Adopted Sister Goes Anal

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It must have been close to 8:00 am when Sally crept into my room. It was a scent of moist pussy that awoke me. Sally had climbed her naked body onto my bed and positioned herself in a 69 to me. What a refreshing smell. I looked up into her bald and very wet pussy and took in the very sexy aroma and vision of sexual beauty. I let my tongue flick each pussy lip slowly, Sally moaned softly with each tongue lapping. She had worked my shorts off during my encounter with her pussy and was staring at my rigid hard-on. Her lips smacked together in anticipation of tasting my hard manhood, which was staring right back at her soft tender lips. She let her tongue snaked out to lick the head on it.

“MMmmm…” I moaned.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Sally whispered to me. “Mark left for work a few minutes ago and I am itching for a good workout.”

Sally’s husband was going into work for a few hours to get caught up. My wife had taken off for a few days and it left Sally and I alone. Since finding each other’s sensual needs, I have found Sally to be so incredibly irresistible. And since introducing her to shaving her pussy bald and anal pleasures, she has turned into a sensual nympho.

Today, we planned to explore anal sex in as many ways possible. We had experimented last night and it was like the perfect drug for creating orgasms in Sally. Of course, I was ready, willing and able to please her needs.

Sally wanted to warm up first by taking my cock into her mouth and rolling her tongue over each ridge slowly and methodically. After putting me into a delirious state, she sucked like a high-powered vacuum. She was going hard on it, biting down and letting her teeth rake my cock in utter ecstasy. I was in heaven from her awesome work on my cock, but it was time to get working on her dripping pussy, so I grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy right onto my face. She was soaked. It was like she had been fucked hard, there was so much pussy juice was flowing. I slid my tongue into her and licked slowly but rhythmically. She tasted so sweet with a hint of bitterness. I was getting so much pussy juice, it was like she turned on a faucet and let casino siteleri her cum pour right out. After nearly drowning in cum, I hit her clit and she bit down on my cock making me jump with erotic excitement. She was so ripe that I had to get her off and fast. I grabbed her clit with my lips and sucked it in my mouth and sucked her clit with fever.

“OOOOwwwwwww…” she let loose. “I’m about to cummmmmmmmmmmmm…Fuck! Ohh… Myyyyyyy, I’m cummminggggggg…

Holy shit…” Sally screamed loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

She had let go of my cock to enjoy her intense orgasm. It took her a while to come down. When she could finally breathe, she got off me slowly and looked me with her lust-filled eyes and we lip locked; sucking each other’s face. As if she was possessed, Sally sucked her cum off my face and mouth. She loved the taste of her pussy.

“I want you to fuck my ass NOW!” She said to me looking at me with that animalistic look.

Oh course, I was happy to give her what she wanted. I told her to lie face down on the bed and spread her legs as wide as they could go. She obliged. I knelt down between her legs and spread her ass cheeks wide open. What a magnificent sight! Looking at her puckered ass was incredible. It looked as if it was calling out to me. I brought my tongue down on it and she gasped. There was a slight taste to it. It had a fruity taste that I could not place. However, seeing her pleasure I let my tongue roll around her anus over and over. Her puckered ass opened for my tongue and I got the sweetest, fruity juice taste as my tongue probed her ass. Sally’s pleasure was expressed by her gasps. “Oh, …oh, my … this is so intense… Oh, …oh, fuck…”

I decided that she was wet enough and I pressed a finger into her ass. She was so loose that it slid right in all the way to my knuckle.

She screamed in ecstasy, “Yes…”

If one went in smoothly, let’s try two. Both fingers slid right into her ass. The surprised look on my face must have tipped off Sally; she started bucking to the tempo of my finger action. Her ass was moving too easy that I decided it was time to give her my canlı casino cock.

I got her into a good position to mount her just right and then I lined my dick right up to the opening begging for my cock. Sally wanted it hard and fast and pushed against my stiffness, but I wouldn’t allow it. She fake pouted, but I wasn’t letting her have her way.

When I could see that she was relaxed, I pressed my cockhead into her ass. It was immediately sucked right in. Since it went in easily, I pressed further. I was able to slide my whole dick into her in one thrust.

“YES!! Fuck, yes!” Sally gasped. “Fuck me now. This is so good, Please fuck me in my ass.”

“Take it, baby!!” I told her as I started thrusting in and out of her. Her ass was so tight, yet it was loose enough for my to pick up speed. It was just like fucking her pussy but tighter.

“Yes…yes…yes…” was all she could moan.

Sally’s hips started bucking back into me meeting my thrust in her ass. I was almost to the point of blowing my cum into her when she let out a scream of incredible proportion.


Sally’s orgasm was so intense that her ass clamped on my cock so tight that I could not pull it out of her ass. I couldn’t move it at all. After a minute or so, her ass muscles loosened up just enough that I could resume fucking her ass.

It was only a few seconds when my orgasm was about to explode. I picked up speed and I was thrusting harder and harder. I finally screamed out my orgasm to Sally and she had another one for me.

“OOOOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ffuccckkkk!!” I let out.

With Sally matching me, “Shiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…”

The screams were matched together for a period of time that seemed to stand still.

She slowly collapsed with me on top of her and we drifted of to a light sleep, not pulling my dick out of her.

We slept for about an hour when the phone rang. It was Mark. He told Sally that he was going to be later than he thought. With a big grin on her face, she told him to call when he was leaving and she would be ready for him when he got to my house.

At kaçak casino that point she smiled and said, “How about sex in the shower?”

“How can I refuse your sexy body?”

“Then, let’s go fuck up a storm in the shower.”

We got into the shower and embraced in a hard hug and sensual kiss. With the water cascading on us we rubbed our bodies together and our hands were up and down each other’s backs. When I got to her ass, I slid my finger in and she smiled.

“How did you like my ass?” she purred.

“It tasted fruity and my cock slid right in.”

The look of a ‘cat that ate the canary’ came across her face. “Well, when Mark left this morning, I took my hairbrush and used some strawberry-flavored oil on it and I fucked my ass through two orgasms.”

Holy shit! I thought. This was incredible!! The thought of her fucking her ass with a brush, sent my cock into explosion mode. I lifted Sally onto it and slid right into her hot awaiting pussy. I positioned her back on the wall just right and then started to fuck her as she had wrapped her legs around my back. Up and down, harder and harder I fucked her red swollen pussy.

It was incredible to look into Sally’s sensuous eyes while bouncing her on my cock against the wall. Her orgasm came on slowly and stayed for several minutes until I filled her pussy with whatever cum I had left in my balls.

“Oh, this is so erotic.” Sally said as she hugged me tight through her orgasm.

“Sex with you in always erotic” I told her as she slid off my limp cock.

We finished up in the shower and dried each other off and went out to the pool, naked.

“I want to sunbathe a little” Sally said to me. “But you are going to fuck me several more times today. In my ass, especially!”

“I need a little rest, but I will fuck you anytime you want.”

Taking a couple minutes, then looking at me devilishly, Sally challenged me, “Next week, let’s go over to Disneyworld and fuck anyplace we can find in the park. What do you think???”

“What can I say, I told you that I would fuck you anytime you wanted.”

“Good!” Was all Sally said.

I fucked Sally four more times before Mark came to pick her up. The last time, I was fucking her in my room when Mark walked into the house. We came quickly. Mark never caught on.

I can’t wait till next weekend…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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