Alexis Ch. 04

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Our lives had merged. When I woke up beside Alexis that following morning, I felt as if my world had crushed with hers, leaving us both swimming in each other. I still can’t believe what we had done, but I’m happy. I’ve honestly never remembered myself being this happy even with Veronica. The weeks passed by us both and when Alex and I met at the end of our days, we made love into the night. We didn’t much talk about the consequences of our actions, to be honest, we avoided it as best we could. And we seemed to be okay with that at the moment.

I felt like I was in love; like a teenager again. Alexis was handling our new found transition with ease. She went to school, went to cheerleading, and hung out with friends when she felt like it. And when she arrived home, she waited for me or did her normal thing- whichever she felt. I continued to go to work, work on my cases, though I found with much reflection that I didn’t stay late anymore. I went in at seven and left promptly at five. And if my colleagues had noticed, they didn’t let on. They were still giving me the sympathy trip over my impending divorce.

I was constantly debating with Veronica over belongings. And though I know Alexis wanted her mother to get nothing, I felt that if anything, her mother at least deserved a roof over her head. I refused to let her have the cottage. And when I had the conversation with her, I thought she was going to have another one of her many hissy fits.

“There’s no way in hell I’m giving you the cottage!” I roared on the phone. I ran a hand through my hair as I paced the kitchen.

“Well you better be prepared to fight my lawyer then because I want it! Jack and I want to spend time out there this summer and I deserve at least that enjoyment after so many years with you!” Veronica retorted.

How on earth could she even mention that bastards name? And to make memories with him when our daughter was the reason I had bought it! Fuck her. Plain and simple, over my dead body!

When I had finally gotten off the phone with her, I was livid. Sitting at my desk, barely able to concentrate on anything other than the heat in my face, I sat there sulking. Alexis could tell I was incredibly unhappy.

“Everything okay Dad?” she asked as she entered the office.

I barely even looked up, “Yeah baby, I’m just fine.”

“Ah I know what it is, another lovely conversation with Mom.” She took a seat in my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and giving her best ‘I’m sorry, but not really that sorry’ look. I didn’t even care to answer. She must’ve heard my voice booming along the hallway. I looked up at her smiling slightly. It was good to have her sitting here with me. My penis was beginning to throb lightly in my slacks in response to how familiar her young body was.

“I know what I can do to cheer you up.” she said suggestively. With that she stood, leaving me staring up at her questioningly. “Come on.”, she added, grabbing at my hand and pulling me to my feet.

She led me down our hallway and down the stairs. My curiosity was getting to me, but I said nothing. When we arrived at the door to our basement, I smiled. We headed down the stairs. The basement was dark, but for small flickers of light casting illumination along the walls. When we arrived at the bottom, Alex sat me on one of our workout benches. Candles were placed sporadically on other pieces of equipment and on the nearby desk in the corner.

“What’s all this?” I asked, looking at her standing before me.

“You know. This is where everything started.” she replied to me smiling.

“You planned this?” I couldn’t help but grin at her. My excitement was building and to be honest, I thought it was incredibly sexy that she would do something like this.

Alex nodded in my direction as her hands came up to her buttoned down shirt. Gently she unbuttoned the first pearl button and then the second. I watched her face as she looked quietly down at me.

“Baby let me.” I told her sweetly, grabbing at her hands and replacing hers in the line of buttons remaining to be undone. I finished the task, now pushing the garment off her shoulders.

A small basic white bra was my next task and I knew she’d let me take it off her without protest. Once I had that done I stood up. I towered over her small frame as I held her chin up towards my lips.

“God sweetheart, how’d I get to be so lucky?” I asked her. Without waiting I kissed her, immediately opening the kiss further. Her mouth tasted sweet and tangy. Delicious and at the same time all her. Her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs around my waist. Bare breasts crushed against my dress shirt. The feel of her hardened nipples dragging along the fabric was the only thing I could concentrate on. Moaning into her mouth, I was eager to get undressed.

Alex must’ve guessed how worked up I was. My hardon rubbed insistently against her soft skirt and my heart was beating in my ears. I set her onto the ground once more and had her sit on the bench as I undid my shirt. Alex grabbed at my canlı bahis belt, and successful in undoing it, continued onto my zipper. I shrugged out of my shirt and kicked my shoes off. Looking down at Alex as she pulled my pants down around my ankles, my cock pointing in her direction eagerly. I smiled.

