Brunda – The Beautiful Restaurateur

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Brunda – The Beautiful Restaurateur
this incident happened around a month ago. It was the end of May and I decided to plan a trip to Russia with my family. We got the visas etc. in mid-June. And we left for Russia on 13th June i.e. me, mummy, dad and our man-servant Govindji.

We landed in Moscow the next day. We had scheduled St.Petersburg at the end of the trip. Finally, we landed St.Petersburg on 3rd July. We had a little tough time there due to scarce availability of vegetarian food. We were tired of having just salad and juices.

On our 3rd day there, I ventured out one evening into the market. It was around 6 pm. That is when one of the shopkeepers told me about a restaurant which had newly opened a few miles away and was run by a woman of Indian origin. I felt happy and headed for this restaurant.

I located it and went in. I was greeted by the waiter; I asked him to see the manager of the resto. He guided me to a woman who was supervising the cooking. He said there is no manager and she is the co-owner of this resto.

The lady had her back to me. Then she turned to face me and I was blown away! Literally! She was one of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

“Hello Sir. I am Brunda. Do you need some help?” She said.

It was the sweetest voice I had ever heard. I fell in love with her right away. Let me describe Brunda to you readers. I dont know her age as I dont like asking women their age, but I would put her not a day older than 28-30. She was fair, 5’5 tall, slim with long waist-length hair. She had big black eyes which were the prettiest part of her.

I found my tongue after a minute or so. I wasted no time in appreciating her and asked her out to dinner tonight. She was surprised and looked at me suspiciously and denied. I introduced myself and gave her my mobile no. She took it and started going inside the kitchen. I could not take my eyes off her.

An hour later I got a text from her saying she would meet me but after dinner just for a short walk. I agreed. We met and we had a great time. I continued going to meet her for 3 straight days. I got to know that she was married and had 2 k**s. I was heartbroken!

Finally on 10th July, I told Brunda that I was leaving Russia the next day. I could see the disappointment on her face and I fell in love with her all over again. I thought it was now or never! I proposed to her. Right over there in the market where we were taking a walk. She said YES! I grabbed her and kissed her.

We then took a walk with my arms around her and we reached her resto. It was nearly 11’30pm now and the resto was shut. She opened the door with keys and we went in,again locked the door and sat on a table. Brunda bought a cup of coffee for me. We were silent as we did not know what to say.

I got up from my seat and sat next to her. I took her in a tight embrace. She too hugged me. There were tears in her eyes. I kissed her lips. She kissed me back. It was pure love. We kept kissing for minutes.

Brunda was in a black saree while I had my pant and tee on. Brunda stood up and removed her saree. She was in a petticoat and blouse now. I went close to her and held her by her shoulders.

“I pronounce us as husband and wife” I said.

Brunda smiled and hugged me. I was moving me hands all over her back. She broke the hug and kissing me, she removed my tee. I started unhooking her blouse buttons. Suddenly I got a call from my mother asking my whereabouts. I told her I am at a friend’s house whom I met 3 days back at the market and that I will be back to the hotel within 2 hours and disconnected.

Brunda was staring at me and smiling while I was talking on phone. I opened all her blouse buttons. She was wearing a dark blue bra. I bent and licked the area abover her cleavage. I moved my tongue upwards; licking her neck, chin and just when I reached her lips, she opened her mouth and took it in.

I pressed her breasts from over her bra. She bit my lips and tongue once or twice in excitement! I continued pressing her breasts with my left hand while I guided my right hand to her navel and inserted one finger in her navel.

“Oooooohhhh maaaa”

That was the first moan from her and boy it turned me on like anything! She couldn’t get herself to stop kissing me. Every time I tried to break the kiss, she would pull me back! She too took her hand to my groin and started fondling my dick from above my pant. We kissed each other for nearly 30 minutes while taking short breaks only to catch up our breath and feeling each others’ body.

I then removed her petticoat and there she was standing in a blue bra and brown panty. I got rid of my pant and I was in my white Jockey now. I had to remove my Jockey quickly as my erect dick was paining inside. She saw me naked and smiled.

Brunda immediately went on her knees and took my dick in her mouth. While blowing my dick, she had her eyes fixed on mine. I started playing with her hair, often moving her head to make my penis penetrate deeper into her mouth.

