Amy’s Christmas Guest Ch. 15

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We came down to breakfast in the morning, hand in hand. The girls were already in the kitchen, still in their nightwear, and as we sat down at the table Amy said, “Good morning, you two. I hope you got some sleep at least; we could tell you were enjoying yourselves.”

“And how would you know that?” I asked, grinning, certain of what their answer would be.

“We were still clearing up in the dining room,” replied Laura, “and we, er, heard you.” She smiled shyly at Sarah.

“I definitely don’t have any complaints,” acknowledged Sarah with a grin. “Now, have you left us anything for breakfast?”

Amy got up and went to the stove. “Bacon in here,” she said, uncovering a pan, “and eggs – here.” She quickly cracked four eggs and started them frying.

“You don’t plan on us going hungry,” smiled Sarah.

“Got to keep your strength up,” winked Amy.

We sat and chatted, making short work of bacon, eggs, toast, coffee.

“What would you all like to do today?” I asked.

“There’s something I’d like us to do after breakfast,” Sarah replied.

“Upstairs, or downstairs?” Amy teased.

“Hmm, that’s mostly up to you,” said Sarah, smiling. “Remember I said I’d brought you a few things – I’d really like to give them to you today. Then you can all try them on.”

“Great,” I said. “No need for us to get dressed, if we’re going to be trying on Sarah’s presents. Let’s go in the living room, and Sarah can play Santa Claus.”

Sarah disappeared upstairs to the guest room to fetch her surprises. The girls and I went through to the living room, and Amy and Laura sat side by side on one of the sofas while I took my usual armchair.

Sarah came back with several brightly-coloured bags. “This one’s for you, Tim. Amy, here’s yours. And Laura, yours.”

“What about you?” I asked.

She produced another bag. “But you’ve already seen me in this outfit, so no surprises there.”

“So why don’t you go first,” I said.

She pulled the garments out of the bag, then reached down and gracefully lifted her nightdress over her head, draping it over the back of a chair.

I could see that Amy and Laura’s eyes were drawn to Sarah’s body, and Sarah remained still for a moment, letting them look at her.

“Thanks, Sarah,” said Amy finally. “You look great.”

Sarah smiled, and pulled on her trousers, deftly tying the drawstring in a bow. Then she slipped the tunic over her head, and arranged her long scarf around her neck as they had seen her wear it before.

“I don’t quite have the posture that the Indian girls have,” she said. “I think they learn it from the moment they start to walk. But I do like this outfit.”

“Who’s next?” I asked.

“Why don’t you try yours, Tim?” said Laura.

“Fair enough,” I said. I looked in the bag, finding a pair of trousers much like Sarah’s. Underneath was a flat packet containing something made from brightly coloured fabric. I pulled it out and unfolded the garment, seeing a richly-embroidered silk tunic with gold buttons at the high collar.

“Wow, Sarah, it’s gorgeous!”

“Put them on,” said Sarah.

I undid my dressing gown and slipped it off, laying it beside Sarah’s nightdress. I glanced across; Sarah and the girls were watching me, and I took my time pulling on the trousers, tying the drawstring as I’d seen Sarah do. Then I slipped the embroidered tunic over my head and did up the buttons, straightening the high collar.

“That suits you,” said Amy. “I can imagine you at an Indian wedding, like in those Bollywood films we watched.”

“So that just leaves you two,” said Sarah. “Laura, take a look in your bag.”

Laura first pulled out what seemed to be yards of white linen. “What’s this?” she asked.

“That’s the petticoat,” explained Sarah. Laura glanced over at Amy, then pulled her long t-shirt off over her head and dropped it on the floor. I looked across at her, taking in her petite but perfectly-proportioned figure.

“Should there be underwear with this?” asked Laura.

“Did you see me put any on?” grinned Sarah. “Most Indian women don’t wear anything under the petticoat. Go on, try it.”

Laura stepped into the petticoat, casino siteleri and Sarah moved over to help her arrange the folds. Then Laura reached into her bag again and took out the next item, a short blouse-like garment. She pulled it on over her head, and tugged it down over her breasts. “Isn’t it a little tight?” she said.

“Hmm,” said Sarah. “You’re a bit bigger than I remembered, sorry. But it does look good fitting you that closely.”

“Definitely,” I said. “I like it. Is it time for Amy to dress up?”

“The outfit isn’t finished yet, Tim,” said Sarah, pretending to be severe. She reached into Laura’s bag and pulled out the final garment.

“I’m going to need to help you with this,” she said to Laura. “But you’ll soon get the hang of it.”

Sarah tucked the top edge of one end of the sari into the front of Laura’s petticoat, then took the remaining length of the fabric and pleated it lengthways. She draped the pleated fabric over Laura’s left shoulder from front to back, then pulled the inside of the pleat across Laura’s stomach, tucking it into the top of the petticoat again. She moved round behind Laura and took the end of the pleat across her back, draping its length over Laura’s right shoulder from back to front so that the pattern matched Laura’s left side.

“That’s the Bengali way of wearing a sari,” she said. Laura walked tentatively forward, the garment flowing around her, the hem just brushing the floor.

