Ashley’s 18th Birthday Pt. 02

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I woke several times during the night as Ashley turned in her sleep. Each time I softly stroked my gorgeous daughter until she settled back in my arms. It was early morning when I woke to Ashley trying to crawl from bed by the leash pulling at my wrist. I wrapped the leash around my hand and yanked her back to me.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I demanded in a sleep laden voice.

“Daddy, I gotta pee! Really bad.”

“Oh,” I replied thinking that she probably did because she drank so much last night. Plus, I grinned, all the fucking. “Ok, baby girl. Just give me a minute.” I shoved the covers off and we got out of bed. I watched her cute little ass as she walked ahead of me to the bathroom. The leash was long enough that I closed the door most of the way while she peed. When she was done, I walked in and turned on the shower.

“So,” I said, “do you want me to continue helping you live out your fantasies from your diary or do you want to stop now?”

“I think I’d like to continue,” Ashley said. “It was amazing last night.”

“Good,” I laughed. “I didn’t really want to stop just yet anyway. Just remember that I love you very much.”

“Oh, daddy! I love you too!”

While we had been talking I had adjusted the temperature to as hot as was pleasurable and now I motioned for her to get in. She shook her head and backed away. I sighed, wrapped more of the leash around my hand tightening the slack and then I pulled. Hard. She stumbled towards me, I caught her, and lifted her into the shower.

“I told you that you could be a good girl or a bad girl,” I reminded her as I stepped in with her. “I like it when you’re a bad girl, but you might like it better if you were a good girl because bad girls get punished.”

Ashley’s green eyes welled with tears. “I’ll be good, Daddy, I promise. Please don’t punish me.”

“To late,” I stated flatly as I roughly turned her around facing the shower spray. As the water rolled over her sleek young body I pulled my hand back and slapped her right ass cheek leaving a red mark. She gasped and jerked crying out in pain as I gave her left ass cheek to the same treatment. I could tell she was crying, so I gently rubbed each cheek to ease the sting before pulling her back against me my hard cock between us.

“That’s what happens to bad girls,” I whispered in her ear rolling her nipples between my fingers. “I don’t think you want to find out what happens if you continue to be a bad girl, do you?” I pinched and pulled her nipples.

“N-n-no, Daddy,” she moaned her head falling back on my shoulder.

I allowed my hands to roam over her perky 18 year old tits and flat stomach. I watched her nipples pucker and her stomach muscles flutter as my hands moved. I felt her breathing speed up as my hands spanned her waist and traced her hipbones. I was getting harder and harder and knew that a more thorough exploration would have to wait because I had to fuck her now. I had to feel my young daughter’s tight pussy around my cock again so I spun us around and pushed her forward so her hands were braced on the ledge at the back of the tub. As soon as she was braced I lined my cock up and drove into her with one thrust.

“Aaaahhhh!” we both uttered. She in pain and I in pleasure. She was only a little wet from my playing with her. I was again amazed at how tight her hot little channel was around my cock. I stood buried balls deep in her savoring the feeling before leaning forward and kissing her neck and back. My hand reaching around to play with her tits before moving to her pussy. My fingers found her clit and began to gently rub it. As I played with her clit, I slowly thrust in and out of her. I wanted her wet. I wanted to bring her to orgasm. I wanted to feel her pussy contract around my cock. I wanted to hear her cry my name casino siteleri in ecstasy.

Her clit came out of hiding and I could feel my thrusts becoming easier so I sped up a little. As I watched, she began pushing her ass back meeting my thrusts. A whimper escaped her.

“What does daddy’s little girl want?” I asked pulling almost the whole way out of her.

“I don’t. . .I don’t knoooowww,” she wailed as I plunged back into her.

“Mmmm. Better figure it out,” I chuckled pulling back and waiting. I watched as she wiggled her ass towards me trying to push herself onto my cock. “Uh huh,” I chuckled, “a good girl asks for what she wants.”

“Pleeease, Daddy,” her breath hitched, “please put your cock back into your good little girl’s pussy.”

That drove me over the edge and I pounded into her pussy grabbing her hips to keep her still.

“Oh, God, baby! Daddy’s cumming! I’m cumming in your tight pussy!” I growled, grinding into her and spurting my cum deep into her womb. She looked back over her shoulder at me a small smile on her face.

“Did that feel good, Daddy?”

“Fuck yeah!” I responded pulling out of her.

