A Widower’s Two Daughters

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After my wife died, I had trouble sleeping in our bed. We had too many pleasant, and I admit, sexual memories under those sheet. I tried replacing the sheets and mattress, but that did not work. I spent too many nights crying myself to sleep from loneliness

I was now the widowed father of two teen-aged daughters. One was nineteen, the other eighteen. They each had their own rooms. I’m sure there were nights I kept them awake with my sobbing.

I went to the oldest, Colleen, with a request.

“Honey, I was wondering if you would like to have my room?

“Why, dad?”

“I can’t sleep in there. I’m losing my concentration at work because I’m tired all the time.”

“Is that from lack of sleep or lack of sex, Dad?”


“Dad, I know you and Mom had sex at least three times a week. It’s been eleven months since mom died and you haven’t even dated. You’re too young to give up on life and its pleasures.”

My daughter was so right it hurt. But, I did not want to go out on the dating scene just yet.

“Dear, we’re switching rooms tonight. We’ll start moving clothes when I get home from work.

That night, Colleen and I made the switch. The smaller bed did not seem as empty as the king sized one that was my marriage bed. With a few problems, I had the best nights sleep since Wendy, my wife of twenty-two years, died.

The biggest adjustment was that the bathroom was shared with my youngest, Nancy. I was not used to locking the doors because the master bedroom had its own bathroom.

I was getting out of the shower when Nancy walked through her door. She was ready to take her shower. I was nude and wet. She was nude and dry.

We looked at each other. There were no screams, like I would have expected. There was no embarrassment.

“Dad,” said Nancy, “please, remember to lock the door.”

Nancy stepped into the shower. I dried off and left the bathroom. I was combing my hair when I realized how much Nancy looked like her mother when we first met. She was the spitting image of Wendy when we made love the first time. That was when I got an erection. It was the first one since Wendy’s death.

I was standing in my eldest daughter’s former room with a hard-on. I closed my eyes; my hand went to my cock.

“Oh God, Wendy I miss you so.”

I was stroking away like mad. Just as I came, I heard the sound of a woman cumming. I turned to see that I had left the bathroom door open. Nancy was watching me and masturbating too. In my sexual frenzy I thought it was my late wife or her ghost.

I turned to her. My hand motions increased their speed. The apparition watched as my jism finally shot out of my cock. She closed the door.

“Wendy, don’t leave me.”

I fell on the bed crying.

I finally made it to the dinning room for breakfast. I knew by then that it was not Wendy watching but Nancy. I was ashamed to face my daughters. I knew that Nancy would tell Colleen what happened.

It was a good thing that it was a Saturday. No one had work casino oyna or school that day. My state was such that I would have screwed up my job.

While Nancy had her mother’s looks, Colleen had her personality. Wendy and Colleen often clashed with the force of two mountain goats in rut.

“Dad”, said Colleen, “ are you sure you want to stay in my room? Nancy told me you didn’t lock the door to her room and she walked in on you. Then you didn’t shut the door to your room and she saw you dressing.”

I looked at Nancy. I saw she did not tell her sister about watching me jack off. Or Colleen had the decency not to mention it.

“I’m sorry, Nancy. I can’t sleep in the room I shared with your mother.”

“Dad, I know this will take a bit of adjustment. Let’s just put this morning behind us,” said Nancy.

The girls went their ways and I stayed home to read. I did not read. I dug up the old photo albums. I looked through the pictures that were all I had left of Wendy. The pictures were of our dates and marriage before the girls arrived.

They also were of our first heartache. There were two of Wendy holding the son we had. Jeremy lived only one day. We never told Colleen that she was not our first-born. The loss of Jeremy was too hard for Wendy and me to talk about. The last words Wendy said to me was that she was finally getting to be Jeremy’s mother.

It was this memory that made me let go of Wendy. She was with one of our children. I was with the other two. It was time to live. It would hurt, but I was determined to live.

That night in Colleen’s former room, I closed my eyes and let my senses go. My old room was full of death. This room was life. I could smell the subtle scents of my daughter. I realized what was happening to me in my old bedroom. There were too many memories of Wendy. Too many little scents that I could not smell but were there anyway.

It was not fare to take Colleen from HER room and put her in mine. She spent her whole life here. She was part of the room and the room was part of her. I would move back to my old bedroom and remodel. It was time to retake my life.

I put on my robe and went to my old room. I wanted to talk to Colleen about trading back. I knocked on the door.


“It’s dad.”

“Count to five and come in.”

Colleen still remembered the old routine. It was how we made sure she was decent to see me. Or hide what she did not want me to see.

“One. Two. Three. Four. Five.”

Colleen was sitting up in the bed when I entered. She had the quilt pulled up to her chin.

“What do you want, dad?”

“That’s your room, Colleen. We should trade back. I’m sure you and Nancy have worked everything out to your satisfaction. I’m just disrupting the family.”

“I thought that this room had too many memories for you, Dad?”

“I can change the room and keep the memories.”

“Oh, so that when you start bringing home your dates, they won’t be in mom’s bed? So you don’t feel like you’re cheating on her?”

