All Mine Ch. 05: My Favorite

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Author’s Note

By popular demand, I’m back. Bear with me, this one might not be exactly what you wanted in terms of content.

I wanted to introduce another character, and advance the narrative. The upcoming chapter will have much more sex, and much less socialization, so stay tuned.

And thanks for being patient, and leaving nice comments. 🙂


Machines whirred as Melinda’s legs pumped, and sweat slowly traveled down her abdomen. She’d never used a stationary cycle at her old gym. To be honest, she was thrilled to leave the place behind. The smells, the glares from other women, the awkward conversations; they were all gone now that she was using Anne’s home gym instead.

The red head was in better shape now. With no threat of social anxiety, she was working to her fullest. She didn’t look dramatically different, but she felt great, and had greater stamina. As she petaled, she felt her runners high peaking as endorphin’s ran through her veins. Her music blared in her ear buds as she plugged away, scoring mile after mile on her immobile “trip.” She stopped for a moment, taking a break and squeezing some water from her water bottle into her mouth. She pulled her red hair back, re-tying it and relaxing her muscles. She switched to a more calming track as she tilted her head back, catching her breath.

She had no idea Anne was behind her, watching with arms folded by the doorway. She was dressed in her casual wear; jeans and a sleeveless T shirt. She’d been watching TV upstairs, having just gotten home from teaching a self defense class at the gym. She trusted Melinda enough to give her a key, allowing her entrance while she was away. It had been a week since their first meeting.

She’d gotten Melinda into her bed every time the red head visited, which was every other day. Several nights of gentle love making. She was confident in her chances today, but she had another plan. She was content to watch for now, as Melinda caught her breath and wiped herself with a towel.

That ass is fantastic. Anne stared at Melinda, her eyes drawn down. The curvy, light skinned woman had a perfect, heart shaped bum. Dressed in shorts, and pressured by the bike seat, it was more inviting to Anne than a wheel of brie, or a well cooked steak. A woman of means, Anne walked over, remaining quiet, her bare feet sinking noiselessly into the carpet with each step.

Melinda was, as always, incredibly easy to sneak up on. Anne got into grabbing range, and copped a handful. Her hand gripped one of Melinda’s cheeks, making her jump. Anne traced her fingertip up and onto the bare skin of Melinda’s back, then plunged her hand down the back of Melinda’s shorts. She cupped Melinda’s left butt cheek as the red head reacted, completely surprised. Yanking out her earbuds, she grabbed at Anne’s wrist. “Anne! Don’t sneak up on me!” Anne rested her face against Melinda’s neck; it had been a long day, but she had the energy to play around.

Anne’s arm wrapped around Melinda’s waist, lifting her and pulling her off the exercise bike. “You should have ridden faster, babe.” It didn’t take much to pull Melinda completely off her feet, leaving her suspended a few inches off the floor. Melinda knew by now that it was better to just go with the flow. She leaned back against Anne, tilting her head to the side, expecting the usual row of intoxicating nibbles and bites.

Surprisingly, Anne set Melinda down. Melinda tried to walk forward, but Anne didn’t let go. The taller woman dipped Melinda, leaning her backwards and giving her a long, passionate kiss. The red head gripped the back of Anne’s shirt, then went limp, her arms hanging as Anne had her way.

Leaning in closer, Anne kissed her partner’s neck as the red-head arched her back, her breath quickening. Suddenly, Anne paused. Melinda stood there in anticipation. Suddenly, Anne reached down and picked Melinda up by her legs and back, carrying her like a husband toting a wife. “Hey!” Melinda swung her legs, but her exhausted kicks did absolutely nil. Anne gave Melinda a quiet, knowing look, and Melinda went completely still, cowed into submission by the taller woman’s gaze.

“I wanted to talk to you about something.” Anne began walking up the stairs, carrying Melinda. The red-head worried that she might be too heavy for Anne, but the raven haired athlete carried Melinda without any problem. Melinda looked at Anne’s chest; the woman’s sleeveless shirt revealed her shoulders and collarbone. Anne’s strong, but svelte features were astoundingly attractive. Melinda wished that she could get a good, long look at Anne naked, but they slept together with the lights off, and Anne was rarely fully naked around Melinda. She wasn’t shy; Melinda just never got the right opportunity.

“You paying attention?” As they walked through the hallway of the first floor, Melinda snapped back to reality after a few moments of thinking of Anne naked. “This is important, Millie, so focus up.” Anne sat down with Melinda on her lap in the sitting room. Artie güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the cat was sleeping on the floor not far away.