I turned us back around and watched as she washed and shaved. She was so incredibly sexy soaping her young body and concentrating to shave her legs. When it looked like she was done, I smiled to myself. She had no idea what was coming.

I took my turn cleaning up and then turned off the water. Ashley went to grab a towel but I pulled on her leash and she looked at me questioningly.

“We’ll air dry,” I said motioning her to leave the bathroom. I grabbed a comb on my way out of the bathroom. “Sit,” I commanded pointing to the floor beside the bed. She sat cross legged and I began combing her hair.

“Mmm. That feels so good, Daddy,” she murmured leaning her head back on my thigh. When her hair was untangled and lying across my legs I began massaging her scalp and running my hands through her hair. I watched her body as she relaxed into me. When I felt that she was comfortable, I pulled her up onto the bed with me and we lay down.

I traced designs on her skin, my hands skimming past her tits and pussy. I began to nuzzle her neck giving her little kisses and nibbling her ear. She giggled at that. I kept my hands moving and soon I could feel her body responding and her breathing became irregular. I could hear the frustration in her sighs as I didn’t touch her most sensitive parts. Soon she lay on her back and turned her head to stare into my eyes. I continued to trail my fingers over her stomach, sides, legs. Anything I could reach, but never across her tits or pussy even when her hips lifted and she thrust her chest out. I could see the need in her eyes and I could feel my cock throb in response. I had been hard since we stepped out of the shower, but I wanted to savor my baby girl, my Ashley, this time.

I propped myself up on my elbow so I could see her body. I watched the goosebumps appear on her skin as I moved my hand over her body. I was amazed that this gorgeous 18 year old girl was my daughter.

“What are you thinking, Ash?”

“This is wrong, Daddy.”

“Does it feel wrong?” my hands continued to move closer and closer to her erogenous zones.

“Noooo,” she breathed body writhing. “But it is. You’re my father. You shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No. Yes. I don’t know.”

“Hmmm,” I mused. “You’re not sure of anything are you?”

She shook her head.

“Well, it’s a good thing I am. I’ve been waiting a long time to do this and I’m going to continue to fuck you whether you like it or not. So really, it doesn’t matter a good God damn what you think. You can resist if you want, but your body knows what it wants,” I slid a finger down her wet slit to canlı casino prove my point, “and I’m going to give your body what it wants and get what I want at the same time. Maybe you’ll learn to like it, or maybe not,” I shrugged, “either way I’m going to enjoy your hot sexy body as much as I want whenever I want.”

She started to sit up, but I quickly rolled over on top of her. I had been expecting her to do this earlier and was pleased it had taken this long for her to resist. I straddled her and secured her arms. I wasn’t really worried about her legs this time. I began kissing her long neck and sensitive ears then moved down to her gorgeous tits. Big areolas and long nipples on generous size C tits. I cupped them running my thumbs over her nipples. Her back arched pushing her breasts harder into my hands and I lowered my mouth to one nipple and swirled my tongue over her areola and elongated nipple. I began gently biting it pinching and pulling on the other one. A low moan escaped her and I looked up to see pain and pleasure on her face, so I switched my mouth to her other nipple and continued biting and pulling even harder. Her hips twitched. I continued to switch back and forth between her nipples for several minutes increasing the amount of pain each time. I savored the feel of her puckered nipples in my mouth and between my fingers. I roughly squeezed her breasts enjoying their firmness. I watched as her face scrunched up in pain, but I also felt her breathing speed up as she tossed her head back and forth moaning and sighing. When I judged she was right on the cusp, I used both hands to brutally crush her tits together and pinched and pulled her nipples cruelly.

“Daaaaaaddddyyy!” she screamed as her hips bucked and her orgasm ripped through her. I continued to punish her tits and in seconds she was writhing under me in another orgasm. “Fuck, Daddy! Oh, fuck!” Her body shook uncontrollably from her orgasm. “Stop, please, stop, please, stop! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I lightened the pressure, but continued to play with her battered and bruised tits. “Oh God, Daddy, please stop. You’re hurting me,” she gasped.

I chuckled. I pinched her hard, bringing a whine of pain from her as her body still trembled from her intense orgasm. “I do believe that my little girl liked being hurt. You came just from having your tits tortured. Not many girls can do that. You’re very lucky.” I gentled my pressure and soothed her tender flesh. She sighed in relief. Since I was taking my time, I spent several minutes gently playing my fingers and tongue over her tits. I could see the bite marks and finger prints appearing on her firm, young globes and smiled to see my mark on my daughter.

