly. Soon he revealed his curiosity. “So, taking some pictures of the Mrs.?”

“Yeah, can’t get enough really. I love her so much.”

“She is a delight. I’m glad we’re getting along. I thoroughly enjoyed our trip out yesterday, great company.”

Cindy came out, said hi and waved as she quickly squatted down to begin her planting. The low fence provided some element of cover but the spacing between the slats allowed enticing glimpses. Her breasts looked so mouth watering beneath canlı bahis siteleri the top that now gaped open and down. There was nothing left to the imagination. Her pink nipples were like small bullets, and the lovely under curves of her breasts invited caressing.

The legless shorts rode up as she crouched, and her delightfully firm bum cheeks saucily sought attention too. Should I go whisper to her? Would that help or hinder? She’d said how nervous she’d be. I didn’t necessarily want her to display that much to Fred, or anyone else, but… I turned to look at our neighbor. He was certainly taking full advantage of the view.

Realizing I knew, he spoke, “It’s been a long while since I’ve seen a beauty such as your Cindy.”

“Yeah, well, um…”I stammered while thinking Paul had seen a lot of one bare breast and her panty-clad mound, but not this much. Not her whole bare chest and butt cheeks.

“Don’t be displeased. It’s harmless after all.”

Cindy was right from the beginning. Fred was different. He had found a way to kindly say let him look, then dismiss it as harmless. The damn of it all was, I found myself at a loss to think of why not. I sipped at my coffee and enjoyed watching my wife’s delightful boobs sway and jiggle as she worked away. God but she is sexy. Letting my thoughts drift, I quietly reminisced, “She was easily the best looking girl in school.”

“No doubt,” Fred replied.

“Oh geez Fred, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was thinking out loud.”

“You spoke a truth, no apology,” he replied simply. “Think I’ll go round to help your wife,” he added and was off.

Caught off guard, I just sat there. Fred knelt beside her and leaned around to view her charms close up. Cindy seemed frozen to the spot. It had all happened so quickly. There he was, so near, looking straight into her top as she remained bent down. He did nothing to disguise what he was doing. Red faced, she looked my way helplessly. It was too late. I sort of threw my hands up. I think Cindy resigned herself to the situation too because she resumed her planting. Fred even began to actually help her dig and plant. Later we parted ways and went inside for a break.

Cindy spoke first. “I might as well have been topless out there!”

I mumbled.

“Well I hope you’re happy. Mr. Wilkins saw my boobs real good this time and he sure seemed pleased.”

“We’ll live honey. It happened. It wasn’t anybody’s fault really.”

“Ha, you and your fixations with my body. You’ve got our bloody neighbor going now too.”

“Cindy, hang on. I love you to bits, and yes, your body too. Fred is going to like what he likes. You, me, we won’t change that.”

“So now what?”

“Don’t know. Nothing, I would think.”

“Nothing? He saw my bare boobs, half my ass too.”

“We just go on. He saw your breasts. Nobody died. Now at least, maybe you don’t have to worry about being so modest going outside.”

“I don’t believe this. You seem to be sitting there telling me it’s okay if he sees my tits again.”

“No I am not! However, if by chance he does, it wouldn’t be so big a deal then, would it?”

A few minutes later Fred knocked on our back door. “Come on out you two. I’ve made us some punch and we can visit.”

We gave each other a look and joined him. Looking uncomfortable at first Cindy did calm as she sat more modestly in a chair. Sipping at her pineapple based drink, she remarked, “Mmm, this is different.”

“It’s my own special recipe,” Fred replied. “You like it?”

Taking a larger swallow Cindy nodded. “Yes, I think I do. It has a unique something about it.”

I nodded in agreement.

“So George tells me he’s into taking pictures,” Fred remarked, changing the subject. Cindy flushed and glared at me. “I bet there are some good ones. I noticed him at work snapping some earlier.”

Cindy offered, “He was taking some of me in this outfit I made. It was just for fun really. It wasn’t for anybody to see, but then you kind of did, so… Well it seemed too late to change and…”

“And glad I am of that,” Fred declared. “A delightful outfit indeed, and you’re so lovely in it.”

So here we were right back in it. I took a big drink.

“You must show me your photos, George. I’d like that. Do they go back to when you were dating?”

“Yeah, they do.”

“Good then. I bet there’s some nice honeymoon ones too, eh? Cindy, how did you come about the outfit? Do you have others like it?”

Cindy flushed again. “No, that’s the only one.”

“Pity, I’d love to see more.”

“It was just a pretend thing. I don’t know what got into me actually,” she added.

“Well you did a smashing job. You should make some more, right George? You surely have the figure and looks for it Cindy. I’d love to see you in them when they’re done.”

I had to intervene. “Um, Fred, this whole thing was meant to be, private. It wasn’t meant to be a shared thing. You know. You certainly weren’t meant to see, ah, well, what you did.”

“Oh I understand George. I’m not about to tell anyone. Our neighborly friendship can be as private as you like. I appreciate a bit of the risqué too. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Cindy has shown imagination in creating her outfit. I think it’s wonderful.”

I was dumbfounded. Bordering the rude, he had boldly, albeit nicely, said he enjoyed looking at my wife’s naked breasts. That we shouldn’t be embarrassed and he encouraged her to show off more. We went silent as we lowered the amount of punch in the jug.

Fred went over to his place to use the washroom and Cindy simply asked me, “Well?”

I shrugged. “Honestly don’t know. We could end the friendship here but it would be awkward being neighbors.”

Cindy shook her head. “No, I hope there’s no need for that.”

“Well, we can just try and ignore some of what he says, but that’ll be ongoing.” She nodded. “You could just do a strip for him right here,” I playfully suggested, trying for humor.


“We can go along some when we feel like it?”

“If!” Cindy corrected. “Hey, are you saying you’re okay with this?”

I shrugged again. “Before, Paul and his dad saw your boobs and the world didn’t end. So now Fred has too, an even better look, but it’s over. Don’t just be reactive, how do you feel?”

She considered then replied softly, “Not as bad as I should. Not that I’m likely to, but if I ever were to make another outfit, I think I’d be having thoughts about what Mr. Wilkins might see of my body or not.”

Fred returned. “So then, with the weather warm and all, how about a barbecue later? I have some nice chops I can take out.”

What the heck. “Sure, sounds good,” I replied.

Sighing, Cindy added, “I guess I can make a salad.”

We enjoyed the rest of the day. Fred was overall a nice guy. Yeah, he did try and look down her top again. Cindy didn’t cooperate, but then she didn’t exactly turn away either.

Getting ready for bed that night Cindy lost her shorts and panties. After beginning to remove her top, my old t-shirt, she seemed to change her mind. She went to the large mirror over her dresser and bent forward.

Smiling, I remarked with sincerity, “It was a lovely sight.”

“George,” my wife replied in a don’t be like that tone. “I’m trying to see just how far down Mr. Wilkins saw.”

“Well, I don’t think you’re bent over low enough,” I suggested.

Cindy tried lower but got frustrated, stating, “When I do that I can’t see in the mirror properly.”

Thinking rapidly, I got her to go and get on the bed facing the mirror, then I got an empty shoe box out of the closet. Squashing it a little first, I wedged it behind the mirror at the top. As I’d hoped, it moved the angle down.

My wife knelt on hands and knees and remarked, “That’s better, thanks.”

Joining her on the bed, I knelt behind her and tapped her legs prompting, “Open so I can get closer to see.”

Cindy obliged and I snuggled in, leaning over her back and placed my head above hers.

“George you’re getting hard,” she commented in a dismissive voice.

My cock was resting perfectly centered along her butt crease and indeed was lengthening. “Mmm, yeah,” I replied lovingly and caressed the spectacular cheeks of her bum. “Who wouldn’t be? Think Fred got hard looking at those?”

Annoyed, Cindy shot back, “Jerk, don’t start. I wasn’t naked below,” she added, then gave a small giggle. “And Mr. Wilkins wasn’t playing with my ass. Trying to turn me on.”

“Turn just a little this way,” I urged, moving her slightly and sliding my hardness up and down a bit, along the V of her bum. “Ah, see. I think that’s more the view Fred had,” I commented as if nothing else was happening.

My wife must have known exactly what I was up to, but played along by asking, “Think Mr. Wilkins really might have gotten… stiff?”

“Absolutely,” I assured, kissing her shoulder and pressing my cock more firmly against her bum. Thinking of buttery words, I added, “Hot, sexy. Mr. Wilkins got a glimpse of heaven today.”

Cindy groaned and retorted, “Laying it on a little thick aren’t you?” But then wriggled her butt against my cock, giggling.

I turned my head remembering the stuffed a****ls on her night table. “Don’t move, wait a sec,” I said, patting her bum and moving off the bed. I got the stuffed collectible I wanted and placed it on her dresser at the base of the mirror.

“What’s that for?” my wife inquired, amused.

Resuming my position on the bed, I replied, “Don’t you recognize Mr. Wilkins?”

Laughing, she rebutted, “It’s a blue elephant silly.”

Smiling at her response, I teased, “Ssh, we’re playing pretend.”

“Aah, not again,” Cindy groaned in response, feeling my softer shaft slip between her legs and against her pussy.

Continuing on, I suggested, “It’s fun. See, Mr. Wilkins is appreciating the view of your glorious bod, with those big, longing eyes of his.”

Cindy replied, laughing, “You’re nuts, crazy.” Tilting her hips, she invitingly asked, “So you going to do me? Or just joke around?” She then added, “The only thing longing about that thing looking at me is its long trunk.”

How could I say no to a cute gal. I placed the head of my cock just inside her entrance to moisten. Picking up on Cindy’s words, I teased further, “Think Fred has a long trunk?”


“Yes dear?”

“Shut up and fuck me.”

“Yes dear.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Perhaps a week later, Cindy and I were having breakfast. “Any plans or wishes for today hon?” I asked.

“No, unless you’d go with me shopping later. It’s not as much fun going alone.”

I let out a fake groan. “Just so you know, I wouldn’t do it for anyone else.” I got a kiss for that.

I went out back with my coffee and noticed a bowl on the patio by the door. It had water in it. Must be for Paul’s dog I realized. Just then Fred appeared.