I stopped her when she was about to cum as I wanted that my reels of cum should first hit her pussy and not her mouth. I asked her to stand up. She rose slowly, licking my whole body from penis to my neck. I hugged her and unhooked her bra from behind.

I was looking at a pair of super-sexy boobs with brownish nipples. She caught my hair and forced my mouth on her breasts. I started licking her nipples. I gave small bites too. She was making a humming sound as she closed her eyes and moaned. Her legs started shivering so I had to take her to a table and lay her over it.

I climbed over Brunda. My dick was touching her knees. I lay my body over hers and resumed sucking my darling’s nipples. I licked whole of her breasts while I sucked and squeezed her nipples. She kept on moaning.

I moved down to her navel and kissed it. As soon as I put my tongue out and it touched her navel, she sprang up in excitement. I put my both hands on her breasts as I sucked her navel. Brunda’s panty was dripping wet with her juices.

After treating her navel, I pulled down Brunda’s panty with my teeth. She had a slightly hairy cunt which was now very wet. I started eating her pussy, while also licking her inner thighs.

Brunda moaned and was pushing my face deeper into her hole. My hands were still kneading her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples. Within a few minutes, Brunda screamed “Aaahahhhhhh” and a gush of cum hit my face. It was so strong and so heavy; it entered my nose, mouth covering every inch of my face.

I tasted it. Brunda was exhausted and wet with sweat. She pulled me up and licked my whole face tasting her own cum. She did not, however, swallow the cum. After licking my face, she smooched me; thereby sharing her cum from her mouth.

My dick was touching her pussy now. I sat down cross-legged on the table and asked Brunda to sit on my dick. She stood up on the table. Taking support of my head, she slowly spread her legs on either side of me. She then carefully lowered her body to place my dick in her pussy.

I supported Brunda by holding her by her waist. She went lower and lower until an inch or two of my dick was in her cunt. She moaned as her pussy was slowly engulfing my entire dick. Suddenly I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down with force.

This caused the remaining 5¨ of my dick to ümraniye escort bayan tear her pussy and go in. Brunda screamed in pain while I was smiling. I slowly started moving my hips. She too began to ride up n down on my tool.

Her boobs were dancing as she rode my dick. I held her waist and helped her jump on my dick. Brunda was biting her lips. Her one hand fondled my hair while the other was roaming on my chest.

After a few minutes, we changed position. Now Brunda sat on the table with legs spread apart while I stood in front of her. I pushed my dick in her cunt and was able to accommodate whole of my dick in 3 pushes. I started vigorous pushes right from the beginning.

Brunda was moaning and I sensed she was near to her 2nd orgasm. I increased my speed and also started exploiting her boobs with my hands. She had her eyes shut while she was shivering as the orgasm was about to hit her.

After a few minutes, Brunda stiffened and fell back on the table as a huge orgasm hit her. She lay on the table motionless as her pussy squirted her juices onto my dick.

Seeing her cum, I too couldn’t hold back and I cummed in Brunda’s pussy. I was as exhausted as she was. I took her hand and lay down on the floor. She rested her head on my chest. She appeared to be very happy.

I called my mother saying I will return in morning. She hesitantly agreed. I hugged Brunda tightly. Afterall, this may have been our last night together. We slept on the restaurant floor, naked, hugging each other.After a lovely sex with Brunda, it was 5’30 in the morning and it was time for me to leave. I could see the sadness in her eyes. I felt my senses go numb too as I bid her goodbye.

We wore our clothes and hugged each other tightly. I don’t know how long we remained in that hug but it must have lasted for at least 10 minutes. I kissed her and left.

She stood at the Restaurant door and saw me walking away. I returned to my Hotel, packed my bags and reached home after hours. I kept dreaming of Brunda in the flight.

As soon as I landed, I wanted to talk to her. I looked at my phone but couldn’t find it. I asked Dad. He said he bought new phones for all of us from Russia before leaving, in exchange for the old ones. I was shocked! I had lost Brunda’s contact!

Dad must have been surprised to see me so frustrated on giving news of a new phone! A week passed, I just kept thinking about her. I hadn’t been able to text her, who knows what she might be thinking about me.

I went to the Bank next day. Broke an FD in my name. Took the money. Went home and told my parents I had to help a friend who is in need of the money. Saying so I applied for Russian Visa. I got the same in 2 weeks. I booked a ticket.

