Beach Getaway Ch. 02

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After our wild weekend with Junot and Carlos, the four of us spent many more weekends together. At least once a month, we would have some variation of our first encounter – beach, pot, food, music – and of course sex.

And the sex always follows a similar pattern. Junot and Sara pair off and Carlos and I play – a sexy same room swap in our studio condo by the beach. We’ve talked about switching it up at some point – but for whatever reason that has never happened.

All of us are in our 40s, but on these weekends, we behave like horny teens. I love watching Sara’s slim, tall, pale freckled body against Junot’s brown, fit frame. All of us men are darker skinned and relatively fit, but Junot is the tallest and has the biggest cock. I love seeing his eight inches penetrate Sara’s juicy pussy. And I love seeing Sara’s ecstatic facial expressions as she’s penetrated so deeply and fully. Sara loves that big cock.

And I love Carlos’ cock. It is a beautiful, thick seven inches and I love to spend these weekends worshipping it. Sara is always amazed how I so easily deep throat him. Sara gives great head, but she can’t deep throat. Sara knows I’ve sucked hundreds of cocks before we met and is always titillated by watching me do it.

But even more than that, Sara really loves to watch Carlos fuck me. The first few times we got together, it didn’t occur to me to try to bottom for Carlos, or anyone for that matter. It had been a long time since I’d gotten fucked and his cock seemed too thick for my cute little ass.

But Sara was obsessed with the idea. While anal sex was something she never wanted to try herself, she was fascinated by the mechanics of it. She couldn’t imagine a cock up the ass being at all pleasurable. She wanted to see for herself.

So I went for it one weekend – I spread my legs and ass for Carlos. And thankfully, Carlos is a great patient casino oyna top – my tight hole eagerly stretches for him. I get very hard when Carlos is inside of me and have some mind-blowing orgasms as his cock massages my prostate. It always delights Sara – almost as much as it delights me.

Meeting Junot and Carlos has kept our marriage alive and exciting. These weekends bring us so much life and joy – we go back to our apartment in the city glowing and rejuvenated. We are so grateful that they are in our lives.

After dinner one evening, Sara asked me if I wanted to join her for a concert that weekend. Unfortunately, it was a weekend I had to work.

“Would you mind if I took someone else?” Sara asked.


“How about Junot?”

I looked at Sara. While I knew Sara particularly connected with Junot, our trysts with the guys had always been a foursome. It’s a huge turn on to watch Junot fuck my wife, but I didn’t know how to feel about them spending time alone.

“Would you be jealous?” asked Sara sensing my apprehension.

“I don’t know…I mean…what exactly would you be…”

“Would we fuck afterwards?” Sara exclaimed, finishing my thought for me.

“Well… would you?” I asked in earnest.

“How would you feel if we did?”

I didn’t know. I genuinely like Junot. And I really like how happy he makes Sara. But this would be very different than our beach orgies.

“How would you feel,” I asked. “If I went on a date with Carlos?”

“I would be happy for you. You love getting fucked by Carlos,” Sara teased.

“And you love getting fucked by Junot. But what if I went out with a woman?” I countered.

Sara looked at me lovingly. She thought for a minute and conceded that it would be difficult.

“Look…if you don’t want me to go, I won’t go. But we know Junot. We wouldn’t slot oyna be doing anything you haven’t seen us do before. And I’ll tell you all about it.”

I looked at my beautiful wife and remembered the last time that Junot fucked her – on all fours screaming in ecstasy as her beautiful breasts swayed with each thrust. I was instantly erect. I kissed Sara passionately, bent her over our kitchen table and fucked her mercilessly.


On the night of their date, I was stuck at work as I expected to be. I got home around 10pm. Sara no doubt was still at the concert with Junot.

I showered, ate, put on some sweats, and settled onto the couch watching tv. I stayed up for a bit waiting for Sara but couldn’t keep my eyes open. I fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up a couple of hours later. The tv was still on. I looked at my phone – it was 1 am and no texts or messages from Sara. I turned off the television. With no television, the apartment was silent. And then I heard Sara.

I heard her voice. I heard her speaking. I walked down the hallway towards our bedroom. The door was ajar – from the hallway, I saw Sara sitting on the edge of the bed. She was naked.

Junot was standing in front of her. He was also naked and his magnificent cock was pointing straight ahead – inches from Sara’s mouth.

“I love your cock,” I heard Sara mumble before she started fellating him. I kept watching from the hallway – Sara is so sexy when she sucks cock. They were both far too distracted to notice me. And I was far too distracted to notice that there was someone else in the bedroom.

Carlos appeared behind Sara and started kneading her breasts. Sara took a quick respite from Junot’s cock and turned to give Carlos a deep kiss. She then looked back at Junot with an almost child like glee.

“Fuck Me!” she said. She canlı casino siteleri laid down on our bed and spread her legs. Junot got on top of her and penetrated her while Carlos kneeled by Sara’s face. He fed her his cock.

I continued to watch in awe as my wife was being spit roasted. Sara and I had been candid about our respective pasts – she has had a few threesomes with previous lovers. I always got very turned on when she talked about it. But seeing it in person was simply mind blowing.

She was glistening with sexual energy. Her hips bucked rhythmically and sensually against Junot as her tongue danced under Carlos’ cock. In this moment, Sara was a goddess. She came with uninhibited joy. Her orgasm didn’t subside but simply continued in waves. Sara’s orgasms were always powerful with Junot, but with Carlos’ cock also in her mouth, she was reaching new heights. Each orgasm propelled her lust further and further – Sara flipped herself over onto all fours and demanded more.

“Harder,” she commanded Junot.

Junot complied and pounded her from behind while Carlos continued to feed her his cock. Junot unloaded into Sara with several hard thrusts, and then almost instantly Carlos took his place. The feel of Carlos’ slightly thicker cock sent my wife into yet another orgasm, which then sent Carlos over the edge. Sara collapsed onto the bed, her face radiating with bliss, and her pussy filled with two different men’s cum.

I snuck back into the living room, lowered my sweat pants and grabbed my erect cock. Thinking of what I had just witnessed, I came immediately.


The next morning, Sara found me on the couch asleep.

“Wake up, sleepy head,” she teased.

I looked at my lovely wife. She looked radiant. Her face was bright and happy.

“Have a good night?” I asked. “How was the concert?”

“It was good,” she remarked, kissing me tenderly on my forehead.

“How is Junot?” I asked innocently.

“He’s great,” Sara said while stroking my hair.

I looked at her playfully. “And how’s Carlos?” I asked intently.

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