We had all chatted briefly a few times since that gardening day but had never mentioned it. This morning we talked about various things, then Fred mentioned, “You seem less down today George.”

“Huh?” It took a few moments, but I think I realized and replied, “Oh, it’s nothing really. Just have to get better at leaving things at work, Cindy doesn’t like hearing about some things.”

“Perhaps not. But you need a safety valve. I did, and I only pushed paper. Other than that though, you and the Mrs. getting along better?”

While trying to figure out why he would ask, Cindy stepped out. “Hi Mr. Wilkins. George, I’m ready to go shopping.”

I got up and said my goodbye. Neighbor Fred stood, stating, “Enjoy. Will you two be out again when you get back?”

“Sure,” I replied without thinking.

Wandering through the mall Cindy remarked, “Mr. Wilkins sounded lonely when he asked about us coming out later. I think we should sit with him, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I said I would, we will. Have you thought much about that day?”

“Yes, too much actually. So what do you think?”

“I don’t know, he’s gregarious but a bit crude,” I replied. “Overall he was very complimentary, but planted seeds to see what might grow.”

“George, you’re on about gardening again,” she teased. “But yes, he is a devil. Are we going to acknowledge those seeds?”

“As in go along?” I asked, trying not to sound surprised, before realizing this was the second question this morning I was left wondering about.

“I guess so.”

“Hmm, it could be fun in a way. The mere fact we’re talking about it gives me a bit of a tremor.”

“Yeah?” Cindy responded and squeezed my hand. “You’re naughty.”

“You are a sexy, desirable woman Cindy, admit it. Having more than just me acknowledge it, show it, is helping you feel more comfortable, more confident about yourself.” The true gist of Fred’s question hit me.

“Maybe. It would drive Mr. Wilkins nuts.”

“Possibly, but I doubt it. He wants to see more of you. We’d be playing into his hands too, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I suppose… Do you think it would really be okay then? I have no idea what kinda outfit I can come up with. But it might be fun, in a way I guess,” she added with naughtiness in her tone.

“Yeah, if we approach it from a fun point.” The possible purpose of the second odd question dawned. Stalling to let it all sink in, I asked, “Say, why do you keep calling him Mr. Wilkins?”

“Well at first it was out of respect. He is older. Then I guess he kinda reminded me of this teacher I had. He was quite tall too, and kinda cute.”

Something in Cindy wanted to. I decided to act while the iron was hot. This would be for her, for us too. Coming to a boutique we’d seen before, I asked her to wait. I went inside and spoke to the woman working there. Returning, I told Cindy to go in and look around and that I would meet her at the food court after. Looking puzzled she went in.

I spotted my wife walking toward me carrying a bag. She looked bemused and was blushing profusely. I asked her not to say anything about what happened or what she bought but I did ask for my credit card back. We had a light lunch then returned home. Cindy disappeared upstairs for a while.

That afternoon when I saw Fred outside I told Cindy, “I’m going make some drinks then sit out with our neighbor. Why don’t you bring out the tray when you’re ready?”

Cindy came out carrying the drink tray and bent low to place it on a small patio table in front of us. Maintaining that position, she poured three glasses and handed one to Fred. “For you Mr. Wilkins,” then handing one to me she took her own and found a seat opposite. The whole while she remained very red faced.

Fred downed half his glass then stood and walked to her. “George, I am about to kiss your wife,” and he did, firmly on the lips. “Thank you,” he softly said to her, then returned to his chair.

Cindy was wearing a quite short, pleated, school girl type, mauve and white skirt. On top was a small, sleeveless mauve vest. It was of some flimsy material that was partially see through and there was a fair gap in the front. Clearly there was nothing under it. It was held together by tiny alligator clips attached to a rather loose chain of small gold links. My wife had just intentionally shown another man her bare breasts. I was rock hard, though torn as to why.

Fred declared, “Cindy, you are a beautiful woman. In many ways.”

My wife looked at me and asked, “Do you want to explain or shall I?” Unable to speak I nodded, indicating her. “George and I discussed the other day, about how I ended up, well, shall we say, showing. Then there’s what you said after. We decided what was done was done and maybe wasn’t so bad in the end. He’s always after me to relax and not be so uptight, as he puts it. You left us with the naughty idea of doing it some more, but we couldn’t decide.

“Today while we were at the mall we got to talking again, about before. And then George went into this boutique without me. When he came back out he told me to go in. The clerk there said my husband had left instructions for her to help me in selecting a special outfit to ‘Wow’ him with, as she put it. I pretty much knew he had meant that it would be for you to see too. I was really nervous about the whole idea, but as I was shown different things, it got kinda naughty, neat to imagine.

“Apparently I wasn’t to say what I got, only to wear it, if I dared. Hearing that, I wondered if she had guessed it wasn’t just for my husband. I don’t know, it seemed so wicked, but thrilling at the same time. Anyway, he had left his credit card, so I bought it, and this is the outfit. You and he are seeing it now, together.”

“Wow!” Fred exclaimed.

“Yeah, wow,” Cindy concurred, finally giving in to another full blush and taking a big drink.

There was a rather awkward silence, then Fred asked, “And how do you feel now Cindy?”

“Strange,” was the reply. “I was so nervous to come out… But I was tingling at the same time. I felt that way in the store too, butterflies big time. Now, I think I’m still kinda shaky, but somehow strangely calm, all at the same time.”

“At peace,” Fred remarked and finished his drink. Looking at me then Cindy, he asked her, “Would you be generous enough to refill my glass?”

Cindy looked at me for a reaction. I think I was stone faced. Likely it was mild shock. She blushed but then smirked. Standing, she walked the short paces to the table. Bending, she looked up into Fred’s eyes and smiled with her trademark sparkle in her gray-blue eyes. Slowly, she refilled his glass and extended it in offering. I was totally absorbed by the sight of her tantalizing, hard nipple breasts, offered for our neighbor’s viewing enjoyment.

Fred’s voice startled me. “Lovely tits dear, lovely.” We were frozen in that moment. He leaned in and kissed her cheek, then sat back. He took the glass and declared, “Fuck I’m hard!”

How does one respond to that? Cindy moved about, drinking, then refilling her glass. I did the same. We just sat for a long while. Finally, Fred asked, “George, are you upset with your wife?”

I paused then answered, “No.”

“Me?” he ventured further.

I hesitated but responded, “Strangely no.”


“No, I suppose I’m not,” she replied demurely.

We were quiet again until Fred inquired, “You going to get a picture of your wife in that lovely garb George?”

“Golly, I guess I should huh.”

“Damn right, and I want to watch you take it.”

Shrugging, I looked at Cindy and she nodded. “I’ll get the camera and we can take it now.”

Cindy interjected, “Let’s go in to take the picture.”

Once inside, I got the camera set and snapped a few, some with Cindy bending like before. She seemed more at ease now, readily accepting poses I suggested. Then on her own she turned, flipped her skirt up saucily and held it there, saying with a grin, “This is why I thought we should be inside.” She was in a thong.

“Man what an ass,” Fred declared.

Cindy blushed prettily as I snapped away. It seemed she was enjoying the camera more.

Fred asked to take a couple and I showed him the zoom and button to push. He had Cindy turn this way and that. Snap snap. “Stand with her George.” He snapped away then prompted, “Undo her vest.” I paused, saw no reaction from my wife and I did it. Snap. “Stand slightly behind her and hold it open.” I did and he took the picture. “Mighty fine.”

He moved closer and snapped again. “Remove Cindy’s top George.” Snap snap. “Your wife has excellent tits George, hold them.” My legs trembled slightly as, in front of our neighbor, I moved my hands to cup Cindy’s breasts. Snap snap. “How about you take some again George?”

Anticipating what I thought he had in mind, I whispered in her ear, “Is it okay?”

“Hell, I guess,” she replied, not sounding sure.

Fred stood in the spot I was before. Their difference in height really stood out. Snap. Putting arms around Cindy, he placed his large hands just below both her breasts and looked down over her shoulder. Snap. Kissing her neck, his hands disappeared and suddenly her skirt fell. She looked down and surprisingly giggled, then kicked it aside. Snap.

The thong didn’t cover much but there was no hair. She must have shaved more. I moved closer and knelt. Snap. Fred slid his hands down to her hips. Snap. Turning her around, he knelt and spread a hand at the top of each thigh, just framing the underside cheeks of her sweet butt. Snap.

I trembled and fell back into a chair. Turning my wife back around, he embraced her full body and kissed her thoroughly. How I managed to keep taking pictures I don’t know, but I did while sitting.

Oddly to me, it was Fred who brought an end to this boldness with my wife. Declaring, “I gotta stop,” he walked back outside.

Cindy and I were silent. As she dressed again, I rose and went to her. I held and kissed my wife tenderly. We went outside to rejoin Fred, and I think we all tried to be comfortable but it didn’t happen. Finally, Fred commented, “Cindy you are an incredible and sexy woman.” He left and went home.

Cindy said she needed to go lay down for a while and went inside to bed. I sat out there for the longest time. About an hour later she reappeared looking groggy. She had changed into the white halter and a pair of white shorts.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Not sure,” she quietly replied. “You?” she added.


“George, I feel weird. That was against everything I believe, and yet, yet I liked it. Even the anticipation of doing it had me feeling strangely excited.”

“Yeah, it was weird for me too. I didn’t know whether to stop it or cheer it on. I guess a third person makes things so unpredictable.”

“What did you expect to happen?”

“Other than having you feel good about yourself, your body, I don’t know.”

“Do you regret it?”

“I don’t think so. Shit, I was shaky nervous but throbbing hard the whole time.”

“Mr. Wilkins was really big and hard too when he hugged me.”

“No doubt. I wonder how he managed not to touch you like he had me do?”

“I don’t know. It seemed like that’s the way it was headed.”

“Would you have been upset?”

“I don’t know. Not then, I don’t think so, not at that point. Now, I’m not so sure.”

“We need time to digest this.”

Ch. 3 Pickerel Season

We saw Fred over the next few days but only in a passing, greeting kind of way. Then the morning of starting another set of days off, I decided it was time to be over whatever it was I was feeling. Hell, I think Cindy was doing better than I was. I went out to sit with him.

“We haven’t sat together for a bit,” he remarked.

