Chasing a Waterfall Ch. 06

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Disclaimer: Do not read further if you are under the age of eighteen or are otherwise prohibited by law to view sexually explicit material.

All characters engaging in any sexual activity in this story are at least 18 years of age.

Do not reprint this work on any other website, or any medium, without express consent from the author (me!).

This is the sixth story in the story arc. I hope you enjoy this submission! As always, comments are appreciated and encouraged.


Standing Under an Umbrella, and Chasing a Waterfall

Chapter 6: The Canary is a Bird of Prey

(Sunday, the day before exam week)

Michelle awoke to the sound of buzzing and rattling. At first she had not really known where the sound was originating from. As she began to awaken, however, she realized that it was her phone. It was on her nightstand. A bit unnerved, she grasped onto it, she looked at the display.

“U done yet, I want to fuck,” it read simply.

“Sure. When and where?” Michelle typed.

“I’m thinking…” the response.

Michelle waited, and waited. Eventually she got inpatient with Helena. “And?”

“I still thinking,” she teased. “Why don’t you call me and we can talk about it?”

She had of course called; later in the morning after having a shower and fixing herself up a bit. Helena had ended up by coming over to Michelle’s. Cass and Eve already knew that they were a couple, and unlike Helena’s sister, Mary Jane, they were full comfortable with the idea of two women being together. That morning they had simply hung around watching television and Helena ate with the rest of Michelle’s “family.”

In the afternoon, the girls had gotten a bit mischievous when Cass and Eve had stepped out for a while. They ended up by making love most of the afternoon, from around 1pm until 5pm, and only breaking it off a bit upon the return of Cass and Eve.

No sex had taken place since. They hadn’t seen much of each other the week of finals, though they did stay in contact by text messages and a few well timed phone calls. For the most part their exchanges had been devoid of sex. For the most part their exchanges had been just not, not all that intimate and definitely not phone sex. Michelle actually worried that they were beginning to suffer from lesbian death bed, which she had read about on the internet and they were not even four months into their relationship.

(Present Day, December 22nd)

Finals had ended on December 16th, and it was now December 22nd. Michelle had woken up early that morning, around 5:30am. Not bothering to lounge around in her sleep clothes, she had taken a shower right away, and while getting dressed had left Helena a text.

She was a bit taken back when she got a text message back within only minutes, and it simply read, “U-wanna-cum-over?” Michelle could only chuckle.

Yes, she did want to come over. It had been too long since her last encounter with Helena. Her visit, however, got delayed by Eve’s who was running late for a paid shoot that had been contract out to her. It wasn’t much. An online news site wanted pictures of a local holiday parade in Olympia. The trouble was that she needed her telephoto lens.

Finding her wide angle and fish eye lenses had been easily enough. The telephoto lens was a different story. It was nowhere to be seen. Eve had looked everywhere. The last place she had remembered it having been, in her camera bag with her other lenses. It was not like her to misplace stuff.

A few minutes into what can only be described as a bit of a freak out, Cass and Michelle had joined in the search. The search had been ongoing for the last hour, and hence she was now late to the event. They were on the verge of giving up and Eve was almost in tears when Michelle had found it buried in the closet.

It had been found a few feet below the closet self which the camera and equipment had been placed. Honestly, Michelle hadn’t seen it at first. The very area where it had been found had been searched at least twice. Only an odd shadow had attracted her attention. It had been barely noticeable jammed between a pair of shoes.

During their search, Michelle had texted back Helena that she was going to be delayed. She had tried to explain the situation, but got a bit of chilly response on Helena’s behalf. After two messages sent, she got back a text from Helena that simply read, “Fine.”

So at about eight, an hour and a half after Michelle had originally planned to leave, she found herself climbing into the passenger door as Eve got into the driver’s side. Cass had decided to stay behind. Not too long after Eve had put the keys into the ignition, placed the car in gear and pulled off onto the main roadway Michelle saw an opportunity.

“Is everything okay between you and Cass?” Michelle asked with a soft edge to her voice.

Eve seemed unnerved by the question. Michelle had not read the situation wrong. The two women had been tense around each other. To not see that there was a bit of rift between casino oyna them would have been impossible. It was part of why she was so late in the first place. Even after finding the lens, the two had stayed behind in the bedroom to talk, well argue really about something in hushed tones. No harsh words had been exchanged. However, upon exiting the bedroom and two girls went in separate direction.