Colleen canlı casino was grinning from ear to ear. She had her mother’s smile. The room, the bed, the smile, I leaned over and kissed my daughter. I broke the kiss when my hand was just inches away from her breast.

“Can I have the bed, Dad?”


She looked down, smiled, and then looked into my eyes.

“I have a few good memories in this bed too, Daddy.”

“We knew, baby. Your mother always knew when the sheets were not the ones we used.”

We shared a laugh. It was the first laugh I had about Wendy’s memory.

“Okay, Colleen. You can have this bed.”

“Thanks, daddy.”

I had my hand on the door when Colleen asked the Big Question.

“How often do you masturbate thinking about Mom?”

“Just once.”

“Today? After seeing Nancy?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

I heard footsteps. A hand touched my shoulder. It made me turn. My oldest daughter was standing before me, nude. Was she offering herself to me?

“Nancy told me about seeing you jack off. We know she looks like mom did at that age. Nancy said that she hoped you would take her.”


“We talked it over today. We decided that we would be here to help you any way you need it. Even if you wanted to take us to bed. I was hoping that when you came to me tonight that you would take me. That is why I had you count to five. I wanted to undress.”

“You mean that you and your sister were willing to sleep with me tonight?”

“Not just tonight, but any night you wanted one of us.”

“You’re serious?”

Colleen answered by pulling my face to hers. Our lips met as she grasped my cock. She pulled off my robe. I stood there in my boxer shorts with my dick out through the fly. Colleen pulled down my shorts. I stepped out of them. Father and daughter stood lip to lip. She had her hand on my manhood. I had my hand on her breast.

“Do you want me or Nancy first?”


“I think you should have Nancy first. It wasn’t fare the way you teased her today.”

Colleen opened the door and called her sister.

“Yah?” asked Nancy.

“I’ll concede first honors to you.”

Colleen left the room. Nancy entered and undressed. This time the hand on my cock was not mine. She knelt before me, taking my cock into her mouth. She stopped just before I blasted her mouth.

Nancy took my hand, leading me to the bed. She lay on her back, her knees parted, her cunt pointed at me.

She reached out to me. “Come to me. Take me, Daddy.”

I stood there, looking at the desire in her face.

“Please, Daddy, I want you in me.”

I took my place next to her. I took her breast into my mouth. It was like I was ravaging her mother.

I dropped my body on top of hers. I lifted her ass, putting her legs over my shoulders. I could drive deeper into Wendy this way. I figured if it was good enough for mother; it was good enough for daughter.

I had my cockhead at the entrance to Nancy’s sex hole. I looked kaçak casino into my daughter’s face.

“Yes?” I asked her.

She nodded yes.

I did what I did to her mother. I fell into her with one sudden push. There was one big difference. Her mother was not a virgin when we met.

Nancy cried out in pain. I felt the tearing of her hymen. One part of me wanted to stop. The rest of me said it did not matter now. I went with the majority.

Though I masturbated this morning, I still had more than a year to make up for lack of sex. Wendy once told me to find a hooker when she was diagnosed with the uterine cancer. It was too far along when found to stop. It had spread. The sick irony. The source of our greatest pleasure and children was what killed her.

I was without control. I was pounding my cock into my youngest daughter. I destroyed her virginity. It was the most important thing in my life at this time.

It did not take long to fill my girl with my cum. I hate to say this but I didn’t even know when it happened. I remember pumping into Nancy’s cunt. I remember her crying in a mixture of pain and joy. Then I remember waking with both daughters naked, one on each side.

Nancy rolled my face to her.

“Since you just made love to mom, when are you going to fuck me?”

“You had your turn, Nancy. Now it’s mine,” said Colleen.

They argued over me for a few minutes. I finally got enough strength to talk.”

“Nancy’s right. It was your mother that time. Though your mother lost her cherry by the time I took her.

“But Colleen is the oldest. By rights, she should be the first.”

“What about me, Daddy?” pouted Nancy.

“Your mother kept some toys in the bottom of the dresser.”

I felt Nancy get off the bed as I maneuvered Colleen’s pussy to my mouth. I took her clit into my mouth as she took my cock into hers.

She was wet before I started. I about drowned with her cum juice. Though, I just came into her sister, Colleen had me up and pumping my cum into her throat.

The way she licked my dick, I knew that she had plenty of experience. I wished that I could thank each guy that let her practice her skills. It was like she was training all her life to suck off her old man.

I heard the buzzing of a vibrator. I could tell by the tone it was Wendy’s favorite. As my tongue explored my baby’s clit and cunt, my other baby was doing some exploring of her own. I heard the sweet sounds of two young women approaching nirvana. I was not far from there myself.

It is hard enough to get two people to have simultaneous orgasms. But here, in this one bed, a father and his two teen daughters reached a three way simultaneous orgasm.

We slept the rest of that night together. The next day, Colleen got the toy and Nancy got the tongue.

As I lay there, I could not help but compare my two daughters’ pussies. They say all pussies are the same. Well, they are not. Wendy’s, Colleen’s and Nancy’s were the same but each was different. I found I was wishing I could do a blindfold test. I wished it could be a three-way taste test. But I would never again be able to tongue my Wendy. Though She was gone from my life, she left me two very eager, willing and talented replacements.

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