A Weird One Ch. 16

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As I watched the flashing red lights in my mirror I wondered what I had to look forward to. It wasn’t, at least to me, natural that Andrea’s husband would tell me to get out of there. He was the wronged husband and he was supposed to want to do me bodily harm and God knows that was his intent before Andrea put him down with the table lamp.

Why did he tell me to get out instead of giving me up to the authorities when they showed up? Could it be that it was because he felt he could get at me easier if I wasn’t in jail? It just didn’t make sense to me, but then neither did Andrea’s actions. Tie him up and take gay type pictures to use as blackmail? She told me that she loved him to pieces and the only reason she was playing with me was because she couldn’t get oral and anal from him. She loved him and she was willing to let me stick my dick up his ass? That just did not compute.

What if he changed his mind about saying he tripped? What were my parents going to think when the cops showed up to haul me off? Would dad be pissed off enough at me for getting involved with one of my coworkers that he wouldn’t even go my bail?

I did not sleep all that well when I got home and went to bed.


There had been no night time knocks on the door and I didn’t see a police car sitting outside when I got up so I ate the breakfast mom fixed for me and got ready to head to school. Mom stopped me and said:

“Make sure that you come home tonight motherfucker.”

I gave her a weak smile and said I would. As I drove to school I was hoping that I would be able to go home that night and not be in a jail cell somewhere.

School was school with one major difference. Every time the classroom door opened I looked up expecting to see someone dressed in blue coming in and looking for me.

At lunch time I took a seat and kept one eye on the door to the cafeteria not that it would do me any good. I couldn’t run anyway. I did see Vonda come through the serving line and she saw me and gave me a small smile and a little wave before going and sitting down on the other side of the room.

I saw Nancy and she waved at me and she also sat on the other side of the room. I had expected it from Vonda, but why would Nancy avoid me? Did she know something and didn’t want to be around me when whatever it was happened?

Was I being paranoid? Then I remembered the old saying. “Just because you are paranoid it doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get you.”

I did have someone join me. Gail. She sat down without asking and then said:

“Okay Bobby; how do you want to play this?”

“Play what?”

“Nat doesn’t know that you have kicked me to the curb and she keeps calling me so that I can let her know where you are. She is going to call you and tell you that she is held up and won’t be home until the morning. I’m supposed to get you to take me out tonight since she won’t be here and then let her know where we will be so she will know where to find you.”

“We don’t need to play it Gail. Just tell her the truth and let her hunt. I won’t be all that hard to find.”

“That’s not why I’m here Bobby. You need to be with me when she finds you. You don’t need Nancy or whoever it is that you are out with tonight being embarrassed when you are ambushed by Nat. If you are out with me she won’t go off on me because she thinks I’m on her side. Also, if you want, I’ll take the heat. I’ll tell her I’ve dumped Tom and that I’m taking you away from her because you don’t need a serial cheater like her in your life. That will make her concentrate on me while you go off with some other dolly.”

“Why would you do that?”

“If you have to ask that Mr. Marchant you wouldn’t understand the answer.”

“I guess I have been kind of hard on you haven’t I.”

“I deserve it. I was stupid and unlike some other things there is no cure for stupid. I honestly thought you were overreacting where the wimp thing was concerned. I thought if I kept quiet it would go away. I never thought that you would actually go after Terrell because I honestly didn’t see the need. Anyway; I just wanted you to know that I’ve got your back if you want me there.”

I sat there and thought for a bit and then said, “Where would you like to have this confrontation?”

“Honestly? On a bed at the Starlight, but I guess that would be asking too much. We need to do it where we won’t disrupt the evening for other people so I would suggest we use the old standby. Let’s do it at Harry’s.”

“Tell her that I’m going to pick you up after work and go for burgers and fries and then maybe go to the arcade or Skate City. Tell her that we should be getting to Harry’s about six-thirty.”

“How do you want to handle it?”

“I haven’t a clue. Take it as it comes. Just follow my lead and we will see what happens. The only guarantees are that we are done and this time it is for good.”

