Ashley and Mia Ch. 01

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This is my first time writing anything like this ever so please be nice, but I would greatly appreciate comments and constructive criticism.


There is a rumor going around campus that Ashley and I hate each other, however, that is far from the truth…

After what felt like an eternity, the clock finally read 3:30 pm. I was the first one out the door of my psychology class. I was practically jogging through the parking lot to my car. I started the engine and gunned it to Brad’s, my boyfriend’s, apartment. His place is about 30 minutes away, but I was determined to make it there in 15. I scanned the streets for any cops setting speed traps as I flew down the road. Lucky for me there were no cops along the way and there was a parking spot open right in front of his apartment. I glance at the clock, 3:49 pm, not bad I think to myself with a smile on my face. I pulled in to the spot, locked the car, and ran up the stairs to apartment


I use the key Brad gave me a few days ago to unlock the door. I try to hide the surprise on my face when I see Brad sitting on the couch in the living room. Brad lives with his younger sister, Ashley. They both attend the college I go to, and Brad wasn’t supposed to be home.

“Hey babe. What are you doing here?” Brad asks.

My brain freezes for a second before I say, “I thought you had baseball practice at 3 today?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you practice got canceled, sorry. Me and the guys are gonna get some pizza and have a couple beers so I’m going to be heading out in a couple minutes and won’t be back until late. Why are you here if you knew I wasn’t going to be here?” He questions.

I answer, “Umm I don’t know if you heard or not but Ashley and I haven’t been getting along very well lately.”

“Now that you mention it, I did overhear something about her not being too fond of my new girlfriend, which is a shame because I am pretty fond of her.” Brad says with a grin on his face. As cheesy as it was I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“Yeah… Well I’m here to try to fix that.” As if on cue Ashley walks out of her room and leans against the door frame. My body freezes when my eyes meet hers. There is a glint of evil in her eyes and she looks like she is going to devour me.

Brad looks back and forth between me and her and says, “Well I gotta go, you girls play nice, ok?” Brad gets up, gives me a quick kiss on the lips, opens the door, and leaves. I hear him walk down the stairs and his car start up. I look back at Ashley trying to hide any fear and anxiety that might be showing on my face.

“I hate seeing him kiss you Mia.” Ashley says to me. I don’t know how to respond. I just keep looking at her, mesmerized by her beauty. I look her up and down.

Ashley is on the taller side for a girl, she is 5’7″, but still shorter than my 5’9″ frame. She has naturally straight dark brown shoulder length hair that almost appears black, which makes her icy blue eyes pop. She keeps herself in shape but is more on the slender side than muscular side. Even canlı bahis though she is small she was blessed with a 34 D chest, and don’t let that skinny body fool you she can be very strong. She has some of the most perfect skin I’ve ever seen, pale, porcelain, and always blemish free.

I am only a little taller than Ashley but I have more muscle than her. I’ve played sports all my life, and pride myself in having nice muscle definition but still maintaining a curvy feminine body. I am biracial, Latina and Caucasian, and have my mother to thank for the caramel color tan I have year round. Well in the summer my skin becomes more of a coco brown. My eyes are honey brown with sunbursts of green around the pupil. My hair is a lighter brown than Ashley’s, has a natural wave to it, and hangs down to my mid-back. Ashley has an impressive rack but my 34 C bra size ain’t too shabby either.

Ashley walks towards me while I am still frozen in place. “This whole me hating you thing seems to be working to my advantage.” She says, as she closes the distance between us and starts backing me up against the wall. I feel my back come into contact with the cold white wall. Her lips brush against mine. I suppress a moan because I don’t want her to know how bad I want this. Ashley’s lips leave mine, but before I can protest her lips attach to my neck. For once I’m glad I didn’t have time to do my hair this morning and opted to put it up in a simple ponytail leaving my neck exposed to her lips and tongue. She trails her tongue up and down the side of my neck. She pulls away and lightly blows on my neck. This time the moan escapes from my mouth.

“Sounds like you missed me.” Ashley says jokingly. I answer her by fervently kissing her on the lips, my tongue snaking into her mouth. I bite and tug her bottom lip. She smiles and grabs my hand, “why don’t we go into my room before I eat you right here in the hallway?” I simply nod my head.

Ashley takes the lead, like she did the first time we hooked up, and walks me to her room. “Shirt off, pants off”, she commands. I don’t object. I pull my purple v-neck shirt over my head and drop it to the floor. I kick off my converse shoes and yank my grey skinny jeans off. I feel exposed and vulnerable standing in front of her in my matching black bra and thong. Ashley senses my discomfort. “Did you dress up just for me?” she asks, that evil glint returning to her eyes. I smirk at her.

“Maybe, do you like it?” I ask.

“Oh I like.” she replies will she unzips her floral dress and lets it fall to the floor. I gasp.

“You went through all your classes today wearing nothing underneath your dress?!” She winks at me and gives me an award winning smile. “You naughty girl, get over here.” I say, as my discomfort is replaced with desire. She takes a couple steps toward me then lightly pushes me onto her bed. She climbs on top of me and straddles my hips. She gives me a soft long kiss on the lips then moves her mouth to my neck. She bites and sucks my neck while her fingers dance along my stomach.

“I love your hot tight bahis siteleri body.” she whispers into my neck. I raise my hips a little wanting those fingers to wander lower. She knows exactly what I want but from my previous experience with Ashley I’ve learned she loves to tease.