Michelle had wondered ever so briefly if she should have brought it up at all. It might have been something that was really none of her business, something intimate. By the pained look on Eve’s face she began to wonder if maybe her first instinct had been right all along. Michelle watched as Eve began to tear up, whipping them away as she did, while keeping a hand on the stirring wheel.

“Look, I didn’t mean to pry,” Michelle stammered. A deafening silence fell between the two women. Eve was trying to compose herself. “I just thought that maybe it could hurt to… well.”

“Cass wants to have a baby,” Eve choked. A look of guilt and worry on her face was now evident on her face.

“Okay,” Michelle responded, almost spilling the coffee that she had in her hand.

The coffee in hand was a paper cup; a double shot Americano the contents. Eve had made it for her with Cass watching on from the living room coldly just before the two of them had departed.

“Cass wants to have a baby,” Eve repeated.

Michelle felt her heat stutter momentarily. “When and how did this come about?”

It took Eve a moment to compose herself again. The tears were beginning to stream down her face. Michelle had a sense of dread that it might distract Eve’s driving. It might have been a selfish thought given how much pain looked to be in, but safety came first. So she was relieved when Eve turned off onto a less populated road. With very little oncoming traffic Michelle asked again.

“How did this all come about?”

The answer was slow in coming. “Honestly, it’s not all that new. We have been looking at adoption for about a year. The issue there was that we were a long shot,” a bit of bitterness in her voice came to the front.

“Yeah,” Michelle encouraged.

“Her mother has been encouraging her, her parents really. They want grandchildren. We’re beginning to get up there in age.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, you’re 25 and Cass is 24,” Michelle thought. She was at a loss for how to respond. “Not really, sweetie,” Michelle thought, but held her tongue.

“Well, recently Cass has thought about getting artificial insemination,” Eve stammered. “The trouble is that she doesn’t really have the time as she works long hours at the law firm.”

“So she wants you to carry the child?”

Eve inhaled deeply, almost choking on her breath. Michelle winced, though she saw that the tears were beginning to dry up. Eve had pulled off and turned into a parking lot of a local school, a grade school. Michelle froze, but Eve seemed too in her own moment to notice.

“She wants me to have the baby. I only work at the Smoked Bean and have a part-time photography gig.”

“So you don’t want to have a baby?” Michelle attentively inquired.

“I do, but I didn’t really like being told that I am the lesser partner in our relationship,” she replied in monotone.


“Cass even reminded me that her parents could easily foot the bills while I took off from work and stuff. I’ve only got my father,” Eve sighed, almost in tears again.

Somehow Eve held back from crying though. “So what else is there to this?” Michelle asked, sensing that there was a bit more to their disagreement.

“Cass wants me to start trying to get pregnant this spring… by artificial insemination,” Eve responded. Eve turned to look over at Michelle, the two made eye contact for really the first time. “Spring is too soon, I’ve got to have more time to think this over.” “I think maybe in a few year or so I would be fine with it, but not right now.”

“And?” Michelle asked. She knew that there was still more to it.

Eve straightened up, moving her head away from the stirring wheel. She could hardly look at Michelle in the eyes, anymore. “I want to get pregnant in a more traditional method; artificial insemination sounds cold and sterile.” Dead silence fell between the girls as Michelle now knew the main argument between Cass and Eve. “We’re both bi really, and I had simply suggested that Mary Jane might be able to help me find a male that could… you know.”

“Give you a baby,” Michelle echoed.

“Yes! Well, us… give Cass and I a baby.” A bit of a smirk came to Eve’s lips. “She didn’t really get it.” Her left hand went to her eyes again, and glazed over them to wipe away the remaining tears. “Does that make me a bad person?”

“No, you want what you want, Cass has got to let you make just as much of the decision if you are the one carrying the child,” Michelle stated.

Taking the car out of park, Eve drove back and exited the parking lot. A few streets and turns later they were approaching Mary Jane and Helena’s canlı casino brownstone.

“I even want her to be part of it. To be present rather that have me go off and have some pseudo affair or something.”

Michelle was brought back to the present by the words. Her mind had been on Helena. She had wondered if they were together for a few years if Helena would want children. Michelle did, she had wanted them for a while, though she was in no position to have children at the moment.

