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Hello there! Angel here! This is my first story *jumps excitedly* Let me know what you guys think. CREATIVE criticism is always welcomed. Unfortunately, this chapter doesn’t contain graphic content, it’s more of an introduction type but no fear! If you guys like it, I’ll write the next chapter with some smutty goodness;) ANYWAYS! Please enjoys and comment!

Cameron stepped out of his house with grateful ease. He was more than happy to leave his parents bickering to themselves. With a sigh of relief and a backpack full of unmerciful homework, Cameron shoved his hands in the front pocket of his hooded sweatshirt and stepped off the porch. His parents weren’t usually home at the same time, what with his mom’s busy life as a law firm assistant and his dad’s life as a store manager telling lazy people what to do. Cameron had little time to think about his family situation when his breathing suddenly stopped; and it was for a very good reason. Cameron believed the only good thing about still living with his parents was living next door to Leon.

They have known each other for about three years since Cameron and his parents moved into the empty two story house. Cameron thought his luck about ran out when he found out they would go to the same high school. Leon locked the door to his house and turned around, making his way to his car. He spotted Cameron on the sidewalk in a frozen stance.

“What, are you stuck to the ground? It’s not that cold is it, Cam?” Leon chuckled.

Cameron shook his head, his hair falling into his eyes. “Sorry.” He mumbled, “I was just thinking about stuff.” Like how good you look in that tank top and over shirt. Turn around and I can see how the jeans fit…

“Aren’t you going to be cold? It’s going to be sixty five degrees today, might even rain.” Cameron said pushing the hair out of his face and stopping his insane perverted thoughts.

“Nah, I’ll be alright. Besides, I like the rain.” Leon looked towards the sky in a mesmerized gaze.

Liking the smell of rain in the air was one thing they had in common, despite others saying it was a weird thing to like. It was one of the things Cameron secretly kept close to his heart. He knew it was a stupid thing to cherish, but to him it felt like a link between Leon and himself. In too deep with his thoughts, Cameron didn’t see Leon waving a hand in front of him.

“Hmmm?” Cameron asked. “What did you say?”

Leon smiled, “I asked you if you wanted a ride to school weirdo. You seem really out of it today.”

“Ah canlı bahis I’m fine, really. Just had a rough morning.”

“Is everything okay?” Leon tilted his head in concern.

“Yup, don’t worry about it. I call shot gun. Unless you want me drive, I could do that.” Cameron smirked, reaching for the keys in Leon’s hand.

“Sorry shorty, not gonna happen.” Leon moved away laughing, knowing that being called short would get on Cameron’s nerves. Leon slipped into the driver’s seat of the new car he got for his birthday.

Cameron huffed,” Hey, I’m not that short. You’re what, 6’3? I’m only a few inches behind.” Cameron seated himself in the passenger seat of Leon’s Mercedes.

“Since when is 5’7 ‘just a few inches behind’?” Leon once again gave one of his handsome smiles as he turned on the radio.

“Since I said—”. Cameron was unable to finish his sentence as the song he hated most played on the radio. “Why does it seem like everything you do is meant to irritate me.” Cameron glared at Leon as if he controlled the radio stations.

“Why whatever do you mean?” Leon asked as innocently as possible as he drove out of the driveway, trying to keep his face from smirking. He knew why Cameron was glaring and loved that his friend was so easily angered.

“Of course when I get into your stupid car, ‘Baby’ has to play, my number 1 hated song in my life. It’s bad enough that kid stole my hair style.” Cameron turned off the radio and pulled out his iPod from his backpack. He plugged it into the jack and set the songs at random.

“Why blame me when it could be the universe against you.” Leon laughed, causing Cameron to give him another glare.

Cameron stuck his tongue out at Leon and turned his head to stare out the window. They had a comfortable relationship to say the least. They first met when they were fourteen; Leon was never shy of friends while Cameron moved to an entirely new place. When Leon found out there was a person living next to him and going to the same school, he decided they should be good friends. Cameron was swept up in Leon’s pace and who would mind to be friends with someone like Leon?

The brunette stud oozed sex appeal, with his biceps though not rippled was a good size and Cameron was positive Leon was hiding abs underneath his shirt. Leon’s smile melted the hearts of girls everywhere, every time, much to Cameron’s discontent. In contrast, Cameron had a swimmer’s build; he was slim and lanky. He kind of wished he had abs and a bigger body like Leon’s, bahis siteleri but he also liked the differences.

