Birthday Entry

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My name is Brad and my friends were throwing a twenty-first birthday party for me. My friend Jim had it at his home and we all managed to get quite drunk. When it got late in the evening I decided to leave and drive home in my drunken state. Jim forbid it and said his older brother Tom would take me home. Tom was in his late twenties and was a handsome looking guy with long dark hair.

Tom drove me home and somehow managed to get me inside my apartment. I was so wasted the next thing I remember was waking up naked in my bed. I was still in a haze and I felt something pushing into my back. There was a naked Tom lying next to me. His cock was pressing into my backside. I flipped around and Tom opened his eyes. We were face to face just inches apart. Tom leaned in and kissed me on the mouth.

I had only ever been with women up to that point. The thought of men never crossed my mind. But that second I opened my mouth and Tom thrust his tongue into mine. Tom wrapped his arm around my waist and drew me into his body. We were passionately kissing one another and my cock was rubbing into Tom’s.

Without looking down I could tell Tom had a big pecker. He was sliding his cock into my stomach and also pressing it against my own stiff member. After a few minutes of this hot kissing Tom flipped over and in between my legs. He then reached over and grabbed his pants. I saw him remove a vial from the pocket and open the top of it. He slid the vial under my nose and had me inhale.

I bahis firmaları was already half drunk from the night before and now my head was really swimming. Tom did the same and placed the vial under his nose and breathed in. I was half dazed when Tom lifted my legs up by the ankles. I then felt the tip of his cock resting at the opening of my ass.

“No, Tom!” I cried out. It was no use however. Tom pressed his big dick past the entrance to my ass. It hurt like hell even though I had snorted the poppers. Slowly, Tom started to move deeper into my ass passage. He was getting deeper and deeper until I felt his ball sacs resting against my ass cheeks. Then Tom began to pound my hole.

His cock felt enormous as it slid deep into my shitter. I was slowly getting used to feeling his cock inside me. I would press my ass into meet Tom’s thrusts. I think I was also screaming for Tom to fuck me harder. I was so out of it by now I can hardly remember anything. Tom would almost pull completely out of my tight ass and then pound me as hard as was possible. I have no idea how long this went on. It seemed like it was hours.

Eventually Tom began to grunt and then he cried out. “I’m going to cum!” A couple more strokes and my lover blew a huge load of his seed into my greedy asshole. It just seemed like he would never stop cumming. I used my ass muscles to milk him dry eventually. Tom then collapsed on top of me. He didn’t pull his cock out, however. I could still feel it pulsating inside my kaçak iddaa hole. Frankly, it was driving me crazy feeling his huge rod resting in my ass.

Tom had let go on my legs by then and I threw them around his back. Tom told me to place my arms around his neck. I did as he asked and them Tom lifted me up from the bed and stood up on the floor. He still had his erect cock in my ass and I was holding on for dear life. Tom then began to thrust up into my hole once more. There we were fucking in the middle of the bedroom floor. He began once more to almost pull out of me and then slam his erection into my bottom. I found it hard to believe one man could stay this hard this long.

Eventually Tom moved me towards the wall and pinned me there as he fucked my tight ass. I really was screaming now. I was begging him to fuck me as hard as he could manage. Tom’s cock was like a battering ram that was punishing my ass. There was much grunting and groaning as we fucked there in my bedroom. With my ass already full of Tom’s seed it seemed as if he was able to fuck me with ease now. His cock went into me without much effort.

Tom then got to the release point again and he slammed into me hard and started to erupt. His cockhead began to spit out another round of manseed. Tom seemed to have an endless amount of cum to give me. Finally he came all he could and I released my legs from around his back. I nearly fell to the floor, my legs were so wobbly. Tom helped me back over to the bed. I sat up kaçak bahis on the edge as Tom moved close to my face. His cum stained cock was right at my mouth and I opened for him.

I proceeded to take as much of his cock into my mouth as was possible. I was right about one thing. Tom must have had a cock that measured around ten inches and he was thick as well. I was only able to put the head and and a few inches into my mouth and throat. I would start to gag with much more being pushed into me. I did manage to clean his cock up with my mouth. Tom got dressed soon after and left my apartment.

I was lying there on my bed for the longest time. My ass was incredibly sore and cum was leaking out of my asshole. I eventually got into the shower and managed to clean most of the cum from my bottom. A couple of days had passed until I heard from Tom next. He asked me how I was feeling. I told him my ass felt like it was stretched beyond belief.

He just laughed at the that. I also told him I could think of nothing else that all the fucking we had done a couple of days ago. Tom said he too could think of nothing else. Tom and I now see each other on a regular basis. We now share each other’s bodies. I have fucked Tom’s ass and he has taken me many more times now. We also like to perform a sixty-nine on each other. I am able to take much more of Tom’s thick shaft down my throat. Tom also loves to suck on me as well. He is a generous lover and will suck me to completion and drink all my seed down.

It used to be women were on my mind all the time. I haven’t thought about them in months now. I just get incredibly turned on when Tom and I are in bed together and he is pounding my ass with his giant cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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