Another Week Away from Home

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It had been an intense four weeks, all work and no play. I had overseen the installation of The CPU22 in six of our newest customer’s largest branches. It was Friday night and I needed a break. I tried called my wife but she wasn’t home; no telling where she was. It had been a month since I’d had sex and it was wearing on me. “It’ll be up in twenty-five minutes,” the room service operator said. Just enough time to take a shower.

My neck ached from slumping over the keyboard all day and the jets of hot water felt good on my shoulders. Stretching my neck and letting the water massage it my eyes, following the suds down my chest, watched them sluice through my pubic hair and sag down the length of my flaccid and wrinkled penis and dripped from the tip of its head to the shower floor. A far cry from what it can be, I thought as I pushed on the liquid dispenser and squirted a pool of silky white soap into the palm my hand. It looked exactly like the creamy pools I had so often caught when I jerked off. Smoothing the slippery emollient down the length of my arcing cock caused tingles from my balls to my asshole. My fingers closed on my scrotum and tested each testicle then worked the soap over the wrinkled sac.

Rising with the flow of blood, my cock became significant, ironing the wrinkles into smooth, tight skin. I fisted the pulsing shaft, sliding the soap over its length, squeezing gently, simulating the spongy walls of my wife’s pussy. Closing my eyes I imagined it slipping in and out of the luscious pocket. Soon, my knees began to weaken and I clamped the cheeks of my ass as my balls convulsed and rose in my scrotum. My knees nearly buckled but I kept stroking until I felt my energy draining with the long stream that coursed from my balls, through my shaft and gathered into a pool in my hand. Bracing myself against the shower wall, I eyed the white puddle. It looked so much like the pool of soap. Bringing my hand to my mouth I dipped the tip of my tongue in my seed, tasting it’s salty musk, imagining that I was licking it out of my wife’s puffy, red cunt.

I put on a white dress shirt and pulled my tight Levis over my naked ass, fantasizing that I would go out tonight and make eye contact with a beautiful woman, one who would be interested in the pronounced bulge in my crotch. I laughed and thought I was crazy to think that way but, as each day went by with no carnal knowledge; my time each night in the shower had become more desperate.

Earlier I had driven past a trendy bar that looked like it might be a place that women might go dancing…or looking. But it was Friday night and most eligible single women had probably either staked out their weekend prize or just decided to spend the weekend with Bob. My mind was in a high state of fantasy and I resolved to seek a better possibility than my five fingered friend.

It was a cozy bar. There were a lot of people there but the all of the women were coupled with men. I sat down at the bar and asked the bartender for a Samuel Adams. The music was good and I enjoyed the smuddling conversation, punctuated with laughter. Sounds of women’s laughter aroused me and I felt my tender head roll against my leg then my shaft pushing against the rough denim of my Levis.

As I raised the half empty bottle to my lips I looked into the mirror and saw them come through the door. They were both casually dressed. The younger woman with long blonde hair, Barbie style, was about the same height as my wife, 5’4″. She looked like an angel. Here companion was an older woman, maybe and inch or so shorter. Her hair, light ash blonde, was shorter, done in a flip, kinda like Dorothy Hammill, the Olympic ice skating champion of the seventies. Both women were beauty queens; both wore jeans and western shirts, both wearing cowboy boots.

The younger one’s breasts were nicely formed, filling her shirt. I could see the points of her nipples pressing through the soft fabric of her bra. My eyes traveled her body and took in the seam of her jeans which formed over the contours of her lips. My erection grew, pressing harder against the coarse fabric of my jeans. She turned to the woman next to her—maybe her older sister… or mom—and showed me her tight, shapely butt and her elegant hour glass of her figure.

I ordered another beer. Nibbling and toying with the complimentary goldfish, I thought of the project I was working on; I thought of home. I thought about how good it was to masturbate in the shower. But mostly, I thought about the girl and her sister, or was it her mother? I was looking absently into the mirror and became aware that the two women were looking at me. The older one kept saying things to the younger and the younger woman nodded her head. She didn’t smile; she seemed to be concentrating. Her eyes seemed like they were in a trance. She was staring at me in the mirror, alright. I returned her gaze and noticed that her nostrils, like an eager Philly’s, were flaring.

The older woman put her arm casino oyna around the back of the younger one. She seemed to be massaging her gently with her open hand. All of a sudden it seemed that the young girl bit her lip and her nostrils flared widely. Her face seemed to flush and just then her sister, or was it her mother, patted her on the back and said something to her. The words she mouthed appeared to be, “Was it good baby?”

