Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 28

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 20). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 28 — More Love Rings. A Completed Seduction


Our entire entourage went to dinner at another family-run authentic Mexican restaurant that was off the beaten track. Lucas and Marcia had found the place by talking to the local bodyguards they’d hired to add to the security staff that traveled with us.

I orchestrated the seating so that KC and Brita were sitting next to me, and so that Margo was across the table from me. Since I often sat the table, no one thought much about it. The others were spread out on both sides and ends of a long table. Elsa and Cindy sat nearby. Dinner was family style. No one ordered. The owners of the place just kept bringing us out delicious tapas after tapas, and entrée after entrée,.

As we finished I stood and walked up and down the table shaking hands with the men and kissing my ‘wives’ and female friends. When I got back to my seat, I remained standing so that I had everyone’s attention.

“I stand before you a changed man from a year ago. I had one myopic focus up until then — my business. You may be surprised that my focus wasn’t about making money — that turned out to be a by-product of what I wanted to do in business. I wanted to transform how business was being done in sector after sector, and most of all I wanted to please customers with products and services they were willing to pay a premium for. I guess I’ve been somewhat successful.”

There was a rift of laughter around the table at my understatement and some mild applause. I hadn’t meant the sarcasm, but realized what I’d said could be interpreted that way. After a pause, I went on.

“But not quite a year ago, I met Elsa. My life changed in the span of a few minutes of idle chat at a party Andy, Margo, and Sheila took me to. You see, I had a huge hole in my life and I didn’t know it. When I realized it, I discovered I was willing to pay a premium to fill it, but that sounds too callous and economic. I fell in love and there was nothing I could do to change that. The premium I willingly paid was to give up the myopic focus I’d had on business.

“Elsa broke the paradigm I had about how I spent my time, and then about how I loved other people. I wanted to spend all my time with her and then Cindy and you others. Further, I fell in love with an increasing number of women. I’d been raised to fall in love with ONE woman, but that turned out to be an outmoded relationship model — at least for me and most of you.

“Elsa brought Cindy into our loving relationship. Melanie and Sheila followed soon after. We interacted with other women and men who I have great affection for. Margo, I do not mean to shortchange you, but I want you and Andy to be a happy couple. And, as you all know, we have partied with others and enjoyed their pleasures as well.

“Anyway, I stand before you today to tell you that I have fallen in love with yet two other women — KC and Brita. That’s no surprise to any of you, I suspect.”

I glanced beside me. KC’s mouth was agape in disbelief. Brita had a smile a mile wide.

I knelt beside KC’s chair. “KC, I love you. I hope you feel the same way about me, and I believe you do. Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, and Sheila feel the same way about you.” She nodded enthusiastically. “We want to be tied to you in some way, so we commit our love to you. You don’t have to do anything other than receive and bask in what we offer. We do this not to restrict your life or actions, but to expand them in directions you perhaps haven’t thought about. Please accept this ring as a symbol of the love and caring we have for you in mind, body, and spirit.”

I pulled KC’s ring from my left pocket and took KC’s hand. I put the ring on her trembling ring finger, and leaned in to kiss her. She was crying and trying to speak. The initial tears turned to sobs of joy.

KC finally squeaked out, “Oh, Mark … and everyone, I love you all so much. Thank you. This is a dream. It’s been a dream since we met. I give myself to you — to you all. I am so glad to join your family. I love all of you. This is so unexpected.” She would have said more but her emotions overtook her again and she sobbed in joy.

I turned to Brita and remained kneeling.

“Brita, we have a special connection. We both knew it instantly when we met — even before we met. We knew something wonderful was going to happen before bahis firmaları we saw each other, and it didn’t have anything to do with business; it had to do with love — the deep spiritual kind.

“We have talked about how we love each other in other places in the time-space continuum. I do believe we come from the same loving soul group, as we all do. We are playing out something special in this place and time. If our purpose here is to grow and evolve, I think we have found some unique ways to do this.