Exactly a month after returning from Russia, I was back to Russia. According to my parents, I was at a hill station with my friends. I landed in St. Petersburg. It was 10 pm. I took a cab and headed straight to Brunda’s restaurant.

It was a Wednesday- a weekday and hence the restaurant wasn’t open till late. I reached there @10’45pm. I thought of pulling my Brunda’s leg. I bought an artificial wig and mustache and knocked on the restaurant door.

A young guy told me from inside that the restaurant is shut. I pleaded to him, speaking in an American accent.

Fed up, he called the manager- Brunda. She came up. The door was still locked. Looking at her after a month made me go speechless. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. Brunda shouted at me from inside saying the restaurant is shut.

I kept staring at her and knocking at the door. She opened the door to shoo me away. I immediately took off my wig and moustache. Brunda’s mouth fell! She screamed in excitement and surprise. I just kept staring at her.

Brunda now had tears in her eyes. She slowly came close to me and hugged me. I hugged her tightly. God! I missed her so much! I took her face in my hand and kissed her cheeks and forehead.

She hugged me again. I could feel her heartbeat racing and tears of love wetting my overcoat.

I whispered in her ears: “Shhh if you cry so much now, how will you cry in ecstasy when my Junior ruptures your hole!”

Brunda smiled. We looked back at the young waiter who was staring at us. He obviously knew his manager was married and here she was hugging and kissing a stranger! Brunda introduced me as her brother to the young guy. He smiled and left his home.

So now Brunda was my elder sister and we were soon to commit brother-sister i****t!

I looked at her and she laughed. She locked the restaurant. She asked me where I was staying. I told her I have not booked any room and I visited her directly from the airport. She leaned on my shoulders and we walked through the night in each others’ arms.

We checked in to a Hotel located just about a kilometre from the restaurant. Brunda and I went into the room and locked the door.

Now we had to decide what would she tell her husband at home. So we went to the reception. The receptionist was a cute innocent woman, probably in her late 40s. Her name was Olga. Brunda pleaded her to act like Olga was Brunda’s friend and that Brunda will spend the night at her place. So Brunda called up her husband and Olga talked to him, assuring him that Brunda is safe at her place having a girls’ night out.

Brunda thanked her and hugged her. We returned to the room. Brunda announced she is going for a bath. I wanted to go in too with her but she shut and locked the door just to tease me.

I got an idea. I quietly slipped out of the bedroom. I went to Olga and asked her where would I find some sex toys in the market. Olga widened her eyes so I gave her some bucks. But she refused the money and directed me to a market. I thanked her and left.

I returned to the Hotel with some BDSM stuff. Olga smiled at me, I winked at her. I went to my room. Brunda had her bath and was roaming around the room naked.

Brunda loves getting dominated! So I took out a dog collar and tied it around her neck. She was excited as hell! She started giving cute barking sounds. I ordered her to lick my feet. Brunda got on her fours and licked my feet.

She then moved around the room on her fours with her tongue out like a perfectly happy bitch! God, I love her! I removed my pant & tee. Brunda put her teeth on my Jockey’s waistband and pulled it down.

I was now completely naked. Brunda too was naked except for her Mangalsutra, some other ornaments and a dog collar around her neck. I started dominating her.

“Open the door and bark, remaining on your fours”. She obeyed. She opened the door and looking towards the reception, barked. Olga looked at her and was speechless. Brunda came inside the room. I peeked out of the room, gave a thumbs up to Olga and locked the door again.

I then sat on Brunda’s back while she gave me a ride around the room on her fours. I would spank her ass in between whenever she stopped to catch her breath!

I took 2 clips and put them on her nipples. She shreiked in pain. I was about to remove them but Brunda told me not to as she found it very sexy.

I called up the reception and asked Olga for some milk. Within 5 minutes, she knocked on our door. I opened the door, naked as I was, took the milk, thanked her and shut the door. I could say she was staring at my penis and the naked Brunda standing behind me.

I poured all the milk over Brunda ataşehir escort from her head to toes. I lastly put some milk directly into her pussy. Brunda moaned. Next, I took some handcuffs which I bought and locked Brunda’s hands behind her body. This caused her breast to protrude further and her breasts looked bigger than ever.

