Charlie’s Nephew Goes to College

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Dear Reader: This story will stand alone, but if you want to see how Bobby’s uncle Charlie taught him what he needed to know about fags, you should read “Still in the Closet – Well Almost” and “Still in the Closet – Part 2.”

It was nothing like I had expected. I was working my ass off on the practice field. I was not going to suit up for at least two years. Bigger guys were knocking me on my butt several times a day. When I wasn’t kicking ass or getting my ass kicked I was in class or studying for exams. And I had to go to bed early! They called it a football scholarship but most of us had another name for it.

We had a curfew, but some of the older guys showed us how to get out for a few nights on the town. One spot was special fun. It was a strip club across the river. A long drive but the girls got naked quick and danced that way for a long time. Lots of tits and some pussies were hairy and others were shaved. They sold us beer when we showed them a fake ID. The girls wouldn’t fuck but there were other ways to get off. Fags!

The older guys told us how to get a blowjob if we wanted one. A bunch of fags hung out at the back of the bar near the men’s room and, if you looked over at them as you went in, one of them would follow you in and comb his hair while you were taking a piss. He would look at your dick and if you stroked it he would say something like “You look like you’re about ready” or “I’ll take care of that for you in the parking lot.” Then you just followed him out the back door to the parking lot and got in his car and got a blowjob.

Some of my buddies tried it and it worked. I remembered going to Uncle Charlie’s house last summer and he had a fag neighbor that he used to teach me all about fags. So I knew what to expect and how to handle them. The first time I followed one out to his car, we got in the back seat and I unzipped my fly and took out my dick. The fag started to stroke it and then bent over and started to suck it. He was pretty good – almost as good as Uncle Charlie’s neighbor and I settled back and relaxed. When I got ready to come, I grabbed his head just the way Uncle Charlie had taught me and shoved my cock down his throat. He had nice, big, soft tonsils and when I pumped my load he took it all and didn’t gag a bit. Then he said “Thank you.”

As I was zipping up and getting out of his car, I saw a parking sticker on the window. It was for one of the numbered faculty parking lots at the college. Shit! This guy was a professor or something! I checked out the license plate and the next day I skipped a couple of classes to watch that particular lot. Sure enough, I saw the car and then the guy who had given me a blowjob the night before. I followed him into a faculty office building and then watched him go into an office. I knocked on the door and went in.

He looked up. “Can I help you?”

“Do casino oyna you remember me?” I asked.

He shook his head. “No, I don’t think so.”

“You gave me a blowjob last night in the parking lot at that strip joint – called the Kitten Club or something like that.”

He turned pale. I have heard about people who were frightened and turned pale but I had never seen it happen before. He started shaking his head no and he was almost trembling.

“There’s some kind of mistake,” he said.

“There’s no mistake. I got other guys on the team who will say they saw you.”

Uncle Charlie had taught me how to handle fags. You just took over. Told ’em what to do. He had told me that a lot of college professors were fags. This guy looked scared to death and ready to do whatever I wanted. If he taught classes that I could take I could get good grades without much work.

“Please,” he said. “I’m trying to get tenure. I can’t stand any scandal. Especially scandal with students.”

“There won’t be any scandal. Just take care of me. It’ll be better for you anyway. You won’t have to risk going out to that public men’s room any more.”

He looked down at his desk and said nothing. I could tell he was desperate to decide what he should do. I made it easy for him. I just whipped it out.

“On your knees cocksucker!” Just like Uncle Charlie.

He started to tremble. He got up quickly and put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on his door and turned the lock. Then he came back to me. He dropped to his knees in front of me and looked up at me – still trembling.

“Please! Please don’t tell anyone about this. Please.”

I took his head in my hands and shoved my hard cock in and out of his mouth. Then I pushed it in deep till I could feel those big fleshy tonsils embracing the head of my cock. Then humping my hips, I drove the head of my dick all the way in, to the back of his throat. I still had a couple of inches left over. Later on when I got him broken in, I thought, I’d make him deep throat me the way that fag does Uncle Charlie. For now, I just wanted to empty my balls down this cocksucker’s throat. Now I felt very grateful for everything my Uncle taught me about fags.

He was pretty good. He moved his head very fast, taking my dick back to his tonsils, but not all the way to the back of his throat. I had one hand on the back of his head setting the rhythm I liked. He knew how to use his tongue. It was a good relaxing blowjob – a lot like last night. When I got ready to come I grabbed his head with both hands and fucked him deep, pumping my hips to shoot a huge load of cum into the back of his throat between his tonsils. I could feel the muscles of his throat clamp down on my dick as he swallowed. He never gagged. I kept my dick there, moving a little bit, and I could hear my Uncle Charlie saying, “white-wash canlı casino that cocksucker’s tonsils.” I almost laughed.