“Wow, thanks, Sarah,” said Laura, leaning over and kissing her on the cheek.

“You look great,” said Amy. “Is mine like that too?”

“Take a look,” smiled Sarah.

Amy opened her bag, and pulled out brightly-patterned trousers, then what looked like a long tunic, and finally a filmy scarf.

“This is a salwar kameez,” explained Sarah.

Amy glanced at me, and removed her t-shirt. She pulled on the loose-fitting trousers, then slipped the tunic over her head. The garment had a deeply scooped neckline, and Sarah said, “You can wear it like that to show off, or if you want to look a little more modest when you go out, the scarf goes on in loose folds at the front so the ends hang down your back.”

She demonstrated, and Amy smiled, spinning round and twirling the hanging ends of the scarf.

“You all look fantastic,” I said. “Good job I know where the camera is.”

I opened a drawer and pulled out the camera, putting it on the table.

“I can set it on automatic, get a few shots,” I explained, pressing buttons. I walked over to Sarah, and put my arm round her waist. “Come on, girls.”

Amy came to my side, and Laura to Sarah’s, and we posed, waiting for the shutter sound. The camera began to click every few seconds, and the girls shifted between each shot, experimenting with the position of their arms and their stance.

The camera stopped, and I walked over to retrieve it. I glanced at the images on the small screen, and grinned. “These are fantastic,” I said. “I’ll put them on the computer later so you can see them.”

I paused, then added, “Maybe I’ll put them on one of those Indian dating sites, see if we get any offers for you two.”

“Tim, you are bad!” laughed Sarah. Amy and Laura looked more thoughtful than I’d expected.

“Anyway, what shall we do next?” I asked.

“Well,” sighed Amy, “these are gorgeous, but we can’t really wear them all day.”

“Maybe we’ll find an occasion to wear them again sooner than you think,” I said, glancing at Sarah. She gave me a puzzled look.

“Will you help me fold this up, Sarah?” asked Laura.

“Of course,” replied Sarah, and helped Laura unwind the sari and put it carefully back in its bag.

“I think we can manage the rest,” said Amy. “Come on, Laura, let’s go upstairs and change.”

The girls left the room. Sarah looked at me. “What did you mean, an occasion?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” I smiled.

“OK,” she said, realising I wouldn’t be drawn into giving any more away. “Do you want to change too?”

“Think I’d better,” I said. “I could probably do with a shower too.”

“OK, you go and do that,” she said. “I’ll wait for the girls to come back.”

I went upstairs canlı casino and carefully took off my new outfit, hanging the tunic in my wardrobe and folding the trousers carefully before putting them in a drawer. I quickly showered, then dressed, the Western-style clothes feeling strange for a few moments compared to Sarah’s gifts.

I went back down to find the girls now dressed in their usual jeans and t-shirts, chatting to Sarah.

“What does everyone want to do now?” I asked. “We have some time before lunch. What is for lunch, anyway?”

“Always thinking about your stomach,” teased Sarah. “We bought salad stuff, remember?”

“Great,” I said. “We can eat outside.”

“Actually, I fancy a swim,” said Amy, “then sunbathe a bit.”

“Great idea,” said Laura.

“I’ll bring a book and watch you two swim,” I said.

Sarah thought for a moment and said, “I’ll bring the laptop and catch up on some emails.”

“That’s sorted, then,” I said. “Meet you at the pool.”

We gathered at the pool a few minutes later, the girls already in their bikinis, Sarah carrying her laptop, me a book. Sarah and I settled ourselves comfortably in the loungers at the side of the pool, and the girls dived in to the water. Soon they were alternating lengths of the pool with squealing and splashing one another.

I looked across at Sarah. “I can’t imagine anything better than this,” I said.

She glanced up from the screen and smiled. “Same here,” she said.

After the girls had swum for quite a while, they got out of the water and came over.

“Time to get some sun,” said Amy. “Come with us, Tim? We need someone to help us with our sun lotion.”

I chuckled. “It won’t do me any good to point out that you could do each other?”

Amy smiled. “You know that’s not the point. Sarah, do you want to catch some rays?”

“I’ll be along in a while,” Sarah replied. “Got to finish this email.”

The girls and I walked over to the middle of the grassy area outside Laura’s studio, and Amy spread out the blanket she’d brought. Laura handed me the bottle of sun lotion, and said, “You first, Amy.”

Amy knelt down facing away from me and reached behind to untie her bikini top, tossing it to the edge of the blanket. I poured lotion into my hands and let the liquid warm up for a moment, before applying it to Amy’s back and shoulders.

Amy turned her head to look at me and said, “Got to do my front, too.” She turned round, and I replenished the lotion in my hands, then started to gently apply it to the top of her chest.

“Everywhere,” she reminded me. I complied, running my hands down onto her breasts. She gasped as my fingers brushed her nipples.

“You sure sunbathing is all you want to do before lunch?” I teased.

She looked up at me and smiled. “It would be great to go a little further, but Laura and I promised Sarah that we would wait while tonight, then we can all be together.”

