Ballet School Ch. 06

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Chapter Six -Atlas and Company

The next day I could hardly walk. My ass was really sore and my whole body felt bruised. I decided to stay in bed and cancelled my classes. I had a long hot bath and went back to sleep waking up at around 11, to the sound of the butt plug. buzzing in my bag on the floor beside my bed. Damn, I couldn’t possibly. I sat on the edge of the bed and stretched my aching body.

The plug was still buzzing and my cock was rising fast. I couldn’t help myself. I was a nympho and I needed Jim’s Cock. I stood up and felt around my hole. It was tender to the touch, but with lube anything was possible. I grabbed the lube from my bag and placed a big dollop on my middle finger. I began slowly tracing around my tender hole, before gently inserting my finger. I gasped in pain. Every nerve ending in my ass was tender to the touch. I went slow and eventually warmed up enough to insert the small, still buzzing plug in my ass. My cock stood up hard and full and ready to be sucked.

I put on a clean, white dance belt and my white tights and a black T shirt and my Property of hoodie. I was ready. I walked towards Jim’s room and felt my ass warming and stretching nicely. I felt better and very horny. The door was closed. I knocked gently and waited barely breathing. I was so horny I felt my knees shaking. He opened the door and stepped aside motioning me in with his other hand. He was dressed in a studded black leather thong, black motorcycle boots, and a leather harness across his hairy chest. He looked a little scary, but it was hot at the same time.

So Chris, where have you been? I explained what happened and stood nervously waiting for him to respond. He was staring intently at me. I think that you forgot your place this morning slave. Where is your place? I looked down, face reddening and said here with you. He lifted my chin with one finger and said no Chris, Down here at my feet. Get on your knees.

I knelt down and stared up at him, nervous but getting hornier by the minute. I have a special way of dealing with slaves who don’t listen. You’re going to have to stay a while Chris. I take it you’re not going to classes today either. I nodded.Good boy. We have the whole day then. He stood right in front of me, his big balls and thick cock tightly clad in the leather thong that was millimetres from my eager face. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into his musky crotch and started rubbing against my face. Oh yes, you’re going to pay for not obeying me Chris, yes indeed. Strip Chris and leave on nothing but your dance belt. I like seeing you sexy body in that dance belt. I undressed eagerly, down to my clean white belt.

He walked away and returned with a long metal bar that had rings on each end, two V Shaped bars at the back with two rings on top. This is called a stretcher bar. You’re going to like this. He placed a mat in front of me and ordered me to kneel on it. He placed leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles and connected first one then the other foot to the bar. My legs were stretched wide, about 2-3 feet apart. Put your hands back. The bar went back in a v and formed a triangle behind me. He cuffed my hands behind me so that I was arched up in the air, my aching bulge protruding high in front of me, my back bent and arched, cock and balls straining against the belt.

Now I know you are very strong Chris, but this is going to test every inch of your sweet muscled body. He stood in front of me, admiring my straining muscles, he licked his lips. He traced his finger, slowly up my inner thigh circling around my balls, trailing delicately up my cock, around my swollen head and gently up my abdomen, around my protruding nipples and up my chin around my ear, grasping my hair he pulled my head forward. Your soft brown hair and brilliant blue eyes, freckles and angelic face make me so horny Chris. It makes me want to kiss you and fuck you and punish you too. Do you like that. I smiled and said yes. Good boy. Because this is going to test your limits.

I found it hard to hold this position and arched forward a little which helped the strain on my back. It’s a bit uncomfortable isn’t it Chris. I think you need some support. He reached into his storage closet and pulled out a strange looking machine. It had a big rubber dildo attached to a metal arm, that was connected to a box with dials and switches. What is that I asked. This is your new best friend Chris. It’s a fuck machine. I looked nervously at the machine, and wondered what this would feel like.

He came behind me and positioned the machine between my ankles, plugging it in and reaching for a big tube of lube. I heard him greasing up the dildo and I began to get really hard imagining what it would do to canlı bahis me. I felt his meaty hand slip aside my dance belt and begin to wiggle out the plug that had been buzzing in my ass for the last hour. It came out with a pop and I immediately missed it, feeling that emptiness in my ass that I hated.

