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It was about a few months ago, when I met my new girlfriend. I was 36 and divorced, as I got to know Avril. Avril was a fine good looking woman, 35, average height/weight, and perky B cup tits. She was quite nice, and she had a daughter from 18, called Jessica. She was the equal of her mother: brown-blondish hair on shoulder height, blue-greenish eyes, a body every men would get a woody from, and the most perfect C cup breasts you could possibly imagine.

We all got along pretty good. They moved in with me, and the sex I had with Avril was incredible. She was really good in bed, and I even was allowed to fuck her ass, but she had one minus… She refused to swallow my cum. On a certain day, Avril had to leave town for a few days, since her company she worked for had ordered her to go to Manhattan to make some deals with potential business partners.

This sudden lack of sex kind of annoyed me, but of course, I didn’t want to prevent her of making promotion, so I agreed to be a week home alone… At least, alone with Jessica. The beautiful eighteen-year-old didn’t seem to be bothered by the situation too much. Avril left on a Monday, and as I kissed her goodbye, Jessica waved me goodbye as well, and left on her motorbike, leaving me alone.

Unfortunately, I had been so stupid to take a few days off, which caused me to bore the hell out of myself during daytime. After a few hours of doing nothing or thinking about what to do in the house, I decided to watch a movie. I chose ‘Wild Things 2’, and after a certain moment, Leila Arcieri and Susan Ward started to make out together. I immediately got a hard-on, and I couldn’t help but grabbing my dick out of my boxers. It was already 8″, and a few drops of pre-cum leaked already out of the head of my stiff dick. I jerked off slowly, my eyes glued to the screen. Maybe a bit too glued to the screen, because I didn’t even hear Jessica coming home. – Until she stood in the living room.

“Hey Sam, what are you – Oh my God…” She gasped as she saw me jerking off my dick. I turned around and looked at her like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. I covered my crotch, and stared ashamed at Jessica, in her schoolgirl uniform. (Blue plaid skirt, white blouse, and white knee socks.) “Look, erm… Jess… It’s not what you think.”

“Well, I think that, because of the lack of sex, you’re pleasuring yourself now while watching some movie with two girls making out.” Jessica stated, highly amused. I couldn’t help but grin, and I threw my hands in the air, deciding to make the best out of the situation. “You got me! I can’t lie to you, so yeah, I was jerking off.” I admit.

“I thought so already, jackass.” She joked. She took a seat next to me, pouring her a vodka cola. It was something her mom wouldn’t let her and I would. (A ‘stepfather’ sometimes does such stuff to keep the kids happy.) She put in some ice cubes, and found it extremely funny that I was doing the best I could to cover myself from her. She took the TV remote and hit the play button again. That same moment, Leila & Susan were making out again, grinding against each other, as it was the last thing they’d do…

“What are you doing?” I breathed, quite in shock. Jessica hadn’t scolded me out for a pervert, she hadn’t run away out of shame, casino siteleri she didn’t even want to hear an explanation.

“I think it’s a nice movie. You don’t mind if I watch, do you?” She asked sweetly, taking a sip of her drink. I confirmed I didn’t have a problem with it. Still quite amazed, I kept looking at the teen that was paying attention to the TV screen. I couldn’t help it, but all of a sudden, my cock got erected again. Jessica seemed to have noticed it. She chuckled, and finished her drink.

“Wow… You’re really horny, huh?” She asked, still smiling. I, in all my honesty, agreed, not knowing where this would lead into. She kicked off her shoes and socks, and laid herself half in the couch, still watching the movie. All of a sudden, she looked at me, and I could have sworn she had another look in her eyes. I tried to zip my pants again, as suddenly, her hand stopped me.

“Jess… What the…” I muttered, as she got my dick out of my pants again. I didn’t know what to do; now my beautiful teenage daughter was leaning between my legs and admiring my 8″ dick. I gulped as she held it firmly in her hand.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time already, you know? I’ve heard you fucking mom, and I know you’re good in bed and such. Besides, I’ve had some experiences with boys lately, so let me try how hard I can get you before I let you fuck my hot pussy.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I doubted whether to give in, or to reject this and act mad. My brain told me to go for the second opinion, but be honest – Who would have rejected such a hot chick? So I let her do whatever she wanted.

“Let’s see how rocky we can get this fellow, huh?” She whispered, “It’s quite big already. Much bigger than the dildo Ciara and I used on each other last week.” A rush went up and down my spine, excited about the thought Jessica and Ciara had done stuff to each other. “You like that, huh? The thought of Ciara and I kissing, undressing each other, touching each other’s tits and rubbing our pussies before we licked each other and made each other cum with a dildo? Hmmm, she was so good, and she tasted so nice… We’ve spent two hours fucking each other, while you were working on your PC downstairs. I think I’ll tell Ciara what a wonderful cock you have, maybe she wants to see this too.” She cooed, jacking off my shaft slowly.

My breath had become heavy as this pretty teen kept teasing me by stroking my cock and rubbing my balls. Laughing at my desperation, she finally started licking the head of my dick, circling her hot tongue around it. She kept blowing me and took my monster deeper and deeper every time she took it in her mouth. In the end, I had my dick stuck in her throat, and I came with a few blasts. She took all of my jizz in her mouth, and swallowed it easily. I was pleasantly surprised, since her mom refused to do that.

After this kind of treatment, I actually got rid of my shame, and I decided for myself I was going to have a good fuck with this pretty slut. I unbuttoned her blouse in a rush, and unhooked her bra, tossing it aside. Her firm C cup tits appeared, and I started to suck at her right nipple, pinching the left one with my hand, while my other hand squeezed the tit I was sucking at. She canlı casino started moaning, letting me know I was doing a good job. I let go of her breasts for a single moment, because I wanted to get rid of my T-shirt, as well of my jeans and boxers. In a few seconds, I was naked, and so was she, except for her thong and her skirt. I stood up and pulled her against me, going down on her.