“Hmm, delayed gratification,” I grinned. “Well, the three of you is a more compelling prospect than just one or two marshmallows. So I’ll see if I can resist what’s in front of my face – literally.”

I bent down and quickly flicked one nipple with my tongue, tasting the sun lotion.

“No fair,” Amy pretended to protest.

“Anyway, it’s my turn,” reminded Laura, undoing her top. I did for her as I’d done for Amy, again giving just enough attention to her breasts to provide a foretaste of what they had obviously planned for us later in the day.

The girls were lying on their backs, eyes closed, enjoying the warmth of the sun on their bodies, when Sarah walked over from the pool.

“Are you done on both sides yet?” she teased.

“Do you want to join them?” I asked. “I didn’t use all the lotion.”

“After lunch,” she decided.

“Are you hungry yet?” I asked.

“Think I could eat something. What about you, girls?”

“Mm-hmm,” came the reply.

“Great,” I said, “We’ll go and fetch stuff.”

Sarah and I headed for the kitchen, and returned with the salad – lettuce, pickles, cold meat, tomatoes. The girls sat up, tying their tops back on, and we ate with our fingers.

“That was kaçak casino delicious,” said Laura. “Would anybody mind if I did some painting this afternoon, I have an idea for a new picture?”

“No problem,” I said.

“I think I’ll be really boring and sort out my college notes, work out what’s on the reading list for next year,” said Amy.

Laura walked the short distance to her studio, while Amy went back to the house.

“You still up for a laze in the sun?” I asked Sarah.

“Sure,” she smiled. “The girls went topless, I’m sure nobody will mind if I go a little further than that, seeing as I didn’t bring my swimsuit out with me.”

“You won’t hear any complaints from me,” I smiled.

Sarah pulled her tunic off, then loosened the knot of her drawstring and stepped out of the trousers.

“Wouldn’t do any harm for you to get some sun, too,” she hinted.

I grinned. “I don’t need to be asked twice.”

I undressed, then picked up the bottle of sun lotion. “You do me?” I said.

Sarah took the bottle, and gently massaged lotion into my back and shoulders. I turned round, and she did my chest, watching my eyes as her fingers moved over my nipples.

“Now me,” she said. I did her back, then slid my hands lower down to cover her bottom. “After all, don’t want this part to get burnt.”

I moved round in front of her and started on her breasts, brushing her nipples with my palms. She gasped, and said, “I promised the girls not till tonight.”

I slid my hand down her stomach and onto her mound. “I don’t think they’ll mind if I just give you a starter.”

She closed her eyes and arched her chest toward me. I bent to tongue her nipples, and slid my hand lower to her entrance. She was already very wet, and my fingers slipped easily inside her. She moaned as I found her clitoris with my thumb and started to caress it gently.

I moved my other hand round behind her and drew a finger gently down her slippery bottom until I found what I sought. I pressed my fingertip carefully into her other opening, and she gasped.

“I remember you touching me there that first time in India,” she said in a throaty voice. “I liked it then too.”

I moved my finger a little further inside, and increased the pressure on her clitoris simultaneously with suckling the nipple that was between my lips.

“Ohhh,” she said, “I won’t take very long at all at this rate.” Then true to her word, her body tensed and began to shake, and she gave a long moan, not as loud as the previous night but enough to send a thrill through me.

When her shaking subsided, I took her in my arms, feeling the slipperiness of the sun lotion on our bodies.

“Now,” I said tenderly, “let’s not waste all the trouble we went to preparing for the sun.”

She nodded, and lay down on her back. I lay beside her, and twined my fingers in hers as we dozed off in the warm sunshine.

I was woken by the shadow of one of the large trees coming over my eyes as the sun moved round.

“You awake, Sarah?” I asked.

“Mmm-hmm,” came the reply.

“Think we’ve had the best of the sun,” I said. “You ready to go in?”

“OK,” she said. She sat up, and pulled on her tunic. “Don’t really need the trousers just to walk across to the house.”

I pulled on my shirt likewise and we walked back to the house. Amy was just coming down the stairs from her room.

“You two look like castaways on a desert island,” she grinned.

Laura came in from her studio, a smear of paint still in her hair. “There’s an idea,” she said. “I could do a Gauguin of you two.”

“Think we need a shower before we do anything at all,” I said. “That sun lotion is a bit sticky.”

“Meet you in the kitchen, then,” said Amy. “My turn to cook.”

Sarah and I went upstairs and showered – we held off any more intimate touching – then returned downstairs feeling much fresher. Amy was making some kind of bolognese sauce and pasta, and I fetched wine for us. Laura had managed to get the paint off, and we chatted while Amy stirred the pans.

“Might as well just eat at the kitchen table,” said Amy.

“Sure,” I said. She served out the meal, and we dug in.

When we’d finished, I poured more wine and we sat in comfortable silence for a while.

“Anyone ready for bed?” I asked.

Sarah grinned. “Definitely. How about you, girls?”

“Wild horses couldn’t keep us away,” said Amy.

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