He nudged the dildo against my sweet hole and begin pushing it into my hole. It was tapered and the end slid in fairly easily. My ass was still a bit sore but better after having the plug in there warming it up. Okay slave, I’m going to turn this on and ease it up for you. It’s going to work itself into your ass and I’ll move the machine slowly forward as it enters you until it’s plunging all eight inches in and out of you. You’re going to like your new friend. He never gets tired Chris and he’s going to fuck you for at least an hour, maybe all day you little whore, would you like that. I nodded feeling my cock burn. I liked it when he called me his whore and his slave or slut.

I felt my ass opening and he moved it forward an inch or so. It was moving a bit faster and spreading my muscular cheeks as the tapered head pumped in and out in a steady rhythm. The whir of the machine, the feel of the large, tapered dildo pumping smoothly in and out of my ass and the strain of arching my body in the restraints was making me crazy with lust. I needed him to touch my cock, I needed to blow.

I begged him, please touch me, I’m so horny, I need to cum. He made me beg more. My cock felt like it was going to rip through my dance belt. He took a pair of scissors and cut through the waistband of my belt on both side and I gasped as my cock sprung free. He ripped the belt off me aggressively and reached around turning the machine up faster. It began pumping into my ass steady, fast and strong. He poured lube on it as it moved back and forth, creating a swooshing sound as it battered quickly in and out of my ass. You’re really opening up again aren’t you. Your ass loves this Chris. I bet you’d like to be fucked every day wouldn’t you. I nodded. Good cuz I like fucking You.

He turned it up again and placed his arms on my shoulders pushed me back into the machine. I moaned as it drove deep into me rapidly. My whole body was on fire. Please touch me, I begged again. Can’t hear you what? Please I begged, please I can’t take much more.

Reaching over to the bed, he grabbed a new device, an adjustable rubber cock sling that had two chains and clamps connected it. He slid the sling over my cock, without touching me which made me buck and wiggle, desperately trying to touch or hump his hand. He pulled it tight and I felt my balls growing out and filling with blood. They were bursting at this point. He pulled the chains up and connected the clamps one at a time to my straining nipples. The clamps barely got on the nipples with my arched chest, straining as I bent backwards, but they were clinging to the ends, stinging and arousing even more nerve endings in my inflamed body. I was panting and moaning like a dog and dying to get off.

Please touch me, please. He said tell me what you are first. I’m a slave. Whose slave he said. Yours I yelled out. Are you a slut Chris, an ass slut. Yes I yelled I’m your slut. Are you a whore for me to fuck and use every day Chris. Yes I’m your whore. Please touch me. I was thrashing and shaking at this point.

He smiled and came towards me slowly. I think I’ll turn this up a little more first. I didn’t know how that could be possible, the machine was pumping in and out at a high speed already and my ass felt amazing. I was being fucked like crazy and I loved it. To my surprise, he slowed it down and it stopped. It was still up my ass, as I panted, impaled and waiting eagerly. I felt him slowly pull it out and then the sounds of something unscrewing and then more sounds. I think you need a bigger friend up there whore.

He slapped my ass, firm with command and sadistic intent. He slapped it again and again, faster and faster till I felt it burning. He was well over 30 hits when he stopped. I was delirious. He nudged the new dildo against my ass and I felt nervous as the size of it hit me. It was thick and wide. I don’t know if I can take this master I said. Shut up slave, and get yourself ready.

I apologized and he turned on the machine, the soft whirring sound announcing its readiness. I felt the massive cock head against my pulsing hole and the masters hand on my hips. I’m going to help you boy, breathe and relax and it will happen nicely for you.

I did as he said and tried to take my mind off of the giant dildo invading my sweet hole. It was moving slowly in small movements back and forth. Jim grabbed my hip and pulled me back into it. I breathed deeply and bahis siteleri the head popped inside.