“I haven’t had any real time off ’til now and, well to be honest, we didn’t know how to be any more.”

“Why do you need to be anything?”

“Come on Fred, things have changed between us.”

“Okay, yes they have. It doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends. It was a bit of fun, a turn on. Do you regret it?”

“No, nor does Cindy really. It’s just the reality is something I’m not sure we were ready for. Unnerved us a bit.”

“Yet it was exhilarating. Keep that in mind as you two go along in your marriage.”

“Helping Cindy to be less reserved, to feel better about herself, was the whole point. Maybe it was too much, because now there’s this big question mark that seems to be in our heads. Did we overdo it? Was it right or wrong? Should we…”

“Hold on George. Have you two been fucking like rabbits lately?”

“Um well, yeah, I guess.”

“Then you have your answer. You both think or even talk about it over and over, and it turns you on.”

I tried to digest this, then asked, “How do you seem to know all this?”

Chuckling, Fred replied, “Because I’ve been there George. I was married too.” After a few moments he rose and said, “Well I’m going to have some lunch, then I’m off to go fishing,” and he started to leave.

“Fishing huh, I like that too. Haven’t been for some years though.”

“You’re welcome to go. Cindy too of course, if she’d like. You have a rod? I have some extras but I haven’t looked at them in a long while.”

“Yeah I do. Okay, I’ll ask and get back to you.”

Cindy had never fished but was warm to the idea. “Sounds like fun. I don’t know about worms and hooks though, yuck. Where we going?”

“Don’t know. After lunch I’ll let him know we want to go and find out.”

“I’ll go over,” she replied. “Haven’t talked to him all that much since that day. Heck, I’ve seen Paul more than Mr. Wilkins.”

Cindy left and it seemed a long while before she returned. “Want to go away for a few days?” she asked. Stunned I just looked at her. Not only did her question surprise me but her shirt looked different. “Fred is going to his cottage to fish and he’s going to stay there for a while. He said we were welcome to come up tomorrow, for the day, or we could go today and stay over. He gave me this map he printed out.”

“Shit!” I exclaimed. “What happened over there?”

“We talked,” my wife giggled. “He said there’s a couple of bedrooms and indoor plumbing though the place could use some cleaning up. He has a boat too,” she added, sounding excited at that prospect.

Deciding to wait it out about the shirt, I tried, “I’m caught off guard here. It seems it was just a bit ago we were concerned about how things would be with Fred and the what ifs kind of thing. Spending some time hanging out fishing sounds okay. You want to stay too?”

“I was wondering when he was talking and doing the map. I asked him if he was figuring that might mean he’d get to look again. I’m pretty sure I turned red though. He said he expected nothing though he’d be a liar to try and deny liking what happened before.”

“Well we can go for the fishing and to be someplace different,” I offered and Cindy nodded. “We can take a bag then decide up there if we want to stay.” Another nod. “You gonna tell me what happened to your shirt?” I finally asked.

My cute wife blushed but gave a small grin. “George, like I told you, I thought about things while I was at Mr. Wilkins’. I wasn’t thinking about whether we would stay or not. I just figured if we go it would be there, in the air, and would I feel comfortable. I had to decide George.

“We were standing near each other when he gave me the map. Maybe I was trying to make light of things but I mentioned I wasn’t as fussy about the buttons on my shirts as before. Well he looked at my chest really good then. I asked if he thought I was being more confident or if I’d gone too far. He said I hadn’t gone too far at all. He went on and said with friends there was no need to be shy or modest.

“I thought again about that day and so I asked if undoing more would look okay and he agreed. I gave an, I don’t know thing to him, and he asked may I. I nodded but I wasn’t really sure about what he meant. Well, he touched my front and undid not one or two, but all of my buttons. We looked at each other and I believe I tried to smile, thinking he was playing cute.

“He must have thought that was a signal or something because then he slid my shirt down and off my shoulders and arms. I stood there like that, then I guess I kinda hugged him, to let him know I wasn’t mad, but part of it was to hide my face. I went to put my arms back into my shirt but he stopped me. He unhooked my bra…and took it off. He looked at my boobs a good while, then pulled my shirt back on and tied it at the bottom like you see. He said that was much better.”

I sat there in fascinated awe of what my wife had just related. I also came to the realization that I had a healthy erection. “Um, I didn’t see you carrying your bra when you came in?”

“Well, I went to pick it up from the table, where he’d put it, but he asked if I would leave it there ’til we got back from fishing.”

I sprang up and started to leave the room. “Where are you going?” Cindy asked, sounding more than a tad anxious.

“To pack.”

I must have been quick because Cindy was just coming upstairs as I was going down to go out to the garage and look for my fishing stuff. The line was a tangled mess on the reel and the contents of my fishing box looked pathetic but I threw it all in the trunk of the car. Going back in to get our bags I found Cindy wasn’t ready so I went to take a good look at the map. It showed a route to Otter Lake, then a couple of small roads beyond a tiny place called Broken Pine. I figured under two hours easy.

Cindy came down lugging an overstuffed suitcase. Women, I thought to myself. She was still wearing that shirt that Fred had rearranged but had put on the shorts she’d doctored for her pretend outfit. Looking up, it dawned on me I hadn’t seen Fred’s car when I went out to the garage before, oh well. We loaded up and were off.

Other than the radio there was silence for a long while. I know my mind was spinning however. Taking the chance I started, “You wearing that outfit for Mr. Wilkins?”

“Yeah, I figured why not. He did the shirt and I thought he might like it that I’d still have it on when he sees me later.” She shrugged like it was no longer a big deal. “He’s already seen my boobs today. The shorts sorta go with it, don’t you think?”

“By all means. You do have a creative thing for outfits.”

“Paul seemed to like it.”


“While you were in the garage messing about, he came to the back door. He had that big smile of his but he seemed sad when I said we were going away and had to run.”

I slowly shook my head and she continued with a small giggle, “I was wearing them with the white halter one day when Paul stopped by with his dog.”

Smiling I remarked, “He must have liked that too.”

“Yeah I think so.” she agreed with amusement in her voice. “We talk a lot now. You know that dog isn’t his. He’s just looking after it for a while.”

“Talking a lot eh? Cindy’s got a boyfriend,” I tried to sing.

“Ha ha,” she replied and stuck her tongue out at me. “He’s got himself a job at the mall, in that new electronics place. Oh, I gave him a beer one time when we were inside sitting, hope that’s okay.”

I nodded and my wife continued, “I wore other shorts and the pink halter another time he came by.”

“Wow, does he stare much?”

“He did or does, but I talked to him. He was gaping at first and I told him it embarrassed me. So I offered the, look but don’t stare thing. Anyway, we talked so long I offered him lunch.”

Cindy was smiling, almost smirking, tipobet giriş and sounded so cute, like she was trying to get to me. I tried to counter with, “Long conversations, having drinks, making him a meal, wearing nice outfits. Going steady?”

Cindy whacked my shoulder good. “Knothead, I’m just trying to explain I’m more comfortable wearing the kind of stuff you thought was better for me… He does seem to have a quite a crush on me now… And, I uh, have a confession. When he got sad today, I couldn’t help it, I hugged him, then I gave him a little kiss.”

I paused then shook my head slowly. “First kiss?” I asked, though I sensed it was.

“Hm-hm, First hug too,” Cindy replied, blushing slightly.

“You’re friends,” I simply stated. Changing the subject back, I inquired, “Cindy, when Fred was doing your shirt, did he touch you this time?”

“No. It’s a bit odd really. I thought he would. I mean you weren’t there and he was taking off my clothes, well my shirt and bra. My bra closed in the front and he had his hands right there but…”

“Hmm, so it’s not ‘cus I’m there or not. Gee he’s bold enough in other ways.”

“Yeah, maybe it’s because I’m married, you know.”

“Somehow I don’t think that bothers him at all. You want him to touch you? Would you like that?”

“George!” she gasped, followed by a long pause. “I should be upset that you asked me that, but I guess I understand. I’ve kinda wondered how I’d feel at times too.”

“Is that maybe part of why you let him, do that today?” I ventured further.

“I wouldn’t have thought so, but maybe. I just figured that given the other time, it wasn’t so bad. It was naughty I know, but it was fun, and hey, we did talk about it sorta.”

“So, we’re going to all be close for the next day or two. Would you like it to happen? Do you want him to touch you?”

Looking at me confused and with a questioning eye, Cindy hesitatingly replied, “I don’t know… I guess if he does, it would, maybe be okay. Is that what you want?”

“We’re all getting close and personal. It just seems a natural progression to me.”

Bothered by my remark, Cindy exclaimed, “Progression? We don’t have to progress that way. Look, the prospect of it does excite me some, but I’m your wife and he’s just a neighbor… A friendly one.”

“Sweetie, you have gained self esteem. You seem to take things, the world lighter. We are getting along wonderfully. You’ve thought it might be neat, and I would be okay if things got more, personal with Fred.”

“Yeah, okay.”

I let it drop at that point. We drove on and came to the town of Allingham. Spotting a plaza, I pulled in.

“Come on,” I announced. “We need to get some groceries.”

“What? Hey, I can’t go into a store dressed like this.”

Getting out, I countered, “Sure you can. You look hot.” I walked around to Cindy’s door and opened it. Handing her some money, I instructed, “Go into the grocery and get some steaks and corn or something. Maybe eggs and stuff for breakfast too.”

Looking flabbergasted, Cindy replied, “I’d be afraid to move in this and… Hey, what are you going to do? Aren’t you coming?”

“Nope, I’m going over to the other end to the liquor store,” I remarked, starting to walk away. “You’ll be fine.”

I got back to the car some minutes before my wife. Seeing her exit the store and approach, I marveled again at how beautiful she truly was. After putting the bags in the back, she got in and declared, “Well that was quite an experience.”

Not responding, I started the car and got us back under way. Cindy continued, “The meat counter has those mirrors at the back. I noticed a guy looking at me through it, when I was bent over picking out steaks. I was stuck! What was I going to do?

“Trying to find a decent package of bacon, do you know how long that takes? There was a couple there and the guy was checking me out.” She looked at me to find me grinning. “George! You’re enjoying this!” I had to giggle and got a shoulder slap for my indiscretion.

