A Touch Revisited Ch. 01

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It had been so long since we had seen each other. The wonders of modern technology had meant we had kept in touch but so many years had passed since we had seen each other face to face.

So much had happened in that time. I drove down the road nervously, not knowing what the next 24 hours would bring. The hotel was easy enough to find, an old Victorian building in the middle of nowhere, her tastes showing through, no paper thin walled boxes allowed, expensive though not prohibitive. As I turned into the car park I wondered if she was there yet, not knowing what she drove now, probably a family car but of good make.

I parked and got out of the car, grabbing my overnight bag and wandering in, suddenly feeling very conspicuous in my sloppy trousers and comfortable polo shirt. Going to the desk, I gave my name and stood chewing my bottom lip as the receptionist looked my name up.

“Ah yes, here you are. You are in room 27 with Mrs Winter. Up the stairs and turn right.” She smiled and handed me my key card as I cursed inwardly, I had a dreadful habit of loosing the damn things. I made my way up the stairs and wandered down the corridor, looking for room number 27.

Door successfully found, I slid my key in. A click and a green light told me that for once I had been successful in opening it first time. I wandered in and dropped my bag on the only bed I could see. With my back to everything I surveyed the room with an almost cursory glance. A large, very comfortable looking bed, big windows and a balcony, handy for the current humid weather we were having. I bent and unzipped my bag, pulling out my one and only dress, hoping it was not too creased. I walked over to the wardrobe and grabbed a hanger. Making my way to the bathroom, I reached to open the door. It opened before I got there and out she walked.

Five years showed on both of us. The mean side of me was glad. She threw her arms around me and hugged me tight. I returned the hug and lost myself in her scent momentarily.

“My God woman, it’s good to see you.” Her voice was high and breathy with excitement. I stood and to my surprise found myself embarrassed and shy. While I stood blushing brightly, she laughed kindly.

“Oh for goodness sake, why are you blushing? Not that much has changed.” She pondered her statement, “Well actually yes it has,” she laughed. “Come and sit on the bed and let’s talk.”

We sat opposite each other our legs tucked up on the bed and just looked. She took my hands in hers and started talking. I wondered what she was thinking about me as I looked at her. Her beautiful long hair was the same as I remembered and her blue eyes were still sharp though in a more lined face. Her eyebrows went up quizzically as she looked at my bright pink and grey hair.

I laughed, “Call it my rebellious period,” I said.

“What, another one?” She grinned.

“Well ok, a continuation then” I said.

She told me what was happening and what had gone on for the last five years: her cancer, her back operation that left her on her face for 4 months. As she told me about it all I found myself feeling like a stranger instead of someone who was supposed to be a best friend. In return I told her about my new husband of five years, the reason we started to drift apart. My beautiful child, who she last saw as a tiny baby. My life now was a far cry from the one I had then; both our lives were. We talked and talked, pausing only for bathroom stops and window opening. When we arrived at the present she looked at the clock, it was three hours later and the view from the balcony was a beautiful sun lowering in the sky.

I got up and walked across to my bag, pulling out a bottle of what I hoped was still her favourite wine, along with a corkscrew.

“Damn I forgot the glasses. Oh well, sophisticated teacups it is.” I grinned and picked up a pair of white china teacups.

“There are glasses in the bathroom you nutcase,” she laughed, getting up off the bed and crossing the room. A couple of seconds later she came back with two tooth glasses. “Who says we can’t be posh?”

I filled both glasses up and handed her one. We sat in companionable silence while we drank, each lost in thought.

Finally I suggested we go and get something to eat as I was ravenous and, remembering her appetite, I knew she would be too. I grabbed my dress and went into the bathroom. She followed me with her own clothes, crossing the bathroom to start canlı bahis şirketleri the shower. Hearing the loud roar, I turned to look and encountered the biggest shower I had seen in my life.

“Bloody Hell fire, that’s not a shower, it’s a jet wash!” I exclaimed. I smiled as I watched her strip off, seeing the scar down her perfect back, still red from the surgery all that time ago. She got in and sighed, the steam rising around her.

“Come on in, the waters lovely,” she said. I smiled and shook my head. “The woman I left five years ago would never had said no to an invitation like that,” she smiled.

“I left that woman behind a long time ago. She doesn’t know where to start now,” I said sadly.

“Come in and I’ll show you where she is and how to start.”

Hesitantly I stripped off my clothes, conscious of my sagging breasts and my own scars. I walked into the shower burning with shame and embarrassment and fighting tears I never knew existed.

She lightly touched my face and then cupped it in her hands. Bringing it closer to hers, her lips lightly touched mine, pulling back to look at me again. Still not knowing which side of me to listen to, I could not bring myself to look at her. She lifted my face until I had no choice but to look her in the eye.

“My feelings for you have never gone away and never changed,” she said.

“Ok that does not help,” I snivelled, smiling. I put my face level with hers and put my arms around her waist. Pulling her in, she wrapped her arms around my neck, our lips met and the me of five years ago was suddenly there. I slid my tongue into her mouth and played with hers, toyed with it as she responded, water cascading over us both, her breasts rubbing against me.