Cameron knew since middle school that he was gay. He was intrigued by fantasy stories he read on the internet between men and never once looked at stories between men and women. No, Cameron wasn’t out to his parents since it was difficult to get them to stay still long enough to have a conversation. However, he surprised himself when he came out to Leon just three days after meeting each other. If he hadn’t tried to pawn that girl that he didn’t like on me, I wouldn’t have said anything…

“We’re here, Cam.”

“Huh? Oh, already?” Cameron’s memories stopped flowing as he moved to get his iPod and exit the car.

“I swear, Cam, something is definitely up with you today.” Leon said as he locked his precious car. “Heeey…Is it possible you’re keeping something from me?” Leon narrowed his eyes at Cameron.

“W-what? Don’t be stupid.” Cameron stammered. Like I would ever show you my feelings. “Aren’t you being nosy Leon?”

“Being nosy is my job. I probably wouldn’t have found out you were gay if I didn’t pry. Now come on, stop changing the subject.”

“What do you mean?” Stop getting close before I do something I regret, Leon, please…

“You’re hiding something from me and I know because you’re acting all weird.”

“Isn’t he always weird?” The smart ass answer came from Max. Apparently, we failed to notice his car pulling into the space next to us and him getting out of the car.

“I mean it’s nothing out of the norm right?” Max smirked. Oh, how he loved to torture me, but at the same time saving me from an uncomfortable situation with Leon.

“I guess so. You would know more about him after all, Max.” Leon said quietly, moving his head down. And that was true. Max and I knew each other since childhood. His parents divorced when we were ten and he moved to live with his dad. I didn’t know where until orientation at the high school and I saw him for the first time in years. I was ecstatic to see a close, old friend again.

Max was the same height as Leon, and maybe a little more muscled but not much. While Leon had this sort of charming and charismatic aura about him, Max screamed bad ass and had this ‘I don’t care’ look which was completed with his slick back hair and a strand of hair by his face. But that wasn’t Max’s personality at all. Sure he could be dangerous if you get on his bad side, but he’s really nice and comfortable to be around.

Leon bahis şirketleri and Max standing next to each is really a sight to behold. They are both popular among the ladies. It’s almost as if they had a silent competition going on between them on who could charm the most girls, but they are both gentlemen at heart.

“Isn’t that mean to say, Maxi?”

Alex broke me out of my thoughts. He stepped out of the passenger’s seat of Max’s car. Alex is definitely a soft spoken type of guy. When I first met him, I thought he was an emo kid for sure. He had straight black hair to his shoulders and piercing blue eyes, all his black clothes would also be another hint. He had a thin body, but I wouldn’t say it was frail, just thin.

Again, looks are deceiving. Alex is really kind-hearted and timid. It took me a long time to get used to how quiet he talked. We met the first day of high school through Max. It seems they met each other when Max first moved out here and they went to middle school together.

“Not if it’s true Alex.” Max grinned.

“It’s not true. Thanks for coming to my rescue Alex, saving me from Max the terrible.”

“Hey, I’m a great person, just not to you.” Max retorted. Cameron glared at Max across from him. Alex was between them, putting his hands up to mediate between the two. Alex was fully aware of the arguments they get into.

“Wow, you guys sure are fun to watch, but being ignored isn’t my strong suit.” Leon said, reminding Cameron that he was still there.

“S-sorry Leon!” Cameron felt bad that he forgot Leon was standing there.

“Haha, it’s alright. I was just messing with you Cam.” Leon’s smile melted Cameron’s heart, yet another victim of the captivating charm.

“I’ll see you later. I’m gonna meet up with some of the guys.” Leon ruffled Cameron’s hair as he walked away. “Bye Max, Alex.” They waved goodbye as he walked into the school. Cameron seemed entranced by the smooth muscles of the broad back working underneath Leon’s shirt.

“You know I could ask the school to buy a fork lift to pick your jaw off the floor.” Max grinned, putting his arm on Cameron’s shoulder.

Cameron came back to his senses and pushed Max’s arm off.

“Oh whatever, Max. Be nice or I’ll tell Alex to attack you. As strong as you are, you would never hurt Alex. He’s too sweet and cute to touch; Alex is like a puppy!”

“Hey! I resent that statement!” Alex chirped. They all laughed and started to walk into the school. Cameron couldn’t ignore that Leon was right; something felt different today. Since the day he met Leon, Cameron struggled with his feelings towards the other teenager. Was today, the beautiful cloudy day that it was, the day Cameron was true to his feelings and Leon?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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