I then took some chocolates, heated it near the heater until they nearly melted and put it over my erect dick. Brunda did not wait for my command and pounced on my dick, licking it. I caught her face and slapped her twice. “You are my slave. You will do only what I tell you to” Brunda apologised.

I put on a song and asked her to dance, in a way that her boobs bounce with every step. I watched the sexiest erotic dance of my life. She couldn’t move freely due to the dog collar and handcuffs but she kept jumping and moving, causing her breasts to jiggle.

I ordered her to suck me. It was as if Brunda was waiting for this. She again pounced on my dick. Taking the whole length into her mouth. She sucked my head and squeezed my balls. Aaaaahhhh I moaned.

I got up, removed her collar and hand cuffs and took her to bed. We got into 69. She had mild pubic hair as if she hadn’t shaved at all since I left her a month back.

I licked her pussy and simultaneously entered 1 finger in her arse. Brunda moaned while my dick was in her mouth. I licked harder- I was literally eating her pussy now. I also entered 1 finger in her navel. I guess that was the trigger and a huge orgasm hit Brunda. So much so that she nearly chewed my dick while cumming.

But she kept licking my dick and I too cummed after 2 minutes. I had Brunda’s cum in my mouth and she had mine in her mouth. I went up to her and we kissed. We kissed and kissed. We were in no hurry for sex. We just hugged tightly and kept kissing for nearly 30 minutes, breaking in between only to catch our breath.

Only a faint lamp glowed in the bedroom. Brunda caught my dick and began giving me a handjob. My dick became erect within minutes. She then made me sit on the bed and she climbed over my dick. Then slowly she started sitting on my lap such that my dick crawled into her pussy.

Brunda started riding up and down- slowly at first but increasing her pace gradually. The whole bed was shaking due to our fucking. It was my favourite position as I got to take Brunda’s breasts in my mouth while she rode my dick.

I too gave light pushes into her pussy. I sucked her breasts and fingered her navel too. Brunda had her eyes shut and was moaning loudly. I was having the best sex of my life, with my so-called elder sister riding my dick.

Within 10 minutes, Brunda shivered and orgasmed. She fell over me as realms of cum escaped her pussy onto my dick. But I was yet to cum.

Brunda took my dick in her mouth and started blowing me. I cummed within 5 minutes. We lay next to each other, exhausted. She had her head on my chest while I was kneading her breasts.

We both said I love you to each other and were just about to sleep when suddenly the lights in the room were switched on, but not by us.

There by the door, Olga was standing with a MasterKey in her hand, watching us naked.
Both I and Brunda knew the purpose of her visit so none of us tried to cover ourselves. Olga came in and locked the door behind her.

Let me describer her. Olga was in her late 40s. She had a very fair complexion and a short height. She had brown eyes and auburn hair which came below her shoulders. Olga was wearing a black coat which went up to her knees with black leggings and stockings. She was really pretty.

She came to our bed and immediately kissed Brunda. Brunda too got into the act and now the 2 women were sucking the saliva out of each others’ mouths. The sight was damn erotic!

Olga took her phone out and called at her home, saying that she had an extra shift at the hotel today and she would come home only in the morning. Her husband just said okay!

Olga started stripping. Seeing her go naked, I began squeezing and pressing Brunda’s breasts from behind. Both the women were very wet already.

What happened next was something which was out of control. I pulled Brunda’s head up firmly and started to kiss her and Olga jumped in between.

Olga’s addition made it so very spicy that all three of us were lost in our own respective world of fantasies. All that happened was some hot kissing with loads of saliva licking, the mini battle of tongues and shortness of breath.

The three of us ended up laughing as no one wanted the kissing to stop but our lungs forced us to stop for the much needed oxygen break.

Olga and Brunda both were squirming as I began fondling their crotch area at the same time. The idea that both of them were being felt at the same time had some uniqueness in the minds of the respective women and it did trigger some heavy moaning.

Me: Ladies, you two are the most exquisite women I have ever seen. Be my whores tonight.

Olga got out of control hearing the word “whore”. It felt as if something always took over her hearing the word, some kind of a whore spirit. Overtaken by her desire for an orgasm, she got aggressive. She stood in front of me, took my hand and guided to the place which craved attention. I roamed my other hand on the rest of her body as well.

I quite easily, with Olga’s assistance, found my way to her clitoris. The lighter my rub was on her clitoris, the more she moaned and screamed out of pleasure. At one point, she had to bend and put her hands on my shoulders for support.