I’ve had heard of women who could squeeze their pussy lips together and compress their clits against the seams of their jeans to cause an orgasm, and I wondered if she had done that. She was looking right at me when she did. As I walked toward them I saw the older one smile at the young woman who seemed to say, “Mom!” as if the mother had said something suggestive.

“Evenin ladies,” I said.

“Hello” the older one said.

“You two look like you could be related.” I said.

“Kind of,” the younger one replied and winked. They both giggled.

I looked at the younger woman and asked, “Is this young lady your sister?”

“Oh you charmer,” said the woman.

The young woman said, “Yes,” then smiled and blushed.

“My name is Marc. I am in town until Tuesday…just came out to see if I could socialize a bit.”

“My name’s Dotty,” the older one said, extending her hand and shaking mine. “And this is my daughter Silk.”

“Dotty, Silk, I’m pleased to meet you,” I said. “Is this, ladies night out?”

Silk shook my hand. “Nice to meet you Marc.” Her hand was soft and warm.

I noticed how soft her hair loooked and said, “Your name fits you, Silk. Are you two doing the town tonight?”

Silk blushed. “Well, actually, we’re just out for some air… to see if anything’s going on in town.”

“Grover, Silk’s husband and her daddy, my hubby, are away on a fishing trip for the weekend. So we just thought we’d see if we could find a little excitement in town.” Dotty smiled at me and winked. “And, right off the bat, look what we found.” She flashed a smile to Silk, who grinned, her cheeks turning a little pink.

“So what do you do for fun when you’re all alone?” I asked Dotty, the woman in charge.

“Well, that depends on the mood we’re in,” Dotty said. “Our men have just upped and left us, so, we’re in a kind of naughty mood, he-he-he.” She winked at me, pouted her lips then rolled her eyes at Silk. “Right honey?”

Silk shrugged her shoulders and with a bashful smile replied, “Right Mama.” She looked me in the eye then let hers drop to my bulging crotch. Without looking up at her mother she said, ” Should we ask Marc here out to the house Mama?” felt the need to cover the bulge in my pants with my hands but didn’t.

“That’s alright with me, baby,” Her mother said, her eyes joining Silk’s. “That’s up to Marc now, but the way he’s showing off his peepee (she giggled) I would say its alright with him too. Am I wrong Marc?”

“Er…yes,” I stammered, unconsciously crossing my hand over my crotch, like a soccer player during a penalty kick, “that would be fine with me Dotty.” My ears burnt red as I realized that my fantasy was coming true. My breath caught in my throat as I thought, not with just one woman… but two.

“I can ride in Marc’s car Mama,” Silk said, her voice betraying excitement,

“and we’ll follow you.”

“I think I’ll ride with Marc,” Dotty emphasized, “and we’ll follow you.” Recognizing Silk’s hurt feelings she added, “That way Marc and I can go over the ground rules.”

“Ground rules?” Silk asked with a bit of a pout then shook her head and chuckled, “Oh, ho—ok Mama.”

Dotty held my hand as we walked out of the bar, just like she was my date. Silk wiggled quickly ahead of us, her spectacular bottom twisting in her tight jeans, then climbed into the black Cadillac Escalade.

Dotty squeezed my hand and said, “My baby’s got a nice little bottom, don’t you think Marc?” She craned her neck and looked behind me. “I like yours too, sweetie, “she said. “Can’t wait to see it out of the package, he-he-he.”

Everything she did made my erection such hard wood that my balls started to throb and I nervously chuckled,” Well Dotty, I guess we’re all in for a treat.”

As I opened the door of the green Taurus rental she said, “Ooh, thanks sweetie now, that’s the mark of a real gentleman, something I’ve almost forgotten about.”

As I closed the door the sexy aroma of her perfume tickled my nostrils, which stretched my cock even tauter. “Nice perfume,” I said.

She slid next to me and cooed, “Give Mama a kiss Marc.” The light in the parking lot sparkled her eyes and she looked like a young girl eagerly parting her lips. They were the softest lips mine had ever felt. My heart raced and the tight skin on the head of my cock felt like it was going to tear. She caressed the back of my head and her pillowy lips kneaded mine. Both energized, we breathed heavily through our noses. Her lips parted and my tongue explored canlı casino her moist cavity, the slick underside of her tongue and the velvet on top. We jerked our faces forward at the harsh sound of the horn. Silk’s Escalade was across the front of my car. Her glare told us it was time to go.

“Better buckle up Dotty,” I said.