“By the time I got to the eggs I just said screw it, and I wiggled my butt when I bent over.” That produced an all out laugh from me. “Selecting corn from the bin, a guy even offered to help me.” Shrugging, Cindy added, “So I let him. He even picked out some baking potatoes when I mentioned a barbecue.” I broke out in chuckles again. “George, he asked me to go out for coffee! I had to get out of there, and I missed getting some things.”

Further along I saw an old sign announcing Broken Pine and knew we were close to our destination. I pulled in to a gas station right by the lake. “Cindy, why don’t you go in and look for whatever else you think we need. I’ll be in in a few minutes.”

“Sure,” she replied with a mild sauciness. “Maybe I can get asked out by another hot stud.”

After gassing up, I entered what looked like some kind of old style general store. I saw Cindy by the chip rack and a guy maybe forty behind the counter. I started over to the ATM and I heard her say to the clerk, “Yup, gonna try and catch my first fish.”

“Sounds good. Be a nice time to catch some rays too,” the man replied.

“Yeah it will. The guys ‘ll be there though. Won’t be able to get sun all over.”

My dear wife was flirting, teasing this guy, I realized as I moved over to get the pop I’d forgotten for mix.

The clerk responded, “Sure you can. While they’re distracted you can catch the big one.”

Cindy laughed, “Hmm, good idea. That was smooth.”

Having obtained what I wanted I went to the counter. “You could distract me anytime,” I added, joining in.

Cindy walked up next to me. “Men are so easy.”

Handing the guy my credit card, I countered, “We just know what’s worth giving up our mystery for.”

“Yes indeed,” the clerk agreed as he rang things up.

Back in the car while studying the map, I asked, “So, did you get asked out?”

“No, you came in and spoiled it all,” Cindy replied with a mock pout. “He was kinda tall, dark and handsome too,” she added, now smiling broadly.

Amused, I rebutted, “The guy was shorter than me, and he was old enough to be your father.”

“Well I went out with Mr. Wilkins… to the garden centre. And anyone taller than me is tall, so there.”

“Okay, okay,” I replied, shaking my head and giving her that one.

Finally we arrived at Fred’s cottage and thankfully his car was there. Walking onto the porch we noticed a sign over the door. TRADING POST.

Fred greeted us then helped get the groceries from the car and our bags squared away.

“So, how be I fix you a drink? George, Cindy, what’ll you have?”

“Rye and ginger, thanks,” I replied.

“Okay, rye and ginger it is. You get the next round, okay George?”

“Sure, sounds good.”

“Rye and cola for me please,” Cindy added.

Fred made drinks for me and himself, then went to sit.

“Ahem, what about mine?” she asked.

“Oh, I thought you’d changed your mind. You didn’t offer anything?”

Looking perplexed, Cindy came out with, “Huh?”

“I made a drink for your husband and he agreed to make the next round. I didn’t hear anything from you so,” Fred explained.

Laughing as I caught on, I offered, “Trading post, fair exchange.”

Groaning, Cindy stated in mock disgust, “Okay I get it. Fine, I’ll make the drinks after George.”

Fred replied, “Nah, I may not want a third. Besides, we may be out fishing by then.”

Frustrated, my wife got up, stating, “Okay, so I’m on my own, is that it? I can make my own drinks.”

“Cindy dear, I will still gladly make you a drink. You just haven’t offered anything I want,” Fred responded, still maintaining a straight face.

Getting into this, I suggested to my wife, “Trade a hug, or a kiss maybe.”

Seeing an enthusiastic nod from Fred, Cindy smirked, then hugged and pecked our big fishing host on the lips. “Gee, a twofer,” he chuckled and went about making her drink.

The cottage was a simple open affair with two bedrooms and a shower bathroom along one side. The odd thing though, was that the walls of those rooms didn’t reach all the way to the ceiling or floor. The framing did but not the wall boards. Fred explained that was for air circulation. The only heat sources were a fireplace or a propane space heater type of furnace. There were doors to the rooms at least.

I made the second round and got a big smooch from my wife in trade. Taking them, we headed down to check out the boat and his spare rods. Fred had brought down a bottle and some pop. On the way he cautioned, “Drinking and boating is i*****l, so be advised if you see another boat.” He stowed the liquor away somewhere. Loaded up we set off. It seemed we were the only boat out, but nearing the fuel dock I did see a couple further down.

When we pulled up Fred got out and hit an intercom. I noticed a camera too. “Hi Tom, need some gas,” he called into the speaker.

The pump made noises of being switched on and, as agreed, I started fueling. He and Cindy headed up to the store, he to pay and her to get our fishing licenses. Returning Cindy sat in the back of the boat with me.

She spoke just loud enough, “George, do you know where we are?”

“Not sure, why?”

“This is the back, the lake side of where we stopped for gas on the way here.”

“Oh really?”

“Uh-huh. He didn’t actually let out he’d met me but he did say distractions can interfere with fishing this time of year.”

“Oops, so you got teased back?”

“Yeah and that’s not it. They know each other. Mr. Wilkins suggested he stop by for a drink if it was okay with you and me. I couldn’t be rude so I said I thought that would be nice.”

About midway back to the cottage, Fred shut off the motor to let us drift and we prepared our lines. He asked if we’d like to go by the standards. We had no idea what he was referring to so he explained, “First fish, most fish, biggest fish, but only on keepers of course.”

“For what?” I asked.

“Well I don’t mind cleaning fish so I’ll do all that. For each of the categories, how about the winner gets out of doing something else?”

Cindy laughed, “Gee Mr. Wilkins, you’re the only real fisherman here. You’ll get out of everything.”

“Au contraire,” he replied. “Beginners luck and all that, and George has fished before. I’ll let you two decide, how’s that?”

What the heck, we shrugged and tried to come up with ideas as we cast our lines. We decided and Cindy proudly announced, “First fish doesn’t have to cook.” Fred clapped and so I joined in. “Most fish doesn’t have doesn’t have to wash or dry dishes.” More clapping. “Biggest fish gets waited on with drinks and snacks all night.”

“Very good,” Fred declared as he pulled off his shirt to get some sun.

A while later I felt hot as well. “It is a warm afternoon out here on the water isn’t it,” I commented and removed my shirt.

“Yes, it’s a small lake, most of the boaters stay in the larger, open portion. But I prefer it down here at my end. Hardly any breeze seems to get in though.” Fred replied.

Hearing, “I hope you guys get distracted as hell,” I turned to see Cindy going topless too.

Beautiful and amazing was all I could think. I pulled out my trusty camera and got a shot. In appreciation I got a raspberry from the lovely model. I got more pictures when the few fish were being brought in.

A couple of hours later we decided to call it a day. Lines reeled in and stowed, Fred asked Cindy, “You like to drive us back?”

Laughing she replied, “Sure, if you don’t value your boat. I can’t drive this.”

Fred got behind the wheel, moved the seat back and patted his legs. “Come on, I’ll help you.”

To my great surprise she did. She climbed on and away we went. I managed a great picture of the two of them like that. My previously reserved wife, sitting topless on our neighbor’s lap. They were enjoying themselves and had big smiles.

So the upshot of it was, Fred didn’t have to cook and Cindy didn’t have to do dishes or make a drink later. The fish were cleaned and put in the fridge for breakfast at Fred’s request. He used my camera to take a picture of Cindy and I by the barbecue. Having a nice steak dinner, I looked across the table at my wife enjoying her meal and chatting. It was amazing to me that no one had put their shirt back on, and I took one of them sitting like that.

Later, with everything cleaned up, we sat back and I declared, “This is very enjoyable. Thank you for inviting us Fred.”

“My pleasure,” he replied. “Good company makes any day worthwhile.”

Cindy raised her drink adding, “Here’s to friendship.”

We all toasted, then the possibility of playing cards came up. We decided on gin. We also decided on no more rewards or trades for the night. It got late and we retired. I snuggled next to Cindy and quickly drifted off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the morning I began to stir and stretch. This brought Cindy awake. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“No, it’s okay.” She got up wearing just her tiny bikini panties and went to the bathroom.

Slipping on some underwear and shorts I went into the main room. There was coffee and I poured two cups. Cindy came out and I took my turn. Returning I glanced at Fred’s open bedroom door then joined my wife at the table.

Cindy stated, “He’s fishing.”

“Oh, how’d you know that?”

“I woke up earlier, not sure why. There was a light on and I wandered out. Mr. Wilkins was sitting here at the table with a coffee. He said he was sorry if he disturbed me but was up to get in some early fishing.”

“But you came back to bed. Is that all you were wearing?”

“Well yeah, that’s what I went to bed in remember, but there’s more. I guess I looked pretty sleepy, anyway he patted his leg and said to sit down. I sat, you know, on one leg, with my feet between his, and rested an arm on his shoulder.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Hm-hm. He was in a robe. Anyway, he put his arm around me, I think and we talked about something or other. When I was sipping at his coffee, I saw him studying my one boob. His face was close to it. So anyway, I said you really like ’em huh, and he agreed. I asked him how come you’ve never tried to touch me then. He just said, because he never had permission.”

“Holy! Simple as that?”

“Yup. That was the whole thing George. He hadn’t been given permission. Well, I asked him to give me his hand…and I put it on my boob.”

“You actually did that?”

“Yes,” she giggled, while looking guilty somehow. “I did, and I think he moaned. It felt really good George. I couldn’t believe it, his hand was so big and warm.” She shrugged. “I guess I’d wondered about that happening too long, so maybe that’s why, but …”

“You were also half asleep too.”

“Yeah, guess so. He was very gentle. I was surprised actually. He felt all over the one and lightly squeezed and massaged it. He teased my nipple real good, then switched to the other one. I was turning on.”

“From Mr. Wilkins?”

“Well yeah! I guess he’s had lots of practice, but anyway, then he surprised me, ‘cus he put his mouth real close…to one nipple…and said he wanted to suck my tit.”

“Ho-ly shit!”

“Yeah can you believe that? But hon, I could feel his breath on it there, as he said it, and I don’t know, I think I nodded…and he did.”

“Oh Cindy,” I groaned.

