Casey’s Night Out

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Casey was a very attractive young woman. With her long wavy brown hair loose around her shoulders, and her dark eyes sparkling with the lights of the club, it was hard to find her anything but attractive. She was dressed much more modestly than her friends, wearing a long-sleeved, slightly low-cut red top and a knee length black skirt, but still managed to ooze sensuality. Because of this, many hot and not-so hot guys had asked her to dance that night, all of whom she politely turned down. She just wasn’t interested.

For Casey this was just her routine night out with her girlfriends, the one night a month they had made a pact to go out together. Her friends were the great sort who would never bitch behind her back or keep a secret from her. Friends throughout high school, they had vowed never to drift apart, or miss their sacred night out. Together the five girls made a very attractive group, and when Casey would turn a guy down, one of her friends would usually be asked instead.

About two hours after arriving, when her friends had all hit the dance floor, Casey spotted a young woman sitting alone at a table near the toilets. She was bent over a red drink, and looked to be on the verge of tears. Her long dark hair was tied back in a simple ponytail, and the short black halter-neck dress she was wearing was both revealing and flattering to her slim body. A little black bag rested over her shoulder, the overall effect making her look sophisticated yet fun. She was obviously dressed to impress someone, and by the looks of things that someone had not been impressed. Casey walked over and sat down opposite her, getting her attention with a brief touch to her hand.

‘Are you okay?’ Casey asked.

The woman looked over at Casey and managed a weak smile.

‘I’ll be alright,’ she replied.

She looked down at her drink and then back at Casey.

‘You want some of this?’ she offered.

‘No thanks. I don’t drink at clubs. It’s my number one rule.’

The woman nodded looking back at her drink.

‘Probably best that way. Waste of money really. It tastes awful.’

The woman laughed half-heartedly at her feeble joke and continued to look at her drink, almost as if the answer to whatever was bothering her would magically appear at the bottom. Casey couldn’t help but feel for the girl.

‘Cheer up,’ she said with a reassuring smile. ‘It can’t be that bad. Come and dance with me.’

The woman looked up at Casey and studied her for a moment, before breaking into a genuine smile. The effect it had on her appearance was immediate, lighting up her face and brightening her eyes.

‘I’m Tash,’ she said, holding out her hand to shake Casey’s in a silly mock-formal manner.

‘Casey,’ Casey replied, grasping Tash’s hand and gently shook it.

Casey kept hold of Tash’s hand as they stood, the drink left forgotten on the table. Tash allowed Casey to lead her to the dance floor, where the music was much louder. Just as they found a space on the crowded floor, the pumping techno beat faded away into a soft lover’s melody. As Casey was unsure of what Tash would expect to happen, she started to walk back to the table when Tash stopped her. She grabbed hold of Casey around the neck, embracing her and beginning to slowly move to the music. Relieved and delighted, Casey placed her arms around Tash’s waist and swayed with her.

Casey couldn’t help but notice the different looks she received by the other dancers as she and Tash continued to sway. There were looks of disgust, looks of realisation, and looks of understanding. Among the sea of people she spotted her friends, whom she waved away when they casino siteleri mimed to her that they were leaving. They smiled at her as they left the club, leaving her embracing Tash.

The soft music eventually faded back into the familiar techno beat, but Tash still held Casey tightly, as if the slow song were still playing. The thought crossed Casey’s mind that Tash might be drunk. Gently pushing Tash away, she checked her eyes for any telltale signs.

‘What are you doing?’ Tash asked, her eyes sparkling and a cheerful smile on her lips.

‘I just wanted to make sure you were okay. What were you drinking earlier?’

‘A strawberry dackery. Don’t get one if you’re thinking about it. It was awful.’

‘So you told me. Do you want some water?’

‘Yeah, but not here. The noise is getting a bit much. Can we go somewhere else?’

‘Sure,’ Casey said cautiously. ‘We can go back to my place if you want, or to a coffee shop. I’m sure we could find one that’s still open.’

‘Your place sounds good,’ Tash said with a little smile. ‘Do you have a car?’

‘Yes, but it’s not here. One of my friends picked me up and she’s already left. We’ll have to get a taxi.’

‘Don’t bother. My car’s parked not far from here. If you give me directions I can drive us there.’