Oh my gosh I gasped, it’s going to split me open. Breathe slave, and relax it’s coming faster. He turned it up a notch and the speed increased. I felt it moving slowly forward into my ass, my cheeks spreading and my hips arching. He turned it up again and it went deeper, opening my ass wide. I felt my whole body quiver with lust as he kept turning it up till it was moving steadily back and forth deep in my ass. I felt a strange pride as I could take this giant dildo and was really into it.

I bucked and jumped and pushed back into it, the slut that I was. Good boy. I knew you’d like it. He smacked my ass again. He turned it up again and it began jackhammering my ass. I was moaning and rocking with the machine and felt the cum building in my tight aching balls. I’m going to cum I said. Oh no you don’t he commanded, breath boy, breath.

He came around front of me and started smacking my balls, soft at first then harder and harder until he was smacking them and cupping them and squeezing after each hit. I was completely lost and a total fuck toy. He grabbed both balls hard and slid his warm mouth down my shaft and up once and I exploded a huge load into his mouth. I was shaking and convulsing as he leaked my head clean and sucked and licked me up and down all over my glistening shaft.

Somehow my cock was still hard as a rock. He released the cock ring and undid the clamps, kissing my aching nipples and gently rubbing the tips with his finger and tongue. You’re beautiful Chris. I smiled and felt the aching warmth of the dildo ramming my ass hard. I was still horny and wanted more.

He saw that look and smiled, you want more don’t you boy. I nodded and squeezing my balls he smiled. Then more you shall have. Have you heard of spit roasting Chris? I shook my head. Well, basically, one cock takes your ass and the other takes your mouth and you get fucked at both ends. The only stipulation is you have to look at the guy whose cock you are sucking the whole time until he comes in your mouth. How does that sound? I loved the idea and said I would like that very much.

I was shocked at myself. Here I was asking for two men to fuck me. I was beginning a complete whore and I loved it. So let’s practice with our little friend subbing in for the real thing. Did I mention I used to play football. I hadn’t heard that and shook my head no. I did, I was small and never went past college, but I’m still friends with some very big men. Big in the right places. I can make arrangements and I will make sure they only do what you’re comfortable with. Although at this point, I can see you taking on more than one. Would you like that Chris? I can get three big dudes to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked and we can spit roast you all night. I thought for a second and shly nodded yes.

He patted my head and kissed me softly on the lips. I opened my tongue and took his deep in my mouth licking and sucking his lips and tongue.

Let’s get started shall we. He released my hands and bent me over forward, doggy style. As I moved into position on all fours, he adjusted the machine and it rammed me even deeper. He turned it up again, and I screamed out as it pummelled super fast into my stretched out ass. Yes boy yes, let it out you slut. He took a whip with long strands of leather on it and began flicking my ass as it moved in rhythm with the machine.

He was lashing my cheeks left and right in a smooth steady rhythm. It felt good and I moaned and moved with delight. He started hitting me harder, leaning into it, each lash giving a resounding smack as it whipped into my reddened ass. Ugh I cried out with each hit. Louder bitch and he swung hard right at my crack and one of the straps whipped around and caught my balls. I screamed out and he laughed. Good boy good. Let it out, let out all those years of wanting sex every day. Let it out boy. He picked up the pace and began whipping me fast and hard till I collapsed forward on my elbows.

Get up he commanded. I moved slowly up till I was back on all fours, getting fucked at high speed, by a giant dildo, my whole body was shaking. He held a glass of water to my lips with a straw and I drank greedily. I was soaked in sweat and really thirsty. He gave me another one and I drunk that too, and I felt better and hornier than I’ve felt in my whole life. I was proud of my ability to take a huge dildo in the ass for a long time. I arched my head back and moaned and moved in time with the machine. Ooh you are good aren’t you Chris. Time to take you over the edge.