My fingers travelled the length of her spine, following the line of her scar to her buttocks and then over her thighs. I moved my hands up over her waist to her breasts, flicking her nipples and rolling them in my fingers. She moaned slightly, her head onto my shoulder. While one hand played with her nipple, she took my other hand and moved it back down her body until it was just on her pubic bone.

“Please,” was all she said. I moved my hand between her legs, gently touching her cunt lips, not intruding, just brushing. With a gasp she came, her knees giving way and her body convulsing wildly. I pulled my hand back startled, the two women in my body screaming for different reasons. One to carry on with what I was doing, the other telling me I was wrong to do it.

“Don’t stop,” came the murmur.

Need won out and I moved my hand back to where it had been, slipping one finger in slowly. She moaned again and kissed me deeply, her tongue searching my mouth. I rubbed her clit gently, each pass making her shudder slightly. I needed to taste her now, before I lost the need in a bucketful of shame.

I moved to my knees, stopping on the way down to suck her nipples into hard points, before arriving at the inverted vee between her legs. She had stayed shaved even after all these years. I knew her husband hated it but I loved it. With water cascading over my head, she lifted one leg and placed it on the seat fitted into the shower. I ducked under and sought perfection.

Starting at the foremost point of her slit, I ran my tongue down one side of her cunt and, stopping to flick her asshole, licked back up the other side. Her hands came down and pulled her lips apart, showing her bright pink, wet cunt to me, her clit poking out invitingly. I circled her clit with my tongue and flicked it gently, then suddenly pulled it hard and deep into my mouth. Her screams filled the bathroom and I pulled back quickly.

“Don’t stop, I’m just not used to it anymore,” she gasped.

I went back to my work more gently this time, sucking on her clit, feeling it harden as I did, my tongue flicking the tip of it over and over. Slowly I pushed two fingers into her cunt, seeing how deep I could get and feeling the tightness of her. It had obviously been a long time since she’d last been fucked.

As I started to pump my fingers in and out she responded, moving herself up and down. I crooked my fingers slightly to increase the pressure in her hole and she responded in kind, moaning and writhing faster. I turned myself around so that her asshole was in line with my mouth. My tongue gently rimmed around her asshole, feeling it tighten. I knew that I could and would get in there. She knew how much canlı kaçak iddaa I loved tongue-fucking her holes.

Suddenly she let out a yelp. “Fuck it I’ve got cramp,” she screeched.

I giggled at her hopping about and suggested we get out of the shower and get dried. Watching her hobble into the bedroom, I spread a towel on the bed. “Lie down on here” I said. “I take it I can touch your back?”

“Yes, I am not made of chalk,” she muttered, getting onto the bed.

I went to my bag and got out some cream then, going back to the bed, I straddled her legs and covered my hands with it. “Ok, show me where it hurts,” I said.

She directed me to half way down her back. I felt her muscles until I found one that felt like a golf ball under her skin. As I manipulated it gently, she started to relax under my fingers. I asked her how long it was since she last had full sex. All she would say was that it was a long time.

I moved up and down her back gently and quickly, wanting to resume what we had started in the shower. The feel of her backside under my pussy lips was driving me nuts and I had an itch that needed scratching so badly it hurt.

I flipped her over and bent to kiss her once more. Her arms came up around me and pulled me down over her, our kisses taking us back in time until we were younger, slimmer and more carefree. I broke our kiss and pulled on her bottom lip with my teeth. She smiled and sighed. Moving down I kissed her body, all the way down to her wonderful tits, her nipples darker than I remember, bigger too. I licked and sucked on them until they were standing so proud they were almost detached. She moaned, begging me to stop, telling me that they were now so erect they were painful. I gave them one last suck just to make sure before I moved on.

I kissed her body as I moved down it, flicking my tongue into her belly button then pumping my tongue in and out, like a small cock in a small cunt. Her hips were grinding on my tits, getting them wet with the juices seeping from her. Continuing my downward journey, my next stop was her pubis, kissing across the silky smooth skin, stopping just short of her slit every time I went over her mound.

“For fuck’s sake, will you please eat my cunt!” she suddenly burst out.

I look up and giggled, “Exactly how long have you been waiting for this?”

“Five bloody long years,” she answered huffily.

I smiled once more and put my head back down. My tongue dived into her slit, straight over her clit and down into her hole. Her whole body convulsed, her arms waving wildly to find something she could push down against. My tongue dived again and again into her beautiful wet, willing, wanton cunt.

I pumped my tongue in and out of her cunt while her body moved in rhythm with it. Then I replaced my tongue with two fingers and pulled them out again, wet with her juices. I ran them over her asshole, feeling it tightening again.

“Do you want them?” I asked. “Tell me what you want and you can have it all.”