“Yeah I know. Well I wasn’t thinking clearly by then okay, and well…? He got very thorough with his mouth too. I think it was me that moaned that time. He sucked on my boob, then tickled the nipple with the tip of his tongue. Then he did the same to the other one. He started kissing and licking them all over, then sucked them some more. He teased the hell out of my nipples, with that big tongue of his. He’d flutter it, then swirl around it. He kept switching back and forth from one to the other. He did that for a long time and my nipples were aching. Finally he stopped, but he did still play with them though.”

“Wow, that’s way more than you bargained for I guess.”

“Well yeah. You too I bet. Anyway my mind was a blur. I was tingling and I think I might even have been more than, you know, a bit wet.”


“Yeah. Well, I got up to pour my own coffee and refill his. That’s when I noticed his thing was sticking out from the edge of his robe.”

“Oh no.”

“Yup. He was real hard and it looked so huge. I said something like, you’re showing, but he just said oh well. He pulled me back onto his leg and took hold of my boob again. He actually left it out like that, can you believe it?”


“George, I couldn’t help but keep looking at it. It wasn’t just big, it was fat. The top looked so large and swollen. He said I could feel it if I liked, but I mumbled something about I didn’t think I should. He kissed me and said to go ahead, that he was holding my breast, and we were just being comfortable with each other.”

“Comfortable? Boobs are one thing but his cock?”

“George,” my wife whined. “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist. I was curious, and when I looked down at it again, it seemed like it was looking up at me waiting, so I touched it. I touched it, kinda ginger like, with the tip of one finger, then moved it around a bit. George, before I knew it, I was using all my fingers to explore the head and the ridge and the shaft, all over. It was so long and hard and thick. It was so warm, almost hot. I could feel the veins and the big tube all along the underneath. That area you like, just under the head.”

“Oh wow. Cindy I’m ashamed to say, but I’m really hard listening to all this. I have been for a while.”

My wife glanced to look at my shorts. “Well maybe it was way more than either of us intended, but this was progression as you said,” then she reached and began to lightly feather my shaft and crown with her fingertips.”Take it out hon.”

“Big time,” I added, then oddly I looked around to see if anyone was looking before dropping my shorts and underwear. “Heck, you’ve never even played with me all that much.”

“Yeah well, as you know, up until now yours was only the second one I’d ever seen. The only one I’d actually touched until today. Do you want to hear the rest?” she needlessly inquired and felt my now bared, very hard cock. I nodded of course.

“Well I moved my hand to grip hold of him, I know my hand is small and all, but there was no way I could get my fingers to even come close to meeting. I’m sorry, but it did feel kind of awesome. All that maleness in my hand, and I was just free to explore it. The width of my hand, maybe covered half his length.”

Cindy gripped my cock as if she was imitating how she’d held Fred. “I don’t know, maybe ‘cus he’s older, but I found myself wanting to be nice to him then. I pumped it in my hand, kind of slow like, up and down, as far as I could, each way, like you taught me.” I groaned as she stroked my shaft, pacing with her story. “I did that for maybe a few of minutes, but I stopped when I realized what I was really doing.” Cindy let go of me and sat back.

“Yeah, you’ve never done that to me all the way,” I commented, stating what she already knew.

“He said I could go ahead but I didn’t. Anyway, we sat there drinking our coffee and sorta fondling each other. It felt nice, neat really. Him playing with my boobs and kissing them, me with his penis, his cock.”

“Shit, think about if he ever invites you over for coffee now.”

“Oh yeah.” she giggled, and I joined in. “By the way, he says his cock is called Moby, Moby Dick the great white whale. He said that class of whale is a sperm whale. Isn’t that funny?”

“After the book. Gee, sounds like you had quite a morning.”

“Yupper, sure did,” Cindy grinned. “Soon after he said he was going to go so we stood up. His robe was completely open by then and he was nude under it. Anyway, he refilled his coffee and said he wanted to kiss me goodbye. He kissed me big time and massaged both my boobs again while he did.”

“I guess permission once given.”

“Dunno. He said to say goodbye to Moby so I just said bye and kinda waved at it.”

“Oh man,” I muttered.

“Ha, that wasn’t what he had in mind it turned out. He said no no. I thought maybe he had in mind for me to kiss it or something.”

“No way?”

“Well I wouldn’t have, but I’m not so sure he wasn’t hoping. He said to shake his hand goodbye.”

“As in shake his cock?”

“Uh-huh. That’s what he was indicating. So anyway I did. I took hold of it, his Moby, and kind of shook it once or twice, then he left.”

“My oh my.”

“So husband, what do you think?”

“Don’t get mad, but I’m horny as hell and I want to fuck you so bad.”

Grabbing me by the hand, Cindy pulled me toward the bedroom. “You think I’m not,” Cindy responded with need in her voice. She pushed me down on the bed and her panties went flying. Climbing on top of me, she panted out, “It was so outrageously sexy. Telling you put me way over.”

Inserting my already throbbing cock into herself, Cindy pounded into my groin. We became like a****ls we were so on fire, her flowing moisture drenching my cock and balls. I grasped her breasts and squeezed. Moaning and groaning we thrusts our hips, clashing, trying for new, ultimate union. Deep wasn’t deep enough. My cock ached as Cindy clenched her pussy on me hard. She screamed out in orgasm and I immediately followed, blasting tremendous amounts of cum with each pulse. I think I may have even howled.

Collapsing on me, we tried to catch our breath. Still panting, Cindy asked, “Are we crazy or just gone to hell?”

Feeling my cock still embedded in her marvelous warmth, I thought, then answered, “All I know is I love you to bits, and I can’t think of anyone I’d ever rather be with.”

“You’re not mad?”

I paused to consider some more before replying, “Hell no. How can I be?”

“Not even a teensy bit?”

“Nope. Don’t think so.” We finally disengaged and leaning on one elbow, I added, “I suppose I could let myself be upset or jealous. I think there was a bit of it when you were telling me.” I shrugged. “Maybe some husbands might be, but I’m new at this, and I guess I’m not really. I just love you.”

“I love you too sweetie,” Cindy replied, then added, “Heck, Mr. Wilkins is old enough to be my grandfather.”

“Hmm, possibly, and you were just being kindly to him.” That resulted in a pillow swat on my face. “I did prompt this after all,” I offered. “How can I be mad at what I would think is a natural response to what happened.”

“It was unusual.”

“No doubt. I do have a question though. When you two kissed, did you French?”


“Well I don’t know, it just seems that would be real intimate, you know, more on an emotional level.”

Cindy looked stunned. “I played with his cock and he sucked and played with my tits, and you wanna know if we swapped tongues and spit?” Looking sheepish, I shrugged. “Oh my dear sweet guy. Yes, he put his tongue out a bit but I didn’t. Don’t worry love. If we ever did, it wouldn’t mean anything, okay?”

“Yeah I suppose. I’m okay with everything, if you are hon.”

“Yeah? Good then, ‘cus I think it was so weird it was fun.”

We laughed. “Sexy, naughty fun,” I added. “So you gonna have a new way of saying hi and bye to Mr. Wilkins?”

Cindy plopped on my chest with hers and kissed me. “A boob grab and a Moby shake?” We giggled.

“Well I don’t expect you’re going to see his Moby all that often, unless you decide to go for coffee,” I teased.

“Yeah right, I’ll run right over as soon as we get home,” she responded with a strange smirk. “I don’t know though, Mr. Wilkins seems full of surprises.”

“Bet you surprised him when you put his hand on your breast like that.”

“If I’d been fully awake and hadn’t had all that drink last night, I wonder if I would’ve been so bold?”

“Oh I don’t know. You were wondering, in time you might. You have loosened up.”

“Yeah,” Cindy replied and began tickling me. “Some guy I’ve been doing has corrupted me.”

“Oh sure, all my fault now.” We began to tussle.

Resting again Cindy inquired, “Seriously, what now? Should we go, stop it or…?”

“You seem okay with things,” I shrugged. “I’m okay. As long as you don’t get bothered by something I’m happy.”

“You are something you know that. Okay, we’ll stay.”

Laughing I replied, “You bring out the best in me.” I kissed her. “Say, I want to see you greet Mr. Wilkins when he comes back.”

“Yeah?” she giggled. “Mr. Wilkins or Moby?”

Sliding from the bed I smart assed, “Both, he left in his robe didn’t he,” then left the room quickly.

On the way out I heard “pervert,” then another giggle.

Chapter 4: Good Night Wilbur

I poured the last of the coffee and set about making more. I heard Cindy start the shower. Remembering fish for breakfast, I pulled the fillets and eggs from the fridge. Home fries seemed like an idea to go with them, so I got the rest of the baked potatoes from dinner, peeled some more and put them on to boil. The wall clock told me it was barely eight o’clock.

I was sitting at the table enjoying the fresh coffee and pleased with my morning kitchen efforts when Fred walked in. Perhaps it was seeing him in his robe but it took me a second to realize I was sitting there naked with my legs spread open. He walked right over to the table, slipped off his robe and moved to the counter for coffee.

Sitting at the adjacent chair he said, “Good to see I’m not the only one that likes the freedom.”

I have no idea if I stared but I realized Cindy hadn’t exaggerated and his Moby was aptly named. He was tanned all over too. Trying to be nonchalant, I crossed my leg in a manly way. “The weather is nice up here,” I offered, trying to sound comfortable.

Fred added, “I like sitting on the dock fishing as the sun comes up. Early morning sun on my body feels good.”

“Hmm, should try that,” I remarked, not knowing what else to say.

We saw movement as Cindy emerged from the bathroom. “Oops” was heard as she noticed us and scurried to the bedroom. It amused me that given she was nude, in her embarrassment, all she thought to cover was her face.

I wanted to shower but thought I’d sit until my wife came back out. Looking at the clock, I knew the potatoes were done so I went to drain them. Cindy appeared wearing a deep blue bikini and walked to the table to get her cup.

“Hi Mr. Wilkins,” she greeted, blushing. I saw him look up from her belly. Glancing at me, my dear wife bent and kissed him. “Hi Moby,” she continued, with seemingly no hesitation. Taking hold of Fred’s cock, she moved it up and down it lightly.

I quickly turned to face the counter. I had reacted to that brief sight and my cock had lengthened. What was with me? Was I becoming a pervert? I shrugged it off as I went to shower. It was because it was sexy fun I decided.