He bent down and slid a sheath over my balls that had a little hook on it. He connected two bahis şirketleri ball shaped weights to the hook and I felt my balls pulling down. It felt good and painful too. Ooh I like that I said. Good boy and he smacked my ass for good measure. Now the clips. He connected two large nipple clips that clamped hard and flattened my nipples. I let out a big rush of air, as the pain surged through me and down into my super hard cock, stretched out balls and pummelled ass. He put the leather collar on me and connected the nipple clamps to the collar. Now lift your head. I lifted my head and felt the chain pull right on the nipple clamps. Feels good doesn’t it. I nodded eagerly.

He turned up the machine to full and it made a high speed whirring sound as it pumped furiously in and out of my ass. Let it out boy, let it out. Let me hear all those years of sexual frustration come out. I screamed a loud, primal like a wild beast. He patted me on the head, good boy, time for your roasting.

He stood in front of me and hooked his finger under my chin lifting my face up, I saw his thick swollen cock in front of my face. Now don’t forget, look into my eyes the whole time or you’ll get smacked and hard. I looked up arching my head and felt the chains tighten and the nipple clamps pulling hard. He slowly circled around my lips with his throbbing cock head and I licked the sweet pre cum off of his cock, drinking deeply and staring into those eyes that burned into me and could make me do anything he wanted.

He grabbed my hair and thrust his swollen shaft slowly into my mouth. I licked his shaft as it slid by my tongue and opened as wide as I could. He held his cock in my throat and bored into my eyes with lustful intent as the machine behind me fucked me mercilessly, a huge dildo pounding my rock hard ass, my tight butt cheeks clenching in and out in rhythm and my nympho ass craving more and more and more. He grabbed my hair with both hands and reminded me. Don’t look away Chris or you’ll get one.

He started pumping in and out of my mouth. I found it hard to keep my head up. My neck was straining, my ass was spread wide open and my cock was on fire, balls heavy with cum and the weights pulling them down. My nipples stung and burned and every time I lifted my head, the chains yanked even harder, sending stinging sensations through my head and body. I was floating, delirious, almost out of body and without thinking my head dipped. Whack, he smacked me hard in the face and I jerked my head up so hard a clamp pulled off sending waves of fire through my nipple.

He grabbed my hair hard and pumped furiously in and out of my aching mouth, finally blasting a thick load into my mouth. He held my mouth firm against his hairy groin. Shaking and grinding his hips into my jaw as he unloaded completely into me. I swallowed every drop and looked into his eyes, licking my lips as his cock popped out of my used mouth.

He came around me reached under and his started jacking my cock fast and hard. I leaned my head back, and roared loudly as I blasted cum all over the floor and my hands. It blasted everywhere. I think it was the biggest orgasm I ever had.

He held me up around the waist and kissed the back of my neck. You’re amazing Chris. He reached back and shut down the machine. I felt it slowing to a crawl and finally felt my ass again, full and warm. He pulled the dildo out slowly and I gasped with pleasure st the beautiful feeling in my ass. I felt so hot.

My turn he said, as he came around behind me and stuck four fingers in at once into my hole. I pushed back hard against his meaty hand and ground my ass into him as he drove his hand into me.

You’re ready to be fucked aren’t you. I nodded vigorously. He came up behind me and grabbed both of my chiseled hips and plunged hard right into my hole.

My head pulled back as I felt his manhood fill me. The clamp pulled again on my nipples and he reached under me and pulled hard on the chain making me cry out. Yes you little slut, let me hear you beg for my cock. Fuck me Jim I cried out, fill my slutty ass with cum. He leaned on me his hairy belly rubbing against my back, pumping his hips hard against my ass, his big fat balls smacking against my marbled legs, he blew a huge load deep into my driving his cock right up to the hilt. He held me there shaking and grunting as he filled my completely with every last drop.

Finally he fell back sitting on the floor and I collapsed down too. He slid up beside me and took off the ball sheath and clips. He lifted me up and carried me to his bed. Without speaking he laid me on my back and pushed my legs up and told me to hold them with my knees up. He returned with the glass dildo and without speaking looked me in the eyes and corkscrewed the massive dildo into my ass. I arched high into the air and I moaned deeply satisfied and still horny. I could take this all night I thought and still want more. I really was a nympho.

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