“Yeah?” Melinda adjusted to get comfortable as Anne’s arms wrapped tightly around her. “What did you want to talk about?”

Anne smiled, grasping Melinda’s face and turning it towards hers. “You’re going to move into my house. You don’t have to pay for a U-Haul. A friend of mine has a truck we can borrow to move your things from your apartment here.”

Melinda’s eyes widened, her body stiffening. “W…Wait, that’s a really big step.” Melinda wanted to wipe her nose, but one of Anne’s hands was on her face, and the other was wrapped around her body, keeping her arms trapped. She was still looking Anne in the eye. Anne’s expression shifted; she was rather tacit, and her eyes were half lidded. She was listening, and waiting for Melinda to expand on her point. “I mean, we haven’t really taken things slowly, but are you sure you want me to live here?”

“Yes. This isn’t an impulse; I’ve been thinking about this for a while.” Anne leaned back, taking Melinda with her. The red-head’s face was rested on her shoulder as they maintained eye contact. “I like having you around. You’re hot, and fun, and I get bored having the house to myself.”

Stirring, Artie rolled over, awake due to the constant chat. He chirruped, then meowed,rolling onto his back and onto his side, staring out the window. The brown and black animal sat upright, and began chattering as he watched something move outside; probably a bird or a squirrel. The sound broke a little of the tension. Melinda smiled and pointed. “You have Artie.”

“Artie’s a dick,” Anne grumbled. Getting back to the point, Anne pulled Melinda closer. “You can say no if you want, but just be aware; I wouldn’t make this offer to anyone. I’ve had plenty of girls in this house, and you’re the only repeat visitor.”

“…That’s not very comforting.” Melinda narrowed her gaze, sitting up and getting into Anne’s face a bit. “There aren’t any other girls visiting currently, are there?

“No.” Again with the confident, hard-line answer. Something about it set Melinda at ease, pacifying her concerns. “I’ve never enjoyed a person like I enjoy you.”

Melinda nodded slowly, but froze as Anne’s hands started to wander. She was wearing her workout clothes; a lot of hand on skin contact was going on before the red head could prepare herself. Anne’s hand brushed up her abdomen, lightly rubbing down past her belly button. Melinda took a sharp breath as Anne’s hand continued to drop. She went limp, leaning back against Anne’s welcoming shoulder. She only had one thing to ask.

“I’m your favorite?” Melinda’s voice trembled slightly as she spoke. Anne’s answer was simple, but non-verbal. Her hand crawled between Melinda’s legs, and she used her knee to spread them slightly. She started rubbing the thin fabric, petting Melinda over her clothes. The results were plain to see; the red head’s breath was a light flutter, and her skin turned flushed. Her back arched as Anne’s hand moved against her vagina. Anne could feel it well; she found Melinda’s clit and worked it generously, as the woman’s back arched.

Anne smirked, thinking to herself as she reached up and caught a handful of Melinda’s soft chest. It was hard to believe that no man had ever made her orgasm before; she was astonishingly sensitive. It almost made her want to break out her strap on. All in due time, she decided.

Melinda bit her lip, occasionally releasing a soft moan or a sigh. The sound was ravenously appealing; Anne lost herself for a moment, giving Melinda a firm bite on the neck. The red head cried out, and Anne backed off. As the yelp tapered off with an upwards inflection, Anne was relieved. While it had hurt, Melinda seemed to like it. She gently kissed the bite, then smiled and lightly sank her teeth into Melinda’s shoulder. Melinda managed to free one of her arms; she reached back and caressed Anne’s cheek as the woman ravished her with light kisses and soul searing love-bites.

Anne’s hand stopped stroking for a moment, and she gave Melinda’s thigh a quick spank, squeezing the tender muscle. Melinda cried out again; that sound was music to Anne’s ears. Her hand crawled back up and resumed its work on the wet cloth over Melinda’s vagina. Grasping Melinda’s face, the taller woman pulled Melinda into a kiss on the mouth. She knew Melinda was getting close. The red head pulsed her hips slightly with each stroke.

The climax finally came. Melinda locked up, one hand gripping Anne’s wrist, the other latched onto the fabric of a nearby decorative pillow. Anne laughed as Melinda went slack in her arms. The thigh of her jeans was soaked through by the red head’s love-fluids.

Pulling the red head up, Anne cradled her as she caught her breath. Melinda was fighting the urge to simply go to sleep in this position. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Anne picked Melinda up and began walking upstairs. “Then we can go to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bed.”

Melinda nodded. It was early; barely the middle of the afternoon. Anne intended to spoil herself today, and take the day off tomorrow to move Melinda’s stuff from her apartment into her house.