Brunda could see that Olga had reached a point of no return and decided to make her move. She slid her hand into Olga’s panties from the backside.

Brunda slid her finger all the way to her anus. She gently let it lay there, for Olga to get used to it. I stopped the movement of my fingers and Jaya took over.

Me: Olga, what is it you feel?

Olga: I feel cheap, whorish and in another realm – experiencing the pangs of sensation. Ooohh Brunda and Kartik, please don’t stop aaaahhhhh”.

Her moans took over her words. She held my hands and pleaded me to continue what he was doing. The reason for pleading me was also due to the fact that she was in no mood to answer any of my questions.

Brunda placed a finger on Olga’s anus and moved it gently in circular motion. Olga could not help but moan with every move my and Brunda’s fingers made.

Olga’s heart sunk as she felt Brunda’s finger trying to intrude inside her butthole. She tightened her anus to stop Brunda from doing so. What Olga did not know was that she was unknowingly increasing the intensity of her own orgasm.

Brunda understood Olga’s apprehension. She did not insert her finger into Olga’s anus. She kept on moving her finger and feeling every bit of Olga’s anus.

It took only a few minutes before Olga was hit by one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Her legs felt like jelly bean as she experienced the first wave of orgasm. Her head felt dizzy and she was forced to sit on my lap for support.

Olga was totally lost in sensations of a different kind. She bit her lips as she realized that it had been a while since she had cummed and she was still sitting in my lap while her ass was being fondled by Brunda.

Me (whispering into her ears): I think it is about time you lost your panties.

Brunda: I think you should swap places with me, bostancı escort Kartik. Wouldn’t you like to lick her ass, son?

Olga visibly chocked. Hearing “son” from Brunda’s mouth for me was shocking to her. But she just smiled and let it go.

A part of her felt damn dirty, deep inside. She was like a robot in our hands, not that she felt bad about it. By the time she realized what was happening, she was sitting in the lap of Brunda.

Olga could not help but hug Brunda. She was feeling too shy and did not want Brunda to look at her while I licked her ass. I felt Olga’s toned, flawless ass for some time with my fingers; caressing her ass would be a better word.

Olga have had enough of the teasing. She was hungry for another orgasm. She pushed Brunda on to the bed and spread her legs. Olga positioned herself exactly opposite to Brunda.

Olga then gradually zeroed the distance between her and Brunda’s pussy. Wow! 2 hot women were scissoring in my bed. Brunda lay on the bed, excited about the lesbian sex.

Olga started moving her hips, rubbing her pussy with Brunda’s. Brunda moaned in pleasure and stretched out her arms to me to hold her. I lay down on Brunda. Her breasts were crushed under my chest. I started kissing her on her lips. Brunda licked me all over my face. I could see true love for me in her eyes. 🙂

My ass was facing Olga. She put her mouth in between my ass and started licking it. Ooohhh, the feeling was amazing!

I licked Brunda’s neck and boobs. She was spreading my saliva all over her body with her hands.

Suddenly, Olga separated from Brunda and pulled at me. She caught my face and smashed it on her pussy. She was very close to another orgasm. I licked Olga’s pussy and jerked my legs backward to where Brunda was lying down with her legs open. I inserted my toe into Brunda’s pussy. Brunda oomphed in passion and I began fingering her with my toes.

Olga moaned loudly, “Oooohhhh mmmm yess Kk.. Kkkartikk aah..”

Olga was the first to cum. I felt her pussy walls contracting and her legs closing in reflex to her orgasm. I kept on licking and inserted 2 fingers simultaneously inside her vagina. Finally, her juices flowed into my mouth.

I turned to Brunda and kissed her, thus sharing Olga’s cum with her. Then I went down on Brunda and kissed her navel. I started licking her cunt. Olga began sucking Brunda’s breasts.

Brunda closed her eyes in pleasure. She would often pull Olga up to kiss her lips and then again force her head down on her boobs.

Brunda moaned, “Aaaahhh Kaaaaaartikkkk….” and she cummed in my mouth.

Now both the women pushed me down on the bed and pounced upon me. Olga took care of the lower half of my body. She stuck her tongue out and licked every inch of my body right from my waist up to my toes.

