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I’d had enough of him – my boyfriend and his little dick, i needed more, and i knew just where to start.

He had two work friends who were known to have big cocks, and i had gotten to know them a little at a few parties, and luckily there was a party coming up but my boyfriend wasn’t interested, so i went without telling him.

Short skirt, patterned fishnet tights, and a growing craving for larger cocks, i was dressed to do what i wanted that night, and all i had on my mind was stroking their cocks, servicing them as they wished, and accepting their seed wherever they pleased.

I got there and began to have a great time, got a little tipsy and was heading for another drink when i saw them.
I went over and started chatting with them, and before long we went upstairs to the bedroom.

I was tugging güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on both of them, their thick veiny shafts filling my hands as i pulled back and forth on their members, i was ready to do as they asked, but then, Someone knocks on the door? my boyfriend comes in! when did he get here? his face says it all! oh well, he can see whats going on with either man on each side of me, the bed sheets bouncing up and down, he knows what i’m doing to them, servicing their superior cocks with my trained hands.

My boyfriend storms out the room, they laugh at him as he leaves as i continue to service them, one begins to grope my breasts as they turn me over on my side to face one of them, as the other pulls my skirt up and tears a hole in my tights, i feel his 9 perabet güvenilir mi inch cock pressing against my cheeks as i kept tugging his friend.

He pushed quite hard against me, it seemed too big at first, then he grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him, stretched my cheeks a little as he pushed into me and WOW!
I felt him force himself into my ass, it was almost too much.
He stretched me like i didn’t know was possible and then began to pump in and out quite aggressively, with no concern for starting slow.

I continued to service the other with my hand as he pounded me to his own desires, i was being filled by cock and it felt amazing

As i continued servicing his cock, i felt him tense up, as he unloaded onto my belly and legs as it dribbled down onto the bed, cum dripped tipobet down me as i got spoon fucked in the ass, not long after i heard over my shoulder
“Get ready slut”
As he pushed himself deep into me, much further than he had been going before, i felt his balls press against my pussy, id never felt anything like this, i was being impaled and i loved it.
He started to pump back and forth, this time full strokes, slapping his balls off of me as he pounded my bum.
I felt his cock begin to twitch as he thrusted once more deep into me and relieved himself into my stomach.
As hot cum shot into my ass, i still had my hand wrapped around his friends slimy, limp cock for support.
I felt it fill me, his warm juices flowed into me like id never felt before, it felt so different than cumming in my pussy, i needed more.

My boyfriend could never match what i just experienced, his lame 5 inch cock would have turned me off if he had been there, ill keep him around to buy me some things i want, maybe he’ll get a handy or two, but he’ll never understand a girls need for girth, length, force.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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