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Joslyn walked into the boutique allowing her eyes to wander over the displays of merchandise to see if there was anything that caught her attention. A voice on the store call system directing “201” to come to the front desk startled Joslyn. Turning towards the desk Joslyn saw Maybeth come through the tapestry that separated the sales floor from the rest of the boutique.

Maybeth nodded her head at something said and glanced in Joslyn’s direction. She gave a short wave and pointed to the tapestry. Joslyn smiled and walked out the back of the boutique. The two women met at the tapestry.

As Maybeth held the tapestry aside to allow Joslyn to enter before her, she said, “I’m very curious about your request for an interview.”

Joslyn did not answer until the tapestry had fallen across the doorway. “I’m here on a mission. Is it possible to have a “personal” demonstration today?”

Maybeth’s eyes twinkled as she said, “I have two girls in the boutique today. They can take turns in training the new girl. We will use the same room we used for your other demonstration. Go ahead back there and I will let the girls know that I am not to be disturbed.” Maybeth was gone before Josh could say anything.

Joslyn walked to the “demo” room, and let herself in. She looked around and noted a new piece of furniture. It was a bench about six feet long by 3 feet wide. It appeared to be covered in the same fashion as the chair in the far corner. Joslyn sat down and discovered that it was heated. ‘More satisfied customers’, she thought to herself.

Just then, the door opened and Maybeth entered the room. She turned to make sure the door was shut and locked. “You said you were on a mission. I am all ears. Tell me about it. Oh, before you do, would you like some tea or coffee?”

“No, thank you,” replied Joslyn. She continued with a question, “Would you join me for dinner next Saturday at 8:00PM?”

“Yes, I would like that very much,” was Maybeth’s immediate reply.

“Good!” Joslyn said, “Now as to the mission. My man friend and separately a woman friend have hinted at being the recipient of anal intercourse. I have no idea what to do.”

Maybeth smiled and said, “I think that a demonstration is definitely in order here. If you will make yourself comfortable,” she added a wink, “I will step out and select a few things for the demonstration.”

“Maybeth, just how comfortable should I get? This is entirely new ground for me.”

“I should think the same rules apply here as the first time we met.”

Joslyn stood, and walked towards the tapestry that hid the changing room. As the tapestry was falling into place she heard the door to the demonstration room close with a click. She quickly disrobed but on a whim decided to leave her hair bound it its leather thong.

‘Do I wait in here or go sit on the bench’, she said to herself. A picture of the bench popped into her head along with the thought ‘Maybeth has seen everything I have to offer’. Joslyn was just sitting down when Maybeth came back into the room.

Walking to the opposite end of the bench Maybeth placed several items down. Turning to Joslyn she said, “Take a look at these while I slip into something more comfortable.” They both broke out in laughter. Each had used the same line more than a few times in the past.

Just one was looking at the items on the bench when she realized the Maybeth was casually un- dressing across the room. Her mouth fell open.

Maybeth saw the reaction and said, “Close your mouth Joslyn. The only parts of me you have not seen are my back, my ass, and my breasts.” As she was saying this, Maybeth was letting her peasant skirt slide to the floor. She had already removed her turtleneck blouse. Next off was the front closure bra revealing as fine a pair of breasts as Joslyn had ever seen. Maybeth stood looking at Joslyn. With sly grin, Maybeth slid her hands to her hips and snagged two pieces of what appeared to be twine. In a seesaw motion, the twine traveled down over Maybeth’s hips and fell slowly fell to the floor.

Maybeth walked over to the bench and picked up the first item. It looked like a leather belt. It had another belt attached at one end in the middle of the belt. Next, she picked up two leather loops with a knob on each. These Maybeth placed on the center belt with the knob pointing in. “Joslyn,” she said, “please stand up and come here.”

With a dumb look on her face, Joslyn stood, walked over to Maybeth and turned to face her. Maybeth handed Joslyn the belt saying, “Slip this on just over your hip bones and make it snug.”

With a puzzled look on her face Joslyn said, “Why is there a belt hanging down the back? What are those two loops with knobs for?”

Maybeth replied, “I am teaching you how to put the harness and attachments on. How much cock do you feel you can handle without any discomfort?”

Joslyn answered, “Maybe an inch to an inch and a half in diameter. Length would probably be five and a half or six inches.”

Maybeth was now holding three items casino siteleri in the palm of her hand. “Which one of these do you think you can handle in your ass comfortably?” Joslyn indicated the middle item. Maybeth put the other two items on the bench and picked up a small bottle. “Never attempt to insert a butt plug dry,” she said. “Always use a lubricant. What I am using contains a desensitizer,” she continued as she spread a generous portion over and around the plug. “Please face the bench and lean over with your legs spread.”

