Cece’s Game – Chapter Five – Martin Makes Two

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Cece’s Game – Chapter Five – Martin Makes Two
When Cece said she couldn’t get enough of Jason, she wasn’t k**ding. The very next Saturday they had another tryst set up. This time, however, there was something directly in it for Martin. This time he was going to get to watch.

“You watch whether I let you or not,” Cece told him with a note of mock bemusement as they discussed plans over dinner Friday night. “If you’re so desperate to watch Jason fuck me, then we might as well just go ahead and do it in front of you.”

“What does Jason think about it?” Martin asked.

“He said he’d love for you to watch us in action. In fact, his exact words were that he loves having an audience when he’s ‘laying pipe,’ especially a husband watching his wife ‘take it long and hard.’”

“Well, sounds like …”

“However, we do have a couple of conditions.”

The first condition was that Martin had to fix dinner for them. And so he did. By the time Jason arrived at the Graham residence the next evening, Martin already had the salads ready and was putting the final touches on a spicy chicken concoction he considered his signature dish.

“Because we’re in a gracious mood,” Cece said to her husband as he served the food, “we’re going to allow you to eat with us. But you must remain quiet and let us talk.”

Again Martin did as he was told. The dinner conversation was office gossip from Cece and Jason’s work, at least to start.

But along with dinner Martin served drinks. The first round was a glass of wine for everyone, classy and moderately priced. But as soon as his glass was empty, Jason remarked “fuck this yuppie shit. Fix me a Jack and Coke.” Martin complied. “One for me, too,” Cece ordered. Again Martin did as told. And as long as he was mixing hard drinks, he poured himself a scotch and water.

As the three of them grew more and more intoxicated, conversation strayed from work nonsense to more intimate topics. At one point Jason made a remark about fucking Cece in the woods, then cut himself off in mid-sentence.
“It’s okay,” Cece cooed. “You can talk about it in front of Martin. The bastard spied on us anyway.”

Jason turned to Cece’s husband. “You did?”

“Yes,” he sheepishly replied.

“I see.” Jason seemed to be thinking about it. “Well, did you like what you saw?”

“Yes. Very much.”

“Good. Well, you’re gonna get a good look tonight. But from now on, if we tell you to do something like not watch, you’d better do what we say.”

“Okay,” Martin replied. Perhaps it was the liquor, but he just couldn’t keep an edge of “or what?” out of his voice.
Jason heard the edge. “Or we’ll cut you out. I’ll fuck your wife and you won’t get to watch or even hear about it or anything.”

“Okay,” Martin repeated, the edge gone this time.

They finished the remaining portions of the meal in silence. Martin poured another round of drinks.

“Shall we get started?” Cece asked.

Both men nodded.

She slipped her wedding ring off and set it down on the table.

Then she got up and left the kitchen. Both men trailed after her.

In the living room, Cece turned to Martin. “Alright, here’s how this is going to work,” she said. “You take a seat in your chair. Enjoy your drink. Chill out. When we’re ready for you to join us, we’ll let you know.”

Martin sat down as instructed. Jason started to head upstairs.

Cece stopped him. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Uh …”

“The money,” she prompted.

“Oh yeah, right.” Jason fished his wallet out of his back pocket, opened it up and withdrew what looked like a $50 bill. Then he handed it to Cece. “Is this enough?”

“Yes,” she purred as she took it. “That’s exactly what I said I was going to charge you. Now go on up. I’ll join you in a minute.”

As Jason left the room – bottle of Jack trailing loosely along with him in one hand – Cece turned to her husband. Her expression was a smile of burning heat and icy cold all at once.

She unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, exposing the edge of her bra. Then she tucked the bill into the white lace. “I just wanted you to see what a cheap whore your wife is.

“Now, you sit right there in that chair and don’t budge. Do what I say, and eventually one of the two of us will come get you so you can watch. But if you so much as move an inch before that, we’ll shut the bedroom door and you can just sit down here and listen to us all night. Got it?”

She left the room without waiting for an answer.

Too drunk and too surprised to do anything but obey, Martin sat calmly in his chair. He closed his eyes and strained to listen. Long used to all the spots throughout the house where the floors creaked, he thought he would be able to follow their footsteps as they moved to wherever they were going. But for now it sounded like they were just standing at the top of the stairs.