“It sounded pretty reasonable,” Michelle said.

“I thought so to. It was after all little more than a hypothetical idea. Cass didn’t see it that way.”

Stopping, Michelle looked away from Eve and saw that they had arrived at her destination. Another hour had passed, and it was now a little after 9am. Michelle had originally felt like canceling her plans and spending the day with Eve. This was pretty serious.

“You sure you don’t want me to tag along?” Michelle questioned.

“Don’t be silly!” Eve had responded, a bit too quickly for Michelle’s taste.

Still, as she looked her friend over, it was apparent that she needed some time alone to think. They embraced briefly, and Michelle kissed her on the cheek as she exited the silver Civic.

“I’m fine; maybe after I’m done with the shoot, I’ll give you a call.”

“I’ll be waiting,” Michelle cheerfully stated, though with a hint of a somber tone to her words.

Michelle than found herself alone as Eve pulled out of the parking lot. She was a barrel of nerves as she made her way up to the steps of Helena’s residence to ring her door bell. A bit of a delayed followed, and Michelle got to wonder if she was even home. The door did begin to swing open, and she was greeted by Helena. She was not really delighted to see Michelle, nor was she angry. It looked to Michelle like she just got out of bed. A yawn followed as opened the door, stepped aside and let Michelle in.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” Michelle apologized.

“Don’t be,” Helena cut her off with a yawn.

“Where’s your sister?”

“Out with one of her boyfriends,” Helena responded.

Normally this would bring out a bit of a sly grin on the part of Helena. Today, nothing more than a disjointed expression that was very hard to read. Still, Michelle felt that she needed to push the issue.

“So do you want to?” Michelle came up to Helena and eyed her up and down.

Helena was dressed in a more intimate manner than Michelle. Her arms and legs were bare; she wore only a strappy dress. It fell off from her body and failed to cover much below her ass cheeks. It was a purple flowery print. A necklace hung just above her breast with the dressed pushing up her cleavage. A thought of whether she was wearing any panties sent a chill through Michelle, and began to warm her a bit between her legs.

“Maybe later, why don’t we just hang out for a while?”

Michelle frowned, but Helena paid it little attention. Michelle began to wonder if it had something to do with the way she was dressed. Her style was not as intimate. She wore only a tight pair of blue jeans with a long sleeve red button down shirt. Her long brunette hair flowing over her shoulders, a necklace around her neck as well and her cleavage predominate as well. This worried Michelle as Helena loved to play with her breast.

“Do you mind if I use your bathroom?” Michelle inquired, a bit lost and sensing a need to relieve a swollen bladder.

“Help yourself,” Helena said dryly. She took a seat on the sofa, turned the television on and put it on mute.

Michelle braced herself, she knew that the fireworks were about to explode and they were not the good kind either. Helena looked to either be about to unload on Michelle or truly disinterested. Making her way back to the foyer, she made a left and turned into the bathroom. The door was ajar. Slipping through, she was greeted to a simple room with a toilet, sink and little more.

Sensing a growing urgency, she unbuttoned her jeans, pulled them down with her panties and hovered over the toilet seat. Sitting down, she proceeded to do her business before wiping. Standing, she pulled up her panties and then her jeans. Michelle was lost in thought as she zipped up and buttoned her jeans once again. Coming forward, something stopped her dead in her tracks. In the sink with a towel underneath was a vibrator. It was not a dildo, nor was it the clitoral kind. This make was the more traditional classic model. Taking hold of it, she wrapped the towel around it and placed it upon the toilet top while she washed her hands.

With that done, her attention returned to the device. Picking up the towel, she slipped the vibe out and let the towel fall away. Taking the toy in hand, she examined it with both hands. It was not that traditional after all. It looked expensive. The vibe was smooth blue with a white handle; a silver ring divided the handle from the insertion tip. At the top was an “on” button, the ring that separated the white portion from the blue must have served as an intensity kaçak casino gauge. She was proven correct when she turned it on her so briefly at the lowest setting.

A bit of a naughty thought came through Michelle at that moment. She wondered if Mary Jane would mind if she took the toy for a test drive. The growing warm between her legs was as good a sign as any for her to do so, though she knew it was not to be. It was just wrong for her to do such a thing, and besides, she didn’t have a condom to slip on the sleek, wonderful feeling device.

