Anal with The Ex

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Lou and I were divorced ten years ago and neither of us had remarried. She called one day to tell me that her job was transferring her to Seattle and there were a few of my things that she found while she was clearing out the attic of the house we had shared to get it ready for sale. She had them boxed up and asked me to come and pick them up.

I arrived about six on Saturday evening. She was busy in the kitchen packing dishes. It had been a couple of years since I’d seen her. She was dressed in a little peasant dress that made her look younger than her 46 years and at 46 she still looked delicious.

She asked, “hey as long as your here, can you hand me things from the top cupboard shelves for me to pack? It so much easier for you than me. You know I hate stepladders.”

Louanne is 5′ 2″, vertically challenged she liked to say. Short, but a body packed with dynamite.

I didn’t mind helping for a bit. The dress she was wearing showed plenty of cleavage. Lou has an incredible pair of tits. I thought this might well be the last time I’d ever see them.

We worked along for about a half hour, when I came across a dusty bottle of wine. “Hey,” I said, time for a break. Let’s open this bottle of wine so you don’t have to move it.”

She agreed and we adjourned to the living room and sat on the couch with the bottle and two coffee mugs. She already packed the wine glasses. We talked about her new job. It was a promotion in addition to a transfer. She’d be making a lot more money and she was excited about starting a new life in a new and vibrant city. By the end of our second glass of wine neither of us was inclined to get back to work. She got up to go the bathroom. After a few minutes she called me in.

“Before you go could you reach into the back of this linen closet and haul the stuff out. My arms aren’t long enough.” I did as she asked and handed her the stuff. She put it down and turned toward the sink. I came up behind her and put my arms around her waist. “Hey,” she said. What are you doing?”

I moved my hands up to cup her breasts. “What you really called me over here for. That’s what I’m doing.” I found her nipples with my thumbs and began rubbing them through the thin material of her dress as kneaded her tits.

“What makes you think I called you for anything besides picking up your shit?”

“Why aren’t dressed in baggy sweat pants and a t-shirt? Why are you wearing this skimpy dress that shows so much of these beautiful breasts and why are you wearing jewelry that I bought you while we were married?” You know, you didn’t have to call me at all. You could have just thrown my junk out. I hadn’t missed it in ten years.”

“Hmm. Good points. What are you planning to do about it?”

I detected a quick intake of breath as applied a light pinch to each nipple, making them stand up under the material of the dress and bra. “I’m starting with these marvelous tits. Once I get you started I’ll move on to other things., but this is where I like to start and, as I recall, it’s where you like me to start”

Lou leaned back canlı bahis against me, trapping my rapidly hardening cock against her still firm ass. I rubbed my crotch against her. “That ass is still nice and tight,” I said. “You’ve hardly aged a bit, just as hot as ever.” I moved my hands up to the top of her dress, going underneath the garment from the top. I caressed her bare flesh. She drew a deep breath through her clenched teeth as I slid under the light bra and touched bare nipples with my finger tips. I think there was extra excitement in the fact that we were standing in front of the vanity mirror watching ourselves and making eye contact.

“You still know how to make them hard.” She pulled down on the sleeves and wriggled out of the top of the dress. I undid the clasps of the bra and pulled the straps off her shoulders, exposing the nipples to my gaze in the mirror. I circled them with my finger tips, lightly grazing the skin, teasing her. She sighed and watched my hands in the mirror for a few minutes. Then she put her hands on top of mine and moved them back onto the swollen nipples. “More,” she said.

I kneaded the flesh and tickle-teased the nipples in the way I remembered her liking it in the old days. She watched in the mirror, unable to take her eyes from our foreplay. I took one hand away momentarily and stepped back to undo my fly. I had a full hard-on. I freed my cock from my boxers and guided her hand onto the shaft. “You still know how to make this hard too.”

Lou turned her head back to me. I pressed my lips to hers. Her tongue slipped into my mouth. I opened wider to allow her tongue freedom to roam. When it disappeared, I followed it into her mouth with mine. She grabbed it between her teeth and bit down gently, then she caught it between her lips and sucked it hard, a preview of things to come. I felt her hand tighten on cock. We kept it up for what seemed forever. She finally broke the kiss and said, “let’s move this into the bedroom.”

I let her lead me by the cock into the bedroom across the hall. We kissed again and I pushed on her shoulders to sit her on the edge of the bed. I knelt down in front of her and removed her shoes. I stood and removed my shoes socks and pants. She started to stand to remove the rest of her clothes but I pushed her back down and said, “leave your dress on. It’s sexy to see it bunched at your waist. I worked her tits with my hands again, took a step closer, moving the tip of my cock nearer her lips. She kissed it. “You want me to suck it, don’t you?”

“You’re dying to suck it. I know you are.” She said nothing but stuck out her tongue and gave the tip a tentative lick. Then she gave it a lingering kiss. “Open,” I told her. As she opened her mouth I pushed the head of my dick between her lips. “Suck it,” I said. “Just the head. Give it a nice hard suck.” She did that for a moment and when her lips relaxed, I pushed further into her. “I’m going to fuck your mouth.”