Toweling off, I heard over the wall, “So why do you never call me Fred?”

“I don’t know, I just think it’s neat, kinda cute to call you Mr. Wilkins.”

Debating whether it was due to Fred’s age or the old teacher that my wife settled on his last name, I went to fetch my shaving stuff and saw them preparing breakfast. Fred was still naked and I must say he was in pretty good form. Cindy only wore the bikini bottom now. It was hard shaving when you were smiling and shaking your head.

We had a good feed of pickerel. I had decided to stay naked, it felt good. After Fred did his shower shave thing, Cindy said she wanted a picture of us both. We stood side by side as she asked, then Fred wanted to take one of my wife and I. I finished it off by taking one of the two of them. We went off in the boat for an hour or so, taking clothes just in case, but didn’t wear them. Well, Cindy did have her bottoms on. This time I caught the big one. Fred the most, two, and Cindy the first. He was good with his fillet knife and had them done up in no time.

It was only quarter to eleven when we got back but we decided it was okay to crack open a bottle. Cindy pulled out a lounger to lay in the sun. Fred had a couple of axes and we set about splitting some firewood. We did put on shoes for that. As strange a picture as it may seem, it felt good to be working like that. Here was this cottage, basically in a clearing by a lake, carved out of the woods. We were in nature, and being nude seemed to fit.

I drained my glass and noticed Fred’s was empty too. I gathered them and went to get Cindy’s. “George, I want to ask you something?” she said as I got near.

“Okay, what’s up?”

“Do you think it’s silly of me not to be nude too?”

“No, if that’s the way you’re comfortable, fine.”

“I mean, Mr. Wilkins asked me earlier if his being nude bothered me and I said no. Then you were nude too.”

“Would you prefer we put something on?”

“No, I think it’s nice you guys can be happy like that. It’s just that, well, it’s like this is the last of my modesty, you know.”

“Uh-huh, don’t worry about it. You’re fine.”

“No, that’s not it. I think I want to, but…”

“Ah, well you lost the top easily enough this morning.”

“Yeah, but that was no big deal. And I did it so Mr. Wilkins wouldn’t feel odd being like he was. And then you were.”

I shrugged. “If you want to, do it. If you don’t, don’t.”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“Heck no,” I said, reaching for her glass. “Doubt Fred would either.”

I went in and made new drinks. Placing Fred’s and mine down where we were working, I then took Cindy’s over. “George, I don’t think I can,” she said slowly.

“Well then don’t worry about.”

“Undo the sides for me?”

I did then walked away. I got into swinging the axe again and tried not to think about it, knowing if I did I’d get an erection. The next thing I was aware of was Fred saying, “Take it easy. You’re going at that way too hard.”

I stopped and stretched. Looking behind me, I saw my wife still laying there, still covered. Picking up my drink, I motioned to the cottage. “Come on Fred, let’s take a break.” Settled at the table inside I explained, “Cindy’s wrestling about whether to go all nude or not and I’m wrestling with not thinking about it.”

“Oh I see. Does it bother you she might?”

“No, we talked about it. I told her I thought it was okay, especially considering,” I indicated him and me. “It’s just, you know, all this is so new. For her to be totally naked in front of you.”

“You aren’t tipobet güvenilir mi sure whether you should be angry or smile,” Fred finished for me.

I went on, “Honestly, and I’ll be really pissed if you ever repeat this, I’m afraid I’ll get turned on… Her naked… you.”

Fred patted my hand that I had on the table. “You wouldn’t be the first and you won’t be the last.”

“Really, I thought it was just me?”

“Really. It has to do with love and pride. Another person seeing your wife. Acknowledgment by someone else, be it shown however, adds to it. What you are feeling is normal.”

“Hmph.” I took a big swallow.

“How did you feel earlier, when your wife touched my cock?”

“What?” I started, then got what I think was a lost look. “Turned on.”

“Perfectly natural, it was different, sexual. The love of your life touching another person’s cock.”

“Yeah,” was all I could muster.

“You saw your wife from a different perspective. You saw her like you couldn’t possibly when it’s the just the two of you together.”

I sat up straight trying to gather myself and took a fair sized swallow of my drink. I ventured to reveal, “I know about before that too. Cindy told me.”

“Good,” Fred interjected. “Best way to have it.”

“I told her I wanted to see her do it.”


“When she was telling me, we got so horny.”

“Yes I know. I came up here earlier, but you two were busy, so I went and fished some more.”

“Oh God.” I got up and paced about.

“Not to worry. Remember, I was married.”

Looking out the window, I announced, “Well, she’s done it.”

“Good for her,” Fred replied.

I returned and sat down and he caught me studying him. “Do you want me to look? Never mind,” he added and got up. Gazing out the window he declared, “Simply lovely,” then returned to sit. “We’ll give her a few minutes.”

We sat silent for a while and I started to fidget. Fred got up and made a drink in a fresh glass. “I’m going to take this out to your wife. I think she could likely use it.”

I thought about saying I’d do it but remained quiet. I concluded maybe it was best to get it over with. Maybe Fred knew too. Returning with Cindy’s other glass, he reported, “She’s doing fine. She is a wonderful girl.”

“Yeah,” was all I could say. Fred was standing next to me and I found myself staring at his Moby. It was impressive.

“It does bother you doesn’t it?” he asked.


“My cock, the fact that she touched it, stroked it, played with it.”

“Um, well, ah…” I nodded slightly.

“I want you to do something I think will help. I want you grab my cock and hold it.”

“What? I’m not…” I started and glared at him.

“I know you’re not but it should help. Your wife held it. You do the same and it won’t be strange or threatening in your mind anymore.” There seemed to be a weird logic in that somehow. Tentatively I reached out. “Take a deep breath and do it,” he urged.

I did. I actually took hold of his cock. A cock other than my own. The very cock my wife had described so well. I was holding the same cock she had held, Moby. That she undoubtedly would again I realized. Was this acknowledging that? Was I crazy?

His voice startled me. “Stand up.” I did but oddly didn’t let go of Fred’s cock. He took hold of my member and we stood like that, holding each other. The damnedest of it all was that we both started getting hard at almost the same time. I looked down at Fred’s Moby as it grew longer and thicker in my hand. Damn, I grew harder too. “Shall we talk about baseball or hockey?” he joked.

I croaked a laugh and that ended it. Taking a swig of my drink, I stated, “Think I’ll go chop wood.”

Fred commented. “Ah, a masculine thing to do,” and he followed.

I cracked a smile as I opened the screen door to go out, but lost it. “What’s this doing here?” I asked, picking up my wife’s bathing suit bottom from a porch chair.

Fred explained, “When I took her the drink I asked if it would be okay to bring it in.”

“A no turning back kinda thing?”

“Uh-hum, for courage,” he offered.

I went and put it in our bedroom then returned outside. I had no sooner picked up the axe when I realized I had to pee. In I went again. I went out again. Standing in front of Fred, I looked at him, then his cock. I looked over to my wife, back at his cock, then at him again. “Are you the Devil?”

Fred roared in laughter. “If that’s what you decide I am. Consider me a vehicle.”


“We did talk. What did you set out to do? You felt your wife needed to loosen up.” I nodded. “I sensed there was a difficulty, and I concurred with you. I also heard that one day, before Cindy knocked on my back door.” I reddened. “I just went with it.”

I picked up the axe and chopped some more wood. Fred did the same. “Is that why you invited us up here? To help things?” I asked as I kept swinging.

“You sound a little cynical. I’m not a total asshole, I like the two of you,” he replied. “When you mentioned having some time off again, I thought the three of us spending it up here might be good. I meant what I said about good company.”

“But you didn’t mention anything about a cottage when we talked.”

“I said I wasn’t an ass. I didn’t say anything about not being a bit devious,” Fred countered with a chuckle. “I mentioned fishing and you responded well, so I left you to warm Cindy to that. If I’d mentioned the cottage straight away, perhaps one or both of you would have balked. When I talked to Cindy, I still left open the option of not staying.”

“Yes, yes you did,” I acknowledged and paused to lean on my axe. I realized I was sweating. I looked to see Fred was too and my eyes seemed to naturally drift down to his cock yet again. “You’ve got big balls.”

Laughing, he stopped working. “Literally or figurative?”

“Well, I meant in brass, but yeah, the other way too.”

“I concede on both counts,” he jovially replied, then looked over to Cindy. “I think your wife has had enough sun for now. It’s the heat of the day.”

I called over, “Hey Cindy, come on, let’s go in for a while.”

“I am a part of this adventure,” Fred stated. “Did you think I’d be inanimate?”

I gave him a studied look. I looked into his eyes, involuntarily at his cock, then back. “No, I suppose not,” and turned to see my wife approach.

Naked and beautiful she walked nearer, head held high, but I detected a blush. I was drawn to the short and narrow blond strip of fuzzy adornment just above her pussy. I just knew Fred’s eyes would be there too, or lower. Hugging my arm tightly, Cindy gasped, “Can I breathe now? I’m so nervous.”

“You’re fine,” I offered, turning and kissing her. “You’re stunning.”

Walking ahead of us Fred remarked, “Guess a game of strip poker is out.”

That did it. His comment cleared the tension and we began laughing hard. Despite there being a couch and a couple of comfier chairs inside, we again sat at the table. It was when I sat that I realized my butt had gotten enough sun too. I looked at Cindy and saw her breasts were a light red. Fred quickly did up an amber rum pineapple juice punch with 7UP and brought it over. Figuring I’d sweated out what I’d had before, I took a sip. It tasted the same as the punch he’d made back home. We enjoyed our drink with little conversation, then Fred announced he was going to freshen up.

Hearing the shower turn on, Cindy asked in a concerned tone, “Is this really okay?”

“I think so. Time will tell, but for now yeah. We can just go with it.”

“Walking over to you guys, I felt worse than naked. Just sitting here isn’t helping.”

“Find a distraction. Want to play some cards?” She shook her head. I looked about and suggested, “You could dust and tidy up. I’ve hoped you’d try nude housekeeping someday.”

I got a swat on the arm, but Cindy looked the place over. She rose, saying, “Why not,” and went to look in a closet near the back by some boxes. Finding a broom, dustpan, some spray of cleaner and apparently rags, she set to clean. I watched my dream girl stretch and bend, but then she stopped. Going to a drawer in the kitchen area, she got out a tea towel and fashioned a kerchief about her hair. Cute, I thought, it added to the image.