With the vibrator in hand, Michelle exited the bathroom. “It seems that your sister was involved in a little foreplay before her date,” Michelle sneered.

Helena’s eyes glanced over; embarrassment came to her face. Her legs hit the floor, and she sprang to her feet. Walking over to Michelle, she snatched the vibe out of Michelle’s wands a bit forcefully.

“That my vibe!” Helena retorted.

It was almost a bark and it sent a numbness down Michelle. She flinched. “I’m sorry.”

Helena stopped; the anger rapidly fell away as she ran the device between her finger tips. A bit of shame came over her, and she hung her head. Looking up, she saw a smile on Michelle’s face.

“What?” Helena muttered with a defensive tone to her voice. Michelle didn’t answer. “Spill it already,” her follow up statement, more anxious than annoyance.

“I’m just surprised is all… though I’m cool with it,” Michelle remarked.

“It’s kind of your fault anyway,” Helena coyly responded.

“My fault?”

Helena gestured the vibe at her. Embarrassed, she thought better and it fall. Pointing the tip to the ground and modestly said, “You were late.” That got Michelle’s attention. Her heart ached for Helena. “I didn’t know if you were even going to show.”

Only than did Michelle realize that she hadn’t really explained the situation She had lost out on a little bit of fun. Worse, she felt so shitty now, she had let Helena down. Still, it had really been under her control, Eve had needed someone to talk to. Eve had needed her.

“Sometimes a girl needs a little cock.” A reflective pause in Helena’s voice followed. “Even a mostly lesbian,” she coyly said.

This gave way to a picture of Helena with a guy. A bolt of anger went through her. “Cass and Eve had a fight,” Michelle said dryly. The words had not been planned, and she regretted the very moment she uttered them.

The grin on Helena’s face fell. A look of worry replaced it. “How bad?” her only words, a look of worry increased.

Michelle gestured her head. Not at all sure how much to tell her, and came up with, “It wasn’t that bad, though it left Eve in tears. They really aren’t speaking to each other right now.”

“What was it about?”

Biting her lip, Michelle uttered, “I can’t really say, you need to go to Eve about it.”

“Michelle, my sister and Eve have been like sisters since they were in college. I think I am entitled to know. Mary Jane needs to know.” The words had been a bit harsh, but not in tone.

“I just don’t feel comfortable telling you,” Michelle winced. Her arms crossed over her chest, a feeling of coldness coming over her.

Helena gave pause to this. A bit of a smile came to her face. “This would be about Cass and Eve wanting to have a baby would it?”

Michelle’s jaw fell open. Unbelievable, Michelle thought. “How did you know?” Michelle asked.

Walking back to the sofa, Michelle followed. Tossing the vibe on the sofa, she turned to face Michelle. “Eve stopped by to talk to my sister about it. I overheard bits of the conversation.”

“Huh,” Michelle remarked.

With a smile now on her face, she came up to Michelle and they began to kiss as their lips met. Michelle sensed that the momentary coldness was now gone as Helena’s lips and tongue worked their magic.

Breaking away, she eyed Helena in puzzlement. “So how was it,” Michelle teased.

“How was what?” Now it was Helena’s turn to be truly puzzled.

Michelle smiled, “How was the vibe?”

“You mean Avery?”

“Avery?” Michelle echoed, a bit stunned for only a second.

“Yeah, my vibe precious,” Helena laughed.

“Why did you name it Avery?” Michelle felt a bit uneasy with the question, but she was intrigued. “You could have named it Veronica or something.” The device didn’t look like an Avery, though it didn’t look like Veronica either. It was blue after all.

“I named it Avery. It’s a gender neutral a name.”

Relief came to Michelle. She was worried for a second or two. “So how was it?”

Helena reflected on her question. A smile came to her face. She gestured with her shoulders, “A didn’t really get along to using him that long as I kind of lost interest after a while.”


Helena a bit embarrassed responded, “Orgasms. No, make that orgasm, as in having one… not that plentiful recently. I’m kind of in a funk or something.”

“So, do you need any help?” Michelle suggested, coming forward.

“I would love that.” Their lips meant and they began to kiss. Breaking apart, Helena voiced her frustration by pouting. Michelle having moved passed her; she took long of the vibe, and flipped it on in the very next motion. A low humming sound was emitted.

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