The professor taught English and he was kind enough to get me transferred into his class. That was a load off my mind – he would give me good grades so no more studying English. Three times a week I had an “advisor counseling” session in the professor’s office. A regular schedule of blowjobs – so no more jerking off in the dorm! Now I had only more one thing to do. I had to break in the professor to butt fucking. I don’t think he was very eager to do that. I planned it for a Saturday when there would not be many people around and I would have more time. The professor was nervous. He suspected something.

“Oh God no! Please! No!”

That was the way the professor reacted when I pulled out the tube of Vaseline from my pocket and started to lather up my dick. I didn’t say anything. I just kept lubricating my dick.

“Please no! You’re too big for me! I’ll bleed!”

“Take off your pants, professor!”

“No! No! I won’t!”

“Look professor. We’ve been all through this. I’ll have a couple of guys up here in an hour for blowjobs. You’ll give ’em. Do that several times and God knows who’s gonna say something. You just never know.”

He was trembling – just like that first time. He looked like he was beaten.

“Take off your pants!” I said firmly. I was just eighteen and he was forty but he was a fag and my Uncle had taught me how to handle fags.

He dropped his pants and stepped out of them. Then, his shorts. I led him over to his desk.

“Spread your legs and bend over. Grab the other side of the desk with your hands and don’t let go. You’re gonna get a bumpy ride.”

“Please be gentle,” he said.

“Gentle? Professor, I’m not gonna make love to you. I’m gonna fuck you! And I’m not gonna be gentle.”

I grabbed him by the testicles – just like Uncle Charlie had taught me. Then I started to squeeze, harder and harder. He started to groan.

“Please don’t. Oh God please don’t. Ahhh … Ahhh …”

“Tell me what you want me to do professor. Then I’ll stop squeezing your testicles and I’ll do it.”

“Oh God! Fuck me. Please fuck me. Please” Damn! Uncle Charlie was right again. Working on their testicles made ’em obedient and very cooperative.

I put the head of my lubricated dick on the tight sphincter muscle of his ass hole and gradually increased the pressure. Damn! He was tight! This was gonna be fun. I pushed harder and harder and I heard him groan and I felt the muscle start to yield. I knew he couldn’t hold against me. Then that muscle gave way, suddenly, and my dick plunged deep into his ass hole.

“Ahh … Oh God … Oh please … ahh.” His cries were high-pitched – almost feminine, but his pain was very obvious and very severe. If he wasn’t a virgin kaçak casino he was close. Damn! His ass hole was tight. It felt really good. I’m gonna fuck this poor bastard a lot, I thought. This is better than pussy. It’s tighter and softer. Jesus! It’s smooth. I settled into a steady rhythm and he began to grunt each time he took me deep. I felt the head of my dick rub his prostate up and down and I knew that would get to him. I looked down and sure enough his dick was getting hard. He had a little dick. I wondered, just as I had at Uncle Charlie’s place, whether all fags had little dicks.

It was a long and leisurely fuck. I just kept pounding him steadily – enjoying myself. After a few minutes his breathing changed – he started to pant – and he moved his ass like he was working with me. He was taking it just like a woman now. Between groans I heard him say, “Oh God! Yes! … Yes!” and he kept pumping his ass. After a few minutes he groaned loudly and I felt his ass hole contracting just like a pussy when a gal comes. I looked down and the poor bastard was pumping a load of cum from the head of that little pecker on to the front of his desk and it was running down the polished wood in thick, creamy, white strands. I didn’t look very long though – the contractions of his ass hole caused me to start pumping my own load right up that poor bastard’s ass, deep into his rectum.

I pulled out and sat back in a chair, exhausted, my cock glistening with cum and starting to get soft. The professor stayed bent over, panting. His ass hole was open – stretched out a bit – and a generous amount of my cum was flowing out, running down his balls, and dripping off onto the floor. His ass hole looked a lot more user-friendly than when I started. Damn! I thought, that was fun. I’m gonna fuck this bitch regular, several times a week.

“How’d you like that professor? Was it good?” He was still bent over his desk, panting – his dripping ass hole in the air.

“It’s been a long time and it hurt like hell. I haven’t been fucked like that for years. Thank you Bobby. But, you’re just eighteen! How the hell did you learn to take care of a man at your young age?”

“My Uncle Charlie taught me. He taught me a lot of things about fags.”

“He was a good teacher, Bobby. You should be grateful to him. The next time you see him, tell him I asked you to thank him for me.”

“I will. He said I might find a fag English professor.”

“Tell him you found one. And I’m lucky it was me.”

“Did I hurt your testicles too much?” I was worried. I’d squeezed his balls really hard.

“I haven’t been mastered like that for a long time Bobby. I’m gonna be sore for a week, but I needed it. God, that was good! And you’re just a boy. I was acting like a spoiled bitch. And you handled me just right. I needed to be used hard. You made me do exactly what you wanted and it was what I needed. I’ll be better for you next time. I promise! I’ll be better. Use me hard. I want to please you, Bobby. I’m gonna do anything you want me to do. No more spoiled bitch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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