At work I checked in with Marge and she told me to go see my dad. In all the time I had worked there I had never, not casino siteleri even once, been to my father’s office. Naturally my thoughts were “Now what the fuck have I done!” On the way to his office I looked around and I didn’t see Andrea and I wondered if that had something to do with the summons. Then I thought it couldn’t be bad because I was tight enough with Marge that she would have clued me in. Wouldn’t she? I turned around and went back to the west windows and looked out. I didn’t see any police cars. Not even one that looked like an unmarked one.

I knocked twice on the office door and heard “Come” from inside and so I opened the door and walked in. Dad was on the phone and he pointed at a chair and I sat. He didn’t look at me while he talked and the longer he was on the phone the antsier I got. Finally he hung up the phone and turned to look at me. He was silent, almost like he was contemplating something and then he said:

“I’ve been hearing things about you.”

My immediate thought was “Oh fuck me!”

But then he went on to say, “All the departments you have worked in have nothing but good to say about you. As you will remember I talked to you about what I was going to have you doing over your spring break, but I’ve decided to change it. I’m going to put you on the second shift. I’ve all ready told you about the building loyalty thing and what I want, what I’m hoping for really, is that you will form a tighter bond with them.

“I’m not worried about our older employees since you have been around them since you were twelve and have spent your summers working with them. They all ready see you as a little kid brother so their loyalty to me and the company will transfer to you almost automatically. I want the Johnson people to develop that same loyalty and to seamlessly merge into the company and I see putting you with them as the way to go about it. Any questions?”

I smiled at him and said, “Just make sure that I get the swing shift premium on my check while I’m on second shift.”

“Get out of here. Take the rest of the day off and don’t bother punching out. I’ll take care of it.”

Not bad news really I thought as I left his office, but it was damned sure going to fuck up my love life. On second shift I wasn’t going to be able to use the playroom or have access to any of my harem with the possible exception of mom. Tina, Shelly, Gloria and Marge would be at work while I was off and be off while I was working. I didn’t include Andrea on the list because I had no fucking idea where that would be going.

Mary would maybe be available during the day. I knew that Nancy had plans to go to Panama City and was leaving right after her last class, Vonda was history and Natasha was going to be history in another six hours. I also knew that the girls who had given me their numbers the night I took Vonda dancing where going out of town for the break so I guessed I was going to have a dry spell for a while. Then I had to laugh at myself. I was one spoiled nineteen year old. Here I was thinking that a two week dry spell was going to be hell when most guys my age were still trying to get their first piece.

I stopped by and asked Marge if she wanted to try and fit me in over the weekend since it would be at least two weeks before I could see her once I started work Monday.

“What’s wrong with tonight?”

“I have a rather distasteful chore to take care of and then I promised mom I’d be home.”

“Doesn’t that slut realize that she has to share?”

“Oh no you don’t. I’m not getting in the middle here.”

She laughed and said, “I know what you will be doing until your father gets home so why don’t you call me around four and we will see what we can work out.”

I went out into the office and gathered together Shelly, Gloria and Tina. I asked where Andrea was and Shelly told me that she had called in sick. I told the three of them what was going to happen for the next to weeks and told them that I’d miss them. Tina said:

“You don’t have to start missing us until Monday.” She turned to the other two and said, “Rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first okay?”

Gloria was first and all she wanted was some oral and a straight fuck. Shelly was next and she wanted sixty-nine and her ass fucked. Tina was last and she wanted all three and she ended up getting anal twice. All three waved goodbye to me as I walked out the door.


Being paranoid pays off at times. I don’t ever remember watching my rear view before to see if any one was following me, but the paranoia now had me looking and so I spotted the white van that pulled away from the curb and followed me when I pulled out of the plant parking lot. I slowed down so that it had to close on me and I got a look at the driver. It was Andrea’s husband. I could run, but I couldn’t hide, at least not forever, so I put on my turn signal and pulled over to the curb. I got out of the car and walked back to the van that had pulled in behind me and when I got there he had his window canlı casino down.

“Here or some place more private?”