Anne looked down at Melinda, and smiled brightly and genuinely. “Yeah. You’re my favorite.”


Cigarette smoke filled the truck, as Anne loaded the last of Melinda’s belongings onto the flatbed. A brooding, angry looking figure sat in the driver’s seat.

Carla was many things; tough, amiable, and easy to talk to were high on the list, but something rubbed her the wrong way about helping someone move. Especially when they didn’t have the decency to show up themselves.

Anne hopped into the passenger seat, slamming the door shut and rolling down her window. “That’s the last of it,” she reported. She turned towards Carla, expecting her to start the car.

Carla was Anne’s first paramour, and they were now something like best friends. She was a good deal older, now in her forties with a pair of adopted teenage kids. Even in her middle ages, Carla was a good looking woman to Anne. Brown haired, well built, and rather buxom, she and Anne had a lot of fun times before Carla decided to adopt.

Now, she had slight, dark circles under her eyes from late nights at work. She never missed a chance to provide for her adopted daughter and son. She was tired more often than not, nowadays. Too tired for fun.

But despite all the complaining Anne heard, it was easy to tell that Carla had never been happier.

All the more reason not to waste time dicking around, helping Anne move some girl into her house.

“You going to start the truck?” Anne asked, trying to sound polite. Carla took the cigarette from her mouth and put it out in the long-suffering ashtray. She turned and gave Anne a particularly sour look. “Sorry I asked. Take as long as you need. This parking lot is lovely.”

“This is your only favor,” Carla grumbled. She put the key in the ignition and turned it, backing out of her parking space. Anne chuckled, then zoned out. She’d gotten a good look at Melinda’s now former apartment, and learned quite a few things.

She liked a lot of old bands and movies; DVDs filled the majority of the boxes. She was living fairly modestly, and had a desktop computer. Melinda must have come back at some point to clear out all the embarassing stuff; much to Anne’s consternation. Even stripped bare, Anne hadn’t found so much as a single vibrator, or an embarassing journal. Disappointing.

Suddenly, in the center of the parking lot, Carla stopped the car and threw it into park. Anne looked around, confused, before Carla started shouting at her.

“Actually, I’ll do ya another favor and talk some sense into ya.” As her temper flared, fueled by concern, Carla dipped into her accent; originally from Nashville, she was southern born and raised. “I know yer not hurtin’ for money, but playing sugar-daddy to some empty-headed chick ya just met is not the way you wanna live yer life. You used to be smart; one girl at a time, don’t get attached. Hell, she made ya schlep all the way out here to this goddamn apartment, and she didn’t even come help? That’s bullshit.”

Carla lit another cigarette, and took a long drag, blowing the smoke in her passenger’s face. Anne had a rather bemused expression on her face, as she looked back at Carla, unblinking even as the smoke stung her eyes.

“It’s bullshit,” Carla repeated.

Anne raised her eyebrow. “You done?”

“Yup.” Carla and Anne stared each-other down. Anne clenched her fist, and Carla noticed. “You gonna hit me?”

“Thinking about it.” Anne tightened her hand, and turned slightly towards her. The air in the car grew tense, as both women got ready to get dangerous.

“Maybe I’ll hit you first.” Carla took another drag from her cigarette, as the two stared at each-other.

There was a sudden rush of motion, and two dull impacts. Anne was rocked back; Carla moved first and nailed her on the cheek, blasting her head and shoulder out the open window.

Despite moving first, Carla took a hit as well; Anne’s left hand struck her on the solar plexus, and she coughed her cigarette onto Anne’s lap. Anne clenched her teeth; the cigarette stung her thigh, so she grabbed it and tossed it out the window, before wiping her mouth. “Fucking hell, you went for the face? You piece of-“

Carla leaned back in her chair, clutching at her chest. For a moment, Anne was afraid she was having a heart attack. “Oh shit, are you alright?” Anne grasped Carla’s shoulders, and the woman flailed and shrugged her off.

“I’m fine. Get the fuck off.” Anne folded her arms, and Carla put the truck back in drive. The two were on the road. Checking herself in the mirror, Anne saw a bruise forming on her cheek. She cursed under her breath, and folded her arms, thinking to herself before speaking.

“Melinda güvenilir bahis şirketleri wanted to help move. I made her stay at the house.” Anne hissed without looking at Carla. “And for the record, I didn’t question you when you adopted your kids, did I?”

“Yes you did.” Carla grumbled. “You said I’d get buyers remorse, then you said I’d put them in a pillowcase and throw them in a river. Remember?”