As Joslyn complied, she heard a loud pop from behind her. Next, she felt a shudder as the plug touched her anus. Maybeth did not attempt to insert the plug overridden around the edges and stroked up and down.

“Please push down slightly as though you were going to take a shit.” Joslyn focused her thoughts on her anus and began to bear down. Maybeth told her she was doing fine as she began to insert the plug. She had inserted it about halfway when Joslyn’s body sucked the rest of it into her ass. “Greedy little thing, aren’t you?”

“Honest,” Joslyn said, “I really didn’t do anything.”

“No, I don’t think you did,” Maybeth replied, “Your body liked what it felt and took over. Now stand up and see how it feels.”

“Oh!” said Joslyn as she ground her hips in a circular motion then switched to a pelvic rocking motion. “It’s a gentle pressure. I like it.”

“Now the second step,” said Maybeth, as she held up a dildo complete with live-like balls. “From your scent I don’t think you need any lubricant.”

“From the way, my pussy is dripping and tingling. I have to agree with you,” replied Joslyn.

“Shall I do the honors or do you prefer to do it?” asked Maybeth. “The first few times can be tricky,” she continued.

“Please show me the best way,” said Joslyn.

“Okay,” said Maybeth, “Have a seat on the bench and spread your legs apart. Basically you want to insert the dildo as you would a tampon.” Maybeth looked into Joslyn’s eyes as she said, “May I touch you?” as she glanced down at Joslyn’s pussy.

“Of course,” Joslyn said, “I did ask you to show me.”

Maybeth moved over to sit beside Joslyn. As their thighs touched, they both felt the shock. She reached out with her left hand and spread the lips of Joslyn’s pussy apart. As she leaned forward to insert the dildo, Joslyn let out a loud groan and shuddered. Maybeth concentrated on inserting the dildo the rest of the way. She finished the action by snapping the dildo onto the loop attached to the belt hanging between Joslyn’s legs.

Maybeth knew that Joslyn was not finished with her orgasm so she let Joslyn lean against her back with her head against her shoulder. As the shudders came to a stop, Joslyn pushed herself upright. “That has never happened to me before,” she said.

“You really don’t surprise me,” said Maybeth, “you are very sexy and sensual person. Sit here for a few minutes to recover your balance. I will just step out and get a towel for you.”

Joslyn felt the blush rise from her chest onto her face. “That might be a very wise thing to do.”

Maybeth came back from her dressing room with a towel and a damp face cloth. She handed the face cloth to Joslyn then knelt between Joslyn’s legs to wipe up the puddle, on the bench. Without thinking, Maybeth scooped up a generous portion of Joslyn’s nectar and stuck both fingers into her mouth. Maybeth realized what she had done when her fingers were withdrawn from her mouth. She looked at Joslyn and blushed. “I’m sorry,” she said.

“Don’t be,” replied Joslyn, “may I have a taste?”

Maybeth immediately scooped up another generous portion of Joslyn’s nectar on two fingers. She ran her fingers around Joslyn’s lips before slipping them into the open mouth waiting for its taste.

“I like the scent you are wearing,” Joslyn said.

“I’m glad you like it,” replied Maybeth, “I call it ‘Ode de Sex’. Both women chuckled. “Can you stand up now?” asked Maybeth.

“I think so,” said Joslyn putting action to her words.

“Come stand in front of me with your feet shoulder width apart,” directed Maybeth, “how does it feel?”

“I feel full, but not stuffed,” Joslyn replied, grinding her pelvis in a full circle. “It’s different too. I’ve never had both bottom holes filled at the same time before.”

“Okay, since you intimated friends are new to anal intercourse. I suggest that you start off on the small side and work your way up the scale.” Having said that, Maybeth reached under a towel on the bench and removed a snap on dildo. “This is only three quarters of an inch in diameter and just 5 inches in length. This size will allow your friends to experience the fun and pleasure of anal intercourse,” she finished.

Maybeth then reached out, grasped the belt hanging in front of Joslyn and brought it up across to pubic bone. Holding the belt with one hand, Maybeth slid the third plug through the whole she thought would be the proper height the fifth Joslyn. Next, she slid the tip of the belt through the canlı casino slot in the waist belt that Joslyn wore. Folding the crotch belt over Maybeth snapped it over the plug.

