Bisexual Black Men of Ghana

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In African communities, if a man happens to Bisexual, he should really keep it to himself. Lots of Black women have Black Gay male friends and support the Black Homosexual lifestyle, that’s true. A word of caution, please. Now, those same Black women would have a fit if they found out that their boyfriends or husbands were Bisexual. Black female intolerance of Bisexual Black men is quite simply mind-boggling.

Well, among Bisexual Muslim men in the nation of Ghana, Bashir Abrefa is something of a unicorn. An African Muslim man who is honest with his wife about his Bisexuality and chooses to be faithful to her. Let the world beware. Is Ghana, a conservative West African nation awash in Christianity and Islam, ready for openly Bisexual men? In this part of the world, a man can be imprisoned or even killed if people even suspect him of swinging both ways. Has Bashir Abrefa made a big mistake?

Bashir Abrefa knew of many Bisexual Muslim men in the City of Accra, Ghana, who were forced to lead double lives because their wives, girlfriends, family members and friends could never accept them. Bashir can relate to a lot of these men because he was essentially in the same situation. Back in the day, Bashir used to hook up regularly with his best friend Malik Acheampong, a tall and handsome young Muslim scholar who later joined the Armed Forces of Ghana.

For a long time, Malik Acheampong and Bashir Abrefa had their manly fun in secret, enjoying a passionate affair behind closed doors. Nobody suspected a thing because they were tall, masculine Black men who had female lovers. They just happened to really, really like each other. Time waits for no man, regardless of skin color or sexuality, and Malik and Bashir were definitely no exceptions. Life caught up with them.

Eventually, Malik moved away since there was always a conflict within Ghana’s borders which required military intervention, and Bashir moved on with his life. Bashir resumed dating women, since no man other than Malik appealed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to him. The City of Accra was full of Gay and Bisexual men, but none of them lit Bashir’s fire. Later, Bashir learned that Malik got executed after getting caught with another man while serving in the Ghanaian military. Bashir privately mourned Malik’s death, and resolved that the same fate wouldn’t befall him.

In the continent of Africa, men who swing both ways must hide what they are even more than men who are exclusively attracted to other men. Does that seem strange, ladies and gentlemen of the readership? Well, there’s actually a reason for that. In Africa and elsewhere, men who only like men typically have a vast network of supportive female friends who go out of their way to protect and shield them. Bisexual men don’t have access to the same network.

Women have no love for Bisexual men, it would seem. Men who like both women and men are seen as a threat by the same women who ferociously protect men who only like men. It’s weird but absolutely true. The same women who go out of their way to protect men who only like men are repulsed by the thought of their own husbands or boyfriends messing around with other men. Hello pot meet kettle…

Life is particularly hard for African men who happen to be Bisexual because lots of Gay African men hate losing their Bisexual male lovers to women and go out of their way to expose those men. For this reason, in African communities, smart Bisexual men avoid Gay men and deal exclusively with other Bisexual men. They seek out their own kind, men with wives and girlfriends, for sexual relief. Bisexual African men understand the need for discretion and can keep a secret, even if Gay African men cannot and will not.

Bashir Abrefa is, by all regards, an upstanding member of Ghanaian society. He’s six-foot-one, dark-skinned and muscular, handsome in a rugged way. Educated at the University of Cape Coast, Bashir works as an engineer güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri for the City of Accra Government. The man counts the Mayor and the Chief of Police among his friends. Bashir seems like he has the perfect life, but he’s been leading a double life. Well, recently, Bashir decided to come clean to his wife Madiha about his other side…

“Just because we’re from West Africa doesn’t mean we have to be uptight and conservative about sexuality,” Madiha Amponsah-Abrefa said, smiling at her husband Bashir Abrefa. Bashir looked at Madiha and thanked his lucky stars for having such an amazing and understanding woman in his life. Lots of men from Ghana and the world over weren’t so lucky, that’s for damn sure…

“I’m in total agreement, my love,” Bashir said, and then he kissed Madiha passionately. When Bashir imagined the ways that Madiha would react after he told her he was Bisexual, he never dreamed that she would be so accepting. Bashir was thrilled by Madiha’s reaction of acceptance. He’d known that Madiha was a special woman ever since their halcyon days at the University of Cape Coast.

“Let’s not waste the moment,” Madiha said softly, and Bashir embraced her. He wanted this woman more than he wanted his next breath. The happy couple began making love, right there in the walled garden behind their home, located in an upscale suburb of metropolitan Accra. Madiha lay on the grass, stark naked, and smiled as her husband Bashir began pleasuring her voluptuous, chocolate-hued body like only he could.

“Make love to me,” Madiha demanded, and the tall, voluptuous Ghanaian Muslim woman pinched her erect nipples and spread her thick thighs invitingly as her husband Bashir drew near. She couldn’t wait to feel his touch. Bashir feasted his eyes on Madiha’s gorgeous body, and couldn’t believe that such an amazing woman was truly his. The things I am going to do to my woman, Bashir thought lustfully.

“Relax and enjoy, gorgeous,” Bashir said, güvenilir bahis şirketleri and he kissed Madiha’s lips, then caressed her breasts. Madiha moaned softly as Bashir began exploring her. Bashir inhaled the scent of Madiha’s womanhood, and began eating her sweet pussy. Madiha closed her eyes and sighed happily as Bashir pleasured her like only he could. Now we’re getting somewhere, Madiha thought happily.

“Hmm, Bashir, eat my ass,” Madiha murmured lustfully, after Bashir gave her pussy a tongue bath. Grinning, Bashir watched as Madiha got on all fours and shook her big beautiful ass for her husband. Bashir kissed Madiha’s big butt and then spread her ass cheeks. Madiha moaned in pleasure as Bashir slid his tongue into her butt hole and began fingering her wet, hairy pussy. For the freaky Ghanaian mama, the fun was just beginning…

“Give me that ass, woman,” Bashir said, asserting his dominance over Madiha after licking her asshole. Grabbing a condom, Bashir rolled it on his dick and got ready to fuck his wife. Madiha, already on all fours, was pleasantly surprised as Bashir gripped her hips and slammed his dick into her pussy. She cried out, loving the feel of his thick dick inside of her. Emboldened by Madiha’s squeals and moans, Bashir fucked her harder, spanking her big ass with one hand and pulling her hair with the other…

“Fuck me harder,” Madiha pleaded, and Bashir, laughing, went to town on her. Bashir loves a nice round ass and doesn’t care if it’s attached to a female or a man. Madiha’s huge round ass was the hottest ass that Bashir had ever laid eyes on, and the Ghanaian brother checks out asses left and right on an hourly basis. He loved the way Madiha’s big ass bounced as he fucked her, and rammed his dick into her pussy like there was no tomorrow…

“Madiha, my dear, until the day I die, I’ll worship your ass,” Bashir said to his darling wife. The two of them lay in bed, exhausted but happy, feeling sated after hours of steamy, nasty and freaky fun. Madiha grinned and kissed Bashir on the lips, pleased by his words. When Bashir revealed his Bisexuality to Madiha, she initially panicked, then decided to trust in her instincts. As it turns out, Madiha didn’t have anything to worry about. Bashir is Bisexual, sure, but the man loves his wife, and that’s that.

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