I slid my hands underneath her skirt and pulled her thong down, which was already wet from her juices. I grabbed her ass firmly, and pressed her body against mine even harder, feeling her nipples against my chest while my dripping dick prodded against her skirt. I moved over to the dinner table and lifted her up, so she sat there with her ass on the edge. She took my cock in her dainty hand as I slipped my fingers underneath her skirt and found her wet hole. I put one finger in, and added immediately another, since she was wet as an ocean. We masturbated each other in unison, while we both worked on one of her boobs with our free hands.

Continuing like this for several moments, we were both horny as hell. I almost tore her skirt of her well-curved hips, and dropped in on the floor, now admiring her naked beauty in front of me, ready to be fucked mad. She decided to play along, and opened her legs a bit further, allowing me to see even more.

“You like that, Daddy?” She teased, putting the accent on ‘daddy’. For some reason it turned me on extremely, and she had seemed to have picked up that track as well. She leant back on her hands as she looked at me seductively. “You can have it, Daddy. Just put that hard dick of yours in it.” She cooed sweetly.

I, never wanting to disappoint a beauty, put the head of my erected dick right in front of her cunt lips, and trusted inside, making her scream of joy. I felt euphoric screwing her on the table, clearly seeing she was having fun as well, as her breasts knocked together each time I trusted deeper into her tight pussy.

“Fuck, you’re so tight!” I informed. “You like that, your big fat cock in my tiny hole, Daddy?” She replied. I was going out of my mind, I swear you. “Yeah baby, Daddy’s going to fill your teenage cunt with his hot cream!” “Ow yeah, Daddy, make me a big girl, fill my tight hole with your milk, blast your jizz loads into my body!” Encouraged by my baby, I fucked her even more vigorously, and besides the clapping of my balls against her body and her ‘Oh my God’s’, nothing much was said.

Finally, I came again, and I announced it proudly. She moaned and started to rub her clit quickly, and she came almost at the same time as I did. Her orgasm was subsiding, as my cock was already getting hard again. I turned her over swiftly and parted her ass cheeks in a hurry. Without warning her, I jammed my 8″ into her asshole, making her cry out in pain. Soon enough she started to moan, as she half lay on the table with her ass up in the air. I pumped in and out while rubbing her clit and fingering her.

We both were cumming extremely hard, and as I squirted into her asshole, I shot so much that I thought I filled her whole body. I redrew my dick out of her puckered hole, and my cum dripped out of her ass. I decided we hadn’t played enough yet.

“Look at that, now you’re making the floor dirty.” kaçak casino I grinned evilly. “Oops, my mistake. You actually are making everything dirty.” I corrected myself, pointing at my cock that had just fucked her arse. She bow down a bit and started licking my dick clean while I still was hard. As soon as she had cleaned up my tool, I grabbed her from the table and positioned her that way that she was bending over the table, her ass proudly in front of me and my hot body.

“You’ve been bad.” I informed her, letting my hand land hard on her ass cheek. She cried out, though she liked it as hell. “You’re a little slut, you know that? Fucking your stepfather?” Another spank. “You filthy whore.” A third spank. She got obviously turned on by my dirty talk, so I decided to see how far I could go. I spread her ass cheeks and looked at the puckered hole I had ravaged a few minutes ago. I licked it and without hesitation, I inserted a finger, circling around in her hot cave. She moaned loudly, and while I was finger-fucking her ass, I spanked it with my free hand, leaving red bruises on both cheeks. I managed to get my cock in her pussy again, and trusted deep in her, making her completely go insane.

The combination of my finger in her ass, the spanking and my cock squirting cum in her pussy must have done it. She literally started to cry out of joy, and sank down on the floor, taking me down with her. I let go of her ass, and turned her around, so I could see that hot face as I put my water hose into her garden again. She had a look of a primate in her eyes as I looked at her. So happy to get fucked by an expert.

I rammed my rod into her, holding her hips and leading her all the way. With every trust I got deeper in her, and her tits were clapping together the whole time. “I’m going to come, slut, where do you want to have my hot jizz?” I screamed, while moving in and out even more rapidly. I didn’t got a reply. “I said, where do you want me to release my cream out of that hard cock you’ve sucked dry?” She moaned, and I impatiently slapped her face, screaming for the third time. “For the last time, you stupid whore, where do you want to receive my milk?” She kept crying out in pleasure and pain, so I decided for her. I pulled my cock out of her cunt, and aimed on her tits, as my balls released my hot sperm and shot it right on her naval, breasts and a few drips even on her shaven pussy.

As my orgasm finally subsided, I looked around in the living room. The movie was still on the screen, though the image had frozen on the moment the two girls were kissing, Jessica and my own clothes were spread all over the place, the table had a thin layer of sweat, where Jessica’s contours had been, and there were splats of cum all over the floor. Not to mention my stepdaughter, who was laying naked, and covered with cum, on the carpet. For some awkward reason, she seemed to been sleeping, because she had curled herself up and laid now down peacefully, probably exhausted by the past hours. I couldn’t help but smiling, and considering I was too tired to go upstairs as well, I decided to spend the night on the couch. I was so sunk away in my thoughts, that an airplane could have crashed in the kitchen, I wouldn’t have heard it. I didn’t hear anything.

“Sam?!” The sound of my girlfriend/wife’s voice cut through my brain, as I looked around and saw her standing in the living room, looking around in shock. Her keys hit the floor, and right at that moment Jessica seemed to get awake again.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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