He couldn’t see around the walls from where he was sitting, and it was dark enough that he probably wouldn’t have been able to see much from a different angle anyway. But just standing there in the darkened hallway? That didn’t make much sense. Surely they’d head for either the bathroom or the bedroom.

He heard what sounded like kissing. And yes, it did in fact sound like it was coming from right at the top of the stairs.
Then he heard something that sounded like fumbling with fabric.

Then he heard a thump. The thump sounded quite close to him.

Martin opened his eyes.

At the foot of the stairs, not far from where he was sitting, lay a pile of black cloth that could only be Cece’s skirt.
Another garment came flying down from the shadows. Her blouse.

Followed by his shirt. And pants. And shorts.

And her bra.

And after some noise that sounded like sucking, her panties landed on top of the loose pile.

Then came the long-awaited floor creaking. It sounded like they were headed for the bathroom. Martin strained to listen as the shower stall opened. He heard a couple of small noises that might have been a cigarette lighter followed by a light switch. The water turned on. Some mumbled conversation and a laugh or two. Then the shower stall door clicked shut.

But one thing he hadn’t heard was the bathroom door closing. If he snuck upstairs, he could peek in on them. The temptation was terrible. On the one hand, if they caught him then he’d lose out on all the fun to come. On the other hand, they left the hallway light out. He knew and thus could avoid every spot on the stairs and hallway floor where the boards creaked. And even if he made a little noise, the shower sounds would likely mask it.

Martin found the temptation to spy an incredible rush. And as he rose from the chair, he found the thrill of the risk even more incredible.

He made one small creek on the way up the stairs, but he barely heard it and imagined that it had gone completely undetected in the bathroom.

The hallway was dark, only the faintest light coming from the – thank goodness – open bathroom door.
Martin drew a deep breath. And ever so slowly, he peeked around the edge of the doorframe.

The first thing he noticed was that the room was completely dark except for a single candle. They’d balanced it on a small ledge atop the shower stall.

And in the shower, his wife was locked in a tight, naked embrace with the other man. The dim light and the frosted glass of the shower door made it a bit hard to see exactly what they were up to, but it looked like a combination of kissing and groping.

Then Cece reached over and grabbed the soap. For a few minutes they passed the bar back and forth between them, taking turns washing each other. Martin noted that Jason seemed to concentrate for an unusually long time on Cece’s boobs, and for her part she lingered over his cock and balls for what seemed like forever.

As they rinsed each other off, a tiny alarm bell started to go off in the back of Martin’s head. If they’re rinsing, they’re nearly done in the shower, he thought. You’d better get back downstairs before you get caught. But somehow he just couldn’t force himself to budge.

The washing was at an end, and now it was too late to safely sneak away. But by some miracle, the occupants of the shower didn’t turn the water off. Instead, Cece gave her partner another big kiss. Then she slid down to her knees in front of him on the hard tile and took his cock in her mouth. Martin found his hand slipping to the crotch of his pants as he watched her give him head.

But then he got an icy cold shock. When he happened to glance up from the blowjob, his eyes met Jason’s. The guy was looking right at him. Of course that was impossible, given how bad the lighting was. And the semi-opaque glass could make it seem like the man was looking at him when he was actually wrapped up in having his dick sucked and just staring randomly into space.

Still, it was enough to send more than a tingle down Martin’s spine. He didn’t want to get caught and miss out on the show of his life. No, he didn’t want that at all. So reluctantly he withdrew and made his way quietly back down the stairs.

A minute or two later the shower kicked off. Martin thought he heard some quiet conversation. Then Cece’s hairdryer kicked on.

Jason descended the staircase. Nude, of course. Martin allowed himself a quick smile.

But as soon as Jason entered the room, he shot Martin a “what are you smiling at?” glare.

“Go grab a chair from the kitchen table and come with me,” he ordered. Martin complied, trying hard not to look at the other man’s half-hard cock. He picked up the chair closest to him, but from the doorway Jason gave him a swift rebuke. “No, one of the chairs with arms.” Two of the chairs were armless, and two had arms. Apparently he’d grabbed the wrong kind.

After making the switch, he followed Jason back upstairs to the bedroom.

“Just set it down there in the corner,” the other man ordered. “Then light the rest of the candles.”

At the moment the room was lit solely by the light of a single taper, the same one they’d used in the bathroom. illegal bahis Martin used it to light a handful of other candles standing in various places around the room. When he was done, the light was still fairly weak. But he imagined it would be more than enough to see, especially after his eyes got used to the dim light.