‘Are you sure you’re up to it? Driving I mean. How much have you had to drink?’

‘Just that one dackery, and I didn’t even get halfway through it. Honestly, I’m fine to drive.’

Tash grabbed hold of Casey’s hand and together they picked their way through the crowd to the entrance, where a number of young looking teenagers were pleading with the bouncer to let them in.

Casey shook her head in disgust as she followed Tash past them.

‘What’s up?’ Tash asked curiously.

‘It’s pathetic, that’s all. You know, all those teenagers trying to get in. If I’d only known then what I know now…’

‘I know what you mean,’ Tash replied, looking rather gloomy.

Casey decided not to press the issue and started casting around for another subject. She hadn’t been with another girl in a while, and the relationship hadn’t progressed to taking her home, just a few kisses and a bit of fondling in a quite corner of the club on one occasion. It was hard for a woman to find another woman. Guys seemed willing and able to ask her to dance or ask her out, but she wasn’t interested in guys. She wasn’t the outgoing type who found it easy to talk to strangers either. There was something about Tash that she had been drawn to, and now she feared she was going to stuff it all up over a bad conversation topic. She was saved however when Tash let go of her hand and started fishing around in her bag for the car key.

The car was a cute little black model which everyone seemed to be driving these days, and Casey was glad she hadn’t taken her own car that night. Her old Holden, which was in desperate need of a clean, probably wouldn’t have made a very good impression. The indicators flashed to show the doors were unlocked and Casey slid into the passenger seat as Tash sat behind the wheel. She tossed her bag in the back, started the engine and turned to Casey.

‘Okay then,’ she said with a smile. ‘Which way are we heading?’


‘Make yourself at home,’ Casey said as she unlocked the door to her apartment, and stood aside so that Tash could enter first.

Tash slipped passed Casey, the confined space causing her to brush her back against Casey’s front as she squeezed by. Casey tensed at the feel of Tash’s body pressed up against her. The touch had only lasted a few seconds, but her skin was left tingling from the canlı casino contact. She took a deep breath and followed Tash into the apartment.

Tash quickly sat down on the sofa, which was not hard to miss given the layout of the one-bedroom shoebox which was Casey’s home. This left Casey standing awkwardly in front of her, unsure of what to do. She moved into kitchen area, opened the fridge and scanned its contents. Cursing herself for not going shopping earlier that day, she got out a jug of water and poured a glass. She carefully walked it over to Tash and set it on the coffee table next to the couch. Tash smiled and took a mouthful, leaving her lips glistening wet. Casey promptly returned to the kitchen, her heart racing.

‘Can I get you anything else?’ she called out nervously.

‘You don’t have anything to eat do you? I’m a bit hungry now that you mention it.’

Bitting back the urge to tell her exactly what she could eat, Casey swiftly moved to the cupboards in search of something … anything. She didn’t want Tash to get bored and leave. She finally managed to find a packet of large marshmallows hiding in back of one of her cupboards and brought them over to the couch.

‘It’s all I could find,’ Casey said apologetically as she opened the bag and offered it to Tash.

‘I love marshmallows!’ Tash exclaimed in delight.

Casey watched as Tash picked up a powdery white marshmallow and popped it into her mouth, closing her eyes in rapture.

Casey’s heart skipped a beat as she took one for herself. They kept eating as they made light conversation, and soon there was only one left in the bag.

‘You have it,’ Casey said. ‘You’re the guest after all.’

Tash picked up the marshmallow and had raised it halfway to her lips when she stopped.

‘Let’s share it,’ she whispered softly.

And with that she popped it into her open mouth, allowing it to rest half inside and half out. She then slowly moved towards Casey.

Taken back by this action, Casey wasn’t sure how she was supposed to react in a rational, polite way. As Tash moved closer however, all notion of behaving rationally and politely left her mind. Letting her instincts take over, Casey slid her lips over Tash’s and bit off her half of the marshmallow, swallowing the sticky sweetness as she slipped her hand behind Tash’s neck and pulled her closer for a passionate kiss.

Tash responded to the kiss with an eagerness which surprised Casey, and she once again began to question just how much Tash had consumed that night. When Tash slipped her tongue into Casey’s mouth however, all was forgotten. Slipping her other hand around Tash’s waist, Casey kissed her all the more passionately.