“I don’t think so sweetie,” was her coquettish answer as she rolled her eyes at what was to come.

Silk pulled out of the parking lot and we followed, stopped at a light and then continued through town. “How far is your house from here Dotty?”

“Far enough,” she said with a knowing smirk. She put her hand on my thight and teased it up my leg and noticed no variation in the fabric said, “Nothin on below, huh honey?” Through the thick fabric of my Levis her fingers gauged my girth. “That’s quite a package Marc, are you sure you’re man enough for two hungry women?”

I cleared my throat and answered, “I think I can handle it ma’am.” I thought I was but I’d never been in this situation before and hoped I could keep up with their expectations. With a nervous chuckle I asked, “And just how hungry are the two women?”

“Hungry enough, Marc. Hungry enough.” Her fingers worked on my belt buckle, fumbled with the metal button. She worked my zipper down and reached in, her fingertips testing my pubic hair. “Mmmmm,” she purred, “no undies…nice.” Her fingers wrapped around my cock. “Yep, hungry enough…and I see that the meat market’s well stocked.”

Goose bumps pimpled my arms and I had to concentrate hard on the taillights of the Escalade, which wavered over the center line. Was Silk masturbating?

“Oh, baby, you are man after my own heart,” Dotty gasped, my erect cock now firmly in her grasp. “I’ve only dreamt about a pecker this big,” she said. ” You’re much bigger than my hubby. I’m sure lookin’ forward to seeing this big boy fuckin my baby’s pussy. Isn’t she a doll, Marc?”

It was all I could do to keep the car on the road. The black Escalade turned left into a narrow road then the stop lights glared and signaled a left turn into a driveway. The house, a large one story brick ranch, sat back from the road about 100 feet. I stopped the car in front of the garage, the Escalade having been pulled inside.

Dotty leaned over and kissed the head of my cock. “Mmmmm” she said, you taste sweet.” She patted it and put it back inside my pants. “This is going to be a wonderful night sweetie.”

Getting out of the car it was like a surreal dream: the moon was full, the crickets chirping and the stars were brilliant against the black sky. Walking around to Dotty’s side of the car I opened the door. The tight head of my cock rubbed the coarse fabric, making it feel abraded and sensitive.

“Thank you sir,” Dotty said, “I could get used to this gentlemanly stuff… come closer and give Mama your hand.”

I willingly complied, my chest heaving slightly from the unexpected excitement. I reached out my hand and she grabbed it and pulled me in closer.

“I’ve been thinkin Marc, your shiny head felt real good on my lips and I got awfully wet down there. Whaddya say about giving me a test ride on that beautiful pole of yours.” She smiled and giggled. My zipper was still down and she reached in again, wrestling with my bulk to get it out of my pants. “Oh baby,” she said, “you’re much bigger than my Guilford, and I want this thing inside me…now.”

I reached down and undid the large western buckle on Dotty’s jeans, fumbled with the button and zipped her down then rolled her jeans down her legs, all the way to the top of her cowboy boots, then peeled down her black lace panties and tested her pussy with my finger. “You weren’t kidding about being wet Dotty,” I said.

“Nope Marc, and, my pussy’s made for fuckin, so stop talkin and get on with it baby.” She flexed her knees to provide me access to her cunt. I took her legs, tied at the ankles by her jeans, and turned her to the left, resting her legs in the opening of the car door. Then, with my left hand I spread her cheeks and heard the a tiny wet click of her pussy lips opening. Holding my cock, I wiggled it into her wet groove, found the hole and pushed. She pushed back and I was inside.

“Whoohoo, you’re doing good so far Marc. But, don’t be timid hun. Slam that hard meat inside me sweetie.” I pushed hard and my throbbing cock slid deep inside Dotty’s hot, spongy cunt. “Oh yesss, baby! Fuck me…fuck me hard!” I pistoned my fat cock in and out of her pussy, amazed at how wet Dotty had become. “Don’t worry baby she hissed between clenched teeth, cum inside my pussy. Can you do it now”? I slammed faster and harder, grunting and moaning, then let out a yelp and slammed her one more time. “Oh yessss baby…fill me up. I want your cum.” My knees gave out and I fell on top of her. “Whoa baby!” she said, “That was a good one, for a quickee, huh?”

My cock slipped out of Dotty’s glove like a bendy snake, followed by gout of cum which kaçak casino stretched into a thin string. Quickly, she cupped her hand and let it coil into a pool then rubbed the emollient on her pussy, through her bush and on her stomach. “Mmmm sweetie” she said “this is precious stuff…don’t wanna waste any of it.”