“I love Brita and my other lovers agree. We find that we all feel that same connection with you. Because of this, we offer you this ring. It is a symbol of love and connection with us. It is not meant to limit or constrict, and we know you live afar, but the ring will hopefully remind you of the deep love the others and I have for you, especially when we are apart.”

Brita gave me her hand and I slid the ring on her ring finger. It fit perfectly. We kissed to cement the ceremony and symbolism of the event. I noticed that Brita too had tears in her eyes — tears of joy. She reached past me and squeezed hands with KC who’d been watching us with a river of tears down her cheeks.

I sauntered around the table and stood beside Margo who suddenly looked panicked about what I intended to do. I knelt next to her and winked down the table at Andy; he was smiling at me although he hadn’t a clue what I was about to do.

“Margo, you too have a special connection with all of us and none of us wanted to let that go by unrecognized or un-acknowledged. This is a handcrafted circle broach to remind you that you have a circle of people around you who love you and want to associate with you time and again. You are always welcome to be with us, to call on us for help, to counsel, or to be loved by. Margo, we love you.”

By that time, Margo’s face had scrunched up and she was trying to avoid sobbing. As everyone else at the table started to applaud her, the sobs and tears started. I cradled her against my shoulder as I knelt, already wet with KC’s tears. When she got herself together a little, I pinned the silver broach on her colorful top right next to her generous cleavage as she tried to watch me. Tears kept falling on my hands and making them slippery.

She kissed me finally and said, “I love you. You’ve made me very happy … all of you have. This is the best group of friends and lovers in the world.”

After our special van arrived back at the villa, Elsa orchestrated some special sleeping arrangements. I was to go off with KC and Brita, and we were not to be disturbed until we chose to appear the next morning.

Margo had been given the opportunity to join us, but she declined so I could be with my new ‘wives.’ She knew the vocabulary and wasn’t at all disappointed in remaining with the larger group.

When I got to my bedroom, I found that Elsa had about twenty candles lit giving the room a warm and sexy appearance. Some incense burned in a small bowl. She explained that it was an aphrodisiac for both men and women, and would give me the ability to please the women many times during the night, and increase the intensity of the orgasms that we each had.

Elsa also came into the room with a small hand fan made of eagle feathers and some smoking sage. She walked around KC, Brita, and me, explaining that she was smudging away any evil spirits or bad karma that might have followed us for some reason. She then declared us pure and in a sanctified and spiritual loving environment. Elsa closed the door and left the three of us to make love.

KC and Brita both came to me with kisses and hugs, and then they turned to each other. I had seen them each with other women, but not with each other. I wasn’t sure whether this was a first for them, but to watch them you wouldn’t know.

Brita took the lead, and soon we were naked and on the bed. We took turns being the focus of affection for the other two. I detected no reticence by either woman to be with their counterpart or me that night.

When I was at the center, KC showed Brita how they could both simultaneous fuck me by tribbing with my cock between their wet pussies.

Before long, the overpowering scent in the room was not the incense or sage, it was the aroma of sex — it was the aroma of love.


There were now six of us who were sisters to one another and wives to Mark: Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, KC, Brita, and me. We tried to find a vocabulary for what we were to one another and couldn’t come up with anything better. A few other terms we tolerated were fiancées, girlfriends, lovers, and sex toys. There was at least one term we didn’t like and neither did Mark: harem.

Put six other women together with one man they all loved and you’d have a melee that would draw the police and press from miles around. This wasn’t our group.

We knew we were in an unusual situation, and so we were especially solicitous with each other, always seeking to give more than our share to each kaçak iddaa relationship. We were hardly in uniform agreement about everything, but a culture of give and take, negotiation, and compromise developed between us that I’m not sure Mark was even aware of. He just saw a harmonious group of women who he loved and who loved him.

When we had a problem with one particular person, we adopted a process of approaching that person and inviting them to be ‘with’ us. The two of us would go off and make love — sexual sapphic love. We would suck, lick, lap, sixty-nine, finger, use toys, kiss, and anything else we could think of to make love with that person and to be loved by that person. Once we were sexually sated, we would then talk about the problem, if it even existed any longer.