Tash needs this, she told herself as she poured all her emotions into the kiss. And so do I.

Breaking away from Tash’s mouth, she lowered her lips to Tash’s neck and began kissing, licking and gently sucking just above her collar bone. Tash moaned with delight and ran her hands over Casey’s body, resting them on her ample breasts and gently fondling them.

Feeling the hands of a sexy woman on her breasts drove Casey crazy with desire. She felt Tash lean back onto the couch, pulling Casey on top of her. Tash grasped Casey’s hand and firmly placed it onto one of her breasts. Casey savoured the soft feel of Tash’s breast and looked down at the beautiful creature beneath her. Reaching behind Tash’s head, she freed her hair from its elastic band. The effect it had on her appearance was instant, the dark tresses cascading over her bare shoulders and making Casey’s heart race.

‘You’re incredible,’ she whispered to Tash as kaçak casino she leaned in to kiss her once more.

Tash stopped her by making to get up, and Casey scurried off her. Tash stood and sat Casey firmly on the couch. Slightly confused, Casey did as instructed. Slowly, Tash began taking off her dress, swaying softly to music only she could hear.

Casey watched longingly as Tash undid the halter-neck and shimmied her way out of the skimpy black dress, tossing it onto the coffee table. She was in perfect form and the sight took Casey’s breath away. Her breasts were held high in a push-up bra which, to Casey’s delight, was taken off to reveal a pair of creamy white breasts, untouched by the sun and utterly mouth-watering. Casey made to set her mouth to the nearest one and her hand to the other, but Tash was not quite done yet. With a forceful brush of her hands she slid her panties to the floor, revealing a perfectly shaven pussy.

With a devious smile, Tash beckoned for Casey to stand, causing tingles to break out all over Casey’s body. She stood and made to close the distance between her and Tash, wanting nothing more than to kiss and touch everything she could. She was stopped however by Tash side-stepping her, and sitting down on the couch.

‘Your turn,’ she whispered.

Keen to give Tash a taste of her own sweet medicine, Casey made a long performance out of slowly removing her skirt and pulling off her top. She unfastened her bra, exposing her breasts to the cool air, and lay down on the soft shaggy rug on the living room floor.

‘You do the honours,’ she whispered.

Tash slid off the couch and knelt directly in front of Casey. Grasping her panties firmly in both hands, she pulled them down and tossed them aside, revealing a well maintained bush of hair surrounding a very wet pussy.

Casey pulled Tash on top of her and rolled so Tash was beneath her. She eagerly set her lips to Tash’s breasts, sucking vigorously on her ripe nipples. Tash moaned and wriggled beneath her, when Casey let out a moan of her own. Tash had slipped one of her fingers inside Casey and was thrusting with it as fast as she could. Keen to get a taste of more of Tash, Casey hopped off her and fell into the 69 position, practically diving into Tash’s pussy and setting her tongue on Tash’s clit.

From the moan that came from the other end, Casey reasoned she was doing a good job and kept flicking her tongue over Tash’s clit, occasionally sliding it inside her wet opening and lapping at the juices there. She felt a soft, hesitant lap at her own pussy which made her stop and moan in ecstasy. Realising that Tash was as new to this as she was, Casey slowed down and showed Tash was she was doing with her tongue, stopping to allow Tash to duplicate the actions. Soon Tash was enthusiastically eating pussy through her moans, and Casey was having a hard time staying with her. She could feel herself tensing as her climax approached quickly, and she put her all into making sure it was an arrival for two.

Just as she felt her body start its ascent into bliss, she felt Tash’s body tense underneath her. They came together, moaning into soaking wet pussies, their bodies twitching and jerking as they slowly lapped at each other’s juices. Eventually they stilled, and Casey rolled off Tash and turned so that they were now facing each other, wet juices clinging to both of their mouths.

‘That was amazing,’ Casey panted, kissing Tash tenderly and tasting herself on Tash’s lips.

‘That was my first time,’ Tash said breathlessly, as she licked her lips.

‘Mine too. How was it?’

Tash turned and faced her, looking deeply into Casey’s eyes.



Thank you for reading Casey’s Night Out. It’s your feedback which keeps me writing, so please feel free to comment or drop me a line. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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