Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 02

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Suddenly, she felt a movement in her pants, she removed them. Looking back at her was a small cock.

Her hand moved to her mouth to muffle a terrified scream.

She couldn’t believe it, a cock? Where is her beautiful pussy?

“This must be a dream,” she muttered to herself. She went to the bathroom to wash her face. Hoping, no, wishing this was all a very bad dream. The water she splashed on her face gave the world a better focus. She could see the marble sink and the towels she hung there yesterday. The water did not wash away the weird truth, Alene Raven has a cock.

“No, no, this is all a very bad dream. No way this is happening, just ignore it and it will go away!” She kept telling herself.

She dressed up, grabbed her bag and went for another long day of job searching.

*5 hours later*

It was another bad day for her as she came back home empty handed. No job, no boys, no nothing… She entered her room, dropped her bag on the floor and locked the door.

She got in front of her mirror. The same mirror that frightened her so much this morning. Once again, she said to herself, “this is all a very bad dream, no way this is happening, just ignore it and it will go away!”

In her mind’s eye she could see herself removing her shirt to find a masculine chest covered in hair. Slowly she removed her shirt. It was ok, looking back at her, the reflection was the canlı bahis same one she knew. With the small breasts, black hair and slim figure.

Now she was honestly terrified. she was about to remove her pants and once again she repeated the mantra: “This is all a very bad dream, no way this is happening, just ignore it and it will go away!”

And so, as slowly as she could, she removed her pants. She screamed again.

“Shit! Fucking shit! It’s still fucking there! What the fuck is going on here?” It stroke her like lightning, like a missing piece of a puzzle. Alene knew it, why this is happening…

“The god damn book from yesterday, could it be? No, no way, Nadia also did a spell but nothing happened to her, so there’s no way this is a spell.” she spoke to herself as she walked along the walls of here room, trying to figure thing out…

As she turned around for another walk along the walls, her hand brushed against her new cock. It was almost paralyzing for her, she started shaking and moaned, it was so… so… good. It was the most pleasurable thing she ever felt in her life.

Before she knew it, the cock was in her hand. Ever so slowly she squeezed it gently. It was amazing, so soft and so pleasurable. She started to shiver and her cock started growing. She gave it a few more squeezes and it got fully erect.

“You’re kind of small, well… I am a small girl after all…” bahis siteleri Alene thought to herself and started jerking. Slow at first, enjoying everything so much, she picked up speed and felt the strangest thing. Slowly a pain started building in her balls. At first it was so dull she barely noticed it, but it grew and grew until it became an unbearable pain. She lifted her eyes from her cock and looked up.

Looking back at her was her reflection in the mirror, herself holding a cock. she was the most beautiful woman alive and this did the trick for Alene. It pushed her over the edge, into the bliss of an orgasm. With a scream of delight, she came.

At first there was a spike in the pain, but it suddenly stopped and so did Alene’s world, she was no longer there, she was in heaven!

The first shot was a very small one, it didn’t shoot far, mostly dribbling down her hand. The next shot was bigger, it hit her reflection right in the eye. The third shot was almost overwhelming, it seemed to have lasted 5 minutes for Alene (but was actually around 5 seconds long). It was so big she gave her reflection a full facial and continued to dribble down the mirror. After an eternity Alene finished. She collapsed to her knees in total shock.

The last twenty minutes were, with no doubt, the best of her life. It was mind bugling and she was speechless. Slowly she muttered:

“OH MY GOD! Unimaginable bahis şirketleri pleasure! It worked. It fucking worked!” Alene Raven had a very, very, busy night that night.

*next morning*

The world was a blur of black and white. Alene blinked a few times and tried to remember last night, she came so much. Her cock might have been small, but it sure had a lot of cum. She got up, her whole room was cover in cum: The mirror, the bed, and the walls? What the fuck? She didn’t remember coming on the walls. Maybe she did, after all, she couldn’t remember last night too well, all she knew was that it was the best night of her life. No wonder boys love sex so much.

She cleaned the room and washed up, blowing a quick one in the shower. She wanted to dress for another day of job searching, but wanted to measure her cock first.

Getting it hard was no problem. She placed the ruler next to it. It was hard for her to measure as her cock was ponding along with her quick heartbeat. The ruler read 5 inches.

“Ok, one last time.” she said to herself and jerked of again, coming into the air. She created a small puddle of cum on the floor. “Amazing, I came at least 7 times last night plus one in the shower and one now. That’s 9 times, probably more, and I am still coming as much as the first time, maybe even more. most gays I’ve been with are done after round three…”

Her phone rang for a text. She cleaned up the puddle of cum and read it. It was from Nadia, who said: “Where are you? Come down and let’s go find you a job and me, a man!”

And so, Alene got dressed quickly and went to meet Nadia.

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