As he lit the last one, Jason told him to “come here.” When Martin turned around, he saw the other man standing next to the chair. He appeared to have something in his hand.

When Martin stood in front of him, Jason gave him a one-word order: “Strip.”

Martin complied. When he was naked, Jason let him stand there while he checked him out. While looking at the other man’s naked body made Martin feel nervous, Jason appeared to have no such reservations. Indeed, he actually seemed to be relishing the moment. He ran his eyes up and down Martin’s bare skin. Martin was suddenly very aware that his cock was rock hard, while Jason – though not completely limp – was nowhere near fully erect. His wife’s boyfriend walked slowly around to inspect him from behind.

Without warning, Jason wrapped his arm around Martin’s waist and grabbed his cock. He could feel the other man squeezing his shaft as Jason pressed up against him from behind, his enormous, semi-erect dick nestled into the crack of his ass.

“So this is what Cece gets at home,” Jason hissed in his ear, giving his erection a quick couple of strokes. “No wonder she gives it up to other men.”

With a lightning-fast twist and a less-than-gentle shove, Jason spun Martin around and planted him firmly in the seat. And before Martin could even regain his bearings, Jason produced a pair of cords and started tying his hands to the arms of the chair.

Martin recognized the bindings. Cece had bought them a few months ago in order to play a bondage game. She had tied his hands to the head of the bed and his feet to the other end. Once she had him securely spread-eagled, she sucked his cock, sat on his face, and then rode him until they both came.

But while Cece’s knots had been loose and playful – just strong enough to enforce the rules of the game – Jason was applying himself to the task with a great deal more energy. He wrapped the cords around and around Martin’s forearms, pulling them tight and tying them with a knot so complicated it looked like it would have to be cut to get it off. When he finished, Martin’s arms were pinned securely in place.

Then Jason did the same thing to his legs. By the time he was done, Martin couldn’t move anything but his head and neck. Mumbling something about “inspecting my work,” Jason stood in front of Martin and leaned forward until his crotch was almost pressing against the helpless husband’s face. Martin was almost overwhelmed by the thick, musky smell of Jason’s sex, not to mention the overpowering dirtiness of having the other man’s manhood so unavoidably displayed to him.

Jason stepped back and up the bottle of Jack Daniel’s from the nightstand.

Cece came in. For as long as she’d taken in the bathroom, Martin thought she might have been putting on some lingerie or other exotic costume. But she was as completely naked as the other two people in the room. The thought of it – his wife showing her body to another man – still gave Martin a little thrill. Apparently she had the same effect on the other man. He wasn’t exactly at half staff anymore.

Jason took a long swallow of whiskey and handed the bottle to his partner. For as long as he’d known her, Martin’s wife had never been a serious drinker. She’d have a glass or two of wine with dinner, and occasionally she’d try something stronger, especially as a prelude to sex.

Tonight was apparently a night for wild firsts. She put the bottle to her lips and upended it, taking three or four greedy gulps as if the stuff was water. A little spilled out of the side of her mouth, running down her chin in a small stream and dribbling onto her chest.

For a brief second she made a face like it was all going to come straight back up. But then Jason took her roughly in his arms, and with a big smile she returned his embrace. She laughed as he kissed her and licked the spilled Jack off her neck.

“Ready to do it?” he asked.

“Anything you say,” she replied. “It’s your fifty bucks.”

Jason lay down and stretched himself out on the bed with his feet facing the chair in the corner. Cece joined him, and for another minute or so they lay next to each other and made out. Then he whispered something to her that Martin couldn’t quite hear.

His wife got up on her knees and started to throw one leg over Jason’s body with her back to the corner. “No,” Jason instructed. “Face the other way.” After a drunken wobble that nearly tipped her off the bed, Cece managed to get straightened around as ordered.

She took a seat right on his face.

Immediately Jason began making wet licking noises down between his partner’s legs. It was almost as if he was making exaggerated noise just to make what he was doing sound extra gushy. For her part, Cece murmured encouragement as he worked on her. “Yeah baby, eat me. Lick my pussy. Lick it. Get your tongue up in there. God that’s good!” Watching helplessly from the corner, Martin found himself wondering if she was talking to encourage Jason or to tell her husband what the other man was doing to her. Maybe both.