Her skirt was bunched at her hips as she sat with her legs spread. Her white panties shone in the darkness of the room. I had been asking her to masturbate for me for two whole weeks, but to her embarassment, she wouldn’t yet. I looked into her eyes as she pulled my briefs down to my ankles. I knelt slowly in front of her naked and eager for her touch. I thought about asking her now to touch herself, but I held off.

“Sit forward honey.” I told her, intending to pull her panties off. She hesitated briefly as I grabbed at the waistband.

“No, leave them on.” she replied innocently.

I gave her a questioning look, but relented and focused on removing her small skirt. She afforded me that pleasure as the candlelight flickered over her nearly naked form. She was gorgeous. Lightly browned skin with goosebumps fluttering over her arms. She was sexy and innocent and beautiful.

When I stood back up, I was beginning to get impatient. I urged her to stand as well and kissed her mouth eagerly. Moaning into my mouth, her hands found the softness of my hair and she ran her fingertips through it. I broke the kiss, I was ready to fuck and she knew it by my breathing.

“Turn around.” I told her and she complied.

As I pushed onto her back, her waist began to bend and she reached for the bench seat. She knew exactly what I was thinking.

“Mmmgh, Daddy.. please.” she said in all but a whisper.

Her bent over like that with the white of her panties practically glowing in the darkness, I couldn’t help myself. She knew that. I stroked my cock gently as I pulled at the back of her panties. They slid downwards and rested at the curve of her asscheeks. She spread her legs slightly, as I moved up behind her. I was practically panting with excitement as my cock found its entry and I pushed into the warm wet crevice of her pussy. Heat engulfed us both and we let out simultaneous groans. I held her hips gently as I rocked against her.

Her mewling sounds were music to my ears. Her back lightly arched and her head down in pleasure. I rocked as I pulled gently out then in again. Her pussy was incredibly tight, and as it suctioned my cock with each thrust, I bent over her, kissing her neck. As things began to get animalistic, we knew we would both be reaching orgasm soon.

” Mmmgh Daddy….. mmmgh..”
I couldn’t say anything intelligent either as I grunted and moaned against her. My balls slapped loudly against her and my thighs pressed against the softness of hers. My stomache rubbed against the small of her back as I hunched over her.

“Baby I’m going to come soon.” I warned her. I could feel it building. Here I was fucking my daughter. Going at her like an animal, her body molding against mine and accepting everything I had to give her. No one knew about it and no one guessed it. It was pure pleasure.

I reflected that my desire had finally come true. I wondered how long it would last. Would it last forever? It couldn’t, could it? Alex would be leaving for college in five months. I couldn’t think about that now… I was enjoying her too much.

With my last thought I felt the last of my strength leave me as I grabbed her hips roughly and fucked her in more earnest. As the flow of my sperm entered her beautiful pussy, I heard her scream in delight. I couldn’t help myself and I couldn’t control myself. My cock was buried to the hilt as my orgasm subsided and her pussy continued to spasm lightly along my shaft.

We cleaned up shortly thereafter as we smiled like two kids. I kissed her gently, running my hand along her bottom. The last thing I said was “I love you baby.”

Later that evening, Alex went to a movie with a girlfriend of hers as I watched some television. I was supposed to be meeting with Veronica and her lawyer tomorrow to discuss some things. I wasn’t excited about the thought, but I had to. I wanted this whole thing over with.

When I went to bed at 11:30, I was exhausted. Alex came in shortly thereafter, slipping quietly under the covers beside me and kissing my neck and jaw gently. I sleepily responded to her soft kisses as I rolled over towards her.

“Hi baby…” I said sleepily.

“Mmmgh, hi Daddy.” she replied, letting her hands gently run over the thick hair on my chest. Her kissing moved along my bristled jaw and to the corner of my mouth.

“How was the… mmm… movie?” I asked only half caring.

” Mmmgh, good. It was funny.” she replied as her naked form slid over on top of mine. My cock nestled between her spread labia. She was wet and sliding lightly back and forth. My eyes tried to refocus from sleep as I reached up to her, pulling her face down to mine as I kissed her.

She grabbed at my hardened shaft and lifted slowly. bahis siteleri My cock entered her gently. It was a slow and gentle fuck. Afterwards, we both fell asleep together.