Brunda slept over me and kissed my eyes, my nose and finally my lips. It is funny when you love someone a lot, you forget about others’ presence. At that moment, I and Brunda felt so immense love for each other that we forgot about Olga being there and were in our own world- kissing and smiling, looking in each others’ eyes.

Olga took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. She was a pro at it. She would gently squeeze my balls at particular intervals. I was in 7th heaven with these 2 beautiful women.

Brunda joined Olga and they both were jointly licking and sucking my dick. They were actually fighting with each other as to who gets the shaft and who gets to suck the head.

I was rock hard now but I didn’t wish to cum with a blowjob. So I stopped both of them and decided to get a little rough. I held Olga by her jaw and threw her on the bed. Then I grabbed Brunda by her hair and shoved her face into Olga’s cunt, to lubricate Olga’s love hole.

I did not wait for Olga to adjust and more than half of my dick went inside her. Olga screamed out in pain, “Aaaaauuuuuu”. Immediately Brunda kissed her to keep her quiet. I started fucking Olga’s pussy. My rest of the dick gradually slide in and out of her. I was slapping her ass as I pushed my dick in and out of her.

Olga moaned and simultaneously kissed Brunda. I increased my pace. I summoned Olga to get up. She now sat on my dick and started jumping up and down on it.

I kissed Olga on her lips. Her tongue was furiously fiddling with mine. Brunda came in and stuck her head between us with her tongue out. Now we 3 were again kissing each other together with my dick fucking Olga.

Probably this three-way smooch opened her floodgates and Olga orgasmed – her 3rd of that night! Olga was exhausted. She slumped onto the bed and in no time drifted off to sleep. I had not yet cummed and Brunda knew this. She sat on my dick and started riding it. “Aaahh son fuck me yessss oooohhhh cum inside meeeee”

I cummed first and my jets of cum splashed inside Brunda. She kissed me and got off my now limp dick. Brunda had not yet cum but she was willing to go without an orgasm thinking that I would be tired. I kissed her and took her to the bathroom. It was nearly 5:00 am by now.

I went inside and turned on the shower. It was cold as hell in St. Petersburg at that time. I switched to hot water and soon the bathroom atmosphere was amazingly comfortable!

The shower stall filled with steam. Our lips met, and we shared a passionate kiss. I held Brunda’s right breast in my hand and pinched her hard nipple. My hand moved down her body and I stroked her pussy. I glided my fingers up and down her slit, playing with the soft pink petals of her inner labia.

While I explored her lower region, our lips continued to mash together, and our tongues intertwined. We broke our kiss and I moved behind her. Brunda handed me the soap and washcloth. She faced the shower head as the hot water washed over the two of us.

I soaped up the washcloth while Brunda reached back and grabbed my shaft. She stroked me as I lathered up her back and moved down to her ass cheeks.

My dick was hard now because of the hot shower in the cold winter morning and my Brunda’s handjob.

I grabbed Brunda’s ass cheeks and spread them wide. With one step forward, I pressed the tip of my cock into her pussy hole. With a second step, I pushed my entire length deep into her swollen mound. My hips pressed into her fleshy, mature bums.

Brunda grunted and moaned. Her girl juices lubricated my cock and dripped down her thighs, mixing with the hot water. I easily slid within her tight folds. I kept my finger buried deep in her butthole as I increased my thrusts. Brunda braced for another climax.

Brunda orgasmed and nearly slumped to the floor. I grabbed her and kept fucking her. Brunda was re-energized due to the hot water and she now faced me as I was persistent to give my darling mom cum girlfriend another orgasm.

After some time, Brunda’s legs shook, and I pulled my finger from her ass to hold her hips with both hands. She rode out another orgasm and I slowed down my strokes. Her legs were jelly.

I kept her upright with my shaft buried in her cunt. Her pussy muscles throbbed around my cock as her second orgasm bought her to her knees.

I still hadn’t cum. So Brunda grabbed my dick and sucked it and I cummed within a few minutes. I pulled Brunda up who was really weak at her knees due to 2 orgasms in less than half an hour. I kissed her passionately and said, “I love you”. She responded by kissing my eyes and murmuring “I love you too”

I turned off the shower. We both dried each other and then entered the bedroom. We slid Olga to one side of the bed and I slept with my arms tightly wrapped around Brunda.

Thank you all for reading this. I hope you cummed well.

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