He had a bandage wrapped around his head, but I figured that he must be okay since he was driving. He gave a little chuckle and said:

“You got balls kid; I’ll give you that. Here is fine. Get in.”

“Get in? There isn’t room in there to fight. Granted that it won’t be much of a fight, but I’m not going to just stand there and let you wail on me.”

“There isn’t going to be a fight. Just get in.”

I got in and he got right to it.

“Why were you fucking my wife?”

“I think you should get that from her.”

“I can’t. She took off and I can’t find her. When I do find her I’m going to need to know how to handle things. Since I can’t get the information from her I need to get it from you. It is a simple question. Why were you fucking my wife?”

“Don’t blow up on me here okay? It is going to sound like I’m smart mouthing, but I’m not. I was fucking her because she asked me to. She asked me to and she is a stone fox so I said okay.”

“There has to be more to it than that.”

“Of course there is, but that is the bottom line. I was asked and so I did.”

“Can you give me a little more to go on?”

“It was a combination of things and I don’t know what came first. The two things — no — the three things that had the most bearing on the situation were her losing her job at Johnson Brothers and then being hired by my dad’s company.”

“You’re the kid who talked your dad into hiring all those people?”

By then I had just learned to accept it and I nodded my head and said:

The third thing is that Andrea was out either running or hiking in Paint Brush Park and she saw my girlfriend giving me head behind a bush.”

“That was you?”

Again I nodded a yes.

“Andrea recognized me at work and started teasing me about it. She figured that because I was a kid she could push my buttons and get away with it, but I teased her back. She asked me if I gave as good as I got and I told her I gave the best head in the state. She told me I was bullshitting her and I laughed and said that I was willing to prove it. Bottom line is that she told me she loved getting and giving and she told me she would give me a thank you blow job for talking my dad into putting on a second shift and getting her back to work so that you wouldn’t lose your house.

“I told her no way. I told her that if she went down on me she had to let me go down on her. Bear in mind her that she thought I was bullshitting her when I told her that I ate pussy so she called what she thought was my bluff. I surprised the hell out of her and I ate her and gave her an orgasm doing it. Then she told me that you were great in the sack, but you didn’t do oral and she told me that if I would settle for just oral with her she would blow me every time I went down on her. After a month of that she asked me how I felt about anal and I told her I loved it. She said that she couldn’t get that from you either and as long as I understood that her pussy was yours and yours alone she would give me what you wouldn’t take. That’s it. That’s the whole story.”

“How long has it been going on?”

“Maybe twice a week since the day she hired in. Usually at work during break times or after work on days when you were on the road. Last night was only the second time she brought me home with her. The only reason that she brought me home yesterday was she was pissed at you because you wouldn’t do something that she wanted you to do and she had decided that since you didn’t love her enough to do what she wanted she was just going to say “Fuck it.”

“She felt that strongly about it?”

“So it seemed. Again, I just come when I’m called. No guy my age is going to turn down a woman like Andrea. I have no insights into her. All I am to her is an instrument she uses to get what she feels she needs.”

“Why did you face her down last night?”

“Because what she wanted to do wasn’t right. I can’t think of anything that could have been more humiliating than what she wanted to do and there was no way I was going to be apart of it. You were justified in your anger at me. I was fucking your wife and you had every right to want to do me bodily harm. I’m glad she hit you with that lamp because I was sure you were going to kill me, but I got really pissed at her when she didn’t want to call 911. I don’t know much about that kind of thing, but it looked pretty bad to me and it was bleeding pretty fast.”

“It looked a lot worse that it was. The medic’s told me that your ice pack did slow the bleeding down. I got five stitches out of it, but nothing was broken.”

“Why were you so willing to take the blame? Why did you tell her to get out and that you would take the heat when the EMT guys and maybe even the cops showed up?”