Finally, Maybeth snapped the dildo into place. Looking up at Joslyn she said, “This dildo is slightly flexible. It allows the receiver to feel the real thing is penetrating them. Why don’t you walk around a little to see how it feels to have a cock sticking out in front of you?”

Joslyn did as Maybeth suggested. As she walked around, Joslyn could not take her eyes off the fake cock. It bobbed up and down as well as waved side to side. “It feels kind of funny, but it looks like his ready for some action,” she said.

Patting the bench Maybeth said, “Come sit down so I can give you the dos and don’ts.” Maybeth allowed Joslyn to sit before she continued, “to clean the two dildos and the butt plug just put them into the dishwasher. The belts are quality leather. They are stiff, so they need to be softened with saddle soap. Check the stitching once in a while to be sure it’s intact. Wash both belts with warm, soapy water and let air dry. This is the important part – especially if you are entertaining a lady friend. Never go from the ass to the pussy. That can lead to a serious infection. Besides, who wants to suck a cock that’s been in my shitter?”

“That is gross,” said Joslyn with feeling.

“Honey,” replied Maybeth, “I have known members of both sexes that have done exactly that. They were so sexually aroused they weren’t thinking. They also took great care in seeing that it didn’t happen a second time.”

Looking over at Joslyn Maybeth saw the hard nipples, the swollen breasts and the sexual blush of her upper chest. “I don’t think we need any lubricant for your first time,” Maybeth said as she slid to the floor. Rolling over onto her back, she spread her legs wide. With a sexy grin, Maybeth cocked her knees so that her feet were flat on the floor. There was a purr in her voice as she said, “Practice time!”

Joslyn sat on the bench looking at the gorgeous creature lying on the carpeted floor. The room seemed to shimmer and rotate. She found herself between Maybeth’s thighs, one hand holding the dildo as she guided it into the loveliest pussy Joslyn had ever seen the head of the dildo was barely a Maybeth’s tunnel. When Joslyn slid forward and lay against this woman beneath her.

As the dildo was fully sheathed, both women gave voice to the ecstasy achieved with that single stroke. There lips sought and found each other. Hands caressed all the skin within arms reach. Groins rose and fell with long practiced precision. Their mutual orgasm flooded body, mind and soul.

Joslyn lay limply atop Maybeth. Her voice was not working properly, so she idly stroked the side of Maybeth’s face both women could feel the others body quivering in the afterglow of orgasm.

Maybeth was first in regaining some control over her voice. “I want you to for me and my ass,” she said softly.

“I don’t think I have the strength to turn you over and fuck your ass,” Joslyn said.

“Slide back so you can withdraw,” said Maybeth. Joslyn did as directed. When Maybeth felt the dildo withdraw from her quivering pussy, she slowly raised her legs so that her knees rested against her breasts. She looked Joslyn in the eye and said, “Finish the act! Fuck my ass!”

Joslyn reached under her grasped the dildo. Raising herself on one arm, she aimed the bulbous head at Maybeth’s ass. She slid forward so the head was pressing against Maybeth ass. Surprise showed on Joslyn’s face when the head popped into Maybeth’s ass without resistance. Joslyn continued inching forward until the shaft was fully embedded.

“Oh God, yes!” cried Maybeth, “Now go slowly back and forth while my rectum adjusts.”

Joslyn began to move her pelvis slowly back and forth. Maybeth’s rectum resisted the withdrawal and welcomed the entry. At the same time, her own body was responding to the fore and aft motion. Instead of watching while supporting herself on one arm Joslyn leaned forward, allowing her lower body complete contact, but Maybeth’s pussy. Joslyn’s arms were at full stretch with her hands on the floor. She could feel the side of Maybeth’s breasts rubbed against her forearms.

Maybeth’s voice startled Joslyn, “Start to pick up the pace,” she said, “No! Do not look down; I want to see your face and your eyes. I want to watch your body as you fuck my ass.”

Joslyn could not resist the words she heard. She quickened her thrusts. She added a side to side motion and seemed natural. Her body was responding to the sexual flow. A deep purr came from her throat when Joslyn felt Maybeth legs encircled her waist. She knew that her lover had locked ankles together preventing escape.

Maybeth brought her hands up to grasp the breasts swaying above her own. She alternately massaged and mauled those wonderfully textured mounds of flesh. When Maybeth caught Joslyn’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, she felt the ecstatic shock pass between kaçak casino them.

The firestorm brought forth. Joslyn shouted, “Oh God! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Her hips thrust forward and locked in place. She felt her anus clench around the butt plug. The dildo firmly in bedded in her pussy was overwhelmed by a flood of juices.