Cece reached up and began pinching her own nipples, moving idly from one to the other. And every once in awhile she’d give her hips a shake, grinding herself down onto Jason’s face.

Slowly she leaned forward until her face was right next to his cock. She grabbed it around the base and tilted it straight up, making it tower in front of her. She ran her fingers up and down, then reached around to cup his balls and give him a little squeeze.

Putting her face right up next to him, she opened her mouth. But she didn’t take him in. Instead, she moved slowly up from the base with the tip of her tongue a mere inch or so from his shaft. When she got to the tip, she stretched her lips wide but then just held the pose, ready to receive him but not actually doing it.

Then she returned to the base and did it again.

She was teasing him. Or to be more precise, she was teasing her husband.

Once more she lowered herself to the base of his cock and mimed a long lick right next to him. But this time when she got to the end and opened wide, she eased forward and slid his head into her mouth.
Jason grunted, his head still buried between her legs.

In the woods the lighting had been terrible, but here – even though the light was just candles – Martin could see every detail of what Jason and Cece were doing. Or at least every detail the angle allowed. With Jason on his back facing away, all Martin could really see of him were his legs and his dick. On the other hand, he had a great view of his wife’s face as she struggled to fit her partner into her mouth.

And struggled was exactly the right word. Her lips stretched wide as she fought to wedge his head into her. Though she had blown him before, Martin had never actually watched this close while his wife sucked Jason’s cock. He had been worried that the experience would involve a lot of spitting and gagging, like the blow jobs in porn movies often did. Martin found the strangling noises in particular to be a turn-off, so he was hoping it wouldn’t mar the evening’s festivities.

Turned out he needn’t have worried. Cece wasn’t able to get much more than the head and a few inches of Jason’s massive tool into her mouth. She could “slob on his knob” as the old neighborhood expression went, but that was about it. Of course what she lacked in jaw flexibility she more than made up for in enthusiasm. She mouthed his head with all her might. And whenever she started to gag on his cock, she pulled off and applied her tongue to his head and shaft.

Every once in awhile she’d have to stop working on him and take a few seconds to moan out her pleasure at what he was doing to her on the other end.

Also every once in awhile she would cast a glance over at her husband. She usually did it when she had a great big mouthful of dick. The expression in her eyes was hard to read, but it seemed to be a combination of “Look at how silly you are just sitting there all tied up and watching me while I suck another man’s cock,” and “oh by the way I love what I’m doing.”

If nothing else, Martin was in awe of Jason’s control. If Cece spent that long working on his cock, he would have been coming all over the place.

After what seemed like an eternity, she let go of his cock and climbed off him. She got up and stood next to the bed, grabbing the bottle and taking another big swallow. Jason stood up as well, and she passed him the bottle.

They stared at each other.

“Fuck me,” Cece slurred as she collapsed back onto the bed.

Flat on her back, Cece threw her legs up in the air, spread wide and ready to receive her partner. Martin could hear the springs creak as Jason climbed onto the bed.

“Okay, just a minute,” Cece purred. “I want you to do me a favor.”

“Anything, babe,” Jason replied.

“Follow my directions.”


“Bring the tip of your cock up to me.”

Jason leaned forward to lie on top of Cece. But she shook her head.

“No, sit back and just move in with your cock. Sort of like …”

“Oh, I see,” Jason smiled. “You want him to be able to watch as I enter you.”

She gave a patient nod.

“Okay,” he said. And then he looked over at Martin. “Hey, dude. Check this out.”

Jason edged the head of his cock up to Cece’s waiting pussy. Using his right hand to guide himself, he gently began to rub the slick skin at the tip of his dick up against her clit. Cece moaned and squirmed around, but Jason held himself in place. He gave her a few strokes, rubbing around and around.

“Okay,” she said. “Now give me the head. Just the head.”

Jason’s cock dipped slightly down and slightly forward. illegal bahis siteleri Cece gasped loudly as he stretched her lips apart and entered her.

“Oooooh,” she moaned. “Each time I forget how thick it is.”

“Take your time, baby,” he replied. “Get used to it.” Jason glanced over at Martin. “Check it out, man. Your wife has another man’s cock in her pussy.”

“Damn right,” Cece snickered. “Big one, too.”

“Are you ready for some more?”

