A Traffic Stop

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A lady gets pulled over for speeding very fast but does not want a ticket, and she will do anything to avoid a trip to the Magistrate.

It had been a boring shift, which for a cop is not a bad thing believe me. All the shootings and things you see cops get on TV are not things real cops want to be involved in. It was a dark night and I was sitting in the island area in some trees when a car came speeding by about 25 miles an hour over the limit. I knew that because my radar was on even though I was not doing the speed trap thing. Well I could not let 25 over go without a chat so on went my lights and off I went to pull this car over. I caught up fast and the car pulled over on the shoulder but too close to traffic for comfort. A few hundred feet ahead there was a pull off into the median area that was buried in the trees. I pulled up behind the car and using my speaker said for them to move up into the median pull-off just ahead. The car followed my instructions and pulled into the area in the trees.

Because of the dark I had not been able to see the driver. I called in the tag and the report came back with no issues. The car was registered to a Betsy Rogers, age 35. I got out of my car and approached the vehicle. The driver lowered the window and inside was a good looking woman, if I don’t say, who was nicely dressed in a blouse with a few buttons undone allowing me the ability to see her cleavage well and that she was wearing a black satin bra with lacy edges. I also noticed she was wearing a short red skirt that was revealing a little more upper leg than necessary, but who was I to complain? This might be an interesting stop, I thought to myself. I knew there were no other officers anywhere near so we would not have company.

“Good evening mam, do you know why I have stopped you?”

“Well I guess I was a going a little too fast officer.”

“Mam I clocked you at 25 over so I need your license and registration please.”

She handed me her license and registration and spoke saying, “please officer if I get a ticket my husband will take away my car because I had a ticket before.”

“25 over is serious mam and rises to the level of a misdemeanor which is beyond just a ticket. It is not easy to overlook such an infraction.”

“There must be something we can work out. I really bahis firmaları don’t want a ticket because there is no way to hide from my husband and he can be so angry.”

“Hang tight mam the first I need to do is check for warrants and the like. I’m not going to find anything like that am I?’

“No sir, but I do hope there is a way to avoid a ticket.”

“Yes mam, just sit tight a moment.”

I walked backed to my cruiser thinking do I dare find out what she might be willing to do to avoid a ticket. Her husband must be a tough one. I don’t know how tough I would be with a babe like that. I called in her license and found no warrants or problems but she did have another ticket 20 over just a couple of months ago. I knew that meant I should probably take her in to see the Magistrate. Armed with that I thought testing her out would be worth the risk.

“Well mam, no warrants or the like but I did see you got a ticket for doing 20 over just a couple of months ago that is not resolved yet waiting on a court date. By all rights I should take you in to see the Magistrate.”

“Oh please officer you cannot do that my husband will kill me. I will do aannnythiiing to avoid seeing the Magistrate or getting another ticket.” She leaned back slightly offering me a better view down her blouse, which had another button undone. She also had pulled her skirt up some more revealing thigh high stockings.

“Well I suppose we could figure something out if you can be very discreet and assure me you will not speak of this to anyone. Pull your car up into that little pull off in the trees where we will not be seen by any passing cars. Your choice is really simple, you can pull up there in the trees and do what I say or we can take a trip to see the Magistrate.”

“I understand sir, I will pull up into the trees, and I will do what you say. You won’t hurt me will you?”

“I will follow you and then I will come up to your car.”

She pulled up into the trees where we would be hidden from view. I followed and turned off my lights and she did the same. I walked up to her car and told her to open the door. She complied.

“Now get out of the car,” which she did making sure her skirt rode way up to reveal beyond her thigh highs to a pair of black satin panties.

When she was out of the car I kaçak iddaa put my finger under her chin and looked her straight in the eyes.

“Now you know what is going to happen don’t you? And are you sure you are OK with this because we can just forget it and go see the magistrate and forget this ever happened.”

“No I definitely do not want to see the Magistrate and you are a nice looking guy so this might be fun.”

“Well first there has to be some punishment for speeding so fast, so turn around and put your hands on the car and bend over.”

She turned put her hands on the car and bent over so her ass was sticking out towards me. What s sight. What a beautiful ass encased under that skirt and panties. I couldn’t wait to get at that. I moved up behind her a grabbed the hem of her skirt and raised it up to her waist. I rolled it to keep it up. I hooked my fingers into her panties and slowly pulled them down to her knees. She wiggled her ass but said nothing. I fondled her ass cheeks and ran my fingers up and down her crack fingering her butt hole and her pussy lips as I did. She pushed her ass back into my fingers. This will be very nice indeed I thought to myself.

“Get ready for your punishment Betsy.”

“Oh yes sir I am ready.”

I let her wait and removed my belt which is thick enough and wide enough to make a point but not leave lasting marks. I folded my belt in half a swatted her ass which caused to screech and jump.

One, two, three, four, five swats with my belt and her ass was a dark pink.

In tears, apparently she had been spanked before probably by her husband, she begged “Please no more it hurts so much sir.” But some more strokes were called for. Six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. Her ass was red now and looked delightful.

“Please I beg of you no more I can think of better ways to please you.” But alas one more hard stroke was due. Eleven and this was the hardest of all which caused her to cry out and beg more.

“That is enough of punishment. Now you can show me how sorry you are for speeding and how much you appreciate me allowing you to avoid trouble.”

“Yes sir.” She turned and got on her knees in front of me and unzipped my pants and freed my now very hard cock from its confines in my pants. She immediately gobbled me into her mouth and kaçak bahis bobbed her head up and down my shaft. God how good it felt to have this beauty sucking on my cock in her hot wet mouth. She just kept going to town probably wanting me to cum so I would be too soft to fuck her. I was pulling her hair to move her mouth down over my entire length and back until I suddenly stopped her.

“What’s wrong didn’t it feel good?”

“Oh yes it felt very good but that is just the warm up. Stand up and bend over the hood of your car because now I am going to fuck you real good like you have never been fucked before.”

She got up and begged me saying, “you cannot do that to me I might get pregnant and my husband will know someone else has been in there, I just know he will be able to tell.”

“So what do you suggest then? You are not getting off this easy.”

“I guess the only thing you can do then is to do me in the ass sir.”

You’re kidding me I thought to myself. Did I just die and go to heaven? I knew I did not have any lube in my cruiser so I asked her, “do you have any lotion or something to make this go easier?”

“Yes”. She reached into the car and pulled out some lube from her purse. Why the little slut she is ready for a good ass fucking. I took the lube she handed me and bent her over the hood of her car. I squirted the lube onto her ass and worked my finger into her rosebud hole lubing it up very nicely. She had definitely been fucked in this hole before. I then put some on myself and then I moved right behind her.

I place the tip of my cock against the entrance to her asshole and with one mighty shove I was all the way in.

“Ouch that hurt. Oh my god you are so big and it hurts so much. You could have at least tried to be gentle.”

“You asked for this remember?”

I pulled out almost all of the way and pushed all of the way back in. I got into this motion in and out in and out fucking this babe’s ass for all I was worth.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Fuck my ass and fuck it good,” she screamed over and over again.

“Fuck me, Fuck me, please keep fucking me” And I did! I just kept pounding away until she screamed.

I’m cumming so hard baby” and then I too started to cum and emptied my balls deep into her ass. I held her tight until we both calmed down.

“Oh that was so good baby. I love when we do this. I hope we never get caught. I will see you at home darling.” And she got dressed kissed me and left.

I don’t know how I got lucky enough to marry Besty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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