Anne torqued her jaw. Shit. I did say that.

“I bet she’s not even that hot.” Carla murmured. Anne’s head snapped towards her.

“How much?”

“Whatever I’ve got in my wallet,” Carla replied curtly. “I bet she’s a hound, and you’re brainwashed. If I win, you unload the truck yourself.”

As the two pulled up to Anne’s house, Carla suddenly pressed a button, locking Anne’s side of the car with the child safety lock. Carla opened her side and got out of the car, getting a head-start on Anne, who had to crawl over to the driver’s side and unlock the door. By the time Anne was pulling up on the lock knob, Carla was ringing the doorbell.

Determined to see Anne’s new girlfriend for herself, Carla folded her arms and waited.

She could hear thumping; someone coming down the stairs in a hurry. The door swung open, and Carla assessed the red haired beauty. Damn. She is hot.

Melinda expected to see Anne; she was wearing a long tee shirt, and a pair of small, lacey underwear. Carla looked down; she could tell it was a thong from the front. Melinda took a step back, self-consciously covering herself. Under the shirt, Carla could tell her breasts were sizable but incredibly perky. She wasn’t even wearing a bra. Carla’s eyes came up to Melinda’s face. There’s gotta be something wrong with her.

Carla was proven incorrect; her face was without any visible flaw. Pink lips, big, blue eyes, and long red hair. Carla rolled her eyes. Anne had been right about Melinda’s looks, and she was now honorbound to surrender the sixty-five dollars in her wallet.

“I’m sorry…who are you?” Melinda nervously took a step back, tugging down on her shirt to cover her crotch.

“Carla Daniels. Friend of Anne’s.” Carla cleared her throat, then quickly fixed her hair, and leaned on the doorway. “So, what’s your name?”

Anne finally approached. She glared at Carla, and brushed her out of the way. “Go upstairs, Millie. We’ll move the boxes inside, then I’ll be up in a minute. Okay?”

Melinda nodded. Rather than turning around, Melinda slowly backed up towards the stairs; in this underwear, her ass would be on full display for the visitor, who was staring. Carla had hoped Melinda would turn around without thinking, but the red head was far too self conscious to make that mistake. “My name’s Melinda Aisling by the way. Nice meeting you.” Melinda quickly darted up the stairs and out of sight, leaving Carla and Anne alone in the doorway.

“…I take back everything I said,” Carla admitted. “On looks alone, she’s worth it.” Anne held out her hand, and Carla begrudgingly went through her wallet, handing over her cash. “Seemed shy.”

“I like that about her.” Anne smiled. “It’s cute.”

“…I wish both of ya good luck.” Carla patted Anne on the shoulder stiffly.

“We should hang out sometime. Bring your kids over.” Anne turned and started walking towards the truck. “Let’s unload the truck.”

Anne and Carla set to the task quickly. Anne was glad to have a friend who wasn’t afraid to call her out. As vitriolic as their discourse tended to be, Carla was a damn fine person in Anne’s book.

Even still, she decided to keep Carla away from Anne for a bit. Sharing wasn’t out of the question, but it was far too early in the relationship for that.


Melinda waited in Anne’s room, mortified that she’d gone downstairs in such a state. She was still wearing the same T shirt, but she’d thrown on some basketball shorts, in case Carla came upstairs.

Anne was still top tier by her measure of attractiveness, but Carla had an appeal as well. She looked like a medieval look about her; beautiful, yet tough and worn. She couldn’t help but melt under the woman’s stare. It was obvious to her that the woman had been ogling her; Carla had looked her up and down.

“So, what’s *your* name?” Melinda didn’t have a particularly good radar for being hit on, but that sentence was incredibly suggestive. Melinda fantasized about Carla using that tone of voice to say other things.

Asking her if she wanted a drink. Telling her she wanted a threesome. Commanding her to bend over. Melinda banished the lewd thoughts as the door opened, and Anne came inside.

“Sorry about Carla,” Anne replied. Melinda’s eyes locked onto Anne’s cheek. “Don’t worry about this. We were rough-housing. I punched her, she punched me, it was a bit of a shit-show.”

Melinda nodded, biting her lip. “You said when you were done, you had a surprise.” All day, Melinda had sat in the house and pondered what that meant. Anne smiled, and walked to the closet.

The first thing she pulled out was a long, black cloth. “We’re going to try something new.” Anne replied. “Stay still for a second.” Walking to the bed, Anne folded the cloth and tied it over Melinda’s eyes as a blindfold. The red head nervously laughed, as Anne removed her basketball shorts, and walked back towards the closet.

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