“Oh yes. Alright now, I want you to push yourself into me. But do it very, very slowly. Seriously, go inch by inch.”
Again Jason complied. Martin watched as the man’s massive tool sunk slowly into his wife. The shaft was maybe a little more than halfway in when Cece suddenly stopped him.

“Can you see this, Martin?” she asked.

Dumbstruck, he nodded. But then he realized that from her angle she might have trouble seeing the nod. So he managed to squeak out a soft “yes.”

“Good. You said once you wanted a frame of reference to compare your dick to Jason’s. Well, where he’s at now is how deep you go when you fuck me.” Then she turned her attention back to the other man. “Now slowly, give me the rest of it.”

Cece moaned and sighed and even squealed out “Goddamn it that’s big!” once as Jason thrust himself the rest of the way in. When he had buried himself to the base, he paused.

“Okay, baby,” she said to him. “Now you take over and drive.”


Jason slid himself most of the way out, his shaft slick and shiny with Cece’s copious wetness. Then he slid back in again. Cece gasped in time with his motion as he started with a slow, gentle rhythm and then began to pick up the pace a little. He shifted his weight around to lie more directly on top of her. The new angle blocked part of Martin’s view, but that was alright. He already had plenty to feed his imagination.

Then Jason looked over at him. “Your wife has a really tight pussy,” he said as matter-of-factly as if he’d just observed that the home team lost their last game or a politician got caught lying about something.

“Jason!” Cece giggled. Giggled. No k**ding.

“No, I mean it,” he continued. “I’ve fucked a lot of chicks in my time. But of all the tail I’ve gotten, Cece has the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked.”

Martin didn’t know what to say to that. For want of anything better, he stammered out, “Uh, thank you.”

Jason laughed. “Don’t thank me, man! I mean seriously, how can married pussy be that tight? You should have stretched it out at least a little. Do you even have a dick?” And as if to drive the point home, he gave Cece a couple of especially enthusiastic thrusts. They made her wail.

Martin felt himself blush with embarrassment. He glanced over at his wife. Cece was blushing as well. But she also had the thin curve of a smile on her face.

From there it was down to business. Occasionally Cece would sigh or Jason would grunt. But for the most part the only sound was the incessant, rhythmic slap-slap-slap as he entered her over and over again.

Then with just about no warning at all, Cece yelled out a loud “Jason!” and started to scream.

“That’s it, baby!” he growled without losing a stroke of his thrusting. “Come for me. Come all over my dick.”

And she did. Martin tried to keep count based on the highs and lows of his wife’s yelling. One. Two. Three. Was that four or just number three still going strong?

Jason addressed Martin without turning or breaking rhythm. “Check it out, dude. I’m making your wife come by fucking her tight little pussy with my massive cock.”

Suddenly he pulled out and stood up. Cece barely had time to catch her breath before he grabbed her arms and yanked her up off the bed. Her legs were wobbly, but she managed a half-assed approximation of standing up.

Jason maneuvered his partner around so she was facing her husband. Positioning himself behind her, he reached around and grabbed her tight. He looked Martin right in the eye, grinning a wicked grin as he squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples hard. For her part Cece smiled wide even as she gasped at the rough treatment.

“Mmmm, titties,” Jason mumbled in her ear.

But as much as he liked watching the other man fondle his wife, Martin found his attention drawn slightly farther down. The dim light made it hard to see much in detail, but it looked as if the insides of Cece’s thighs were soaking wet. Was she really producing so much fluid that it was literally running down her legs?

Jason snapped Martin back to attention.

“What do you think, man?” he asked. “You like watching me fuck your wife? You like watching her come on my cock?”
Martin managed a weak nod.

“Let me hear you say it.”

“Um …” Martin didn’t know exactly what Jason wanted.

“Say something, man. Otherwise I’ll drag your ass out into the hall and you can watch the walls for an hour or two.”
“Yes, Jason. I want to watch you fuck my wife.”


Suddenly it all came loose. “I want to watch you stick your huge cock into her tight hole. I want you to fuck her until she comes all over your dick. Then I want you to keep banging her while she begs for more. And then I want to watch you fill her with your come.”

“Better. Now, remember what I told you last time about claiming your wife?”

“You said that when you came inside her that she would belong to you.”

“That’s right. And did you hear her tell me to do it?”


“Tell me what you heard.”

“I heard her tell you to come inside her.”

“More, damnit!”