“I want you to tongue fuck my cunt and my ass, I want you to make me cum till I can’t walk, I want to be the whore you always made me feel like. I want to go home from here and know that five years away from you was worth it and was too long,” she said, looking at me with lust in her eyes and pain on her face.

In reply I slid my fingers into her ass and started to move them in and out. She moved against me and then started to roll over. I kept my fingers in her as she flipped over onto her knees and pushed her ass into the air. Moving onto my back, I moved under her thighs, and pulled her down onto my face with my free hand.

Tongue sliding out I licked, remembering the taste of her, the smell of her, the warmth, all the things I never thought I would have again. In response she shuddered and pushed herself down onto my face. My tongue went deep as my nose rubbed on her clit, nuzzling her as I scooped her juices out with my curled tongue. Her hips moved in time with my tongue, riding me like a small cock, my hands either side of her beautiful wide hips, pulling her down onto me. She rocked back and forth, my nose still rubbing, feeling her clit getting hard with the movement. Pulling my tongue out of her hole, I replaced it with my lips, sucking on her cunt while she moaned above me.

Lost in her own feelings, she started to buck against me, pushing herself harder and harder against my face. I pulled back and canlı kaçak bahis moved down further, this time to her asshole, plunging my tongue deep inside it. She growled and started to convulse in waves, her orgasm taking over her body. Still tongue-fucking her ass I let her cum, her juices making her cunt wet and slippery.

As her orgasm passed I looked up her body, between her wonderful big tits up to her face. Her eyes were glazed as she looked at me not really seeing me, the orgasm she so needed still happening deep in her body. Wordlessly she moved so that she was holding on to the bed head, crouched over my face again, this time on her feet. She lowered herself over my face once more and positioned herself over my mouth.

She looked down at me and smiled, “Ready for something new?” she said.

“I’m ready but nothing is new to me,” I laughed.

“We shall see,” she smiled.

Crouched over me I could see and touch every part of her from ass to her clit with no hindrance. Wriggling about a bit I got myself in position. I grabbed a pillow and put it under my head, raising myself up to her. I slid my tongue out and licked her from asshole to clit tip in one movement. She shuddered and one hand wove itself into my hair. I raised a hand and slid two fingers into her cunt then pulled them out and slid them to her puckered ass. Running my nails gently back and forth over it, I slid my tongue back into her juicy cunt hole.

Her hips came down a little further onto my tongue and I drove my fingers home into her ass. Her fingers tightened in my hair and she pulled me up into her cunt, my fingers pumping her tight wanton ass while my tongue fucked her wet, needful cunt.

I carried on tongue-fucking her while she pulled on my hair to bring my face to her cunt, suddenly she let go of me and pushed her hips down to my face and gripped the bed head with both hands. My fingers pumped her asshole hard and fast while she rode my tongue, her moans getting louder, her vocabulary becoming more and more dirty with every movement.


We both moaned and I could feel my own cunt getting wetter and wetter as she cursed at me from above me. I moved my mouth and clamped onto her clit, sucking it hard and biting it, flicking the tip with my tongue.

“Fuck it bitch, I’m cumming, open your fucking mouth,” she ordered.

Eager to please, I opened my mouth as a convulsion overtook her. Cum squirted from her cunt and into my mouth and over my face. I drank it down, getting soaked as wave after wave of it exploded from her. I pulled my fingers from her ass and plunged them into her cunt. She screamed and her entire body curled up against her will the orgasm so powerful she fell back onto me, contorting as her body spasmed. Unable to speak, she just rolled off me and lay on the bed, shuddering and jerking.

The good-natured side of me wanted just to let her recover but the bitch took over and I mercilessly pumped her cunt, inserting more fingers until I was almost fisting her, her cunt no longer as tight as it had been, my hand made sure of that, but it was as wet and willing as it had always been. She continued to convulse.

“Does that feel good, bitch?” I said.

She whimpered in reply. I continued to pump her cunt with four fingers. Desperately she scrabbled around with her hands trying to remove mine from its place between her legs. I finally took pity on her and removed my hand, stopping only to slap her cunt hard, catching her clit with my fingers, she screamed once more.

I laughed and rolled off the bed.

“Well, you squirting is new. I don’t think I have never been with someone who can squirt before, but like I said, nothing is new to me.” I leant over her and kissed her deeply.

“Bitch,” she whispered. Wrapping her arms around my neck she pulled me back down to her and slid her tongue into my mouth.

Breaking the kiss, she got up and on wobbly legs and padded across the room to a bag she had left on a chair. Picking it up she came back to the bed and opened it. Inside was a double-ended dildo, a strap-on, a vibrator, some handcuffs, a ball gag and some ankle straps.

I grinned at her. “Well I don’t know about you but I’m hungry,” I said. “Let’s go and get something to eat. I will punish you with those when we get back.”

Yeah, let’s, but when we get back I’ll be the one doing the punishing,” she replied.

“We’ll see,” I said.

We decided not to shower and simply each put a light dress on. We went downstairs hand in hand for dinner, both lost in though about what would happen later that night.

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