The next morning I awoke to Alex blowing me from below the covers. Her warm mouth suckled slowly as I reached full hardness. It wasn’t long before I came. What a wonderful morning. I could get used to this kind of treatment. My mind was still trying to deal with the idea that I was having a relationship with my daughter. Though my mind couldn’t quite comprehend the seriousness of what was going on. I dismissed my thoughts for the moment as I prepared for my meeting with Veronica and her lawyer.

Dressed in a suit, I met my lawyer John at the office. Veronica was there and looking as good as ever. I quickly dismissed her. The face that I had once fell in love with everytime I saw it, now only breeded resentment. I felt my pulse quicken in anger as Jack sat next to her, smiling eagerly in her direction. My blood boiled, but I said nothing. John touched my arm in warning. I bit my tongue as I sat across from them.

“Well we all know why we’re here.” John began. I sat quietly, keeping my hands in my lap for fear they might reach across the table and strangle both Veronica and that sonofabitch she was sitting next to.

“Yes well, we can’t seem to come to a decent compromise over the ownership of the couple’s properties.”

“You aren’t getting it.” I mumbled, loud enough for both Veronica and the others to hear.

“You sonofabitch!” Veronica wailed standing up. Jack stood with her, holding her arm as she stared me down.

I didn’t even flinch or stand. “If you think you’re getting the cottage that I bought for OUR daughter, you can think again! I’m not giving you it so you can fuck your beloved boyfriend in our summer home!” I seethed as I sat cross armed.

Veronica looked shocked and so did Jack. John stood, interrupting before an all out war erupted.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s discuss this like adults please. Mrs. Rowan, the property is in your husband’s name. Maybe we can come to some sort of compromise.”

“No, I want it and that’s it. He can have the god damn house! That’s at least a four hundred thousand dollar property, he could sell it and make twice that.” Veronica sounded like a little child who wasn’t getting her way. I smiled inwardly as I watched her.

John tried to talk to her, but she would have none of it.

“No!,” Veronica all but yelled. “I raised our child and I’ve done all the work! I worked and took care of our daughter! I’ll file for custody! “

I stood then, my anger overwhelming me. I could feel my face burning and I must’ve had smoke brimming from my ears… “You so much as file for custody and I’ll have you charged with abandonment so fast, it’ll make your head spin! And don’t you dare talk to me about raising OUR daughter! I’ve been there for her since you left to fuck Mr. Wonderful over there. Don’t test me Veronica, you won’t have a god damn pot to piss in once I get done with you!!”

My voice roared above both lawyers as they tried to calm us. Veronica’s face turned red and her eyes looked shocked as she looked at Jack and then her lawyer. Jack looked at me.

“You sonofabitch.” he said looking directly into my eyes.

“Yeah? What are you even doing here Jack? This has nothing to do with you. John, Jack doesn’t have any right to be in this room with us does he?” I asked smiling and looking at John.

John agreed, “No he has no interests legally in this matter. Mr. Roberts, would you please wait outside until we have finished our business in here?”

Jack look disgusted as Veronica looked defeated. He stormed out of the room.

I sat pleased with myself. John continued with the discussion.

“We need to find a solution here.” John said.

I stood, I’d end this nightmare right now.

“I’ll give Veronica the house if I can have the cottage and she signs over custody.” I said looking at Veronica.

Veronica looked shocked but not displeased. She bent over to her lawyer, speaking into his ear. Her lawyer looked up. “Mrs. Rowan has agreed. We’ll get the papers together.”

I was relieved, but also slightly displeased. After everything she’s done to our family, she didn’t deserve anything. I was going to have to tell Alex when I got home. We were moving within the next couple months. We’d make it work and she’ll be done with school in two months. I was excited, but at the same time worried about her reaction.

I drove home, planning how to break the potentially good or potentially bad news. I decided I’d just tell her flat out, and gauge her reaction. Hopefully she’d give me an honest response.

When I got home, Alex was in her bedroom, talking to Jamie about the cheerleading routine for the final football game. I knocked on her door as I entered. She told Jamie she had to go and as she hung up, she stood up and greated me with a warm kiss on the mouth.

“Hi Daddy, how’d it go? You didn’t let her get anything bahis şirketleri did you?” she asked hopeful.

I grabbed her arm and sat her down next to me on the bed. “Well baby, yes and no, depending on how you look at it.”