“Sit up” she says. She unhooks my bra, slips it down my arms, and tosses it on the ground. “You won’t be needing this anymore.” I close my eyes and lay back down onto the bed waiting for her touch, but nothing happens. I open my eyes and see her staring at my chest.

“God Mia I love your tits! They are perfect.”

“You’re one to talk” I jokingly say but my laughter is quickly cut off when she runs her thumbs over my nipples. I inhale sharply.

“Oh you like that do you?” she asks. I nod as she runs her thumbs over my now hard nipples for a second, third, and fourth time. My hips start to buck; I need more than these teasing grazes. As if she read my mind, she positions her mouth over my right nipple and starts to suck it. Her left hand pinches and tugs my other nipple. She gently bites the nipple that’s in her mouth and my moans of pleasure just get more intense. She gives one last bite, slightly harder than all the previous ones, and moves her mouth to my other nipple. She swirls her tongue around and around the hard sensitive mound and gives it a couple flicks.

“Ashley please… I need more. I need you to touch me.” I beg her.

She lifts her mouth from my chest and smiles at me. “I don’t know Mia, I’m not sure if you are ready.” She slowly trails her fingers across my stomach to the edge of my thong. I’m worried she is going to stop and make my beg more, but to my delight her fingers keep going. She runs her hand up and down my panty covered pussy. “Fuck girl maybe you are ready, you’re soaked.” she says very pleased with herself. She grabs the sides of my thong and I lift my butt so she can slide it off. She puts my thong up to her face and inhales deeply. My pussy throbs; I don’t know why I find that so erotic.

“Mmm you smell so good, I can’t wait to taste you.” she says with a teasing tone to her voice. She parts my legs and settles in between them. I look at her waiting for her to make her move. Ashley kisses my thigh up until my knee then licks her way back down, but jumps over my pussy and does the same thing to my other leg. She licks and kisses my hips then down to right above my clit. I can’t take her constant teasing anymore so I grab the back of her head, wrap my hand in her hair, and push her face into my aching pussy.

She pulls back, “Is someone a little horny and impatient today?”

“I need your mouth on my clit now.” I plead looking into her striking blue eyes. Thankfully she gives in. She runs her tongue from the very bottom of my pussy, up my lips, and over my clit. I let out a long moan so happy to finally have my clit getting some attention. She keeps her tongue soft and flat and runs it along my clit. Every stroke increases with speed after each passing over my clit. Without warning she takes my clit and sucks it into bahis şirketleri our mouth.

“Oh god!” I exclaim. I can feel the pressure building in my abdomen. I’m barely able to get out the words “please don’t stop” through all my moaning. I feel Ashley’s index finger at the opening of my pussy. She wiggles the tip in and out of my opening, while continuing to suck on my clit. I slide down the bed a little and raise my hips signaling that I want her finger inside of me. Ashley is good at reading my body signals and plunges her index and middle finger into me.

“FUCK!” I scream. Her fingers go to work on my g-spot and her tongue flicks my clit. The combination of her fucking me and the skill of her tongue sends me over the edge. I grab her head as my orgasm starts to hit. She sucks my clit again as wave after wave hits me. My juice coats her fingers and I push her head away from my sensitive clit. She keeps her fingers inside of me, unmoving, and gives my pussy a light kiss. After a few seconds she withdraws her fingers and sucks my cum off of them.

“I love the way you taste Mia.” she says after cleaning off her fingers.

“You look so hot with my pussy juice all over your face.” I tell her, while I kiss and lick around her mouth, tasting myself on her. We lock lips and our tongues wrestle against one another. She sucks the tip of my tongue and then pulls me farther down the bed so my head is laying flat. I know where this is headed and I can’t hide the smile on my face.

“Why so smiley, missy?” she asks.

“I want to taste you. Sit on my face.” I tell her.

She smiles, “gladly”.

She straddles my face and slowly lowers her pussy to my mouth. I tease her clit with the tip of my tongue. She lets out a small moan and presses her pussy harder onto my mouth. I slide my tongue along her lips before sticking it into her pussy. She gently bounces up and down while I fuck her with my tongue. I moan loving how good she tastes. That drives her crazy.

“Stick out your tongue, I want to grind your face baby.” she says with desperation in her voice. I stick my tongue out, and Ashley pulls her hood back so her clit is completely exposed and lowers herself onto my tongue. She grinds back and forth nice and slow.

“Your tongue feels so amazing.” she tells me. I smile as her pace starts to quicken. I reach my hands up and grab her perfect boobs. I pinch her nipples and she starts grinding against my tongue faster. I feel her legs start to shake so I tug and twist her nipples. Her whole body tenses up and she is going lightening speed against my tongue.

“Look at me. I want you to watch me as I cum.” she commands me. My hazel eyes stare into her ice blue eyes. She tries to keep her eyes open but loses the battle. She convulses and grinds against my tongue a few last times before sliding off my face and collapsing onto my chest.

“That was so good.” she says as she places a kiss on the tip of my nose. I smile and pull her off of me so we are lying side by side. I gently nudge her onto her side and I wrap my body around hers. I love the warmth of her body against my skin.

“I guess we are going to have to tell Brad we made up so that you can keep coming over.” I can hear the smile in her voice. I laugh and nuzzle my face into her neck.

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