She sat still on the edge of the bed, allowing me to hold her head while I slowly pistoned my cock in and out of her mouth. She gagged bahis siteleri slightly when I went too far. “Wrap your hand around the shaft so I don’t hurt you,” I coached her. When she did, I began thrusting more forcefully, getting a good rhythm going. “Look up at me, baby. I want to see your eyes begging me to cum in your mouth.” It took only a few more strokes and I began pouring cum so hard that she couldn’t swallow it all. Much of it leaked from her mouth and dripped onto her perfect tits. When I finally finished, I rubbed my cock across her tits, picking up the semen that dripped out from between her lips. I returned to her mouth so she could lick and suck it off to swallow it.

I knelt back down before her, picked up her legs and slid her panties off over her her legs. They were wet with desire. I pulled Lou’s body toward me and draped her knees over my shoulders, diving into her pussy with my lips and tongue. I felt her shudder as my tongue entered her hot canal and I pressed my upper lip firmly against her clit. I fucked her with my tongue urgently for several minutes, barely coming up for air. When I did, I told her, “you’re pussy is so beautiful. I smells and tastes so good.” I returned to eating her pussy, turning the attention of my tongue to her clit, working up and down her pussy lips, driving her into a frenzy and finally over the edge of an orgasmic cliff. She screamed, shuddered, bucked her hips into me and grabbed my head, pulling my mouth into her. I felt her stiffen and she made thee hard thrusts into my face, lifting her ass entirely off the bed. With a final moan she collapsed back onto the bed.

My cock, after it’s foray into Lou’s mouth, had gone limp, but the taste of her pussy and the sounds of her orgasm had brought it back to full hardness. I stood and lifted Lou’s legs onto the bed, turning her hips so she was laying on her back. I got onto the bed and spread her legs apart. My cock slid into her sopping pussy to the hilt. I held it deep insider her, as we kissed again. “You like this cock inside you.” It was a statement, not a question.

Lou put her hands on my ass, pulling me in as deeply as she could. “It’s so hard. So hard and so deep within me. Lie still like this with me for awhile, then fuck me the way you used to.” She put one of her hands on the back of my neck and drew me down to kiss her. It was a slower, less desperate kiss.

As we lay there, I felt my cock begin to shrink. I gave her cunt a few short strokes to encourage my erection, but I was flagging. I pulled out and pulled on her hips to roll her over. She cooperated, knowing I wanted to change positions. I lifted her hips and slid a pillow under her mid-section to make her comfortable, then knelt behind her and slid deep into her pussy. “Oo,” she cooed. That feels so good.” I stroked into her slowly a few times, feeling my cock rise the occasion. I pushed my way fully into Lou and held still while I hunched over her and reached around to cup and fondle her magnificent tits. She sighed and began panting softly. I straightened upright, took hold of her hips and stroked bahis şirketleri in and out of her pussy. I felt her muscles grip down on my cock. When she did that I noticed how the brown rosebud of her ass winked it me. I wet my thumb with saliva and pressed it lightly against her butt hole and caressed it in circles.

“What are you doing?”

“Do you like that? Does it feel good?”

“I don’t know. It feels kind of funny.”

“How about this?” I returned to my mouth to coat my thumb with a heavy coat of spit. I went back to her ass and slid my thumb into the knuckle.”

Lou jumped a little but didn’t pull away. I ran my thumb in a slow circle inside her. She gave me an “Ugh,” then another a little louder.” Slowly I pushed my thumb into her ass as far as it would go. “Lou gave out a “Hmmph.” but held her ground. I began stroking her pussy with my cock again, slowly in and slowly out. She was steadily growing more excited. On an out stroke I pulled back too far and my cock came completely out of her. “Put it back in me, pleeeeease!” Lou begged me. I pulled my thumb out of her to use my hand to guide my cock back into her. I moved the head up and down her pussy lips, teasing her and coating my cock with her juices. I was about to give her wish but at the last instant I put the tip of my dick at her rear entrance and pushed the head into her ass.

“Ooooh, umph,” came Lou’s response. “My god, what do you think your doing?”

Before she had time to react, I pushed forward past her clasping sphincter and slid deep into her bowels. It all happened so quickly. I had my ex-wife impaled on my rigid cock, which by now was so hard I could feel it begin to ache.

My cock was buried deep in my ex-wife’s ass. It was totally on impulse, something that was unthinkable during our 12 year marriage. She was moaning and sobbing. “It hurts, it hurts. Take it out. Take it out!”

I gently stroked the sensitive skin of her back. “Hold still,” I cooed to her. If you can relax it won’t hurt so much. You’ll soon to used to it.” I continued caressing her. The iron grip of her sphincter on my cock seemed to relax slightly as she calmed. I pulled out an inch or so and pushed back in. I did it again and soon I was rocking in and out of her, afraid to make the strokes too long in her never before fucked ass. A tear or two welled up in her hazel eyes. I was so crazed by this time it wouldn’t have done any good for her to scream. I fired one, two, three spurts of hot cum deep into the well of her insides. When I finished, I slipped out of her, feeling spent and collapsed onto my back.

I could hear my ex sobbing softly. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought she might even attack me. She didn’t. Instead she turned away and after a few minutes, without looking up, she simply told me to get out.

Within a few days, Lou was gone off to Seattle and her new job. I was in such a hurry to get out the house that I completely forgot about the box that had been her original excuse for calling me. I fully expected I’d never hear from her again. Six months later my phone rang. It was Lou on the other end. She started chatting as if nothing had happened, then out of the blue she said, “how about the next time you take a few days off you come to Seattle. I still have that box of your stuff.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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