“I heard my wife tell you to pump your semen into her. I heard her tell you that when you put your sperm inside her that she would belong to you.”

“I know you checked later. What did you find?”

“Your come in her pussy.”

“And what does that mean?”

“That her pussy belongs to you.”

“You weren’t supposed to watch, man. When I claim a cunt, especially a married one, it’s supposed to be my little ritual with her. Private. No husbands allowed. So tonight I’m thinking about throwing your sorry, spying ass out of here. I’m gonna give you one chance. As clear and as nasty as you can, tell me you understand what my ritual means.”

“Jason, you’ve seen my wife naked. You’ve sucked her boobs and eaten her pussy. She’s sucked your cock. She’s swallowed your come. You’ve gone all the way with her, putting your dick in her and making her come. But all of that is nothing. That’s just sex. What really counts is when she takes you all the way to the base and you get off inside her. When she took that big load of your sperm, she gave herself to you. You inseminated my wife, you bastard. Now she’s yours.”

Jason grinned the biggest grin Martin had ever seen. Then he semi-whispered in Cece’s ear, “What do you think, babe? Does he want it bad enough to let him stay?”

“Well,” Cece cooed, and then paused. “There’s one more thing I want to hear him say.”

“What’s that?” Jason asked, with an expression on his face aimed at Martin clearly telling him whatever it is, you better say it.

“I want him to tell you how much I want it.”

“She wants you, Jason. She wants your monster cock more than anything. Even when we’re having sex, she tells me how much better your dick is. She just can’t wait for the next time she’s got you between her legs fucking the hell out of her.”

A pause.

“Okay,” Cece said. “Good enough.”

“Alright, then.” Jason said. “Like watching me fuck your wife? Okay, here, watch this.”

With that he half guided and half threw Cece back on the bed. This time she ended up face down and barely had enough time to scramble up onto her hands and knees before he was once again on her, in her.

Almost immediately she began to come from it once again, wailing “Jason! Jason! Jason!” over and over as he drove her over the edge.

They fucked and fucked and fucked. Every once in awhile they’d change positions, but the basic act of penetration remained the same. Sometimes Cece would stop coming long enough to catch her breath, but then she’d go back to it.
After what seemed like an eternity, Martin noticed something amazing. What he was seeing was actually getting a bit boring. From his wife’s perspective all the fucking must be wonderful, but it didn’t seem to change much. Unbelievably, he found himself going ever so slightly soft.

Perhaps Jason noticed this, because he directed a question at Martin.

“Can you still see all this?”

“Yes,” Martin replied, embarrassed as if he’d been caught daydreaming in school.

“Good, I want you to watch while your wife gets fucked by a real man.”

Martin’s head was back in the game now. But what happened next took the game to a whole new level.

“Yes,” his wife moaned. “I want you to watch while a real man fucks me.”

A real man? What was that supposed to mean? Martin knew that Jason was bigger than he was, and Cece had made no secret about liking the bigger cock. But this was something new, something different. The “real man” remark was, well, a little humiliating.

“Wha?” he managed to stammer out.

At first it seemed like they were completely ignoring him, so caught up in their own pleasure that he might as well not even be in the room. But then Cece’s demeanor changed ever so slightly.

“Hang on, Jason,” she said. “Stop for a minute.”

He complied, at first just stopping his thrusting but then pulling out entirely.

“Okay Martin,” Cece said to her husband. “Let’s get this over with once and for all.” She got up out of bed and crossed over to where her husband was chained up.

“Come here, Jason,” she motioned to her partner. He complied, his massive dick swaying back and forth as he walked over to join the married couple.

Cece took Martin’s cock in her hand. “Bring yourself right over here, Jason. Let’s get a direct, side-by-side comparison.” Her partner squatted in front of the chair and maneuvered himself up so his cock was pressing against Martin’s.
The comparison nearly took Martin’s breath away. Jason towered a good three or four inches above him. And he was clearly a good canlı bahis siteleri deal thicker as well.

But almost as impressive as the man’s sheer size was the fact that he was covered from the tip of his enormous, dark purple head all the way down to the base of his shaft with Cece’s wetness. And he wasn’t just slippery with it, either. It coated his manhood in big, white streaks. To say she was creaming on him was an understatement.

“See, Martin?” Cece whispered in his ear, breathing scotch hotly against his skin. “Do you see why I want Jason so bad? Do you see what it means for me to be fucked by a real man?”