Just as Cindy resumed dusting we heard, “Whoa, leave the room for a minute and a lovely maid appears,” Fred exclaimed, and we all laughed. “Nice outfit,” he added.

Fred joined me at the table and we watched a while. I took a picture of my wife stretching up to dust a high cobweb. That caused some minor carping from Cindy. Feeling icky, I decided on a shower myself.

Entering the bathroom, I heard my wife ask, “Mr. Wilkins, what’s with the boxes? Don’t you have anywhere else to put them?” I chuckled quietly and shook my head. Oh well, Fred had been married, he should know who really wears the pants. Catching what I just thought, I roared laughing about pants, past tense. They must have thought I’d lost it.

Returning to the main room, I saw Fred rummaging through the cartons. Cindy was humming as she moved about, now sweeping. I took the liberty of sitting to watch. “Sing Cindy,” I urged.

“Uh-uh, I’m self conscious enough right now thank you.”

When Fred raised his eyebrows looking at us, I explained, “Cindy’s a good singer, did it in school and church.” Shrugging, I ended with, “Someday maybe she’ll treat us.”

Finishing the floor, she went out and swept the porch too. Coming back in, I asked, “Feeling comfy now?”

“Yeah, yeah I am,”she replied, nodding and smiled.

“I was hoping you’d sing when I heard you begin humming.” Cindy shook her head. “Fred and I would love to hear your wonderful voice.” She shook her head more vigorously. “Heck, you’ve sung in public.”

My wife looked at me like I was a complete idiot. “I wasn’t naked then.”

I stretched out my arm and she came for a hug. Apparently not upset, Cindy bent and kissed me, then took hold of my shaft but quickly let go. “You should name it,” Cindy remarked, standing straight, taking a sip of her drink. I looked confused. “It seems weird to greet you and say, hi penis, or, hi cock,” she explained.

I broke up laughing and Fred joined in. He tossed whatever he’d been looking at back into a box and walked over to sit down, as did Cindy.

“Um okay, well my middle name is William, how’s that?” I asked, thinking the whole idea silly but playing along.

My wife thought that was alright, but Fred started saying, “William, William,” then “Willie. You don’t want your dick to be called a willie do you?”

Cindy and I chuckled. “No I suppose not,” I answered. “I don’t know, what then?” And I began to think.

Cindy offered various names but none seemed right. Fred was watching us, then said, “Wilbur, that’s a variation of Willie. William, Willie, Wilbur.”

I saw Cindy smile and I laughed a bit. “Okay, Wilbur it is.”

She reached over and took hold of me again. “Hi Wilbur, nice to meet you,” she said, and gave my cock a pleasant shake.

Cindy sat back, still smiling but perhaps blushing a little. I saw Fred shaking his head and I gave him a what look. “Wilbur is your husband’s pal, he hangs out with him all the time.” Cindy and I chuckled. “Kiss him.”

“Uh-uh, no way. I don’t do that,” she responded firmly.

“You’re serious? Dear girl that’s sad. You enjoy George kissing you.”

“Nope, that’s never going to happen either. The whole idea of kissing there, or oral anything is disgusting,” Cindy replied firmly and crossed her arms.

Fred took a drink. He paused, drank the rest and refilled his glass. Getting up, he said, “Thanks for cleaning up,” then took his drink outside.

Cindy looked to me and asked, “Why should he be upset by that?”

I suggested, “I don’t know if he’s so much upset as surprised. Seems he has had experience. He just doesn’t know you.”

“Yeah well…” she said, seeming finished with the topic, and went into the bathroom.

Hearing the shower going, I topped up my glass and went out to find Fred. He was stacking the wood we’d split. I pitched in and neither of of us spoke for the longest time. Finally, he proclaimed, “She will.”

“Not bloody likely, I’ve tried,” I answered. “I’ll live, I love her.”

“Up to you,” Fred added. We finished stacking the wood then cleaned up the fire pit and realigned some of the stones. “Come on, let’s go wash up. It’s almost time to go fishing.”

Gathering our hardly touched glasses we went inside. Cindy was cleaning the front window. Fred washed his hands at the kitchen sink then me. It was almost four o’clock. “That looks much better, thanks Cindy,” Fred complimented.

Done, she came to sit and put her things down. “Did look as though it could use it,” she replied.

“You ready to go catch the big one?” he asked.

“Sure, hey we never decided on anything from this morning’s catch.”

Joining in, I added, “That’s right, and we haven’t traded anything today.”

“The Trading Post thing gets thin quickly,” he responded. “You can decide on things from this morning if you like. For this afternoon, how about the same as yesterday? Hamburgers for dinner sound okay?”

“Sounds good to me,” Cindy remarked and I agreed. She went into the bedroom and came out with some sun screen stating, “Think I’d better use this.”

“I’ll put it on for you,” Fred spoke rather quickly and took possession of the bottle.

Cindy looked at me but then turned to stand with her back to Fred.

He squirted some on one hand then began at her shoulders. Cindy moved her hair out of the way. Coating her arms next he then moved to her back. He kept getting lower and lower and reached her bum. His large hand was thorough there too. Cindy squeaked an “Ooh” and flinched a bit when he slid his fingers down between her cheeks but otherwise stood still. I almost giggled but controlled myself. He then crouched to do her legs. They were almost together and Cindy didn’t open them any more to make it easier but he managed. His look focused at the juncture of her legs and I just knew he got a good view of her pussy.

Finishing her lower limbs, he stood and asked her to turn around. Cindy did and instantly looked at me. She was blushing and I recalled her story about this morning. Fred again started at her shoulders and Cindy moved her hair back. I took a sip of drink. The sight of Fred gently rubbing my wife’s breasts, right there in front of me, made me uneasy, though I got hard big time. Cindy was still looking at me. What magic had happened in such a short while? I took a larger swig of my drink. He crouched down again and began with her tummy. I started to take a drink but somehow forgot after lifting my glass. I put the glass to my lips, it was empty. Fred moved to her well defined hips. He did them quite well, then I heard him say, “Open.”

“George?” Cindy peeped, looking very nervous.

This man, our neighbor, was asking for access to her sex, her pussy, I was sure. His words, she will, echoed in my mind. I didn’t know what to say. I just responded, “Up to you.”

Cindy stood seemingly frozen but then hesitatingly moved her left leg slightly further from the other. Fred cupped her mound. He rubbed up, down and around, coating my wife’s pussy. He moved to her upper legs and I heard her let out a breath. He did her front and inner thighs, brushing against her opening several times. He finished by doing her lower legs, then stood.

Moving to the sink to wash his hands Fred commented, “Cindy you should name yours, too.”

“Huh?” she queried.

“Well, you want us saying, ‘Hi pussy’?”

This got a laugh from us. It helped to reduce my swelling somewhat too.

Fred prepared a pitcher of ice and we left. I grabbed some pop and my camera. I wondered if I should have gotten pictures of the lotion thing. On the way down Cindy revealed she’d been thinking, “My middle name is Elizabeth.”

No one including Cindy thought that would do. We tried out different names but didn’t like any. Fred announced, “Penelope.”

“Penelope?” we both exclaimed.

He answered, “Yes Penelope, always liked that name.”

Cindy inquired, “Did you used to know a Penelope?”

“No, just a name that popped into my head one day and I’ve liked it ever since.”

Chuckling my wife went along. “It is a kinda cute name, Penelope it is then.”

On the dock I decided to be bold too and turned her to me. Placing my hand on her puss, I said softly, “Hi Penelope,” then kissing her, said, “Hi you.”

Cindy was blushing again. This didn’t deter Fred however. Pulling her in he kissed her and said, “Hi Cindy,” then bent and quickly kissed a nipple. Cindy’s eyes met mine in surprise. He did the same to the other, then held her pussy, “Hi Penelope,” and blew a kiss downward.

She went from embarrassed to a red faced, open mouthed stare. “Don’t even think it!” she exclaimed and climbed into the boat.

If Fred was phased he didn’t show it. He simply got in, started the motor and asked me to untie the line. Then we were off. Once settled on a spot Fred made us drinks, which were appreciated. No one had spoken. I know I was lost in thought. What was this turning into? My formerly reserved wife had said this morning she wanted to go nude. She had fondled a cock other than my own and liked it. This same guy who she initially didn’t like, now seemingly had free rein to touch and caress her body anywhere he fancied. He sucked her tits at will. I decided when we got back to the cottage I’d quietly tell Cindy to pack and we’d go home. But why was I so hard? Unwillingly, I replayed the image of Fred blowing Cindy’s pussy a kiss. His words became, she will, and I got this sinking feeling he was going to fuck my wife.

Shaking my head I was convinced there was no way Cindy would ever let that happen, nor would I. Feeling better, I got up to make the second round, vowing to keep those kind of thoughts from my mind. I spotted the bag of clothes we’d put aboard that morning. Holding them up I laughed, “Good thing we have these. I never thought about clothes when we came out this time.”

Fred commented, “Easy to do.”

“George, I didn’t put any shorts in there did I?” Cindy asked. “I had bikini bottoms on this morning.”

I confirmed she didn’t and Fred offered, “You can wear mine if a boat comes too near.”

“They’d be way too big,” Cindy laughed.

“It’s not as if you’re going to go dancing,” he remarked and we all chuckled. Then he added, “You can say you got into my pants.”

“Jerk,” Cindy replied, giggling. “Like I talked you out of them?” We all laughed some more.

Though the fishing ended up being a bust, we only got a couple of throwbacks, we stayed out longer this time. We drank more too. Perhaps it was the water and being on the boat, that despite an awkward start, we enjoyed ourselves. Sitting at the wheel, Fred patted his leg. Cindy stood next to him and laughingly declared, “I can’t sit on your lap, you’re naked.”

Putting an arm around her, he cajoled, “You won’t slip, just hold onto Moby.”

“George, Mr. Wilkins is being naughty again.” Fred and I laughed loudly.

“Do you want to drive?” I asked, with a little bit of me wishing she’d say no.

“Well, yeah,” Cindy replied, but didn’t move. She just kept looking at me.

