Benji Mattox Gotta Older Bro

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Benji Mattox Gotta Older Bro
Jock Tales—Benji Mattox Gotta Older Bro

“Yo Benji—what’s up ?” “Ahh nuttin man, just chillin” “Say—let’s go down to the diner” “Ya—How we getting there ?” “See if ur big bro will take us—give us a ride in that sweet GTO” “Ahh, I dunno man, he’s kinda a big shot now since he got that car” “Just ask him dude—I’ll buy, anything he wants” “He said anything?” “YA dude, whatever he wants” “Steak ?” “Fuck, ya if it takes a steak, I guess so” “Aight then we will be there in 15 to scoop you up—ur lil bro too ?” “Ya Ill have to bring him” “Ok then see ya”

Benji Mattox older bro was Mark; he was 17 and on the high school b-ball team. In the back of my head, I considered myself lucky, in a way, I was about to be out on a ‘date’ with one of the hottest dudes at school. He had some long ass hairy legs, and some super bushy pits—real long hairs, I admired them. He could palm a ball with his huge b-ball hands—I figure his middle finger must have been 8-9 inches. Would love to see if the theory held true on him 🙂

We get down to the diner about 6:30. It was pretty crowded on a Wednesday nite. Mom came up and took drink orders. Dustin got mad cause I wouldn’t let him have a coke. “Rot ur teeth”, I told him. But I said he could have a milk-shake if he acted grown up, and not like some lil punk k I d. The rest of us ordered iced tea, so’s not to rub in the coke thing. In a few minutes we were all choking down on some hamburger steaks. Mark made nice and got the same as us instead of holding me to the steak deal. He said just buying was cool enough.

We finish up and throw mom a fiver. She said we didn’t have to, but I told her work was work —didn’t matter who you were waiting on—besides, I’d get it back in cheerio’s 🙂 She just smiled. We get back to our house, and Benji manages to get his big bro to come in and check out my room. He thought it was really cool, being down in the basement n shit. Said he might ‘rent’ it out from me from time to time to bring a girl too. I just smiled and said ‘sure’

We turned the TV on, and kicked back to Doby Gilles. It was pretty quite, then I popped up without thinking, “Man, that Maynard, I could tear his shit up”. All three looked at me, with no response. I just muttered a ‘fuck’, and went on with “Dustin, you need to get ur butt upstairs now. “Ahhh Matthew, please let me stay” “Nope—close to your casino siteleri bedtime anyway” “Ahhh com’on” almost screaming. “Now look—I told you you could have that milk shake if you didn’t act like a lil punk—now com’on” I grab him by the arm and start pulling him up the stairs. I decided to head for the kitchen, and fished out a piece of chocolate cake we brought from the diner. Pouring him up a glass of milk to go with it; “Now, sit there and eat that, then take ur little ass to bed—no more whining” Dustin seemed content with the cake, and did as I told him. Now, back downstairs.

“Soooo Dillon, what was that shit about fuckin Bob Denver ?” I just went for it. “Ahhh fuck ya’ll, just look at him. Beatnic—scruffy—skinny—Id fuck that dude till I got his shit on my dick” Benji sat there not saying a word, but Mark just rolled over laughing. “I think I’ll go upstairs too, maybe hang out with Dustin” muttered Benji. Mark and me just smiled at him.

I fished out a couple of beers from the mini fridge. Mark was amazed I had that, just being 15. “Mom never comes down here, and dad is always on the road. We pop the caps and each take a long swig. “Hey man—I got some weed too”
“Fuck dawg—you just got everything down here” “Ya—and porn too” ! Mark just flashed a big grin and said ‘naaaa’

I reached under the cabinet, and popped in a porn into the VCR. Soon as it started up, Mark was kicked back on my bed with his legs slightly spread. “Got him” I thought to myself. I took another slug of my beer, and proceeded to roll up a fat joint. I was gonna get this one extra high, cause I was determained to see what was in those pants. I fire up the joint and take a quick hit, then pass it over to Mark. It takes a quick hit as well, but I usher him on with “naaa dawg—hit it good yo” Mark looks at me and grins. I figure being a few years older than me, he was probably way ahead of me, and knew exactly what I was doing. As long as he participated, I guess that was good 🙂

After about 15 minutes we were both rubbing our crotches through our jeans. Legs slightly spread, with my left and his right slightly rubbing against each other. We finished up the joint, with Mark smoking most of it. I jumped up and fished out 2 more beers. Popping mine open, I slugged down about half, just to be impressive. Ishuck my jeans off, tossing them to the floor, then kick back once perabet güvenilir mi again on the bed, this time getting right up next to Mark. Mark kinda looks at me, but didn’t say anything. Im rubbing my cock now up and down, behind my jockstrap, making it grow super hard, and oozing fuck juice. I tapped the end of my piss slit through my jock, and licked the tip of my finger muttering “ummm” Mark looked over and grinned at me, still not saying anything. I guess he was going to make me beg for it, lol.