When I was finished I moved down between her legs and spent some time teasing her stomach and sides with light hand strokes and nibbles. I loved how reactive my girl was. Her muscles rippled and goosebumps formed wherever my hand or mouth touched her. While I found this reaction fascinating and pleasurable there was more of my baby to explore more thoroughly.

I slid down further between her legs until my face was level with her wet pussy. She tried to close her legs in protest, but I simply forced her thighs open and looked at her sternly.

“You can either keep your legs open or I can keep them open for you.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered and allowed her legs to fall open as far as possible.

“Good.” I nodded and smiled at her in pleasure.

I then returned to my contemplation of her beautiful pussy. She had drenched the bedspread with her orgasm and her pussy was glistening wet from her juices. I ran my fingers over her outer lips feeling the puffiness and silky smoothness of her aroused freshly waxed skin. I spread her slick lips wide to reveal the darker pink of her young pussy. At first I kaçak casino just gazed at her watching her clit throb, I gently traced her folds with my fingers just enjoying the feel of her. I circled her clit and ran a finger over the little sensitive nub. Her sweet, musky scent was all around me and I finally gave in and lowered my mouth to her pussy. My tongue traced the same path as my fingers had exploring her most sensitive places.

Ashley moaned and tilted her hips up giving me better access to explore her. I began to learn just how my baby girl liked being licked. I slid my tongue down her pussy relishing the taste. I flattened my tongue and slid all the way up to her clit and nipped it. I shoved my tongue as far into her as I could and tongue fucked her. I did everything I’d ever wanted to do to her. The only thing I didn’t do was bring her to orgasm. I kept her on the brink, but never let her go over. Not yet. The whole time I was teasing her, my daughter was making the sexiest sounds. Moan, sighs, whimpers, soft pleadings. When I pulled my head away, she thrust her hips towards me and begged me to make her cum. I silenced her begging with a hard kiss shoving my tongue into her mouth so she tasted herself for the first time.

“Well?” I asked pulling back from her.

“Oh, God, daddy, it’s amazing,” she sighed wiggling her hips in silent need. “But please I need to cum.”

“Do you now?” I chuckled.

She nodded her head furiously. Well, good. This is exactly where I wanted her. I was going to show my little girl just how much cumming she could do. I lowered my head back down between her legs and used my new found knowledge of what she liked to bring her to orgasm quickly. When I knew she was just about to cum I made sure my mouth was over her sweet honey hole so that when she squirted all her cum went directly down my throat. It was like taking a shot of the best pussy in the world.

Ashley was panting, her chest heaving when I slid my hard cock into her sensitive pussy. I pounded away knowing that I could last quite a while and wanting her to orgasm again soon. It wasn’t long until her juices gushed forth again soaking my cock and balls. I didn’t even let up. As tight as my baby girl’s pussy was, I wanted it tighter so I grabbed her legs and placed them on my shoulders. This made her tighter and also changed the way my cock slid into her pussy. I didn’t want her getting used to one position. Soon another orgasm hit her.

My God could my little girl cum! I wanted to make her cum as many times as possible as many ways as possible so I slid my cock from her pussy and plunged it into her ass. I didn’t bother to take it slow this time and her scream of pain as I tore into her tight asshole did nothing but drive me into even more of a frenzy. My cock was like a piston driving in and out of that oh so tight, oh so sweet, oh so very recently virgin hole. I forced myself not to cum until Ashley’s pain turned to pleasure and her nectar flowed once again. At that point I buried my cock as deeply as I could in her ass and pumped spurt after spurt of cum into her.

I held myself still inside her ass savoring the moment, but I wasn’t done yet. While my cock enjoyed the tightness of her ass, I started fingering her sopping wet slit.

“Daddy, no. Please, no more. I can’t take it,” Ashley moaned.

“Ash, baby girl, look at me,” I commanded.

Her eyes slowly opened and focused on me.

“I’m nowhere even near done making you cum,” I grinned at her my fingers never stopping, “so beg and plead all you like. I really like it. I like making your body do what you don’t want it to do. I like hearing you ask me to stop even though you know I won’t. I like being in control of you. Most of all, baby girl, I like hearing you cry.”

Her eyes opened wide as I flicked her clit. I was so going to enjoy this. And she would too. . .for a little while.

Her diary had given me a lot of detail, but sometimes a daddy had to do what was best for his daughter and I definitely planned on doing that for my Ashley.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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