Martin gulped. “Yes, Cece. Yes, I see.”

“Enough of this,” Jason growled. “Come here, you cheap slut!” And with that he grabbed Cece roughly and threw her down on the bed.

For her part, Cece just laughed and spread her legs wide, her feet waving in the air. Jason approached her slowly. He climbed back on top of her and maneuvered himself into position. But before he thrust back inside, he paused.
“Do you want it, baby?” he growled.

“Oh you fucking know I want it!” she moaned in reply.

“How much?”

“More than anything. There’s nothing in the world I want more than your cock in my pussy.” She slurred the last word, so it came out sounding more like “puuuuuussy.”

“Are you a cheap slut?”

“The cheapest!” Cece giggled. “I’m nothing but a cheap little whore for you to use.”

“Beg me for it.”

“Oh please, Jason. Please give it to me. Please fuck my tight little pussy with your big, hard dick. Please get yourself off inside me. C’mon, baby, I want it so bad! Fuck that pussy! Fuck it! Fuck it! Fu …”

Before she could finish, Jason rammed himself into her hard. With no warning at all, he thrust all the way in to the base. Cece let out a scream that could have shattered glass.

When he watched Jason fuck his wife in the woods, the image that came to mind was a****ls mating. This was something even more extreme. Indeed, it seemed almost mechanical. Jason’s thrustings were powerful and rapid. Like a piston. Like a jackhammer.

Amazingly, Cece began to moan a semi-intelligible word: “Harder!” Was she k**ding? Jason was nailing her with an unbelievable force and speed, and she actually wanted more?

“Yes! Harder! Harder! Hurt me! Pound my pussy! Pound it!” she wailed.

Her head flopped to one side, and for a second Martin thought she was looking straight at him. But her eyes were glassy and unfocused, as if she’d been fucked into a stupor. She wasn’t seeing him anymore at all.

Cece’s passionate screams slowly faded to hoarse gasps as Jason began a rhythmic grunting in time with his thrusts.
Then grunts became howls of lust. The pumping stopped. One slam. Two. Three. And Jason leaned his head back and yelled “yes!” as he reached climax.

Cece moaned “give it to me” as Jason squirted his come into her.

Jason collapsed on top of Martin’s wife as they both gasped for air. Once they caught their breath, they laughed and kissed and spoke softly to each other. Every once in awhile Martin could see Jason’s cock twitch with an “aftershock,” the other man’s shaft still sunk deep inside his wife.

After an eternity, Jason eased out and got up.

“Uh, Jason?” Cece cooed.


“Do something for me real quick, would you?”


She pointed at her husband. “Set him down with his head on the floor.”

Jason looked at Martin. “No problem,” he replied.

He crossed over to Martin’s chair, and with a single motion that was at once both smooth and forceful he spun the chair around and brought its back swiftly to the floor. Martin found himself flat on his back, legs in the air, head resting on the carpet.

“Thanks,” Cece said to her partner. Then she got up from the bed, came over to where her husband lay helpless on the floor, planted one foot on either side of his head, and unceremoniously took a seat.

Her thighs were pressed up against his cheeks. The fruits of their coupling – his semen and her wetness – soaked her skin and made her slippery as she rubbed herself back and forth against his face.

“Lick it up,” she hissed at him. “Be a good boy and lick it all up.”

At first all he got was hair, soaking wet and hard to part. But he opened wide and stuck his tongue out as far as he could. After a little working, he got her lips apart.

She was full of flavors, some familiar and some new. The taste of her wetness he had of course experienced many times. There was a soapiness he guessed was the lube they’d used to get his massive cock into her. And there was a sticky saltiness that could only be Jason’s come.

“Do you like it, Martin?” Her voice sounded far away, muffled by her legs pressing up against the sides of his head. “I bet you do. Now do what I tell you and lick all Jason’s come out of my pussy.”

Martin’s tongue swirled around and around in the sloppy mess. Now all the flavors blended together into one musky taste. He licked and licked, letting the fluid flow into his mouth and swallowing it as he went.

“C’mon, baby,” came from somewhere a million miles away.

“Not yet,” she replied. Did she sound a little breathless? Was she enjoying this? “He isn’t done cleaning me up yet.”