Maybeth was on her own mind-numbing journey. Her anus clamped down on the intruder. She felt her pussy convulse rapidly sending a torrent juice down to her tender anus. As Joslyn slumped forward, Maybeth felt another charge flash from breast to breast. A garbled sound escaped her lips as she fainted.

Time was meaningless for the two women lying on the floor. Maybeth’s ankles unlocked and her legs fell to the floor with the thump. Eyelids fluttered and blinked back to life. Some vestige of humanity stirred Joslyn to roll off Maybeth. Doing so forced the dildo as she was wearing to slide out of Maybeth’s anus. There was an audible pop when the bulbous head withdrew.

Maybeth turned her head towards Joslyn and said, “Thank you, that toy is beginning to take me up the mountain again.”

Joslyn smiled weakly and replied, “I’m going to need your help getting this belt off. My pussy has not stopped flowing since you put the dildo in it and my anus cannot decide if it is coming or going.

“Oh, having been in your position a time or two I know exactly how you feel,” said Maybeth as she struggled to sit up and move to Joslyn’s groin. “This will be somewhat uncomfortable but there is nothing I can offer that will help,” she continued as she removed the dildo and plug from the belt.

Now Maybeth concentrated on removing the dildo from Joslyn’s pussy. “Tip your pelvis up so I can do this quickly,” she said. Joslyn complied and as her pelvis reached the top of its arc, Maybeth gave the dildo a firm jerk. It squirted out of Joslyn’s pussy along with a strong flow of juice.

“Keep your pelvis kept up. Your juices will help lubricate the butt plug,” Maybeth instructed. “Now bear down a little for me and we will be all done.” There was a slight resistance, and then a pop as the butt plug a exited Joslyn’s anus. Joslyn could not hold the position any longer. Her buttocks hit the floor with a thud.

Maybeth looked up to see Joslyn smiling at her. With a mischievous grin, she said, “I would offer to kiss it and make it feel better but I don’t have the strength right now and appeal you off the ceiling.” They both started to giggle. These turned to grow. Their private parts were much too tender.

Maybeth’s solution was to lie face down next to Joslyn with a loud sigh. Turning her head to face Joslyn she said, “I do not know what happened or how, but for the first time in my life I fainted during sexual intercourse.”

Joslyn smiled and said, “You already know that I’m a fainter. This is far deeper than my tired mind can grasp right now. Let us postpone any deep thoughts until you join me for dinner next Saturday.”

Smiling at Joslyn in return Maybeth said, “Okay, no deep thoughts or discussion until next Saturday. Now, let us clean up and returned to the ordinary world.” With a sigh Maybeth stood up and extended a hand to Joslyn. “Follow me; there is a shower in my changing room. We well both feel better afterwards.”

As Joslyn caught the extended hand, she felt the electric charge. It was almost magical in nature. Looking at Maybeth, she asked, “Did you feel that?”

“Yes, I did,” replied Maybeth, “but no deep thoughts or discussions. Remember?” Holding back the tapestry that hid her private changing room Maybeth added, “Let me shower first so I can check up on the girls out front when you’re done join me at the cashier’s desk.”

A bare three minutes later, Maybeth had completed her shower having paid particular attention to her breasts, pussy and anus. She wrapped a large bath sheet around her luscious body and headed back to the demonstration room. Looking back over her shoulder, she said to Joslyn, “See you in a bit.”

Joslyn unfastened the belt that encircled her hips and placed it on the counter. She stepped into the shower and quickly washed her hair. The rest of her body took longer as it was tender in several places and still tingled from the encounter in the demonstration room.

Ten minutes later Joslyn walked up to the cashier’s desk. Maybeth looked up. “Your purchases have been wrapped. There are two additional items that are my gift to you,” she said with a smile and a wink.

With a straight face Joslyn said, “thank you for the superior demonstration. I’m sure my friends will benefit from your expertise.”

Playing along Maybeth replied, “If I am coming to dinner next Saturday I will need directions. I already have your phone number in case I get lost.”

“Just give me your fax number. I will send directions and a map when I get home,” replied Joslyn.

Maybeth retrieved a business card from the desk and handed it to Joslyn. Joslyn open her purse to store the offered card. She then extracted her own business card and gave it to Maybeth. With a wink and a smile she said, “Now we are official.” Picking up her package Joslyn strolled to the door, giving an extra bounce to her buttocks. As she opened the door, Joslyn heard Maybeth’s laughter.

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