“What happened?”

I let out a sigh, “Well baby, after all the shouting and a couple of threats on both our parts, your mother is getting the house and we are moving to the cottage. “

Alexis gasped, slightly shocked. I sat and looked at her as she processed it.

“That’s not all baby.” I added. I stayed silent for a few seconds. “You are also staying with me, I have full custody of you.”

I gave her a hug as a small little peep came from her, but nothing more. I saw neither tears, nor an honest saddened reaction from her. I think she was shocked that things had turned out as they had.

“When are we moving?” she asked as she pulled away. Her eyes looked worried. “Will I be staying till I graduate in June?”

June was only a month and a half away. It would probably take that long to process some of the papers, as well as for us to get packed.

“Yes baby, this won’t be finalized until after you graduate. We’ll be here till then.” I replied.

“Oh Dad, I’m so sorry Mom is such a bitch.” Alex pulled me into a hug, pressing her full body against me. I shut my eyes as I held her.

“I know honey, things will be just fine though. We have each other and you won’t have to move to a new school to graduate. We’re only forty minutes away from here, you can come back whenever you want to visit friends, or even Mom.”

Alex make a displeased look and I chuckled. “Well, you can do whatever you want to do. You love the cottage don’t you?”

“Yeah, I mean we haven’t been up there since last summer, and I mean its right on the water. It’ll be really nice having a permanent place up there.” she replied.

“Yeah baby, and you can invite your friends up for swimming or a little get together if you want. They’d have a great time.” I suggested.

“Yeah, I think I’m just a little shocked Dad. But I know its going to be really great.” Alex said as she hugged me.

“I really hope you are happy baby. I love you so much. I don’t want you to be unhappy or displeased with me ever.”

“Awww Daddy,” Alex smiled as she kissed my cheek. ” I could never be unhappy with you.” She spread her hands over my shoulders as she looked at me.

I leaned in and kissed her gently. Her body instantly responded and so did mine. As she relaxed backwards onto her bed, I let my body rest alongside hers. My hand slid upwards under her tank top to find a small breast. I gently rubbed its form, holding it in my hand as my tongue tickled along her teeth. She moaned into my mouth and her back arched upwards to my hand. I slid my hand down to the buttons of her jean shorts, easily undoing them. My hand found the soft cotton of her panties and I rubbed the outside of her panties covering her mound. My mouth found her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, her neck and I kissed every part of her I could. She gently wiggled against my hand as I felt her heat radiating against my palm.

“Let’s take your shorts off.” I suggested, sitting upright. I knelt on the floor between her knees as I pulled her shorts off and threw them over my head. Alex giggled at me. I let my hands run up along her warm bare thighs. She looked down at me knelt before her.

“Mmm, come up here.” she said leaning back fully onto the bed expecting me to follow her.

I didn’t though. My hands rubbed at her soft legs, fingertips touching the band of her panties. I watched her pussy as she wiggled in excitement.

“God you are so beautiful Alex.” I said more to myself than to her. She didn’t respond as my hands curled in her waistband and pulled at the thin fabric. Her pussy became increasingly visible until the white undies were hanging off of one thin ankle. Her pussy lay tucked away. Her lips swollen, and her clit barely peeking through her delicate folds. She looked so innocent laying there, I almost didn’t want to touch her. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to help myself.

I grabbed at her legs, spreading them gently open. Alex raised her hands over her head knowing just what I had in store. I adjusted my knees on the carpeted floor and leaned forward as I breathed in her delicious scent. The pinkness of her pussy glittered with moisture. Her lips spread open and her opening was begging to be tasted and probed. I fully kissed her opening, letting my tongue snake out to lick her warm gash. She tasted delicious, beautiful and intoxicating. I suckled her outer lips, first one then the other. And as my tongue explored from her hardened bud to the tightness of her ass, she squealed in delight…

In no time I had her panting for release. My cock was hardened and twitching, but I didn’t care. I wanted to make my baby cum. My tongue went into overtime as I lapped at her opening and suckled her clit. Her body quivered as she grabbed at my head and pulled me into her. Without warning she came, quietly as her legs tightened and her body trembled. It was wonderful and I smiled as her body calmed. Looking up from between her legs as she sat upright to look down. I smiled as her juices stay smeared all over my mouth and chin.

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