Accidental Taboo Ch. 2

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I had experienced the best anal sex of my life the night before. The motion between me and the girl was completely perfect, and I had the best orgasm I could remember. The problem was that the girl wasn’t who I thought it was, I had buttfucked my little sister. To make matters worse I had done it in a room full of her friends. I had hoped that all of them would have been passed out from all of the liquor they had drank. But the morning after when I had come downstairs my sister’s friend Misty had been there to witness my shock and horror as I found out. Misty had come up to me teasing me, “So how do you feel stud? That was some ass, wasn’t it?” I was feeling like a stud, so I replied to her, “Well, it wasn’t your ass, but there’s plenty of vacation left.”

Imagine my confusion when Misty answered back, “It wasn’t Sharon’s ass either.” Just a moment after that my sister, Jenna, come out of the bathroom, her hair had been cut and dyed the same way as Sharon’s. I nearly passed out when I saw my sister. I suddenly felt very drunk again and rushed upstairs to my room. I hoped that I could go back to sleep and wake up to find that it was just a dream. While I slept my mind replayed the sex I had had with Jenna. I felt her, tasted her. I was aroused by the whole encounter, and shocked that I was aroused.

I woke up to the sensation of a hot wetness wrapped around my cock. Before I opened my eyes I heard the telltale sounds of a blowjob in progress. I looked down to see Misty’s head bobbing up and down on my erection. Misty was good at sucking cock, we had exchanged pleasures a few times in the past. I laid there accepting the ‘wholesome’ feeling of Misty sucking me. But soon enough I wanted more, “ride me, Misty” I moaned with sudden urgency. She slid up my body and kissed me, grinding her wetness against my shaft. I slipped the tip in casino siteleri between her folds and she sat back on my dick. She began to slowly ride holding her ample breasts and moaning. She was hot and felt so good sliding up and down my pole. I closed my eyes and let my body react to hers.

She rolled off of me suddenly, “take me from behind. Fuck me doggystyle” I was more than happy to do it. Her ass in her the air, face down on the bed, I slid inside her and held onto her hips while I began to pump her. She loved it from behind and was vocal. I leaned over her back and grabbed her tits which she liked even more. She began pounding back against me, fucking me instead, as I held there and played with her tits and nipples. She said she was about to cum and begged me to fuck her hard to push her over the edge. I pumped her for all I was worth drawing moans and ‘fuck, yes’ from Misty until she cried out and pushed back hard against me pushing me fully deep into her pussy one last time.

I had just about reached the point of no return by that time and told her so, this energized her to urge me on to fucking more. She wanted me to cum in her mouth so I pulled out and she spun around on the bed to engulf my cock as I lay down on my back. I pulled her on top of me and held onto her ass while she sucked the load from my meat. We 69’d for a bit afterward and then she left me to fall asleep again.

When I woke up next it was to see my sister, Jenna, walk in with the phone. She handed it to me and stood there. I took the phone and answered, still naked from fucking Misty earlier. As I talked to my mom, I noticed that my sister had not left. Even more curious was that it seemed like she was looking me over as if seeing me for the first time. I managed to get through the conversation on the phone and put the phone down on the tv canlı casino next to the bed. My cock was semi-erect as I looked at my not so little sister, I was growing fully erect again. Neither of us spoke for awhile until Jenna spoke, with a slight giggle, pointing at my hardon, “I can’t believe I took all of that up my ass.” Just the sound of her saying that made my dick twitch. I looked around for my robe but didn’t see it. I did notice that she was still wearing the t-shirt she had on this morning but this time her panties were gone.

Seeing my gaze linger on her crotch, she admitted, “i watched you and Misty and I got turned on.” as if to explain everything. She came up to me and slid into my lap, “Ken, are you sorry about what happened last night?”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure how to feel.” I admitted after a moment.

“I don’t think that we should be freaked out about it. It was the most erotic moment of my life.” She half whispered as her body pressed against me forcing me back onto the bed. She continued as she looked into my eyes, “Can we do it again? Just as our secret?”

My cock was nearly lifting her up off of my stomach I was so hard. She felt it and kissed me, “Sis, I … I would love to” I found myself saying it without believing I had said it. I rolled her over onto her back and spread her legs. Kneeling I went straight to her mound kissing and licking all the way around it. ‘damnit this wrong’ I thought, even as I slid my tongue up inside her pussy and began to eat her out. She humped my face slowly as I licked from her pussy down to her puckered hole and back for several minutes. Standing, I groaned, “I’ll be right back.” I went to the bathroom and grabbed the oil I had used the night before, lubing up my rod as I returned.

She was waiting on the bed laying on her stomach. I admired her beautiful kaçak casino full ass in the full light of day this time and lubed her up gently while she squirmed and played with her pussy. When she was ready I told her, “Lay on your back this time, I want to see who I am really buttfucking this time.” She complied and she drew her knees up towards her chest with only the gentlest of nudges from me. I entered her ass opening slowly, even more slowly than before, because I knew there wasn’t any wine to ease the process. Penetration took about five minutes and Jenna was playing with her pussy rocking against my dick the whole time. I held her legs up and began to rock into her more fully, watching her face while I explored her depths again and again. She bit her lip and gasped as my cock bottomed out in her ass the first time. We were in time with each other once again as we instinctively picked up on each others lust. As if on cue she began an orgasm, and not the first one, just as I began to feel my orgasm rising in my shaft. When I came this time I kept flooding her ass for what seemed like an eternity. Even though I had blown a load into Misty’s mouth earlier I was amazed at the strength of my orgasm. We both humped slowly in our aftermath an slid apart smiling and panting.

After laying there a bit something came to mind, “Jen, I don’t think this will be just our little secret. I mean Misty knows and possibly some of the other girls.”

My sister laughed, “I don’t think anyone will talk if they do know. I have a video tape of the party before we all passed out. I’m sure none of them would want people to know their dirty little secrets either.”

I laughed, “I was eventually going to ask why so many of you girls were half naked.”

Jenna, just smiled, “maybe I’ll let you watch the tape sometime.”

Afterwards we showered together, ate dinner and cleaned up the house. I spent the rest of the week with my sister whom I used to tease as being a Marcia Brady when she her long blonde hair. We did some very un-Brady things together, and still do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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