We did not keep track of how many times Mark made love with us, or how many orgasms he gave us or someone else gave us. On his part, Mark seemed an expert at spreading his charms around all the females present.

The night at the villa when he was with KC and Brita after giving them rings, I asked my three sisters whether they felt short changed by him in the lovemaking department. No one had a complaint.

Sheila added some perspective to the conversation, “If we didn’t have an open relationship with Mark, I might feel some imbalance. Instead, we have the other guys around and we can make love with them if we want. Since I’m perpetually horny, I choose to do that all the time. I’ve made it with four guys so far today: James, Carter, Andy, and Ryan. Do I miss Mark? Yes. Am I desperate to have him, no. I hope I don’t sound disloyal to him. I love him just as much, maybe even more so, because he has provided for me in some way.”

Margo gave us a further point of view; “Andy and I have always had an open marriage; if we didn’t, I think we would have separated long ago. When one of us is pissed off at the other, we find a fuck buddy and go at it. We work off frustrations, anger, deprivation, and anything else you can think of. With Andy as COO now, he’s focusing too much on work. Thanks to you introducing me to your male friends, I have some new outlets that are acceptable to Andy for me to be sexual satisfied. I still love Andy, but I also love sex — wild, frequent, dirty, wet fucking. This way I get both. I’m always available to Andy too. I’m not displacing him by having sex with someone else. If he comes home and I’m fucking someone else, I want him to join in; although that only happened once when Don and I were going at it.”

When our little hen party broke up I asked, “Who wants two men for the night?”

I laughed because all of the hands went up. That gave me an idea. I went around our circle of sisters doing one potato, two, and so on until Cindy, Melanie, and Sheila had been selected. I explained that with Mark, KC, and Brita occupied for the night, they were each supposed to pick two men to satisfy for the rest of the night. The grins were broad and we all went into the other room to find the men. I had dealt myself out of the evening, at least with the known pool of men.

I doubled up with Melanie as she started to take on Mike and Andy. The four of us played together, and when I felt certain that the villa had been locked down for the night I meandered towards the front of the house. Our group had focused our living and loving on the pool-ocean side of the house except to come and go on our restaurant trips. I knew where Lucas’ walk-in closet was, and headed straight for the small room. I kept the lights dim so that when I opened the door, a flood of bright light wouldn’t fill the room.

I peeked in the room. Lucas’ was lying on a futon on the floor reading. He had a sheet over his lower body, and was bare-chested. He looked up, “Come in, Elsa. I’ve been expecting you.” His voice sounded matter of fact, and very masculine. I even detected the hint of invitation and hope.

“I didn’t want to disappoint.” I stood nude in front of him, and pulled the door shut. I then knelt on the futon and slowly pulled the sheet away from Lucas’ lower body.

Lucas was nude, although I did notice two handguns within easy reach of the bed.

I bent over Lucas’ midsection, and steered his cock into my mouth with my right hand. Lucas gasped, “Oh, fuck, Elsa. Are you sure?”

I pulled off of him for a second, “Very sure.” Lucas hardened very fast as I fellated him. He leaned forward and picked up my lower body and brought it over his upper body so we could sixty-nine. Lucas’ tongue jammed into my cunt, and I nearly came. I did come sixty seconds later when he drove two fingers into my cunt and a thumb into my ass.

Lucas almost tossed my body around as though I were a feather until I was aligned with his. He had muscles I didn’t know about. His lips found mine, and in a microsecond we were locked in a passionate embrace and kissing like the end of the world was about to occur. Lucas’ large cock pointed skyward. After our kisses, I rose, and mounted him cowgirl. I rubbed kaçak bahis my tits against his chest after he was full depth inside me.

We fucked. We made love. We let out aggressions. We found hallowed ground for only the two of us. We went on and on. I kept cumming, but Lucas’ seemed to hold off. I helped. When I felt him starting to crest, I’d stop my pumping. I wanted this fuck to go on all night long. As it was, I guessed we fucked for an hour.

