Chris and I

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Here’s my first submission in Literotica. I hope you enjoy it! Please tell me what you think. Constructive criticisms are welcome.

Half-fiction, half-true.


We met once, during a long bus ride. I was going home from having a rendezvous with my girlfriend in another city. Bored, I took out my phone and started playing this online RPG (role-playing game) to kill boredom.

As I was getting lost in the world of the game, I felt this uneasiness, like this uneasiness you may feel when you feel like someone is staring at you. I instinctively and casually looked around and spotted him. He smiled shyly and showed me his phone; he was playing the same game I was playing. I smiled back.

He walked closer to me and introduced himself. “Chris,” he said.


We exchanged IGNs (in-game names), added each other in our friends list, then he asked me if I was a member of this online community for the game. I said I was, then we exchanged names and added each other up on Facebook.

At that time, I didn’t get the chance to really look at him. And we separated at his stop. Since then, we started ‘hanging out’ online and occasionally shared tips on playing the game.


A few weeks after that, he asked me when we were on Facebook if we could meet and maybe have a few beers. I wasn’t thinking about it and just said yes. My work life had been so busy, and just basically (rough) life, made me forget about the beer that we talked about. It was a few days before I realized I have forgotten about it, as I haven’t logged in to Facebook since then.

I immediately went to Facebook and checked my messages. I received quite a few messages from him confirming our beer meet, and then saying he was already at the bar and waiting for me. I replied immediately and said sorry because I was so busy I had forgotten about it.

He said it was okay and we’d just do it another time. He asked for my phone number so it would be easier for him to contact me, just in case.

So we chatted for casino siteleri quite awhile, talking about the game and stuff. Then we talked about some shallow personal stuff, then we talked about our relationships. He was engaged and shared with me some of their pictures as a couple. His girlfriend was cute but looked expensive. Out of curiosity, I looked at his profile and saw some interesting stuffs about him.

He was a model, according to his profile. I could say, even from a guy like me, he looked pretty. He had slightly dark brown wavy hair combed on one side of his head. His eyes were light blue. Had a five o’clock shadow on some of his pictures.

He was also a businessman, I wasn’t sure what kind of business he was in though. As I was casually browsing his profile pictures, I came across of what appeared like his family. It was a family portrait, with his parents and two sisters. I recognized his father. As I hovered my mouse on his face, a name appeared, he was the city mayor or congressman. I wasn’t sure.

Most of his pictures were him and his girlfriend, his pretty girlfriend. They almost seemed unreal to me; they looked like a couple cutout from a magazine. It kind of made me cringe at how beautiful they looked.

I told him, embarrassingly, that I looked at his pictures and found some interesting stuff.

“Lol,” he said.

“You’re cool, man. Seems like you have everything.”

“Yeah, kind of. I’m not sure.”

“Come on, man. With a girlfriend like that, seems to me you have everything,” I was (half-)joking.

It went on like that everytime we chatted. Me teasing him about his perfect life, and him asking to go out and have a few beers. I have declined most of his offer to grab a drink or two because of work, the life, stuff. Mostly because of work. I had two jobs and some part-time jobs.

Everytime I visited Facebook, I saw his perfect life and perfect girlfriend and his pretty face plastered on my Facebook wall. And everytime I did, I teased more about his perfect life and stuff. And canlı casino every single time I did, he asked if we could meet at some place for a drink.

“I can’t afford to go there,” I said in my half-jest way.

“I’d pay for everything,” he said.

When I said I promise I’d go meet with him one time, as I did in the past, and unfortunately, for him, I wasn’t able to, he sent a shrugging sticker. I sent a kiss sticker. He sent a puking sticker. I sent a laughing sticker.

If I knew otherwise, I would have thought he was hitting on me, which was weird, because I was sure none of us were gay. After a few months of interacting online, we got comfortable with each other that I spelled out to him that we were having a ‘bromance’. He was a bit homophobic by it and said, “Please stop with the bromance thing,” then sent it with a puking sticker.

I just laughed and sent him more kissing stickers. I was jesting him, like what guys do. Then he would change the topic to something else.

He also tried calling me on my phone a few times, but we always missed each other. Because as I said, I’ve always been at work. But he thought I was avoiding him and acted sulkily at times. I felt like I had a girlfriend, to be honest. Because I then had to explain myself to him and stuff. Then he would cheer up and we’d proceed just like before. I always dreaded whenever I saw his name on my missed call log, because it meant I had to do another explaining. And I didn’t know why I was obliging him to be a compliant boyfriend.


I didn’t figure it out until I had a ‘wet’ dream about him. I hadn’t logged into Facebook and I missed two calls from him. It was a very busy week and my girlfriend was itching to see me, as we hadn’t seen each other since that time I went to see her and rode a bus home and met Chris.

Jacking off was also put outside of my mind because of the work and life.

I could see it clearly, my dream. We were with our girlfriends and just laughing our ass off while ordering coffee at Starbucks, kaçak casino I presume. Then suddenly, I had this urge to hold his hands, and I did. I stared at his blue eyes and pretty face. I taunted him with my middle finger and sort of fingered his palm.

He was staring back at me with his pretty eyes and slid his hand perfectly into mine. At that time, the world was only between him and me, and in sort of a daze, I kissed his pretty pink lips, the lips that I have unconsciously craved when I was browsing his pictures. It tasted like sweet nectar, I tasted it even it was just a dream. It made me crave for more. His hunger was driving me wild as well as he was devouring my lips and tongue, and mouth. His hands flew from my head to my nape, to my back, to my ass, then climbed to my abs and chest. I felt it all. His needy touch, his greedy kiss. He was sucking me into him, tasting everything he could. That sent me over the top. The feeling of being desired and wanted, I was a sucker for that.

But then it was just a dream. Or a dream inside a dream. The kissing and stuff like that was just a dream of the man inside my dream. It was just a daze that happened inside my head.

I snapped out of it and went back to the Starbucks line, where people might see us. I grabbed his hand and hid it from our girlfriends. My girlfriend, however, saw our hands, and she smiled at me knowingly, and winked.

Then that was it.

I woke up with a raging hard on and a mess within my boxer shorts. It was full of precum; I thought I had a wet dream and cummed. I had never been like this, my cock was so hard I could almost feel the skin being stretched like never before. It was a delicious pain, and as I enveloped my hand around it, it exploded like a volcano sending cum all over my abs, some reaching my face and beyond. I lost count of how many times my aching cock convulsed until I felt my balls loosening and going back to resting lowly between my thighs.

My cock was a problem though, as it didn’t soften after that intense orgasm. After a few minutes, I went back to jacking it off fantasizing my hand was — my girlfriend’s, felt like I couldn’t cum– Chris’s mouth, I exploded another set of white creamy blob.

“Shit,” I exclaimed as I slumped back to bed.

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