That seemed to satisfy Jason for a minute, and Martin went back to work. Cece was rocking back and forth ever so slightly as he ate her. Yes, she was definitely enjoying this.

And then suddenly she was gone.

It took Martin a few seconds to figure out what had happened. The disappearance of her thighs against his head, her pussy pressed into his mouth, was too swift for her to have gotten tired and gotten up.

“C’mere, you fucking slut,” Jason growled, holding Cece aloft in his arms. “I want to fuck you some more.”

“Oh Jason!” Cece squealed as the man threw her onto the bed. “Are you ready to go again already?”

And then Jason joined her on the bed. At this point from his vantage point on the floor, Martin couldn’t see either one of them.

“Oh, my! I guess you are! I certainly …” And then it was nothing but grunting, moaning and a loud, rhythmic slapping sound.

For his part, Marin just lay there, still tightly tied to the chair, his face covered with the incredible smells of his wife’s coupling, his mouth full of the salty taste of Jason’s come. It felt like forever lying there in the dark with nothing but the sounds and the mental images of what Jason was doing to Cece mere feet away from him.

At long last the pounding stopped.

“Wait a minute,” Jason said. “Your husband can’t see.”

“You’re right! How thoughtless of us!” Her voice dripped teasing sarcasm.

Jason climbed off the bed, followed by Cece. The two of them towered above Martin on the floor, their naked bodies shining with sweat in the candlelight.

“Here,” Jason said. “Let me move you around like …” And with a yank on the chair, he scooted Martin around so his head was at the base of the foot of the bed.

“Now you stand here.” He positioned Cece with one leg on either side of his head, her dark, damp pussy right above his face.

“And now I’ll just …” Straddling Martin’s body, Jason once again thrust into Cece and went back to work.
Martin’s view was downright pornographic. He’d never had much of a fondness for what he called “gynecology shots,” the extreme close-ups of penetration that reduced the actors to mere organs. But he had to admit he was enjoying this immensely. This was an absolute no-doubt view of the coupling, as clear a picture as possible of his wife’s tight pussy being entered again and again by Jason’s long, thick cock. He could also just barely see her boobs at the edge of the bed, swaying back and forth as he pounded her.
Every once in awhile a drop of some fluid or another would fall on his face or chest.
This time Jason didn’t last quite as long. After five minutes or so of fucking, he snarled the word “pussy” and came again. This time Martin had a perfect view of Jason’s balls trembling and his shaft pulsing as he deposited another load into the other man’s wife.
And when he withdrew, a thick stream came dribbling out of Cece’s pussy and splattered all over her helpless husband.
Jason took a couple of staggering steps and flopped down on the bed. Cece climbed up, no doubt to lie down beside him. Though Martin could only appreciate the scene with his ears, it sounded like they were once again kissing and sharing small, quiet talk.
Eventually Jason got up and left the room. Cece climbed off the bed and knelt down next to her husband. Without a word, she reached down between her legs and stroked her fingers through the lips of her pussy. She rubbed a stripe of wetness across her husband’s lips. Then she went back, got a couple of her fingers much wetter with the leftovers of her mating, and slicked it onto Martin’s cock.
She wrapped her hand around his shaft and gripped him firmly. She stroked him once. And again. And again.
It took Martin less than ten pumps to have the biggest orgasm of his life. It swept over him like a sheet, until his whole consciousness was consumed entirely by the act of coming. Somewhere in the distance he was vaguely aware of his cock pulsing, warm fluid spattering all over his stomach and chest.
And then he passed out cold.

He was awakened by the soft sound of Cece whispering “Wake up” in his ear.

As the fog cleared, he asked her how long he had been out.

“Just half an hour or so,” she replied. “Jason got cleaned up and left.”

She bent over him and kissed him. As she did so, Martin noticed that she had a fresh load of come on her mouth and chin. And her nose. And her cheeks. And her forehead. And even some dribbling down onto her still-bare tits.

“That’s right, Martin,” she said, smiling. “His third time tonight, and still a bigger load than you’ve ever produced, with the possible exception of the drenching you gave yourself before you passed out.” She ran a finger through the thick, sticky, white fluid on Martin’s chest. “Though it’s hard to tell. I suppose some of this must be Jason’s from the second time he pumped me full of it. I sucked number three out of him before he got dressed. I even made him do it all over my face so his come would still be there when you woke up. Just so you could see it.”

She slowly untied him.

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