We pulled up our jeans and adjusted ourselves, not bothering to tuck in our shirts. Dotty took me by the hand and led me toward the house and said, “Better not keep Silk waiting too long, sweetie. She’s a horny little devil,” and coughed out an impish giggle.

We walked through the garage, through entryway then into the kitchen. Silk hadn’t wasted any time while we were frolicking in the car. She was standing with a beer in her hand and I couldn’t believe the image: a beautiful blonde woman with long hair and a perfect hour glass figure, in a black teddy, her perfectly formed, long legs enhanced by black lace thigh highs, her feet in 4″ black stiletto heels.

“Isn’t my baby a dream Marc?” Dotty said and winked that Texas wink that all Texans seemed to do.

I was speechless. Maybe I whimpered but I can’t remember.

Dotty raised her open hand, the residue of my semen glistening in her palm, as if to say, look what your momma’s got for you. Silk moved to her mother, took hold of her wrist and licked through the white cream then squeegied it with her lips and sighed. “You taste good Marc.” She licked between her mother’s fingers, “not strong and salty like Grover, or all garlicky like Daddy.”

“Well, you two, I’ll leave you alone to get better acquainted,” Dotty said, “I wanta get out of these stiff jeans and make myself more presentable for the party.” As she left the room I thought, for an older woman she’s one hot looking lady.

Silk was the vision of pure sex, her long legs, beautiful in her lace thigh highs, her milky flesh contrasting with her black hose and teddy. She put her fingertips to her nose and wafted the scent of my semen that she’d taken from Dotty’s hand. Her nostrils flared gently as her eyes captured mine. Deliberately, she raised the long necked green beer bottle to her lips and sucked all the way into her mouth, then pulled it out with a pop, her lips pouting like satisfied anus. She chuckled inside her mouth then said, “Mama told me that you’re bigger than our men Marc.”

My eyes traveled her body, following the contours of her sinuous hips, the contour of her ample breasts, her voluptuously cloven lips which formed in the crotch of her teddy. Long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders, Barbie Doll fashion, typical to young Texas women. Her free hand moved down her stomach, and caressing her mound, then the pronounced contours of her large, puffy lips.

I took the beer bottle from her hand and set it on the counter. As I wrapped her in my arms, kissing her passionately, Silk pushed her abdomen hard against me. Her lips were incredibly soft. She was delicious. I wondered if Dotty had any influence on her daughter’s kissing, it felt so much the same. Moaning and undulating her hips against me she gently sucked my tongue. The taste of her mouth was delicious, her primal femininity thrilling.

Silk’s hands slid down my back and lifted my shirt, still undone from my session in the car with Dotty. She pushed her fingers against my bare stomach and penetrated the waistband of my Levis, all the way to my buns, toying with them, spreading them, scratching the bottoms. My throbbing cock pushed against the stiff fabric of my jeans. It was crying to get out, weeping it’s clear seep that I could feel dibbling on my leg. I fumbled with the metal button and zipped down, freeing Silk’s wrists, enabling her to caress my butt cheeks, my hips, was holding my pulsing cock.

Her fingers wrapped my erection and she said with a sultry, wavering voice, “I just luvvv cock.” Her fingers tested the warm, soft leather of my scrotum then regripped my staff, moving the loose outer skin up and down. “And your cock, Marc, is so big.” She whispered then emphasized, “So fucking big.”

Her knees flexed, moving her up and down like a little girl on carousel horse. She licked down my hairy chest, and sucked my left nipple between her lips then nipped it dangerously with her teeth. Dropping to her knees her eyes centered on the slit of my head, breathing tiny oohs. “Mama was right Marc.” She murmured, “your cock’s much bigger than either Grover’s and Daddy’s—lots prettier too.”

Having never been compared in that way I asked, “Why do you think it is prettier Silk?”

She held it in her hand like a prize bratwurst, the fingers of her other hand caressing my scrotum. Her gorgeous blue eyes looked up into mine then back at my cock, studying it. “Well… your head is a nice purplish color—reminds me of a turkey’s gizzard… and it has a pretty helmet shape. Daddy’s is just a fat knob. Grover’s long, loose foreskin makes it look like a fat ole worm. And… both of theirs are shorter and skinnier.” She studied me in her open hand. “And… the top has nice ridges…a pretty blue vein that runs down the middle.” Wrapping her fingers around me she stroked slowly, faster, then slowly again. “Am I doing a good hand-job Marc?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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