Lucas increasingly used dirty talk, but seemed careful to be sure he didn’t overstep any boundary. Whenever he used a pejorative about me, I just responded with even dirtier words. He told me, “You are my slut … my cum bucket. I like my cock in your mouth … and even better in your warm, slippery cunt. I like that you have some hair around your cunt, it helped when I used my tongue to find your dripping pussy. I like pulling your clit into my mouth like you do with my cock. You love cocks … this cock. Fuck me.”

Lucas then drove his entire shaft into my pussy, and began fucking me in earnest, not that he hadn’t been before, but this seemed different and more intentional. I started to cum and cum and cum — one huge, long orgasm. My cunt had spasms around Lucas’ cock. Lucas could no longer resist his own climax. He threw his head back and exploded deep inside me, his balls emptying their huge load in a series of forceful jets of cum that almost blasted me across the small room. The sensation of the orgasm lasted and lasted, much longer than usual, as he arched upwards over my beautiful, sexy, erotic body in my own minutes of ecstasy.

Lucas’ collapsed into my arms, and we kissed hard as the last of his blasts filled me. We rolled slightly to the side so he didn’t crush me, but we remained coupled. “God, Elsa. Where did you ever learn to fuck like that? You are magnificent; the best I’ve ever had.”

“You bring out the best in me, Lucas. That was exciting. I’m so glad you stopped fighting me. I want what I want. I wanted you.”

He kissed me. “Now, I have to try to regain my objectivity. You realize that every time I see you, I’m going to want to fuck you.”

I smiled, “Good. The feeling will be mutual. Lust is a good thing. I hope we fuck often, frequently, and repeatedly over and over again.” I chuckled at the expression of my clear intent.

He smiled and said, “Not if it diverts me when I need to be paying attention to something else — like protecting you or Mark or the others.”

“We’re a cooperative group. We’ll help you do your job.” I teased, “Just keep training Cindy and me, and we’ll help.”

Lucas laughed, “I will.” He looked at his watch. “Do you want to start your new duties right now?”

Unsure of what that meant, I said, “Sure, I think.”

“Go and put something on. You’ll need shoes — cover up too. Then come back here.”

I was back in two minutes with a pullover and my sneakers on. Lucas had dressed in black. He explained, “We’re going to do rounds. It’s one-thirty. No one is expecting it. We want to be as quiet as we can. Here, take this.” He handed me a loaded Glock 30, just like my own.

We left through the front door and walked about two hundred yards towards the main gate of the villa. Two of the Hummers that were our armed escort cars blocked the entrance road to the villa. I could see three dark shadows in the partial moonlight.

Lucas strode up to the men and rattled off several phrases in Spanish. As we walked away, he said, “I thanked them for their vigilance at this late hour, and told them I would be back. They know that if we get through the week with nothing bad happening they’ll get a bonus. They are motivated to keep any threat outside the gates, and no threat is even better.”

We’d gone another hundred yards around the perimeter of the property when a voice challenged, “Who goes there? Password?”

“Apocalypse,” Lucas said firmly. “It’s Lucas and Elsa.”

“Good evening, ma’am,” the guard said as he appeared from behind a tree. I hadn’t expected anyone, and had about leapt out of my skin at the challenge.

Lucas led us on around the property, down onto the beach, back up around the pool, and around the other side of the villa. Every couple of hundred feet there was a guard of some kind, some locals and some people that came with us or with Brita.

As we came back to the main house, we approached from the poolside. The doors were still wide open. James and Margo were swimming. They waved but didn’t say anything. The living room was a mass of naked bodies covered in sweat, cum, and the results of their exertion and playing with one another. Carter was pumping his cock into Cindy with great enthusiasm as she urged him on and some others watched. I chuckled about how he could claim to be the last man standing.

I followed Lucas back to his closet. We stopped outside the small room, and he pulled my shift over my head, restoring me to nudity. I kicked off my shoes, and the next I knew I was again on my back on the futon, with Lucas’ huge cock sawing in and out of my sweet little cunt. Lucas did have needs, and now that I’d triggered them and overcome his reluctance he wasn’t about to let any grass grow under his feet. I loved this man.

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