I felt like I was on the spot. “Go ahead then,” and I made myself a stiff one before putting the bottle away.

She sat on Fred and reached to turn the key, but stopped when he shifted. Slipping her other hand down between her legs, she gripped hold of his cock, then started the motor. Cindy had acknowledged she was still willing to play along. I couldn’t resist, I got my camera out.

“George!” Cindy teased in mock protest.

I held up the camera to focus but stopped. I realized I hoped Fred would be hard from her holding him, but he wasn’t. I wasn’t about to ask my wife to stroke it, though I’d basically said to go ahead and hold him. I put the camera down.

“I thought you wanted a picture?” Cindy asked, only half interested.

I shrugged. “Maybe later,” and sipped my drink.

Cindy asked for hers and I got it. Handing it to her, I saw Fred’s hand on her breast. Her small hand held his Moby, and while he was a good length, he wasn’t hard. I sat across from them again. Why was I disappointed? Deep down did I want to see it be more sexual? I discarded that but was left with the feeling of that’s what I’d expected.

“Mr. Wilkins?” Cindy suddenly blurted and I looked their way again. Fred’s other hand was in my wife’s crotch and was almost imperceptibly moving. He was exploring her pussy. Perhaps because Cindy only voiced surprise but didn’t actually stop him, Fred definitely now was sliding his fingers up and down her mound.

Damn, her hand on his cock began to move. A small jump from Cindy indicated his intimacy was progressing even more. I stood to watch and saw Fred was quite hard now, and Cindy was fully stroking his impressive length. Fred’s fingers were sliding up and down my wife’s vaginal lips. They were shiny, moist, and opened some from his boldness. Cindy reacted again as he must have brushed her clit. I captured this erotic scene with my camera.

Picture taken, I realized I was achingly hard myself, but remained there watching. Cindy noticed and asked me, “You enjoying yourself?”

“Um, yeah, it’s neat to see you two having fun.”

Opening her legs more to let me see better, she pouted, “Mr. Wilkins is being bad.”

Fred had his middle finger buried to the hilt in my wife’s pussy. It took a few seconds for me to respond, “Doesn’t seem like you’re complaining too much. And what are you doing?”

“Well fair’s fair, isn’t it?”

They continued this play almost all the way to the dock. Releasing each other, Fred moved the hand that had explored my wife’s pussy to his mouth and sucked on his fingers.

“Ewww, that’s disgusting, My wife exclaimed revolted. “How could you do that?”

“Delicious,” he replied, and licked his fingers to prove it.

Cindy was red. I wasn’t sure how much was anger or how much embarrassment. She was very quiet though.

It was approaching dusk as we walked up to the cottage. Almost at the steps to the porch, we heard, “Hi there, came for that drink.”

I froze and Cindy spun around. Fred continued on, merely greeting with, “Hi Tom, welcome,” then went inside. His friend rose from the chair in the far corner and followed him in.

“Fuck fuck fuck!”Cindy was muttering, still with her back to the cottage. “That’s the guy from the store.”

“We can get the clothes from the boat,” I suggested.

“George, he’s seen me. He’s seen me naked, and knows I’ve been walking around and fishing like this.” She paused then added, “There’s no bottoms down there to fit me.”

“No, but it’s better than nothing.”

We headed down to the dock again but partway there she stopped. “Fuck it!” my wife declared, then turned and started marching back to the cottage.

I followed close behind and straight in we went. Cindy, to my further surprise, shunned the safety of the bedroom and clothes. She said a simple “Hi,” and sat at the table where Fred and his friend Tom were. What the heck, I joined them, adding my hello. Tom had a full view before Cindy sat because the lights were now on. Sitting at the table her lower half was hidden but her breasts were on full display. She didn’t look embarrassed, she looked pale.

Fred stood and got out glasses and stuff for drinks. Sitting again, he remarked, “Might have known you’d turn up in time for a meal. We’re having hamburgers.”

“Sounds good,” he replied.

“Ah-huh, you cook then. There’s fresh pickerel in the fridge too, if you want to do fish burgers, got cornmeal or flour.”

We all had tried to be nonchalant about everything then Tom quipped, “So I guess you distracted them?”

Cindy replied with a bit of a smirk, “Yeah, I decided to take your advice.”

My wife and I busied ourselves making drinks for us all. We sat like that for a while, sipping, and then Tom stood and went to the fridge.

“Best get on with it,” he remarked, taking a bunch of things out and placed them on the counter. He seemed to know where everything was. He turned to face us and stood there a moment. “Think I need to wash my hands,” he commented, then walked across to the bathroom.

I thought that was odd because there was a sink and soap right there, I’d used it earlier. Lo and behold Tom walked out of the bathroom nude and returned to his dinner preparation. He too was tanned all over, then I remembered Cindy’s comment about tall, dark and handsome. I realized while he was tanned, he did have a darker complexion. His uncircumcised cock looked positively dusky.

“Who’s holding the fort?” Fred asked.

“James, Mary and Jen are shopping. You going to get the barbecue going?”

“Guess I could,” Fred replied and stood up. Taking his drink, he looked at Cindy and I then went out, turning on the outside lights on the way.

Fred’s lack of words to us puzzled me. Then again Cindy and I hadn’t said anything. Tom certainly seemed comfortably at home here. With a shrug I asked, “Tom, how’s your drink?”

He came over with his glass. “Could do with a refill,” he said, his cock almost resting on the table. He wasn’t totally soft.

Cindy, looking less shocked, now offered, “You have a nice place Tom, a bit of everything.”

“Thanks, it sort of grew over time. People forget things and it’s a distance to town. I’d end up getting it for the next time somebody asked. Buy a lot at discount places, amazing what sells.”

“Hmm, interesting,” Cindy replied, seeming to be looking at his cock more than his face.

Aware of her looking at his penis, Tom queried, “Curious?”

“You have all that skin, it looks different.”

“Yeah, I’m uncut, I…”

“Uncut, you mean they cut the others?”

“Yes, they snip it off when they’re born.”


“The skin pulls back when I get hard, or I can do it. Pretty much looks the same as a cut one then.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Want to see?”

“Um, sure I guess.”

He took hold of himself up near the top and pulled it all downward and held it like that.

“Fascinating,” Cindy remarked. “It’s like you have two different ones.”

He let go and it got mostly covered again. “You want to try it?”

“Yeah right, you’ve got a lot of nerve haven’t you?”

“Not really, we’re naked and discussing my cock so…”

“You have a point,” Cindy acknowledged, “but I think I’ll pass.”

I heard the crack of an axe and rose. “I’ll check if Fred wants some help out there.” Cindy made no move to follow so I left. The barbecue was burning down to embers and Fred was building a pyre in the fire pit so I tried to help.

He commented, “Figured I’d burn some of that stuff Cindy chided me about before, not much but some. Do it tomorrow though.”

Feeling rather overwhelmed with my thoughts, I remained silent.

He paused to consider my expression then stated, “New experiences, and yes surprises, are a part of the adventure of life. I try to find them interesting.” I looked at him blankly. “You try to analyze things but maybe overdo it. You have dipped your toes into an untried, but are still at the shore.” Patting my shoulder he ended his cryptic philosophy, “Let’s get Tom started on those burgers.”

Dinner, dishes and light impersonal conversation passed quicker than I thought it might. One last drink then Tom dressed and bid his goodbyes. It was too quiet. Fred got the cards and dealt out hands for gin. Slowly we became more animated as we played.

Cindy paused from drawing her card and sat back exclaiming, “Hey, we forgot the fishing prizes again.” Fred chuckled and I found myself joining in.

He stood and went to the cupboards, returning with bowls of mixed nuts and one of bridge mix, which he placed on the table in front of my wife. Standing by her chair, he declared in a fatherly tone, “Lovely Cindy, you are stronger, more confident than when we met.”

Cindy, who had been inventorying the assortment of chocolate treats, suddenly turned and opened her arms to hug him. Fred reacted by moving his arm around my wife, hugging her shoulder. Cindy found herself hugging his upper legs, her head against his pelvis. Her hair in his. I think I stopped breathing. My love had her cheek resting tight against Fred’s shaft. It seemed that time stopped, like a freeze frame in my mind.

Cindy noticeably froze then began to blink slowly. His cock started to lengthen and expand in thickness. She studied the transformation. When it stopped, Cindy ever so slowly pulled her cheek away, but only slightly, and looked at his now mostly erect manhood. Bringing a hand around, she gently touched her cheek that had rested against him, all the while maintaining her focus upon his Moby.

I barely heard my wife feebly say, “Oh hell,” then Cindy lightly kissed the side of Mr. Wilkins’ cock. Faintly, she mumbled, “I’m sorry,” and sat back with her head down.

Nothing more was said. Fred returned to his chair and we resumed playing. Cindy must have calmed some as she gave in to try a chocolate. Finally she ventured to look at me. I knew enough not to be immature, she hadn’t been. I smiled lightly at my wife. She regarded me for a second or two then softly smiled back. She won the hand.

We played rather quietly until Fred yawned. We all said our goodnights. Cindy and he briefly kissed and we went to our rooms. In bed, I hugged my wife as she moved to cuddle. “I love you,” she murmured.

“I love you.”

Cindy caressed my chest and looked at me. “I’m sorry I did that. I don’t know what happened.”

Kissing her forehead, I quietly reassured, “It’s okay.”

It took a while, my mind wanted to go into overdrive, but I didn’t let it, and started to drift off.

The words registered first, “Goodnight Wilbur,” then I realized Cindy had gently kissed the head of my cock before those words. Now she was moving up to snuggle at my shoulder again.

Quickly shifting I bent down to my wife’s pussy. Cindy grabbed me. “No, don’t,” she said firmly.

“Just above then.” I could feel the pulse in my temples as I waited, poised. I felt her hand relax a tiny bit. Lowering my head, I lightly kissed just left and slightly above her small clitoral hood. “Goodnight Penelope.”

Cindy was silent. I moved back up and hugged her again tightly.

Hearing, “You’re bad,” from my love said so much. A reprimand but also an acknowledgment, perhaps saying, that was naughty, but I guess it was okay. Fred’s words drifted to mind, she will. I shooed them away and dozed off, contentedly thinking, she did.


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