“I don’t know if you will understand this or not. I don’t know you, but I do know quite a bit about you. Andrea talks about you a lot. After what you saw you may kaçak casino doubt it, but she does love you and the way she talks about you makes me think that she thinks you could walk on water if you wanted to. The Andrea that was running around with that camera was not the Andrea I know. My guess is that she lost it when she saw you seeing her with me. She panicked and wasn’t thinking straight. From what I got out of her ravings was that she thought she could use the pictures to blackmail you into not leaving her. I tried to protect her because it was my fault that we were there to begin with.”

“Your fault? How do you figure that?”

“She was married and I knew it and I should have stayed away. I knew that screwing another man’s wife was wrong, but I did it anyway. I didn’t chase after her, but I should have said no when she asked me to help her out. But in my defense what nineteen year old is going to say no to pussy? What now?”

“You go your way and I’ll go mine. I have no idea how things are going to go with Andrea. Unfortunately I love the cunt, but I don’t know if it is enough to get us by this. I would appreciate it if you would stay away from her while we try to work things out. Did she say anything to you at work?”

“She wasn’t there. She called in sick.”

He shrugged and then surprisingly he offered me his hand and I shook it and then I got out of his van, got in my car and went to get ready to face Natasha.


I picked up Gail and drove over to Harry’s. We got there at five after six which gave us time to eat before being approached by Natasha.

She had called my cell maybe twenty-five times during the week and I hadn’t taken any of her calls or returned any of the missed messages. Gloria was facing the door and she said: “Here she comes and she is not smiling.”

Natasha walked up and looked at me and asked, “Where in the hell have you been?”

“Right here. Going to school and going to work. Same as always.”

“Why haven’t you been taking my calls?”

“Because I don’t want to talk to you. That’s two easy questions in a row Natasha. When are you going to give me a hard one?”

“Okay. Why didn’t you want to talk to me?”

“Another easy one. Because you have nothing that I want to hear and I have nothing that I want to say.”

“Can we cut through the crap and just tell me what is going on?”

“Simple. When we sat down and put things back together I made it absolutely clear that Eddie Wooters was persona non grata. I told you that if you so much as even looked in his direction and I found out you would be history. I got a phone call from a friend and was told that you were sitting with him in a place called Gina’s.”

“Jesus fucking Christ Bobby. Is that all this is? Why the fuck didn’t you talk to me when I called? I could have explained it and save all this bother. I got a call from Eddie asking me to meet him at Gina’s. He said that he needed me to get a message to you. I met him at Gina’s and I wasn’t with him for more that two or three minutes. What it was was that he is scared to come home on weekends now. Your friends told him that if he gave you the least bit of trouble they would bury his body out in the woods.

“They scared him to death Bobby. He wanted me to tell you that he will never bother you again and would you please tell your friends to cut him some slack when they see him around. You are bound to cross paths and he doesn’t want any misunderstandings.”

She smiled and said, “Now can we go somewhere and make up?”

“I don’t know. Have you got something from a doctor or a lab saying that you are disease free?”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“It means that you are fucking other guys and I want to be careful.”

“In the first place I am not fucking other guys. I’m dating, but I’m coming home to get what I need.”

“You telling me that when you stay up there and work projects on weekends you aren’t fucking?”

“What the hell gave you that idea?”

“What you did in room 116 with the driver of the Mustang convertible that had plate 642 DKC on it.”

“I don’t know who told you that, but they are lying to you.”

“My eyes lying to me? No. Oh no. They would never do that to me.”

“What are you saying?”

“Ten minutes after I got the call about you ands Wooters I got your call saying that you had to stay the weekend. I got suspicious and drove up there to check things out. I was watching your dorm when you came out with your little over-night bag, got in the Mustang and leaned over and gave the guy one scorcher of a kiss. I followed you to the Comfort Inn, watched you check in and then go across the street to eat. When you came back and went into room 116 I went up to the desk and rented room 118 and then using a glass as an amplifier on the connecting door I listened as you and the guy you were with fucked. You know what I heard using that glass? The reason that you all of a sudden wanted to do anal every time we got together

“Our deal was that no questions would be asked about whatever went on during the week, but the weekends were mine. I didn’t get my weekend Natasha. You gave it to driver of that Mustang. We are history Natasha and it is all on you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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