Finally I raise up again, and this time shucked off my jock, and playfully tossed it onto Marks face. Mark grabs my jock and started rubbing it up and down his chest, and then taking a quick whiff. He was cut deep, and his pecs and abs were like granite. I grab my dick at the base, and squeeze it hard. Then taking the palm of my right hand, rub it across my piss slit, making the juice ooz out even more. Finally Mark stood up, and shucked out of his jeans and boxers as well. I was startled when I saw him standing there, totally jock naked. It was more than I even imagined. He had a thick patch of hair between his pecs, and a super thick happy trail leading down to an explosive bush. It went about an inch or so up his dick, which was rock hard from the porn. I figured he had to be about 10”, and he was hanging some really low hairy balls. I opened my mouth to exclaim, But he grabbed me by the hair, and pulling my head towards his cock, just demanded “suck it punk” I swallowed down hard, taking as much of his dick as I could. Having choked down on dad’s a few times now, I was pretty well practiced.

I think it surprised him a bit, as he pushed his huge mushroom head past my tonsils. Still clenching my hair, Mark begin a relentless fucking of my young throat. I squeezed my throat muscles as hard as I could, while maintaining a lip lock on his head. Mark just muttered “oh fuck”. I looked up at him with those puppy dog eyes, and shot him a grin. After nearly 20 minutes of sucking Mark’s enormous cock, he pushed me back on the bed, and told me to lye down on the bed on my belly. I did as he told me, and Mark quickly mounted me from behind, spreading my thick muscular thighs. Mark work up a big lugie, and spat out the snot and spit right into my hairy asshole. “Nice” he said, and then, “Oh ya homie—I know this is what ya been wantin, and perabet giriş it’s gonna hurt like all fuckin hell”

With that Mark slid his whole 10” of b-ball cock into my tight teenage ass, with out stopping. He didn’t slam it, but rather just pushed it in with one deliberate push, burying it to his pubes. I clenched the sheets, and my teeth, and let out a low throaty groan. Mark kinda chuckled, and just said “oh ya—he likes it” With that, Mark grabs me by the waist, and and begins a relentless pounding of my young tite jock hole. I bucked up from my waist, but Mark pushed me back down, and continued to pound my hole without m e r c e y. Now that I was ‘hot’, and loosened up, he began to fuck me harder, and hitting deeper into my shit hole.

He moved up to where his dick was now going straight down my chute, and held me down by the back of my neck. Squeezing it hard, nearly cutting off my air, he now began slamming my ass with increasing effort, He was raising up his body from his knees, and slamming down full f o r c e , his big mushroom head now invading my guts. Suddenly Mark let out a soft cry, then placing both his hands right at my k** neys, gave one final slam to my ass. He unloaded like a water fountain, with shot after shot of hot thick super jizz deep into my ass. I could feel each shot as it blasted into the walls of my guts. He continued his pounding, draining every ounce of his hot jock jizz. Finally he slowed, and pulled his dick from my ass. I rolled over, and started jacking my dick as hard as I could. Mark reached over and stuck two fingers in my ass, and begin to wiggle them around a bit. As my thighs began to tense up, and my abs began to pop, Mark brought his dirty fingers from my ass and pushed them inside my mouth “SUCK” he yelled. I sucked on his fingers for about 10 seconds, sucking and swallowing his juice, and my ass slime from his fingers, Suddenly I blew my on load straight up into the air. Five ropes, non stop, flying 3 feet into the air, then landing back on my belly in a puddle. I continued jacking until completely drained.

After a few moments, we both were finally laying there not saying a word. I reached over to the nite stand and lit up a smoke. Handing one over to Mark, he declined, which I respected. In just a few more minutes, Benji is standing at the top of the stairs, and hollars down “Mark—you ready to go yet”?

Mark jumps up and quickly gets into his boxers and jeans and heads up the stairs. He and Benji leave, without a word being said. I guessed from the amount of jizz still leaking from my ass that Mark had a good time. I know I did, and hoped to see more of him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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